Among the MUST BUY items being offered at amazingly low prices are the HUAWEI nova 4e, HUAWEI Watch GT, and HUAWEI MateBook D 15Staying at home during this period of Movement Control Order can be made a whole lot more fun – with HUAWEI’s best-selling devices.  And here’s some good news: the HUAWEI devices you’ve always wanted will be sold at even more affordable prices in Malaysia on March 27, as the HUAWEI joins Lazada in celebrating the e-commerce site’s 8th birthday celebration sales this Friday.  Here are the limited-time-only HUAWEI deals Malaysians will get to enjoy at the sale on March 27. All items are subject to availability and will be sold on first come first serve basis. TimeProduct Original price Promo price March 27,12am – 2am HUAWEI Band 4 RM139 RM89 HUAWEI Watch GT RM 799 RM 399 HUAWEI MediaPad T5 RM 899 RM 599 HUAWEI nova 4e RM 999 RM 598 HUAWEI Mate20 RM 2,099 RM 1,188 HUAWEI MateBook D 15 (8GB RAM + 256 GB SSD) with Free Gift RM 2,299 RM 1,999 HUAWEI MateBook 13 i5 with Free Gift RM 3,999 RM 3,299 HUAWEI MateBook 13 i7 with Free Gift RM 4,399 RM 3,699 Flash SaleMarch 27, 2pm HUAWEI Mate20 (3 units) RM 2,099 RM 88 Flash SaleMarch 27, 3pm HUAWEI x Gentle Monster Eyewear (3 units) RM 1,559 RM 88 HUAWEI MateBook 13 (1 unit) RM 3,999 RM 88 Vouchers worth RM168 and RM88 are also up for grabs and can be used on March 27 on a variety of HUAWEI’s original price products:  The RM168 voucher is applicable for HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro, Mate 30, P30, P30 Pro, M5 Lite and FreeBuds 3 The RM88 voucher is applicable for HUAWEI nova 5T, Y7P, Y9s and Y9 Prime  Don’t miss out on any of these amazing deals. Log on to HUAWEI’s page on Lazada and  Add To Cart now!For regular updates on HUAWEI Device : Website  Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube

“爱” 微电影 & MV大赛 (EYE Short Film & Music Video Competition)

活动名称       :“爱” 微电影 & MV大赛 (EYE Short Film & Music Video Competition)报名截止日期        :2020年7月31日(星期五)联络方式       :03-2710 0078 / 016-6239982  或  / goosherlyn@mangomedia.my参赛者条件   :开放给所有民众,不限种族、性别、年龄。作品内容条规        :鼓励参赛者从自己的视野出发,用爱的双眼记录及诠释马中两国深厚友谊,特别是把此次疫情中那些感人的点点滴滴记录下来。作品类型       :所有符合参赛内容条规的作品(包括剧情片、纪录片、喜剧等等)。报名方式:请到“爱”微电影 & MV 大赛页面:,查询比赛条规详情。点击“成交作品”,便可在成交表格里填写参赛者资料和成交作品。 微电影组奖金冠军           :RM10,000亚军           :RM6,000季军           :RM4,000音乐视频组奖金音乐视频大奖:RM5,000用EYE发现爱         马来西亚芒果传媒有限公司在中华人民共和国驻马来西亚大使馆的大力支持下,续去年的中马建交45周年一系列活动之后,今年再举办另一项活动 – “爱”微电影 & MV大赛。这项比赛于2020年3月20日(星期五)在芒果传媒面子书及各大媒体公布正式开跑。         这项比赛的英文名称为 EYE Short Film & Music Video Competition。以 “EYE和爱”将中马两国之间深厚的友谊、紧密的关系通过老百姓的视角,用影像叙述的方式展映在荧幕上。从古至今,中马两国人民紧紧依偎,血浓于水,帮助彼此迈过一个又一个的难关。此时全世界都在遭受疫情袭击,患难让两国人民又一次互帮互助,携手度过难关,迎接春暖花开…….         这项比赛让参赛者透过自己的视野(EYE)和爱去诠释中马深厚的情谊;发现和记录身边日新月异的变化;特别是把此次疫情中那些感人的点点滴滴记录下来。此次微电影及MV竞赛,将透过马中两国的媒体进行报道及宣传,搭建一个给马来西亚人民展示创造力及才华的国际性平台;让两国人民更加了解彼此,增进友谊。此竞赛开放给所有马来西亚公民,无需缴付参赛费用。参赛者仅需按照竞赛条规和条件所规定的格式提交短片。参赛者将有机会赢取丰厚奖金,包括马币10,000令吉的冠军奖金,马币6,000令吉亚军奖金,马币4,000令吉的季军奖金以及最佳MV奖马币5,000令吉。首10强入围者将会被邀请出席颁奖典礼。为获取更多有关信息可浏览马来西亚芒果传媒有限公司的官方面子书。


