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In the year of 2020, Covid-19 Pandemic outbreak has changed the world, I am not exception.

People afraid to change due to the uncertainty of future and new norm of lifestyle. Indeed, the attitude of optimistic and keep calm are helping us to break through all the challenge in life. This is why I founded the brand Chan.Ger.

As a professional athlete, I always looking forward to breakthrough in my performance. To ensure the quality of brand, this spirit should bring on. Our mission is to introduce you more recommended and quality products.

Besides, as a Malaysia Badminton player, I understand that badminton coaching program is such a burden for poor families. To be a part of nurturing talented badminton player program, we decided to contribute 10% of our profit into the Program “Support our Malaysia Badminton Talent”. Other than the profit, all goes to Pioneer Sports Management as coaching subsidy. It is to ensure on nurturing more talented badminton players for Malaysia.

“Do not hesitate to change, but to keep courage in making a change in life.”

~ Chen Peng Soon, Changer Founder.




然而,打球训练的开支大,对贫穷家庭是个沉重的负担,身为“过来人”的我曾经历过贫穷家庭的苦滋味,所以我决定将Changer部分产品的10%盈利纳入“Support our Malaysia Badminton Talent”计划,并将所有款项交由Pioneer Sports Management作为培训补助,为我国培育更多羽球人才。

改变并不可怕,就怕你不肯做出改变!~Changer 陈炳橓共勉之

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