Malaysia's Women's Badminton Player S. Kisona has won the women’s singles gold medal in the Sea Games 2019

Kisona Selvaduray is a Malaysian badminton player. She was the bronze medalist at the 2013 Asian Youth Games in the girls' singles event. She won her first senior international title at the Indonesia International Series tournament in the women's singles event.2019 SEA Games - Medal Moment GOLD S. Kisona Badminton - Women's SinglesThe 21-year-old’s admirable comeback gave her a surprise win over world No 51 Ruselli Hartawan in Manila today.Despite losing a hard-fought first game 22-20 to Indonesian Ruselli Hartawan, world No 98 Kisona came back strongly to take the second 21-14.Congratulation Kisona. Malaysia Boleh. 

THE BEST OF TWO WORLDS Crème De La Crème x The Tokyo Restaurant

– Hello Kitty fever is sweeping over Malaysia, after Sanrio specially hand-picked Crème De La Crème (CDLC) to throw the greatest party bash for the ultra-lovable icon’s 45th birthday. Be that as it may, CDLC is not letting up and is pleased to announce yet another innovative collaboration, marrying its famed ice cream with The Tokyo Restaurant (TTR)’s equally famed burnt cheesecake to create the ultimate desserts infused with the best of two worlds.Lio Lim, managing director of CDLC, enthused, “Our recent collaboration with Sanrio is such a tremendous success. True to our promise, we do not rest on our laurels and are absolutely thrilled to partner with TTR for our next exciting collaboration. TTR’s famed burnt cheesecake needs no introduction and CDLC has of course shaken up the ice cream world by reinventing the look and taste of ice cream. Combining the best of these two worlds is definitely something to shout about and we couldn’t have found a better partner to recapture the imaginations of ice cream and cheese cake lovers alike!”Indeed, lovers of ice cream and cheesecake will approve and be thoroughly spoilt by these choices:Artisanal ice creamsBurnt Caramel Cheesecake: Enjoy delicious burnt caramel ice cream swirled with TTR burnt cheesecake with such smoothness and richness that is sure to tantalise your tastebuds.Tokyo La Crème: Creamy cream cheese ice cream featuring fresh Australian cream cheese texturised with the perfect proportion of TTR burnt cheesecake – an amazing balance that will throw your senses off-balance.Plated dessertHave the best of two worlds with a delicious scoop of Burnt Caramel ice cream plated with TTR cheesecake dazzled with hazelnuts and caramel. TTR could not agree more. Akito Sakamoto, General Manager of TTR says,“Our cheesecake has such a discerning following that when it came to deciding a trusted partner whom we can work with to design ice creams of the highest standards inspired by our beloved cheesecake, which our clients would also adore, CDLC is the obvious choice, standing head and shoulders above others in the ice cream world.”

Crème De La Crème x The Tokyo Restaurant 打造成最强组合

Crème De La Crème (CDLC)在被 Sanrio 亲选为吉蒂猫 45 周年庆举办一场盛大的庆生狂欢派对后,吉蒂猫(Hello Kitty) 热潮正席卷全马。而当吉蒂猫热潮还未褪去,CDLC又再次隆重宣布了另一项跨界合作。这一次 CDLC 带着自家著名的冰淇淋与 The Tokyo Restaurant (TTR)相同著名的芝士蛋糕融为一体,创造出结合世上两大美食的甜品。CDLC 总经理 Lio Lim 兴奋地说:“我们近期与 Sanrio 的合作取得了巨大的成功。我们遵守承诺,不会就此停下脚步。这次很荣幸能与我们新的合作伙伴 TTR 推出全新的作品。TTR 远近驰名的芝士蛋糕加上 CDLC 特别创造的冰淇淋造型和口味一定会震撼冰淇淋界。很高兴地我们找到了最适合的伙伴 TTR, 结合了两者的优势,为冰淇淋和芝士蛋糕爱好者带来崭新的口感体验。当然,冰淇淋与芝士蛋糕爱好者铁定会认可和爱上我们为大家带来的选择:手作冰淇淋Burnt Caramel Cheesecake: 享受美味的烧焦焦糖冰淇淋旋绕在 TTR 芝士蛋糕而带来顺滑及浓郁的口感绝对能虏获您的味蕾。Tokyo La Crème:有着新鲜澳洲忌廉芝士的绵密忌廉芝士冰淇淋在 TTR 的芝士蛋糕上融合出完美比例的纹路,完美的口感将使您的味蕾乱了方寸。并盘甜品有着两个世界顶尖的一颗焦糖冰淇淋与 TTR 芝士蛋糕结合的并盘,再淋上榛子和焦糖。TTR 总经理 Akito Sakamoto 认同说:“我们对芝士蛋糕的合作对象非常挑剔。这对象必须是能受到我们最爱的芝士蛋糕启发而做出高水准的冰淇淋,同时也必须是我们的顾客所喜爱的。而无可厚非,在冰淇淋界高人一等的 CDLC 就是我们的选择。”

A Collaboration Featuring Pikachu Pokédex No.025 to Celebrate BABY-G’s 25th Anniversary!