In conjunction with its 2nd Anniversary celebrations, PUBG Mobile has teamed up with local stand-up comedian Gajen Nad to share three reasons why he loves the game.  Watch the video below, as funny man Gajen uses his hilarious comedic antics to discuss PUBG Mobile as: a game you can play anywhere; allows you to spend more time with friends; and allows you to get to know the world.  Joining him in the video is fellow stand-up comedian, Brian Tan.  Gajen is widely known as Malaysia’s first Chinese-Indian (Chindian) stand-up comedian, as well as for his “clean act” – he is known not to use any vulgarity, religious content or sexual content while telling jokes. He has been practising stand-up comedy for seven years. A mechanical engineering graduate, he left his job at a locally-based American firm in mid-2018 to join the world of comedy full-time.  For more info : You Tube : PUBG MOBILE MalaysiaPUBG Facebook 

Mandarin pop sensation Jay Chou’s first magic travelogue makes star-studded global premier on Netflix starting March 21

Netflix, the world's leading streaming entertainment service, announces today the global exclusive release of J-Style Trip in collaboration with Asia’s Mandarin pop music sensation, Jay Chou, on March 21. The J-Style Trip series is completely unscripted, and strung together by some of Jay’s most beloved and timeless hits, giving viewers an unprecedented opportunity to get a rare glimpse into Jay’s personal life and candid moments with friends and fans around the world -- a show filled with genuine comradery, humor and of course, magic.In the show, Jay travels to eight destinations across three continents including The Gold Coast , Innsbruck, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, Shenzhen, Taipei, and Vienna. On top of the stunning views of the cities and Jay’s music, J-Style Trip also features an all-star list of special guests who join Jay as co-hosts in each episode.The 12-episode magic travelogue will premiere on March 21 with one weekly new episode going live on Saturdays, exclusively on Netflix. J-Style Trip Season 1 | Main Trailer

New Korean stories coming to Netflix include: Extracurricular, Rugal, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, The King: Eternal Monarch, Twogether, The School Nurse Files, Sweet Home and Time to Hunt!

