“Hello Malaysia Patriotic Concert 2019”

Join Our Local Celebrities to Celebrate Malaysia Day with a Noble Cause
“Golden Producer” Ciang Teng produced new patriotic song “Sayangmu Negaraku”

Join us in the star-studded “Hello Malaysia Patriotic Concert” this Malaysia Day (16thSeptember 2019) to raise fund for the Kampung Orang Asli development foundation. This concert organized by Nurture Charity, and co-organized by Eternal Entertainment and Dreamakers Management, features 19 popular local artistes, namely Gin Lee, Daniel Cheah, Alvin Chong, As’ad Motawh, Darling Wan Azlyn,  Lim Wen Suen, Kmy Kmo & Luca Sickta, Rabbit Mac, Sheezay, Xiiao C, Han Xiiao Aii, Kif Valentine, Kate Chan, Sampson Chew and Back2Basixx. Let our pride and patriotism fly high at Mega Star Arena at 8pm this September 16, as we sing our praises to our beloved country.

This year is the 56th year since Malaysia is formed. This year, the theme for the National Day and Malaysia Day celebrations is “Sayangi Malaysiaku: Malaysia Bersih” that emphasizes on the importance of unity and patriotism for the well-being of the people and shared prosperity. “Hello Malaysia Patriotic Concert” aims to promote unity among all Malaysians, despite our differences in race, religion and culture, encouraging our people to treasure the values of love, harmony, loyalty, courage and dedication. We hope that through this special celebration, we can foster a stronger bond and ignite the sense of nationalism, leading the country towards a better tomorrow.

Audience can expect a night of endless music and songs, as the 19 singers take turn on the stage to lead everyone with the beautiful voices to sing the many patriotic songs. Let the triumphant voices filled the air on the night of Malaysia Day. There will also be another 100 local celebrities, influencers and artists joining us as the “patriotic ambassadors” to help us build and spread our patriotic spirits.

Malaysia “golden producer” Ciang Teng will also customize a special patriotic song “Sayangmu Negaraku” that will be belted out byBack2Basixx, Darling Wan Azlyn, Daniel Cheah, Kate Chan, Sampson Chew, Kif Valentine, Xiiao C, Han Xiiao Aii, Lim Wen Suen, Rabbit Mac and Sheezay in three different languages – Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. This song will also be debuted at the “Hello Malaysia Patriotic Concert”.

Ciang Teng said he is honoured to be given this opportunity to create such a meaningful song. “It has been a while since my last collaboration with Ruiye. I am thankful to have him composing such beautiful lyrics for this song,” he added. He said the diversity in tradition and cultures is what makes Malaysia unique. 

“We are one nation, irrespective of our races. When our country need us, we will always be here,” he said proudly.

The theme for the “Hello Malaysia Patriotic Concert” is “to spread love and give back to the society”. 50% proceeding from the concert will be donated to the Kampung Orang Asli development foundation. Nurture Charity wished to raise a total of RM200,000 through this event for the aboriginals to help improve their living condition. 

The charity work will be conducted in three phases. First is to build them a container house with built-in solar system for electricity and water filter to ensure a clean source of water. The second phase is to set up a new learning space to provide them education to improve their knowledge and living skills. The last stage is to lead them to develop the planting industry to increase the average household income. With these plans in place, we hope to gradually improve the living environment, health conscious and income level of the aboriginals.

The organizer is also organizing a “Malaysia Wish Photo Competition”. Participants only need to log on to the official website to upload their photos with wishes and blessings for Malaysia. These photos will be compiled and displayed on the large screens during the concert. 

For more information, please refer to www.hellolivefestival.com