The first BABY-G shock-resistant watch for active women was released in 1994 and celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. To help celebrate the special occasion, Casio is collaborating with the The Pokémon Company on a special edition of the BABY-G watch inspired by Pikachu, the 25th Pokémon in the Pokédex.Longtime fans of the Pokémon video game franchise will enjoy details on the BABY-G watch reflecting the style of the original Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue video games released in 1996 in an edgy way.The numbers “0:25” are printed on the band loop, while on a black base, the watch band is decorated with neon, polygon-style Pikachu lightning marks, and Poké Balls. The design of the dial references the original game screen, giving a very 90’s feel. A polygon-style Pikachu appears when the EL backlight is turned on, and Pikachu’s rear view is engraved on the back cover. Even the packaging is specially shaped like a Poké Ball.This special anniversary model uniquely features Pikachu, who first took the world by storm by storm in the 90’s and whose popularity continues worldwide today.Display Design Back Engraving Special Packaging SpecificationShock resistantElectro-luminescent backlight∗ Selectable illumination duration (1.5 seconds or 3 seconds), afterglow • World time∗ 29 time zones (48 cities), daylight saving on/off1/100-second stopwatch∗  Measuring capacity: 59'59.99''∗  Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place timesCountdown timer∗  Measuring unit: 1 second∗  Countdown range: 24 hours∗  Countdown start time setting range: 1 minute to 24 hours (1-minute increments∗  and 1-hour increments)5 daily alarms (with 1 snooze alarm)Hourly time signalFull auto-calendar (to year 2099)12/24-hour formatButton operation tone on/offRegular timekeeping: Hour, minute, second, am/pm, date, dayAccuracy: ±30 seconds per monthApprox. battery life: 3 years on CR1616Size of case / total weight∗ BGD-560PKC .............44.7×40.0×12.5 mm / 44 gThe model is now available at all G-Factory stores and authorized dealers, and is retailing at RM 579.

Dream Vending Town Radio Station by Aforadio X Quill City Mall

A Platform for children to discover their dreams while having fun through " Dream Vending Town", a play town centred idea for children to explore more about real-world occupations. Happening through interactive exhibits and plays; children are able to have fun while fostering their curiosity , creativity , critical thinking , problem solving and teamwork. We would love to inspire and empower children that their dreams are worth pursuing and it is okay to dream big. Also, the dream vending town is an inspiring play town for children to explore and to deal like grown-ups do. Dream Vending Town offers 10 different fun-filled Role Play dream station to be explored (Police Station, Fire Station, Hospital, Radio Station, Airline Training Centre, Shopping Mall , Cooking School, Modelling School, Acting & Entertainment and Driving Centre).Check out the little Announcers Podcast here : Dream Vending Town 23/11/19 (12.30pm to1.30pm) & (4.30pm to 5.30pm)Dream Vending Town 24/11/19 (12.30pm to 1.30pm) & (4.30pm to 5.30pm)Dream Vending Town 30/11/19 (12.30pm to1.30pm) & (4.30pm to 5.30pm)Dream Vending Town 1/12/19 (12.30pm to1.30pm) & (4.30pm to 5.30pm)Dream Vending Town 7/12/19 (12.30pm to1.30pm) & (4.30pm to 5.30pm)Dream Vending Town 8/12/19 (12.30pm to1.30pm) & (4.30pm to 5.30pm)Dream Vending Town 14/12/19 (12.30pm to1.30pm) & (4.30pm to 5.30pm)Dream Vending Town 15/12/19 (12.30pm to1.30pm) & (4.30pm to 5.30pm) 

Save up to RM 650 with HONOR’s 12.12 sale

Purchase best-selling HONOR smartphones and win HONOR products from 6 – 12 December 2019! Global smartphone brand, HONOR today announced the great 12.12 sale with mega deals, special bundles and free gifts on HONOR’s official e-commerce website hihonor.   Save the date as HONOR Malaysia will begin its sale on December 6 till December 12. During this period, you’ll also stand a chance to win selected HONOR products for free through the Slash & Win deals – one of them being the super limited edition HONOR 20 PRO Moschino edition. This edition is not sold in Malaysia, so you’ll get exclusive bragging rights!   HONOR Smartphones Model RRP 6 – 12 DecemberFree Gift HONOR 20 PRO (with 2 years warranty) RM 1,999   RM 1,899 - HONOR 20 (with 2 years warranty) RM 1,399 RM 1,199HONOR Band 5 Sport HONOR 20 Lite RM 799 RM 799 - HONOR View20 (6+128) RM 1,499 RM 899HONOR View20 Case and Screen Protector HONOR 9X RM 999 RM 999 - HONOR 10 RM 1,399 RM 749HONOR Body Fat Scale or HONOR Band 5 Sport  HONOR Accessories ModelRRP 6 – 12 December HONOR Sport PRO  RM299   RM199HONOR Watch Magic   RM459   RM399 HONOR Band 5   RM129    RM111 HONOR Band 5 Sport   RM 79   RM79 HONOR Flypods Lite    RM349   RM259 HONOR Soundstone Speaker   RM149   RM99 HONOR View20 Cover (Blue)  RM 79   RM30 HONOR 20 Flip Cover (Black) RM 79 RM30  HONOR Holiday Special Bundle ModelRRP 6 – 12 December  HONOR Band 5 +HONOR Sport PRO  RM 428 RM 299HONOR Band 5 Sport Couple Set  RM 158 RM 129 Slash & Win Deals*  Model RRP Period  Slashed Deal HONOR Mini Speaker (limited units) RM 99 6 – 12 Dec FREE HONOR 10,000mAh Powerbank (limited units)  RM 149 12 Dec RM 49 HONOR 20 PRO (8GB+256GB) Moschino Edition (1 unit) N/A 12.12 exclusive 12 Dec FREE On 12.12, HONOR will also be launching a variety of new colors for the HONOR Band 5. Consumers will now be able pick from Coral Pink, Olive Green, Midnight Navy, on top of the earlier-launched Meteorite Black. Retailing at RM 149, the fitness tracker will be available to purchase at only RM 111 in conjunction with HONOR’s 12.12 sale starting at 12 AM on December 6. For more information on HONOR Malaysia, visit HONOR’s official e-commerce website and information portal at, or check out the official Facebook page at exciting updates.    

“贺岁女王” 王雪晶震撼全球荣归金鼓風鸣雷霆万钓傲霸迎新岁!