Netflix continues to build on the best-in-class Korean stories across all genres from reality shows, crime, sci-fi, horror to the classic romantic dramas we all know and love.  “From K-pop and K-food, to K-zombie and K-content, we’ve seen how much people in different parts of the world love Korean cultures and stories. So we’re excited to announce these new best in class Korean stories for our members,” said Minyoung Kim, Vice President of Korean Content at Netflix. “It’s amazing to see how these Korea films and TV resonate with audiences around the world - from Korea to Southeast Asia and the Americas. By making it easy for people to watch films and shows from other countries, we can help them build empathy and develop a shared understanding of the world”.  In 2019, Crash Landing on You, a romance story about a couple from the two Koreas showed the popularity of K-content making the top 10 list in the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.  This year we’ll have even more best in class K-stories with ‘Kingdom’, which returned with its second season on March 13th. The K-zombie series has again become one of the Top 10 titles in almost every Asian country, and millions of people globally have already chosen to watch its second season - including many people who’ve never tried a show like this before.  And that is just the beginning: What’s New on Netflix 1. Rugal, avail from 28 March 2020. Kang Gi-beom, a promising police detective in the violent crimes unit, is suspected of murdering his own wife. His eyes were slashed with a razor after witnessing the murder of his wife at the hands of the terrorist group ARGOS. Just when he thinks he has lost everything, he is approached by Choi Geun-cheol, Chief Executive Director of Rugal - a specialised organisation dedicated to the sole purpose of eradicating ARGOS.   Choi requests that Gi-beom receives an artificial eye transplant and joins Rugal. After miraculously surviving the risky transplant operation, Gi-beom is born again as a human weapon. He begins to take revenge on ARGOS for everything they have done to him. Rugal stars Choi Jin-hyuk and Park Sung-woong.  2. Time to Hunt, avail from April 10 2020. In a hopeless dystopian city, Jun-seok is released from prison and plans his next step in life in order to start anew with his friends Jang-ho,Ki-hoon and Sang-soo. But their excitement for the plan is short-lived as an unknown man chases after them. Can these best friends get away from the hunt?  Time to Hunt stars Lee Je-hoon, Ahn Jae-hong, Choi Woo-shik, Park Jeong-min and Park Hae-soo. 3. Extracurricular, avail from 29 April 2020.Extracurricular is a story of a group of high school students who have chosen a life of crime to earn money, and those who are threatened by extreme risk as a result. Oh Jisoo ends up committing a serious crime because of his determination to make college tuition money on his own, by any means.  Seo Minhee gets caught up in Jisoo’s crime, while Jisoo’s schoolmate Bae Gyuri also becomes involved in the same crime. Their bad choices come with irreversible consequences. There is no more turning back. A life of crime and violence awaits them. Extracurricular stars Kim Dong-hee, Jung Da-bin and Park Joo-hyun.  4. The King: Eternal Monarch, avail from April 2020. The King: Eternal Monarch is a romantic fantasy drama that takes the genre to a whole new level. The series revolves around relationships of the people from two parallel universes. King Lee Gon seeks to seal the gateway between dimensions, while Jung Tae-eul, a police inspector, simply wants to protect other’s lives and their loves. The King: Eternal Monarch is written by Kim Eun-suk (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, Mr. Sunshine, Descendants of the Sun), and directed by Baek Sang-hun (Secret, Who Are You: School 2015 and Descendants of the Sun) and Jeong Ji-hyeon (Search: WWW). The King: Eternal Monarch stars Lee Min-ho, Kim Go-eun, Woo Do-hwan, Kim Kyung-nam and Jung Eun-chae. 5. It's Okay to Not Be Okay, avail from June 2020.It's Okay to Not Be Okay is about an unusual romance between two people who end up healing each other’s emotional and psychological wounds. Moon Gang-tae, played by Kim Soo-hyun (My Love from the Star, The Moon Embracing the Sun), is a caretaker working at a psychiatric ward who does not even bother to believe in love.   He seems to be carrying all the weight and pain in life, and devotes himself only to looking after his disabled older brother. Go Moon-young, played by Seo Ye-ji (Save Me, Lawless Lawyer), is a children’s book writer who is clueless about love. She is popular among all age groups, yet very antisocial and indifferent to others. What’s In Production1. Twogether. Lee Seung-gi and Jasper Liu, two celebrities from Seoul and Taipei respectively, set out on a roadtrip to several cities in Asia to meet their fans and become friends.  2. The School Nurse Files.Starring Jung Yu-mi and Nam Joo-hyuk, The School Nurse Files tells the story of a newly appointed high school nurse who discovers the secrets and mysteries of her supernatural ability to chase ghosts.  3. Sweet Home.Hyun-soo, a reclusive high school student, moves into an old apartment complex called Green Home after the tragic death of his entire family. Feeling hopeless to make a living on his own, he realized Green Home residents, including himself, are trapped and surrounded by monsters in various forms of distorted human desires, which are about to sweep away mankind. The cast of Sweet Home includes Song Kang, Lee Jin-wook and Lee Si-young.Now Streaming on Netflix 1. Itaewon Class. Park Seo-jun plays Park Saeroyi in Itaewon Class, a personality who bends to no one. He is determined to live his life, getting everything he set his eyes on. Jo Yi-seo (Kim Da-mi) is a sociopath with an IQ of 162. Her goal in life is already crystal clear until she met her complete opposite Saeroyi. A group of youths, held together by their mutual stubbornness and bravado, start a “cool” revolt against an irrational world. Their story unfolds in Itaewon, a small neighborhood centered around a single street that seems to be a compact version of the entire world.  2. Hyena. New episodes every  Saturday and Sunday. Jung Geum-ja is like a weed. A twisted thing in this garden of lawyers. She will use every last sexy trick in the book to make money, no matter how evil the means can be. Yoon Hee-jae was born into the elites. He's a world-class lawyer with an ego to match. He is an orchid in full bloom. These two could not be more different, but they transform into hyenas at the service of their upper-class clients. Hyena stars Kim Hye-soo and Ju Ji-hoon.  3. Hi Bye, Mama!, New episodes every  Saturday and Sunday. Cha Yu-ri has been a ghost since she died 5 years ago. She left behind her husband Cho Gang hwa and their child. To become a human again, Cha Yu-ri carries out a reincarnation project for 49 days. Cho Gang-hwa works as a chest surgeon. He got remarried after his wife passed away. Now his ex-wife Cha Yu-ri reappears in front of him, and he’s shocked and clueless. Hi Bye, Mama! stars Kim Tae-hee and Lee Kyu-hyung.   4. Hospital Playlist, New episodes every Friday. Hospital Playlist stars Cho Jung-seok, Yoo Yeon-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-Myeung, and Jeon Mi-do, five friends who have stayed close with each other since they attended medical school together 20 years ago. They can practically read each other's mind just by looking into their eyes. The day-to-day lives of the people living, dying and just passing through the hospital where they all work is a microcosm of the world beyond.   Song-hwa, the de-facto spiritual leader of the quintet. Seok-hyeong is a reclusive loner while Ik-jun is a self-described 'inside operator' who has excelled academically as well as socially. Jun-wan is an outstanding surgeon but is a miserable person. Jeong-won is always polite and caring at work, but in private he is a rather edgy character. 5. Kingdom S2, now streaming. After the outbreak of a mysterious plague turns Joseon into chaos, the Cho family’s evil plot to take over the kingdom grows even stronger. In a desperate attempt to save the people from the attacks, the crown prince engages in a blood battle to fight the living and stop the dead. Join Ju-Ji-hoon, Ryu Seung-ryong and Bae Doona, to find out if they’re blood will spill this season.  6. My Holo Love, now streaming.  Yoon Hyun-min plays Holo, a state-of-the-art holographic AI, that can only be seen through special glasses, who is the perfect companion - intelligent, kind, and fully customizable. He also has the same appearance as his genius but prickly creator, Nando. While trying to avoid being captured by the wrong hands, Holo slips the glasses to So-yeon, a kind but aloof career woman. We follow So-yeon, played by Ko Sung-hee, as she gets to know the ‘perfect’ Holo and the prickly Nando.  

