[ALEXANDROS] Sleepless in Kuala Lumpur 2019

Successful conclusion of [ALEXANDROS]’s second live in Kuala Lumpur from their concert tour entitled [Sleepless in Kuala Lumpur 2019]. As one of the most popular Japanese rock bands, [ALEXANDROS] held their live on 19th of July at Bentley Music Auditorium. When tickets for the live went on sale on 19th of April, VIP tickets had sold out within a day, with requests for more pouring in daily; a testament to the fervor and passion of the local fans. 

While [ALEXANDROS] is best known as a band that plays a mixture of alternative and hard rock, they also include elements of pop punk and emo, lending them a contemporary sound that carries a wide appeal. Other than gracing a variety of magazine covers and appearing in commercials, they are also notably known as fashion icons, due to their personal style which has an air of otherworldly aesthetic that also conveys an iconic street rock atmosphere.

The English-speaking Japanese band not only wowed the audience with their energetic performances but have also impressed them with their fluency in the English language. With their native English-speaking skill level, they are able to easily engage and converse with the crowd, enabling them to create a comfortable and fun environment with their audience, which no doubt had helped them win over some new fans too.

This time, we saw an increase in the number of audiencecomparedto last year, with it being more evident as morefans are seen singing along and rockingout to theband’sstellarperformances. Many of our invited guests had ecstatically shared they now consider themselves as fans too, just after watching [ALEXANDROS] live in action, despite not being familiar with their songs initially.

As soon as the show started, asexpected,[ALEXANDROS]’s distinctly ephemeral yet powerful voice resonated well, as they melded to evoke atmospheric and unforgettable music. [ALEXANDROS] treated the audience to some of their best known tracks such as ‘Wataridori’and ‘Ashita,Mata’, but also drew from their larger repertoire as they incorporated their new songs ‘Pray’ and ‘Tsukiiro Horizon’ into the set-list. Particularly noteworthy was the moment when the audience joined in to sing-along to ‘Mosquito Bite’ on que, proving that the local audience did consist of fans who had anticipated for the band’s return to Kuala Lumpur.[ALEXANDROS]also managed to playfully impress the audience with Yoohei’s pepperings of Bahasa Malaysia, as during the emcees he threw in quite a few utterances of ‘Seronok Tak?!’, to the delight of many local fans that were present.

As the 2-hour long concert came to an end,it was then followed up by an exclusive meet and greet session. [ALEXANDROS] took the time to hold a ‘hand shake’ session with the fans, a special experience that was limited to VIP ticket holders. Around 100fans shook hands with [ALEXANDROS] and took pictures in groups of ten with the artist. This event proved to be rare opportunity that the fans appeared to truly enjoy, judging from their smiles, overwhelmed expressions and even quite a few excited shrieks!

As the band begins to get more recognition overseas, further commended with their growing engagement in movies and dramas, there is no doubt we can now expect an increase again in the number of audience and fans, once the band decides to return in future for their third concert in Kuala Lumpur. 

[ALEXANDROS] Sleepless in Kuala Lumpur 2019 is organized by Toybox Projects; UKPM (Artist Management); RX-Records (Music Label); Creativeman Productions (Tour Agent); Livemasters Inc. (Tour Producer); Sponsored by KidZania Kuala Lumpur (Venue Partner), EPOP (Official Magazine), M-Town (Official Japanese Paper), Rentak Sejuta (Official Online Media), Selebriti Online (Official Online Media), Aforadio (Official Radio), MTV Asia (Official Music Channel), Oyoshi (Official Tea), Royale Chulan The Curve (Official Hotel), and our F&B partners Mighty Monster(Official Restaurant)andTheCoffee Bean& Tea Leaf(Official Restaurant).

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