“贺岁女王”王當晶,挟持雷霆万钓滔天之势,2020贺岁回归全球流行乐坛:女王霸气驾到,谁与争锋!小小年纪踏入乐坛,即掀起一股“王雪晶”之旋,当年拍唱过无数贺岁歌曲的她,迅速成为国內外皇牌贺岁小唱将,过去发表的一系列贺岁卡带、录影带及光碟影碟至今于国内外,包括中国及全球有华人的地方,仍是市场上的销售热点,一时无两。及,王雪晶与另三位女歌手联盟创组“M-Girls”,所发表的“四个女生“贺岁合辑,更是万众瞩目的皇牌贺岁巨片、而王雪晶更是我们的贺岁焦点,傲视群雄。隔别3年没出版贺岁歌辑,王雪晶以“贺岁女主”驾到之勇态覆行对歌友们的承诺,确定2020出版全新华语个人贺岁DVD+CD考辑,这也是她阔别整整25年后才以个人方式推出贺岁大碟,可说是来势汕油,对她国内外的广大判丝来说,可是漫长的等待,引颈待盼后的一大喜讯,势必霸气震撼 2020流行乐坛。由 ShiningEPro工作室首炮金力策制的王雪晶全新个人贺岁:〈金鼓風鸣迎新岁〉 DVD+CD 专辑,历经年余慎思筹划悉心制作,重头特约大权威资深贺岁歌曲创作人:邓智彰、依尔及寿忠交出2首全新贺岁之作,即:标题曲, 〈金鼓凤鸣迎新岁〉(词 / 依尔 曲/寿忠)、以及副题曲:《春天的心跳〉(词曲 / 邓智彰)。此外,张爱辉收师也参与作词一首。值得一提,重头主打歌〈金鼓凤鸣迎新岁〉,乃撰词人依尔针对王雪晶阔别25年后推出个人贺岁回归乐坛的心声而写,100巴仙为她量身打造,配上资深音乐人寿忠的节奏感曲调, 经王雪晶的俐落唱功喜悦演绎,彻底烘托出整首贺岁歌洋溢着浓浓新春激荡振奋的感觉!同时,在特别获得“来亚汉服运动”全力配合下,王雪晶首次作汉服文化装束,并在导演安排下拉队北上取景拍摄这首《金鼓風鸣迎新岁〉 MV,曾造出气势磅礴的贺岁女王王雪晶!另一首由贺岁创作天王邓智彰词曲的副打歌:〈春天的心跳〉,则是王雪晶贺岁专辑中的一首清朗细腻贺岁创作,其余收录的新年歌、都经过悉心挑选,迎合喜爱贺岁歌曲朋友的口味,首首绝 对是“贺岁女王”的强势之作。王雪晶2020金新个人贺岁:〈金鼓風鸣迎新岁〉DVD+CD 专辑, ShiningEPro精心策制、双碟装诚意献上, PMP全总发行,坚持购买正版,以珍藏拥有王雪晶阔别25年后第一张个人贺岁大碟!


WORLD-RENOWNED FILM PRODUCER, PEGGY LEE, KNOWN FOR ‘DOA: DEAD OR ALIVE’, ‘CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON’, ‘KUNGFU HUSTLE’, ‘THE BRAVEST’ AND ‘THE CAPTAIN’ TO PRODUCE ‘BEYOND LIFE & DEATH’ IN MALAYSIAMr. Solehuddin Ahmad, Director of Tourism Malaysia on behalf of YB Liow Cai Tung, Johor Executive Committee Chairman for Tourism, Women, Family & Community Development welcomed Golden Shield Television Centre of the People’s Republic of China and Changsha LeFeng Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (LeFeng) to partner- up with Malaysia’s Moths Studio Sdn. Bhd. (Moths Studio) to produce a series of multiple cultural entertainment projects (eg. movies, dramas, programs, activities, events, property, etc) between Malaysia and China with an accumulated value of RM 3 Billion over the next 5 years. The first joint-project is to co-produce a RM 237 Million China-Malaysia international co-production blockbuster in Johor, Malaysia.Mr. Solehuddin Ahmad, Director of Tourism Malaysia for the Southern Region on behalf of YB Liow Cai Tung, Johor Executive Committee Chairman for Tourism, Women, Family & Community Development said during the press conference held on 3rd December 2019 at Forest City Phoenix International Marina Hotel, Johor Bahru, “The Malaysian Government is extremely honored to have this international collaboration between China and Malaysia which certainly will boost the tourist arrivals to Malaysia. Malaysia, especially Johor, is truly blessed with many scenic and iconic locations from the crystal white sands of Desaru Beach to the nostalgic buildings at Heritage Street to the amazing night market of Pasar Karat to the Victorian-Moorish design of Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque and many more. Through this collaboration, we hope that the world will be able to see all of Malaysia’s natural beauty, heritage, arts and culture”.The first landmark of this collaboration between the Chinese and Malaysian parties is a co- production of a top-secret agent action-packed movie, entitled “Beyond Life & Death”, where approximately RM 11.8 Million of its budget is to be spent in Johor, Malaysia.Peggy Lee Ji Wen (李锦文), who is a world-renowned Film Producer and also the Art & Film Director of Golden Shield Television Centre, announced the overall creative development and production plans of the feature film and television series projects between both parties (collaboration) over the next 5 years during the press conference. Besides the first feature film project, “Beyond Life & Death”, Peggy Lee will also oversee the production of the blockbuster, ‘Tianjin Explosion’ and ‘Resurrection Day’, science fiction movies, which cost approximately RM 400 Million each.In addition, the project, which is based on a Chinese pilot, is also supported by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), which is a key strategic partnership project between both parties with the interest to develop the Asian Television and Film Industry. As for the movie, “Beyond Life & Death”, the script writer, director and casts are currently kept confidential, as it is still being discussed with the director and the starring actors, rest assured that the final line-up of casts and production team will certainly be most prominent.According to Peggy Lee (李锦文), a world-renowned Film Producer, “I am excited and lookingforward to begin producing the film in Malaysia. With my great experience and profile, I am confident that my movies will be able to stimulate growth and development of the entertainment industry for both nations and foster intimate friendships between China & Malaysia”.Chris Tong Bing Yu (童冰玉) is a well-known Malaysian artist, who has recently been active in the fashion industry. Her most recent movie are “The Twins” (双生) co-produced with Eric Suen (孙耀威) last year, as well as the remake of the ever-popular movie, “Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre” (倚天屠龙记) earlier this year. Chris Tong, a renowned award- recipient of the prestigious American Chinese Film Festival last year, also has two Chinese feature films and television series on hand. In addition to acting, Chris Tong, Founder of Moths Studio, is currently the producer of an international blockbuster, “Beyond Life and Death” and will be co-producing with Peggy Lee Ji Wen (李锦文), who represents the famous film industry group, Golden Shield Television Centre, and is also one of the most prominent figure behind the scenes supporter of this Malaysia-China cultural project cooperation.All the while in her entire entertainment career, Chris Tong has always been a curiosity to the public. During the press conference, Chris Tong emphasized that she is a Malaysian actress, based in Singapore, and hopes that her status as a Malaysian will create opportunities between Malaysia and other countries. As a career transition into becoming a producer, she also shared her experience and challenges in the past year. However, she insisted that she has not forgotten her origins as an actress and would never give up acting but will continue to deepen her passion for the industry.Chris Tong Bing Yu, a famous Malaysian actress who received an award from the prestigious American Chinese Film Festival, said, “This is a golden opportunity for Malaysian crews and talents from the Television and Film industry to gain exposure and built a name for themselves on the international stage. We hope this collaboration will propel the Malaysian entertainment industry to greater heights and make Malaysia the next ‘Hollywood of Asia”.Shi Cai Wen, Chairman of Changsha LeFeng Culture Communication Co., Ltc., said, “We are excited to work with Malaysia’s Moths Studio on our first collaboration project, ‘Beyond Life & Death’. We believe Moths Studio has a lot to offer and we are determined to make this blockbuster a hit at the box office. We are truly amazed with the Malaysian culture and landscape, which we will enjoy infusing these elements into the movie”.“We are honored to be working with Golden Shield Television Centre through Changsha LeFeng Culture Communication. This 5-year collaboration deal will open a lot of opportunities for not only the Malaysian television and film industry but also the tourism industry and local businesses. We hope to make Malaysia proud with this international collaboration production of ‘Beyond Life & Death’ and other future collaboration projects,” said Kee Kai Loon, CEO of Moths Studio.It is also worth mentioning that Anita Chui (崔碧珈), a famous European and American Marketing Director of Moths Studio, is not only an actress, but also known as a business entrepreneur in Hong Kong. Since 2017, she has been deeply involved in various film/television investments projects and even opened-up attractive investment opportunities within the European & American shores. In 2018, she successfully became the first American Chinese female producer in the French Italian Film Festival to produce the movie, ‘NAUSICA’, which is expected to be released next year.In addition, a Hollywood movie, ‘Don’t Forget Me’, which Anita Chui is producing, costing US $30 Million, is expected to be entirely shot in Malaysia. Moths Studio will be tasked with the production, thus, creating more job opportunities for the television and film Industry in Malaysia. There will also be another Hollywood A-level blockbuster to be co-produced next year, shot in Malaysia. With Anita Chui’s strong status, network and experience, she is poised to bring the best opportunities in the television and film industry from Europe & America into Malaysia through Moths Studio.With the cooperation of the Tourism, Women, Family & Community Development, Tourism Malaysia, Johor Tourism Association (JTA) and the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS), it is hoped that this new joint venture and the multiple co-productions projects will place Malaysia in the right path in achieving the ‘Visit Truly Asia Malaysia 2020’ campaign goal of 30 Million tourists and enriching the creative economy.