HONOR Continues to Bring Great Discounts with Intelligent Health Deals on Hihonor

HONOR Malaysia is bringing consumers its Intelligent Health deals, offering promotions and freebies for some of the brand’s most popular products, exclusively on HONOR’s official e-commerce store,  Hihonor. From 25 – 31 March, consumers can purchase a selection of HONOR’s latest ecosystem products as well as fan favourites from the comfort of their own home.  The well-being of consumers is HONOR’s top priority and the team is taking precautionary measures by temporarily closing all HONOR Experience Stores from 18 – 31 March to safeguard everyone’s health and safety, but operations continue on Hihonor for those who need to make a purchase.  On top of the Intelligent Health deals, HONOR Malaysia is giving out discount vouchers worth up to RM 50 off from 19 – 24 March for all your purchases made on Hihonor.   Now is the time to purchase that HONOR wearable you’ve been eyeing! The HONOR MagicWatch 2, HONOR Band 5 and Band 5 Sport are among the products listed in the HONOR Intelligent Health deals and help keep you active indoors. Fan favourites such as smartphones from the HONOR X Series and 20 Series will also available at a discounted price!   To make things more exciting, HONOR Malaysia will also be offering flash deals during the period. It will feature a different HONOR product each day so be sure to check out the website and HONOR’s official Facebook page so you know what deals are coming your way. Be quick as it will only be available for two hours daily starting at 12PM!  Below is a list of the Intelligent Health deals:  HONOR  Wearable   Deals  Model RRP Intelligent Health DealsHONOR MagicWatch 2 46mm (Flax Brown) RM 749 RM 699 HONOR MagicWatch 2 46mm (Charcoal Black) RM 699 RM 649 HONOR Watch Magic (Black) RM 499 RM 399 HONOR Band 5 RM 129 RM 119 HONOR Band 5i RM 119 RM 109  HONOR Smartphone Deals   ModelRRP Intelligent Health Deals and FreebiesHONOR 9X (Sapphire Blue) RM 999 RM 949 + 9X Gift Box, Band 5i HONOR 20 Lite (Phantom Blue) RM 799 RM 749 + Gift Box HONOR 7S (Black) RM 329 RM 299 + Foldable Bag HONOR 8S (Blue) RM 399 RM 399 + 32G SD Card HONOR 8X (Black) RM 799 RM 699 + 8X Gift Box HONOR 8X Max (Sapphire Blue and Midnight Black) RM 899 RM 849 + 8X Gift Box  HONOR   Accessories   Deals   Model RRP Intelligent Health Deals and Freebies HONOR Sport PRO   RM 299 RM 249 HONOR SoundStone Portable Bluetooth Speaker RM 149 RM 119 HONOR Powerbank 10,000mAh RM 149 RM 79  Don’t miss out on these amazing deals! For more information on HONOR Malaysia, visit HONOR’s official e-commerce website and information portal at, or check out the official Facebook Page for updates.  

Play and Win COVID-19 Face Masks OR a Hand Sanitizer

Presto have all taken the necessary precautions during this COVID-19 restrictions movement control order implemented by the Malaysian government. If you’re running out of hand sanitizers and face masks, don’t worry, they've got you covered!From 20th to 26th March 2020 (subject to availability and terms and conditions apply), you stand a chance to win Face Masks OR a Hand Sanitizer by playing GRABBIT in the Presto app!Previously, when you play GRABBIT, you’re eligible for the plushies that you have grabbed with the claw machine. However, during this campaign period, you’re entitled to win Face Masks OR a Hand Sanitizer for each toy that you grab instead!Newly registered Buddies will get 7,500 tokens to play, while current members who share the referral link to new Buddies get 2,000 tokens for each successful referral!  So , what are you waiting for. Let’s play the game and protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus!Stay safe and play GRABBIT!#PrestoCares#Covid19MalaysiaFor more info : Presto Universe

LG Electronics Solidifies Footprint in East Coast with Fifth Brand Shop, in Partnership with Emart

