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MAG is focused on keeping the show light hearted, fun and full of good music; she keeps topics current, relatable and enjoyable for one and all. Playing you only the best music from yesterday, today and everyday of our lives, brunch time with MAG will leave you looking for more.

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Mary Anne Gomes

A versatile talent, MAG is always on the ball in delivering only the best, on-air and in-person. From on-air music based shows, to serious talk interviews and live coverage, there was no stone unturned and no path undone in the life of this radio presenter.

In fact, one can also say that MAG’s life completely revolved around radio. Having chosen this medium as her career path, MAG also found her true love in the form of her once upon a time “on-air husband”. MAG took a break from radio in 2009, however her passion lived on and when the opportunity came around to go digital, she couldn’t hesitate. So here she is, live and real, ready to woo the likes of the new and loyal listeners at a go.

So come and experience for yourself a truly down to earth, relatable and fun show with MAG on AFO LIVE, Mondays to Fridays from 11AM to 2PM.

The Flamenco Show on AFO LIVE

The timeless traditions of the Flamenco art are the very foundations of Origen, the new Flamenco show by Alberto Marin. The pure elements of a concert of Flamenco music are combined here with a dance structure on stage, creating an audacious and innovative atmosphere, full of sentiment. Origen takes the public into a trip, a journey in life, the life of the artist, which is, at the same time, the living history of Flamenco. Deep roots that feed from the vast heritage of the Spanish Culture, and will transport you to the colourful nights of Andalusia.The old and dry sound of the Flamenco guitar is united in stage to the tradition of the cajon, a perfect complement for its percussive and bright voice. From the stunning Flamenco cry of the singers, to the fineness of the flute, in Origen the music does not only sound, the music speaks, it lives. And this life explodes thanks to the massive impact on the scene of the dancers, culminating with strenght, passion, and sweat. Eight spanish artists will be will be performing in Kuala Lumpur on their ASEAN tour, providing Malaysia with the rare opportunity to experience the true flavour of the Flamenco “Tablao”, directly from the born place of this fine art. We bring Spain to you, and it is an honour and a pleasure to do so and to be allowed to present this pure form of art to the public in a country as rich and diverse as Malaysia.On Friday, MAG lets you feel the magic of Flamencoas she speak to the great people behind Origen. Pure Flamenco, pure passion! 

Xtreme Team Malaysia on AFO LIVE

It is not everyday that we hear about the triumphs and achievements of our very young local talents especially when that talent is being showcased at an international platform.On 26th April 2017 Malaysians were fortunate enough to hear about Xtreme, Team Malaysia who represented the nation at the 2017 International Cheer Union - Junior World Cheer Championship at The Walt Disney World All-Star Sports Resort, Florida USA. The championship which ran from the 26th April to the 28th April 2017 saw approximately 70 participating countries, including host country USA, Canada, Mexico, European countries such as Germany, France, Ukraine and Asian countries such as Taiwan, Thailand and Philippines. The estimated crowd numbers were at least 100,000 excluding officials, tourists, local and travelling fans.It was indeed a very proud moment for all Malaysians as this was the first time the International Cheer World Championship had organised a world cheer competition for a junior category (age 12-16) and our extremely excited junior team were able to compete at an international level. Xtreme Team Malaysia is a cheer team consisting of 16 young and talented Malaysian high school students aged between 14 to 16. These students come from various schools namely Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kepong, Sri KL International School and Sri KDU International School. A whole year of vigorous training coupled with consistency, perseverance and unrelenting efforts, these amazing individuals came in 3rd in their category, bringing home the bronze medal. This afternoon MAG speaks to Lim Chin Hao, the Head Coach of Xtreme Team and finds out how he feels about his outstanding cheerstudents. 

Misconceptions of Aesthetic Treatments on AFO LIVE

Misconceptions of Aesthetic TreatmentsAlthough aesthetic medicine is becoming more mainstream in Malaysia, there are still several misconceptions surrounding these procedures. The top three misconceptions or myths of aesthetic treatments are:Myth #1: Aesthetic treatments will make you look “fake” and “done”To the uninitiated, aesthetic treatments are often associated with over-filled bee-stung pouts or frozen foreheads and faces. In reality, aesthetic treatments and technologies have improved by leaps and bounds over the years. These days, minimally-invasive treatments are used to correct a host of problems in a subtle and refined manner, achieving a look that is not too “done”, without having to go under the knife.Myth #2: Aesthetic treatments are unsafeAesthetic treatments are manufactured using the highest safety standards and have to be approved by national medical authorities before being made available to the public. Because these treatments require a good understanding of facial tissues and muscles, only licensed medical doctors who are trained in facial anatomy are allowed to practice aesthetic medicine. If you have ever seen or heard of horror stories of botched aesthetic treatments, it is highly likely that these were performed by unlicensed beauticians or using counterfeit products.Myth #3: Aesthetic treatments are only for women or metrosexual menMore and more men of all ages are seeking aesthetic treatments for various reasons, such as to gain an edge in their careers, to slow down signs of ageing, to look refreshed or simply to present their best faces to the world as they embark on a new phase in their lives. From removing facial scars and acne, to diminishing crow’s feet and frown lines, aesthetic treatments can also give patients a much-needed boost of confidence.On Tuesday, Dr Hew Yin Keat, the Medical Director of M.A.C. Clinic and Founding Member of Malaysian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (MSAM) speaks to MAG on some of the above issues and more, surrounding the practice of aesthetic medicine in Malaysia. Recognised as among a handful of pioneering doctors in aesthetic medicine in Malaysia, Dr Hew seeks to promote the safety and advancement of the field through his work.

MasterChef Australia Season 9 on AFO LIVE

Returning for its ninth exceptional season in 2017, MasterChef Australia Season 9 is set to make things bigger, brighter and bolder than ever before, combining more big name international guests with bright new talent and exciting challenges to create a truly remarkable series. After scouring the country for the best amateur cooks, the confident and the humble will cook side by side, putting themselves in the spotlight during a rigorous judges’ audition process that sees only the most deserving and talented cooks prevail.Gary Mehigan, Matt Presto and George Calombaris are back to share their own unique talents and insights with the newest bunch of contestants. Encouraging and challenging, they will push the contestants to cook smarter, extend their creativity and overcome obstacles in ways they never dreamt possible.On Monday, MAG speaks to Sarah Tiong, a risk consultant. Inspired by chefs and cooks including Ben Shewry, Brent Savage, Clayton Wells, Shannon Bennet and Sam Miller, there is no question that this fiercely competitive cook will put her nose to the grindstone to get the most from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Born and raised in Sydney, Sarah has always been involved in the kitchen and her mother would routinely teach her the recipes and techniques from her own childhood in Malaysia. She remembers fondly her cooking an array of cuisines growing up and recalls the unique aroma of fermented beans, wine and ginger as a marinated pork belly was prepared for family dinners. Cooking for friends and family since she was 15, Sarah began taking her passion seriously and developing her own recipes from when she was 17.Join MAG and Sarah on AFO LIVE at 12noon, Monday, the 19th June.