‘Tis the season for sharing and caring, and as family and friends gather to celebrate the season, it’s also a time to reflect and show appreciation for the many good things that have happened throughout the year, whether it’s by buying a meaningful gift for a precious loved one or bringing them to enjoy a good treat like the latest Holiday menu at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia!Fiona Rodrigues, Director of Marketing & Development, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia“It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and sometimes we lose sight of what the holidays are really about, being grateful and sharing time with the ones we love.This year, at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia, we would like to invite our guests to find time to slow down, step into our stores; relax with our holiday treats, bring home holiday cheer with our gift sets and begin a “Gifting Grateful” state of mind,” said Fiona Rodrigues, Director of Marketing & Development, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia.‘Gifting Grateful’ ideas can also include charitable efforts to help others beyond one’s circle of connections, from volunteering to fund-raising; for years now, CB&TL has sold Caring Cup Gift Tags (RM2 each, RM8 per set) to help support communities in need, in addition to annual projects in support of worthy causes.Festive Treats for AllTo complete the festive mood, CB&TL presents a limited-edition Holiday menu featuring a mix of new delights and classic favourites. Coffee lovers can take their pick from the signature Ice Blended® beverages, in Salted Popcorn or Double Chocolate Peppermint (small RM16.50, regular RM18), also available as a hot or iced latte (small RM15.95, regular RM17.45). There’s even a special Holiday Blend (small RM8.60, regular RM9.65) or, for a more intense and refreshing drink, try the Peppermint Nitro Latte (RM15.95)!Double Chocolate Peppermint Ice Blended, Peppermint Nitro Latte, Red Velvet Hot CocoaFor those who prefer a different kind of bean, the Pure Double Chocolate Peppermint and Pure Red Velvet are available as Ice Blended® (small RM16.50, regular RM18) or hot cocoa beverages (small RM15.95, regular RM17.45).Salted Popcorn Ice Blended & LatteTo go with these delicious beverages, a selection of luscious Holiday items are available – choose from Comet’s Choc Cheesecake, a heavenly light and airy chocolate cheesecake decorated with sugared berries and fresh cream (RM13.95 per slice, RM139.90 for a whole 1.1kg cake); Rudolph’s Sleigh with cream decadent chocolate, cream puff and crunchy almonds (RM13.95 per slice); Dasher’s Snow Surprise in fruit cake, red velvet or brownie variants (RM148 for a whole 1.9kg cake); or Classic Winter Log (RM13.95 per slice, RM139.90 for a whole 1.3kg cake).Classic Winter LogOther seasonal specialities include Prancer’s Passion, a mango and passion fruit cake (RM6.90 per slice, RM45 for a whole cake); 101 North Pole gingerbread spice cottage (RM125); Blitzen’s Stollen packed with sultanas, cinnamon and marzipan (RM6.90 per slice, RM45 for a whole loaf); Jolly Breadman (RM6.90 per piece); and Dancer’s Holiday Cookie, a triple chocolate treat (RM6.90 per piece).Dasher's Snow Surprise a. Rich Fruit b. Red Velvet c. BrownieWith so much to choose from, fans may find it more convenient to purchase the Gifting Grateful Sampler, the best way to share and show their gratitude to their loved ones with its selection of Classic Winter Logs, Jolly Breadmen, Strawberry Tarts and Comet's Choc Cheesecake, all in convenient bite-sizes, at only RM99 for a pack of 20 pieces!In addition, this selection of gifts keeps on giving: Holiday Blends in three distinctive roasts (RM39 per pack or RM118 as a Gift Set); Espresso Gift set (RM88); limited edition powders (RM40 per tin); and festively designed double insulated mugs (RM48) and tumblers (RM138).Get a head start on ‘Gifting Grateful’ year with the early bird promotion, a 20% discount on Holiday whole cakes, Holiday party packs and selected traditional Holiday breads with TCB card or online orders until 10th December 2019, and enjoy 30% off selected CB&TL Single Serve Machines Bianca, Clio, Venus, Desto. Kaldi and Contata models until 26th December!For more information about CB&TL’s Holiday menu, latest offerings, news and promotions, follow the CB&TL Facebook page, or the CB&TL Instagram account @coffeebeanMY, or visit their website