The fifth Brand Shop with Emart sets to bring elevate local communities’ lifestyle with top-notch home appliances. Sticking true to their notion to ‘Creating a Better Life’,award-winning home appliances brand LG Electronics is bringing their renowned Brand Shop model to the local communities in Kota Bharu – providing them with easier access to LG’s premium and innovative home appliances products.   Further expanding and solidifying their business in the East Coast, LG is partnering up with Emart to open up their 5th Brand Shop, bringing it to a total of 38 LG Brand Shops nationwide.This new Brand Shop will carry LG’s line-up of sophisticated and innovative products, which includes the award-winning OLED TVs and NanoCell TVs, the next generation of refrigerators, InstaView Door-in-Door™, the powerful TWINWash™ washing machines, and the efficient-driven DUALCOOL™ air conditioners.  Officiating the opening ceremony, Managing Director of LG Electronics, Kim Kyutae said, “We are here today to realise our end goal in ensuring consumers’ homes are equipped with innovative and ground-breaking products that enables them and their loved ones to live an elevated life. The commendable support shown by Malaysians and partners like Emart are among why we are able to continuously expand our business in the country – to provide local communities with an amplified retail experience.”    “LG is brand that is synonymous with amazing products – whether it is from their Home Appliances or Home Entertainment division, LG products are now more prevalent than ever in consumers’ homes.” said Lim Kean Huat, Managing Director of. Emart “Today marks the opening of the 5th Brand Shop with Emart and we are proud to be continuing working with LG to paint the picture of a better life for consumers, featuring products that will elevate their lifestyles.” A constant figure at CES® – the world’s largest trade show for consumer electronics products-LG took home the most awards ever from industry experts at CES®: more than 150 honors this year, led by the Best TV of CES Award for the sixth consecutive year. The Best of CES Awards singled out the LG CX series OLED TVs as the cream of the crop from the literally thousands of new TVs shown at CES.  LG continued its dominance in the TV category with its industry-leading LG OLED TVs winning 83 awards and honors from a wide range of industry experts. The cutting-edge LG  SIGNATURE OLED R“rollable TV” was honored by the Consumer Technology Association with the CES Best of Innovation Award in the Video Displays category. The LG SIGNATURE OLED Z 8K TV was honored as the CTA Mark of Excellence Video Display Product of the Year. LG’s NEXTGEN OLED TVs powered by ATSC 3.0 received two dozen awards.  “Our big win at CES® 2020 goes to show that we are deeply committed to designing, manufacturing and delivering nothing but the best for our consumers.” added Kim.  

The New Sneaker’s Energy Return Technology is Showcased in an Unexpected Ad Starring Conor Mcgregor

Reebok announces the upcoming launch of Zig Kinetica, a transformative new silhouette that channels and returns energy with every stride you take. Zig Kinetica drops in Malaysia on 6th March 2020. Zig Kinetica will debut with an ad starring legendary mixed martial artist Conor McGregor, in which a mundane clean-up of his son's bedroom takes a most unexpected turn. The transformative power of the shoe morphs Conor into an action figure that must harness Zig Kinetica’s energy to fight off rogue toys. The launch marks the next phase in Reebok’s “Sport the Unexpected” campaign, celebrating bold risk takers who reshape culture by being anything but expected.“I absolutely love these, the grip, the stability. I feel the connection from the sole to the material,” said McGregor. “I’ve been around with Reebok a long time now, and each launch, the energy level is climbing. Now we are exploding.”Check out the Reebok x Conor McGregor I Zigurine I Commercial 2020 here : Reebok’s ZigTech technology, originally introduced on 2010’s ZigPulse silhouette, set a new standard for innovation, function and disruptive design. Transcending its performance-based origin, Zig Kinetica fuses innovative sport tech with sleek style to create a highly functional shoe that seamlessly transitions from gym to street.Zig Kinetica is built around a distinct zigzag-shaped, energy-return sole that channels and returns kinetic energy using a three-part system:• Floatride Fuel: Energized bouncy foam helps deliver cushioning feel for everyday needs• Zig Energy Shell: Channels and returns kinetic energy, while providing a bold aesthetic• Zig Energy Bands: A unique outsole that expands and contracts like a rubber band to provide spring-like response“We saw an amazing response testing the Zig silhouette throughout 2019, collaborating with some of the biggest names in fashion,” said Matt Blonder, VP, Marketing & Digital Brand Commerce at Reebok. “Now, we’re excited to bring our biggest launch of 2020 forward, with the help of Conor, during his exciting return to the UFC. The launch of the Zig Kinetica is a watershed moment for Reebok as we look toward the future of this brand and cement ourselves as an industry leader, sitting directly at the intersection of sport and style.”Zig Kinetica is priced at RM459.00 In Malaysia, only available in stores below on 6 March 2020.• Reebok Southkey, Johor Bahru• Reebok Paragon, Penang• Stadium Mid Valley• Stadium Pavilion KL• Stadium KLCC• Royal Sporting House 1 Utama• Royal Sporting House Gurney Plaza, Penang• Royal Sporting House Queensbay Mall, Penang

Wonder Women's Day With JDXPresto Concept Store

配合3月8号妇女节,JDX Presto举办一场名为“魅力女神节 Wonder Women's Day”活动邀请所有女性和家人朋友们一同出席。当天除了有一连串的活动包括烹饪教学课程以及发型造型演示等等,当然还有超级优惠的商品等着你来购买让你节省更多。除此之外现场还有幸运抽奖活动让你把奖品带回家呢!Programme flow 10:00 Registration 11:00 Cooking Demo -Sponsor by Bear 13:30 Cooking Demo- Sponsor by Zenne 15:00 Hair Stylist Demo -Sponsor by 28Mall16:30 Lucky Draw 17:00 Event End