Tuan Mohd Akbal Setia, Director of Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB), on behalf of Datuk Musa B. Yusof, Director General of Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB) officiated the grand opening ceremony of the world’s first Angry Birds Splash Water World, a collaboration between Finland’s Rovio Entertainment Corp and Malaysia’s One Universal Production Sdn Bhd (OUP), in conjunction with the 10th Anniversary of the Angry Birds at Setia Ecohill, Semenyih. The largest theme mobile inflatable water park in the world will be officially open to the Malaysian public on the 22nd November 2019 for 2 months before continuing its journey across Asia. The exciting newly expanded Angry Birds concept is a good and timely initiative for Malaysia as part and parcel of the Visit Truly Asia Malaysia 2020 campaign. Also present at the ceremony was Mr. Magendaran Marimuthu, Honorary Secretary of Malaysian Association of Amusement Themepark & Family Attractions (MAATFA).Tuan Mohd Akbal Setia, Director of Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB), on behalf of Datuk Musa B. Yusof, Director General of Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB) said, “I am delighted to witness this exciting collaboration between Rovio Entertainment and One Universal Production. I am honored to officiate the grand opening ceremony of the world’s first Angry Birds Splash Water World in conjunction with Visit Truly Asia Malaysia 2020 campaign. We believe that this family attraction water park strategically built & premiered in Malaysia is the right direction forward in achieving our Visit 2020 goal of 30 million tourists.”Created in 2019 by Rovio Entertainment Corp, Angry Birds started as a popular mobile game and has since evolved from games to various entertainment and consumer products in brand licensing. Following on from the recent global release of The Angry Birds Movie 2, the Angry Birds Splash Water World will be a collection of big and small activities taking place under the sun at the wide-open space @Setia Ecohill Welcome Centre for two months during Malaysia’s School Holiday 2019.Rovio Entertainment Corp is pleased to have great cooperation with their Malaysian partners, One Universal Production to deliver joy to Malaysian fans of the Angry Birds Splash Water World as seen through the high demands for the tickets. Rovio Entertainment Corp is delighted that the newly expanded Angry Birds concept is well received and strives to make the 2019 Malaysian School Holiday a memorable holiday for the entire family.Loveable characters in the franchise including Red, Chuck, Bomb, Terrence, Mighty Eagle and, of course, the lovely Hatchlings will be featured across the Angry Splash Water World. The highlights will be the inflatable Angry Birds water slides and obstacles featuring Red, Chuck, Bomb, Mighty Eagle and Terence. Among them is the tallest water slide standing at 12 meters in height and is sure to give visitors the thrill. Joining the huge inflatable slides, there will also be characters parade, characters meet-and-greet and non-scripted dance activities to entertain the crowd. Combined, we bring on the largest theme mobile water inflatables in the world to Malaysia.The Angry Birds Splash Water World will be running on specific dates for two months, starting from 22 November 2019 and ending on the day school resume, 5 January 2020. Only 1,500 tickets will be available to the public per day, to ensure smooth operation and a great experience for all.According to Alvin Lee, CEO of One Universal Production, said, “We are committed to bringing great services and different event experience by delivering innovative ideas such as the world’s first Angry Birds Splash Water World. We believe in providing unique and exciting products and services that are great fun for families. We hope your bonds with your family, especially with your children, become closer as you spend your school holidays with us. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our partners, members of the press & media and our audience for making this new expanded Angry Birds concept a success.”Last but not the least, along with dozens of other Angry Birds elements, there will be the Angry Birds Pop-Up store, which will feature a wide range of exclusive Angry Birds merchandise and memorabilia. It’s the perfect place to pick up a present and celebrate Christmas and usher in the 2020 New Year with us.For tickets details and purchases, please visit

世界第一座 ANGRY BIRDS 愤怒鸟充气水世界将率先在 吉隆坡和亚洲各地隆重登场

马来西亚旅游促进局(MTPB)总监 Tuan Mohd Akbal Setia 代表马来西亚旅游促进局(MTPB)局长 Datuk Musa B. Yusof 为世界第一座 Angry Birds Splash Water World 愤怒鸟水世界主持盛大开幕典礼。这是芬兰的 Rovio Entertainment Corp 以及马来西亚的 One Universal Production SdnBhd (OUP)配合愤怒鸟面世十周年纪念而联手在士毛月 Setia Ecohill 举办的活动。这座世界最大型的流动式充气主题水上乐园将从 2019 年11 月 22 日起开放予全马公众人士,为期 2 个月,过后再继续前往亚洲各地巡展。适逢马来西亚推展 2020 亚洲魅力所在观光马来西亚旅游年,此项振奋人心的全新延伸式愤怒鸟概念恰好是一项合乎时宜的好倡议。在场观礼的其他嘉宾包括加影市议员Muhammad Hanafi Bin Jalalludin 先生以及马来西亚娱乐乐园及家庭休闲协会(MAATFA)义务秘书MagendaranMarimuthu。马来西亚旅游促进局(MTPB)总监 Tuan Mohd Akbal Setia 代表马来西亚旅游促进局(MTPB)局长 Datuk Musa B. Yusof 致词时表示:“我感到欣慰能见证 Rovio Entertainment 与 OneUniversal Production 携手合作的这项振奋人心的盛事。配合 2020 亚洲魅力所在观光马来西亚旅游年而为世界第一座 Angry Birds Splash Water World 愤怒鸟水世界主持开幕典礼,是我莫大的荣幸。我们深信这座地点适中、首次在马来西亚亮相以及阖府统请的水上乐园将有助于推动我们实现 2020 观光年吸引 2 千万游客人次的目标。”Angry Birds 愤怒鸟是于 2009 年由芬兰公司 Rovio Entertainment 创作,原先是一种受欢迎的手机游戏,后来从游戏演变成多种特许品牌经营的娱乐和消费者产品。紧随最近在全球上映的愤怒鸟电影 2,Angry Birds Splash Water World 愤怒鸟水世界将会于 2019年马来西亚学校的年末假期时,在 Setia Ecohill 宽敞的户外空间举办一系列大大小小的活动,长达两个月。在该特许经营品牌里亮相的可爱角色包括 Red, Chuck, Bomb, Terence, Mighty Eagle, 而人见人爱的 Hatchlings 小小鸟当然也是 Angry Birds Splash Water World 愤怒鸟水世界的卖点之一。我们连同其他数十种愤怒鸟元素,欢迎您一齐来庆祝圣诞节和 2020 年元旦。活动的亮点包括 Angry Birds 充气水滑梯以及以 Red, Chuck, Bomb, Mighty Eagle 担任主角的障碍物闯关游戏。其中,高达 12 米的水滑梯肯定令游客惊叹不已。除了充气水滑梯之外,还有其他角色参与的游行、粉丝见面会以及无剧本的即兴舞蹈活动娱宾。总而言之,我们这次引进马来西亚的是世界最大规模的流动式充气主题水上乐园。Angry Birds Splash Water World 愤怒鸟水世界将在两个月内的特定日期开放,从 2019年 11 月 22 日起,直至 2020 年 1 月 5 日学校开学当天结束。我们每天限量出售 1,500张门票予公众人士,以确保运作顺畅以及全体访客的完美体验。One Universal Production 首席执行长 Alvin Lee 透露:“我们不遗余力透过推陈出新的构思带给大家绝佳的服务以及迥然不同的活动体验,而这座世界第一的 Angry Birds SplashWater World 愤怒鸟水世界就是例子之一。我们陆续有来的各种振奋人心的独特产品与服务,相信能带给全家大小无穷的欢乐。欢迎您与我们一起度过学校假期时光,并希望借此增进您和家人之间的感情,尤其是亲子关系。我也想借此机会感激我们的商业伙伴、报界及媒体朋友以及在场嘉宾,同心协力使到这项全新的延伸式愤怒鸟概念取得成功。”最后值得一提的是,除了其他数十种 Angry Birds 愤怒鸟元素之外,愤怒鸟限时展售店也将出售一系列独家的愤怒鸟周边商品和纪念品。这绝对是选购礼物及与我们一起庆祝圣诞节兼迎接 2020 年元旦的绝佳去处。欲知更多细节与票务详情,请浏览 #AngryBirdsSplash #OneUniversalProduction