Casio to release G-SHOCK MR-G × BRUCE LEE Collaboration ModelCasio Malaysia will be releasing MRG-G2000BL in Malaysia in the coming months, the latest addition to the G-Shock MRG series which has marked as the flagship series of G-Shock. This is a collaboration model featuring the legendary action film star Bruce Lee, who would have turned 80 years old this year. Only 300 pieces will go on sale worldwide.The new MRG-G2000BL has combined the spirit of Bruce Lee, who demonstrated world-class physical and mental toughness which have captivated people till today. With the top line G-Shock, MR-G series continues to deliver an uncompromising commitment to materials, structure, processing, and finishing.The colors black and yellow are used for the case and the band respectively, recalling the iconic tracksuit worn by Bruce Lee in his last film. In addition, the colors yellow and red, which appear in the emblem of Jeet Kune Do, the martial arts philosophy founded by Lee, are used for the indices, and for the MR-G logo and second hand, respectively.The entire watch expresses the philosophical thinking behind Jeet Kune Do, as well as the philosophy of its creator Bruce Lee. The bezel is engraved with “Using no way as a way, having no limitation as limitation,” a phrase that expresses the limitless potential of Jeet Kune Do, while its symbol, with the same phrase in Chinese, is engraved on the case back. The 3 o’clock position on the dial is also decorated with Bruce Lee’s signature using the Chinese character “龍,” or dragon, Bruce’s nickname. These and other features make the MRG-G2000BL a special model very much alive with the energy of Bruce Lee, whose intense spirit transcends the generations.The model is based on the MRG-G2000 of the flagship MR-G series, which matches the legendary action film star’s combination of strength and beauty while also delivering tons of advanced technology. The MRG-G2000BL features time adjustment using radio wave time-calibration signals, GPS satellite signals, and Bluetooth® to ensure accurate time reflecting time zone changes around the world and daylight savings time.*1 The Bruce Lee name, image, likeness and all related indicia are intellectual property of Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC. All Rights Reserved. LeeLee Jun-fan (Chinese: 李振藩; November 27, 1940 – July 20, 1973), known professionally as Bruce Lee (Chinese: 李小龍), was a Chinese-American actor, director, martial artist, martial arts instructor, and philosopher. He was the founder of Jeet Kune Do, a hybrid martial arts philosophy drawing from different combat disciplines that is often credited with paving the way for modern mixed martial arts (MMA). Lee is considered one of the most influential commentators, critics, advocates, and martial artists of all time and is a pop culture icon of the 20th century who bridged the gap between East and West. He is often credited with helping to change the way Asians were presented in American films.SpecificationsConstructionShock-resistantWater Resistance200 metersMagnetic ResistanceISO 764-compliant magnetic resistanceGPS Signal Frequency1575.42 MHzRadio Frequency77.5 kHz (DCF77: Germany); 60 kHz (MSF: UK); 60 kHz (WWVB: USA); 40 kHz (JJY: Fukushima, Japan) / 60 kHz (JJY: Kyushu, Japan); 68.5 kHz (BPC: China)GPS Signal ReceptionTime-calibration (auto,* manual); acquisition of positioninformation (manual)* GPS signals are received automatically when the watch recognises they areavailable in the area.Radio Wave ReceptionAutomatic reception up to six times a day (except for use in China: up to five times a day)Communication SpecificationsCommunication StandardBluetooth® low energySignal RangeUp to 2m (may differ depending on surrounding conditions)World Time39 cities (39 time zones*, daylight saving on/off) and Coordinated Universal Time, auto summer time (DST) switching* May be updated when connected to a smartphone.Stopwatch1/1-second stopwatch; measuring capacity: 24 minutes; elapsed timeCountdown TimerMeasuring unit: 1 second (maximum 24 hours)Alarm1 independent daily alarmOther FunctionsSmartphone Link functions (world time: over 300 cities, automatic time adjustment, easy watch setting); auto hand home position correction (hour, minute and second hand); full auto-calendar; 12/24-hour format; battery level indicator; LED light (Super Illuminator with afterglow)Power SourceTough Solar power system (solar-charging system)Continuous OperationAbout 23 months with the power-saving function* ON afterfull charge*Power-saving after a certain period in a dark locationSize of Case54.7 × 49.8 × 16.9 mmTotal WeightApprox. 152g* The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is under license.For more information : Casio G-Shock Malaysia Facebook

TGV Cinemas Leap Leap Hooray !

TGV Is Celebrating The Leap Year With FREE Regular Popcorn Combos For One Day Only!A leap year comes around once every 4 years and is considered a rare event where everybody gets an extra 24 hours in the month of February. In celebration of TGV’s 25th Anniversary, which is also a once-in-a-lifetime event, we would like to celebrate this specific leap year by offering promotions exclusively on 29 February 2020 only!FREE Regular Popcorn Combo For Leap Year BabiesPatrons who celebrate their birthday on the 29th of February are in for a treat! TGV wants to celebrate their birthday and make them feel extra special this year by giving away a free Regular Popcorn Combo. This exclusive promotion will only be available on 29 February only. These patrons just need to remember to bring along their Malaysian Identity Card (NRIC) or passport and simply show it at the TGV Candy Bar of their choice to be eligible for the promotion. Each customer may only redeem one Regular Popcorn Combo.RM2.90 Off Large Popcorn CombosDon’t need to worry if you’re not a leap year baby because TGV has a promo in store for everybody. All patrons will be able to enjoy RM2.90 off every Large Popcorn Combo only on the 29th of February. This discount can be applied for any amount of Large Popcorn Combos and is only applicable at TGV’s Candy Bar.For more information, please visit TGV’s 25th AnniversarySince 1995, TGV has celebrated 25 amazing years of providing progressive gratifying experiences and entertainment for both adults and kids alike. The first opening in 1 Utama has only spurred TGV to continuously grow rapidly to stay as one of the top cinemas in Malaysia. To celebrate TGV’s momentous 25th Anniversary, moviegoers can expect to enjoy a myriad of treats and surprises for the whole year!

马来西亚国际连锁加盟展 MIRF

今年,我们的目标是满足更多的市场需求,随着新品牌的出现,零售市场变得越来越有趣。这些品牌表示,希望将马来西亚品牌出口到海外展开连锁。 Raymond 也说到:“今我们仍然收到许多工面的回响,尤其是来自珍珠奶茶领城的新品牌,并且我们也陆陆续续收到许多新的询问。”因此,我们今年将有568展位(532+36)在吉隆坡会议中心的1号展厅到4号展厅。这表示者自从2019年起销售已经增加了超过100个展位。马来西亚国际连锁加盟展仍然使市者与去年相同的主题"Franchise Forward. 由于收到许多零售商与连锁商的支持和配合。马来西亚国际连锁加盟展对培长充满信心。当然,我们与Bon Zainal 和Rasta Rashid 领号之下的马来西亚土著设计协会有若更好的合作伙伴关系。我们也有更多米自为外的国际品牌将会参与。我们也期特有更多的初创企业和企业家的可以参与我们。今年第一年参与我们展览的品牌包括Ayamas、 OBriers. Hermu Intermational.贡茶、手作功夫茶,Lavender 和JVV F&B。当然,我们荣幸能够得到TM0ne 的支持作为MIRF的吉網赞助商。我们的展览也得到了PNS和Matrade的支持,100个Hatchery摊位依旧获得正面回响,并期待这Hatchery 摊位看到新的参与者和合作伙伴。我们都知道,大众非常关注的新型冠状病毒的发生后,马来西亚市场及其他邻国市场都处在艰难时期,我们当然希望能够知道什么时候才会告一段落,即使情况艰难,我们还是必须保持积极向上的态度,向前迈进,我们仍然必须继续为市场提供机会。好让零售市场持续增长。2020年马来西亚国际连锁加盟展有望再次上演一场精彩的表演。2020 马来西亚国际连锁加盟展持续的发展并将会为參展商提供新的设施如,商贸包厢和商贸配对平台。除此之外,我们也会像历年一样为参展商准备晚宴,以促进和建立友好的关系。我们的信息非常明确,通过验证马来西亚团际连锁加盟展能够有效推动零售和连锁行业。我们也想借此机会想告诉企业家,通过这个平会不仅可以探索连锁加盟的机会,还可以认识更多有潜力的伙伴关系,授权经营机会和合资企业。通过我们的平合,企业家可以进行商业上的合作机会,建立人脉和找到更多商机。2020 马来西亚国际连锁加盟展新闻发布会在吉隆坡桂和广场举行,作为MIRF的合作伙伴,同时也是马来西业连锁协会的成员,为马来西业国际连锁加盟展新闻发布会赞助会议厅。桂和集团的执行董事兼总裁顾问之一Dato Dr Jennifer Low 说:"桂和集团会一直支持零售业,至于桂和广场的方向始终是与零售商保持良好的关系并将零售商的利益放在首位。”在本次新闻发布会,30间提前注册的参展商将可以享受优先的商务配对环节,参展商将与具有巨大潜力的商家探索合作机会,希望能转化为交易,这些都是今年的马来西亚国际连锁加盟展增加的新设施,以在这段时间内帮助参展曲,如欲查询更多有关此项业务配对的资料,请致电马来西亚连锁协会副总经理 SimonWong 先生 016-3252308。