The Wait Is Over, First mmCineplexes in Nilai Has Arrived

mmCineplexes has answered the call of the residents of Nilai. The first cinema in Nilai is ready to open its door with nine leatherette seats halls. Located at MesaMall, Nilai, mmCineplexes MesaMall is the 20th location across Malaysia. From 21st November onwards the cinema is excited to showcase its own cinema design and concept to the public. Cinema ExperienceThis endless entertainment delivered by mmCineplexes brings cinema-enthusiasts in Nilai under one roof. Loaded with a total of 1,088 seats, the cinema consists of three types of seats, which are Standard Single seat, Twin seats - perfect for couples, and lastly, Deluxe Twin seats with side tables to place your belongings and F&B as well as ensuring a greater distance between couples. Hall Experience A debut of mmCineplexes MesaMall is the Elite Hall, featuring Prism design side walls. The Elite Hall is specially crafted for a premium experience and consists of 44 Deluxe seats. More than just providing extra-wide leg room, the Elite Hall gives maximum privacy and coziness. Highlighting the cinema is the fascinating unique duplex hall – The Mezzanine and The Duplex. Powered by Dolby Atmos, the duplex hall is designed to enhance the movie-going experience by delivering movie with the industry-leading audio technology. Featuring the largest screen in Nilai and an awe-inspiring Treescape design side wall to accentuate the double-storey hall. The Duplex hall offer customers 192 Standard seats whereas The Mezzanine, which is accessible by a private entrance set within The Duplex on an upper level consists of 16 pairs of Deluxe Twin seats, perfect fit for those to experience movie with realism sound on the balcony.     Sound Experience“Freeing sound from channels” Dolby Atmos is an audio technology incorporated with two important concepts to cinema sound: audio objects and overhead speakers. Dolby Atmos allows sound to pinpoint precision and isolating individual speakers. Sound comes from all directions to fill the cinema with detailed audio and provides sound richness. Sound moves in three-dimensional space which brings alive the onscreen story. On top of that, The Mezzanine is perfectly adequate for a themed party and also corporate and private bookings. The seamless integration of ticketing kiosks is provided to withstand a quicker purchasing process. A first in Malaysia, the all-in-one ticketing kiosks are available in the cinema lobby to provide the latest series of movie titles and movie trailers as well as full F&B menu. The kiosks integrate queue system to kitchen and prepare orders in advance. Looking for a spontaneous movie session? Fret not, an additional kiosk is available at the mall entrance near Jaya Grocer for a quick ticket and F&B purchase. Completing the cinema lobby is the “Lepak Lounge”, where customers can sit back and relax before the movie starts. Nevertheless, the “Lepak Lounge” is a free-loafing space for all catch-up sessions and study buddies. Additional to that, there is also complimentary charging points to rescue the low battery attacks on smartphones and laptops.  “Sit, Pose & Win”, customer can also participate in this contest simply taking a selfie together with the display deluxe twin seat which can be found at Ground Floor, MesaMall. Participants with the most creative and funniest posts will stand a chance to win mmCineplexes complimentary tickets. Most importantly, participants must not forget to hashtag #mmCineplexes, #mmCineplexescontest #mmcMesaMallNilai.  “mmCineplexes MesaMall is our 20th outlet and we are very proud to present that this is our very first designed and built cinema. Being the first cinema in Nilai, mmCineplexes promises to bring interesting movies to people in Nilai as well as to cater their entertainment needs.” Said Jason Teo, Director, Marketing & Business Development.Looking for a chance to be in the same frame with characters on silver screen? mmCineplexes is gathering famous movie characters and cute mascot to complete the final pictures. Credits to Mesa Mall, no extra costs for a cinema experience, customers travelling with their own transport is settled for free parking over the mall.    About mmCineplexes mmCineplexes is one of the dynamic, diverse and fastest growing cinema operators in Malaysia. With 19 cinemas strategically located in Klang Valley and in established towns across various parts of Malaysia, we are able to extend our footprint in the industry and bring quality entertainment to movie-goers from all walks of life through our 147 cinema screens. Aside from screening mainstream international blockbusters, mmCineplexes is passionate about supporting independent local and foreign films. Complementing our state-of-the-art projection and audio technology such as Dolby Atmos in 4 locations, is our premium experience which can be enjoyed at our Platinum Movie Suites, Elite Hall and Premier Class.  About mm2 Asia Ltd GroupmmCineplexes is fully owned by the mm2 Asia Ltd Group, a regional content producer with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and the United States. The Group entered the film exhibition scene with the acquisition of Cathay Cineplexes Malaysia and Mega Cinemas in 2015. The following year, thirteen Lotus Fivestar cinemas were added to the Group’s cinema operations, making it the 4th largest cinema operator in Malaysia. Following the acquisition of Cathay Cineplexes in Singapore in 2017, the Group is presently the only operator with cinemas in both Singapore and Malaysia, totalling 206 screens across 27 locations. In 2017, mm2 Asia Ltd became the first local film production company to be listed on the SGX-ST Mainboard.


Urbanscapes, the country’s longest-running creative arts festival, together with festival presenter U Mobile, is proud to present new additions to the festival lineup, promising up to 80 festival programmes to encourage festival-goers to #ReconnectKL. The city-wide celebration runs over a nine-day span from 16 to 24 Nov 2019, activating Kuala Lumpur from Medan Pasar, River Of Life, REXKL, The Godown KL, Sentul Depot, Kwai Chai Hong, the backlanes of Lorong Bandar 13 and Lorong Panggung, to other unique spaces in the heart of the city.Enhancing the festival further, Urbanscapes will host URBN.SENI: The Inaugural Triennial Malaysia-Singapore Cultural Showcase (URBN.SENI), an exciting cross-cultural project between the governments of Malaysia and Singapore that celebrates the close relationship of both nations. A festival within a festival, the initiative will showcase visual art, theatre, music, films, creative markets, and culinary events at  Kuala Lumpur’s newest art centre, The Godown KL throughout Urbanscapes. Organised by the Singapore’s Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) and supported by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia (MoTAC), URBN.SENI hopes to develop the exchange of cultural and creative ideas between the creative communities and people of Malaysia and Singapore.Raising the bar further, Urbanscapes presents HuRu-HaRa, an initiative by TerryandTheCuz that combines various artforms — music, dance, installation, visual projection and sound — into a tour de force, causing chaos yet bringing forth beauty at the same time. Occupying Medan Pasar, HuRu-HaRa allows the artists and creative minds alike from all walks of life to explore their voices, their land, and their people.“As one of the organisers of KL’s beloved annual city festival, our goal is always to get KLites to wander every nook and cranny of our city and be awed and inspired by the exciting programmes that we’ve curated,” said Adrian Yap, founder of Urbanscapes. “Together with our partners, we’re turning this beloved city into a creative playground that surpasses the past years’ Urbanscapes. With participants from all over the world and diverse programming, there’s something for everyone and the best way to experience it all is to be there in person,” he added.For more information and updates, visit

The Rogue Festival by YWCA KL

The Rogue Festival is a call for youth to pick up arms towards conscious service which demonstrates the power of the people, the possibilities of creativity and social enterprise towards re-imagining the environment and empowering communities.The festival is also a showcase of the 2019 social enterprise efforts at the YWCA KL and various other projects which include an entrepreneurship program for the underprivileged students of our Vocational Training Opportunity Center, via a Cottage Industry & Upcycle-themed Bazaar, range of workshops, live demo sessions, fashion parade, craft jams and much more. Farm-To-Table Lunch and High Tea sessions shall be offered by EatsShootsandRoots via an Urban Farm Cook-Off featuring ingredients derived from our Urban Farm.A culmination of a creative campaign for volunteerism and social work, live filming of a campaign music video will take place during the festival itself at different locations of the grounds. There will also be Creative Makeover Studios, a Pop-Up Salon, Fashion Costume House and Instagram Booths which members of the public may partake in and may appear in the music video. Join in, one and all, and unleash the Rogue in you deep within! 


OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF FEDERAL HOTELS INTERNATIONAL (FHI) SHARE THE LOVE THIS SEASON FESTIVE CHARITY CAMPAIGN AT THE VERANDAH, THE FEDERAL KUALA LUMPUR. In the spirit of this festive season's sharing & giving, Federal Hotels International and FHI Group of Hotels in Malaysia namely The Federal Kuala Lumpur, Hotel Capitol Kuala Lumpur and Tribeca Serviced Suites Bukit Bintang jointly organize our Share the Love this Season Festive Charity Campaign on Thursday,14 November 2019 at The Verandah, The Federal Kuala Lumpur.Ms. Ooi Lee Ping, Director of Marketing, Sales & Business Development and Operations said "We are very honored to have 5 inspiring Malaysian Sportsmen and Sportswoman to grace the launch of our Federal Hotels International (FHI) Share the Love this Season Festive Charity Fund Raising initiative namely Ms. Zylane Lee Yhing Huey, our National Synchronized Swimmer; Mr Johnathan Wong Guanjie, National and Olympian Air Pistol Shooter; Mr Chew Kai Xiang, National and Professional lce Skater; Ms Chew Sze Chyi National Ice Skater; and Ms Jesslynn Chan, National Dodgeball Women's Team Player to celebrate this very special occasion with us together with some children from Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Yatim Mary (Sanctuary Care Centre Home). Federal Hotels International Group of Hotels embraced this Festive Spirit of Love and Joy as we believe in continuing to cultivate as well as to instill the spirit of sharing and giving in the hope that it will create a better world as we are the ones who can make a brighter day. Our sportsman and sportswoman or National contingents have made us proud in their determination and sporting spirit, their achievements to date have taken our nation to greater heights and also served as one platform to foster friendship, love, peace, joy and unity. Zylane, Johnathan, Kai Xiang, Sze Chyi and Jesslynn have certainly earned their places on merit, these bright young Sports achievers will further inspire the sporting spirits amongst the younger generation. As we enter this Season of Festivities and Celebration, we hope to create joyful long-lasting memories for our guests and friends. As we light up the Christmas tree to signal at the beginning of the FHI Share the Love this Season Festive Charity Fund Raising initiative, by purchasing one or more of our cute adorable and cuddly Panda collectibles, one gets to support Children in need this Christmas. There is no greater joy than making others happy, bringing smiles for the children and spreading good cheer during the Christmas season. It is the season of giving, a time for sharing and caring, and a time for tradition, for a family reunion and a very joyful occasion indeed for getting together with family, relatives and friends. This Festive Charity Drive campaign is part of our Group's CSR efforts of spreading festive cheer, giving hope, promoting togetherness and is our continuous annual FHI Group's Sharing & Caring Community Commitments. We wanted the children to know that we care and remember them during this joyous Christmas time of festivity and celebration. We hope that our friends, Hotel guests and customers as well as partners of Federal Hotels International Group of Hotels and Suite, will contribute generously to this very meaningful Community project."Gift a Cuddly Panda to support Children in need this Christmas. Cute adorable and cuddly panda is the perfect travel companion for you and a perfect gift for your loved one, just talk to any of our friendly reception team and bring panda home. With a minimum contribution of RM30 you will take home either nour Federal Panda or Capitol Panda or with a minimum contribution of RM50 you will take home our limited edition of FHI Festive Panda. Proceeds of the sale will be channeled to Pertubuhan KebajíkanAnak Yatim Mary (Sanctuary Care Centre Home). Your contribution will be used to fund the children's education, meals, schooling expenses as well as the overall upkeep and maintenance of the Home. All donations can be directed to the Front Desk at our Hotel Front Office at either The Federal Kuala Lumpur Hotel Capitol Kuala Lumpur, or Tribeca Serviced Suites Bukit Bintang respectively.Your kind gesture and generous contribution will bring joy and festive cheer to the children. Brighten up Someone's Day with our Panda Be the silver lining in someone's cloud and help contribute generously towards a good cause.For further information, please contact:Ms. Ooi Lee Ping | Director, Group Marketing, Sales & Business Development and Operations Federal HotelsInternational c/o The Federal Kuala Lumpur| Jalan Bukit Bintang |55100 Kuala Lumpur |: +60-3-21480468 1 +60-3-2148 0463 or Visit our website: and, OR May Lee Senior Manager, Marketing Communications& Business Development | Federal Hotels International c/o The Federal Kuala Lumpur| Jalan Bukit Bintang 55100 Kuala Lumpur +60-3-2148 0468 a: +60-32148 0463 10: or visit their website: and About our 5 Inspiring Malaysian National Sportsmen and Sportswoman Ms Zylane Lee Yhing Huey, National Synchronized Swimmer who is 3 times SEA Games Gold Medalist in Synchronized Swimming in 2011, 2015 &2017; Mr Johnathan Wong Guanjie, National Shooter and Gold Medalist in Men's 10m Air Pistol and Silver Medalist in Men's 50m Pistol of KL2017 SEA Games and 2016 Olympian Air Pistol Shooter; Mr Chew Kai Xiang, Professional and skilled figure Ice Skater, represented Malaysia National Team in International Championship, One time Junior National Champion and four times Senior National Silver Medalist; Ms Chew Sze Chyi, Silver Medalist of 2019 Malaysia National Figure Skating Championship; and Ms Jesslynn Chan, National Dodgeball Women's Team Player, representing Malaysia for the World Championship in Cancun in Mexico from 26 November to 1 December 2019. About Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Yatim Mary (formerly known as Sanctuary Care Centre Home) Formerly known as Sanctuary Care Centre Home, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Yatim Mary started on 15 April 2003 by the late Founder Dr Mary. It was taken care of and supported by Mr Mathews by selling the recycling line of business. But since Mr. Mathews passed away this year, Ms Malar, wife of Mr Mathews took over his role of selling recycling items besides running the day to day operations of the Home. The Home housed 50 children who come mainly from a very poor family with single parents, abandoned and orphanages.