Malaysia International Retail & Franchise Exhibition

On this day, the Malaysia Retail Chain Association is proud to announce once again the Largest Retail and Franchise Exhibition that is recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records which is the Malaysia International Retail & Franchise Exhibition or also known as MIRF."Yes on behalf of the organizing committee, it gives me great pleasure in welcoming you to the Prests Conference for the 5" Malaysia International Retail & Franchise Exhibition 2020 (MIRF), held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 16" to 18 July says the Organizing Chairman for the 3 years in running Mr Raymond Woo.This year again, we aim to cater to more market demands. The Retail market is getting more and more interesting as new brands are emerging and there are strong indications to want to export Malaysian Franchise Brands overseas. Raymond added, So far we still see positive participation from new brands especially from new F&B Concepts and we are shill getting lots of new enquiries coming inThis year, we will have a total of 568 booths and kiosk taking across from Hall 1 to 4 in KLCC. This would mean an incremental growth of 100+ booths & kiosk from 2019. Still using the same theme we had last year "Franchise Forward'. MIRF is confident of the growth due to support and collaborations from various retail sectors. We of course, have better partnerships with our Malaysia Bumiputra Designers Association led by Bon Zainal and also Rasta Rashid. We also have more Intemational Participations from overseas with emerging parties from Japan and Turkey. Needless to say, we are encouraged to see more startups and birth of entrepreneurs jumping into the scene as well.Amongst other new brands that have already signed up are Ayamas.O Briens, Hermu International, Gong Cha, Kong Fo Cha, Lavender and JW F&B. Of course, we have secured TM One as our supportive Bronze Sponsor. We also have gotten support from PNS and Matrade for our Exhibition. The 100 Hatchery booth will once again be exciting and will see new players, parties and collaboration partners in this corner.All of us know that these are trying times for the Malaysian market and also its surrounding markets. With a very controlled epidemic corona virus going on certainly all of us wish that we know what and when the end will be. Certainly, we have to stay positive and move forward to continue to provide opportunities in the market for retail growth. And once again, MIRF 2020 will be counted upon to stage yet another great show.MIRF 2020 continues to soar by providing new add ons and facility like Corporate Box and Business Matching areas for our Exhibitors. In addition to that, MIRF as usual will have a night for Exhibitors to foster friendships and build relationships. Our message is clear, the Malaysia International Retail and Franchise Exhibition is the proven formula to drive the Retail and Franchise sector. We want to tell Business Owners to use this platform to explore not only franchising but partnerships, licensing and joint ventures. It is the place for Business Collaborations, Networking and endless opportunities. The MIRF 2020 Press Conference is held in Quill Mall, Kuala Lumpur as a supporting Partner to host the Press Conference for MIRF as it is also a member of MRCA. Dato Dr Jennifer Low, the Executive Director of Quill Group and also one of the President Advisors says, The Quill Group is always willing to support the Retail Industry. As for Quill Mall, its direction is always to stay relevant to the retailers and to put a retailer's interest first."During this Press Conference, the first 30 exhibitors that registered early for the Exhibition will enjoy Business Matching sessions. The Exhibitors will be connected to parties that have keen potential with the hope of converting into positive transactions. These are part of the new initiatives that the MIRF 2020 have added to its platform to assist their Exhibitors during these times.


Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC), Malaysia’s leading cinema chain has launched its partnership with Friends to Mankind (FtoM) to bring The Book Effect campaign to selected cinemas in the Klang Valley. Through this collaboration, movie-goers who come to GSC can look forward to mini-libraries in the cinema’s social spaces, where they can read, exchange, or even donate old books for FtoM to collect and build community libraries for the underprivileged. This continues and extends the success of The Book Effect, which saw the project achieving its goal of collecting and re-distributing 10,000 books in only two months after its grand launch and announcement in August 2019. (L-R) Dato’ Paduka Noor Aini Datuk Abdullah, Patron to Friends to Mankind; Ms. Apshy Vimal, Youth Ambassador and Project Lead of Friends to Mankind; and Mr. Heng Beng Fatt, Chief Operations Officer Malaysia, Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn Bhd officiating the Launch of GSC x The Book Effect campaign in GSC 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya.“As a home-grown cinema exhibitor and a leader in the entertainment industry, we play a big part in creating shared value that benefits us all. Our partnership with The Book Effect falls in line with our commitment to enhance and transform our cinemas beyond the silver screen. With these mini-libraries, we are reigniting the spirit and cultivating a love for reading, while encouraging the public to donate their old books with the ultimate goal of setting up community libraries for others in need,” said Mr Heng Beng Fatt, Chief Operating Officer – Malaysia of GSC.Mr. Heng Beng Fatt, Chief Operations Officer Malaysia, Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn Bhd welcoming members of the media and guests at the launch of GSC’s mini-libraries in partnership with Friends to Mankind. “The one thing movies and books have in common is the ability to bring joy from a story, but a big reason a lot of people don’t read is due to accessibility. Maybe we can’t afford them or maybe they’re just not easy for us to get to; however, putting these libraries up and making books accessible to people allows us to give them the opportunity to feel the joy that stories can bring,” added Apshy Vimal, Youth Ambassador and Project Lead, FtoM. Ms. Apshy Vimal, Youth Ambassador and Project Lead of Friends to Mankind, giving her speech during the launch at GSC 1 Utama.                Dato’ Paduka Noor Aini Datuk Abdullah, Patron to Friends to Mankind, sharing her support of the campaign with members of the media and guests.The mini-libraries are open to the public and are currently available at GSC 1 Utama, GSC IOI Puchong, GSC MyTOWN, GSC Melawati Mall, and GSC Setia City Mall. More locations will be announced soon, as GSC plans to roll-out more bookshelves in its social spaces in the coming months.For more updates on The Book Effect campaign, follow GSCinemas at and Friends to Mankind at