Kamversations Ep 2 : Women Safety

KAMVERSATIONS is a female centric web talk show that will be hosted by Joanne Kam and is a conversation style casual setting. Topics of discussion will be female skewed and will be base on a variety of topics that will cover social, pop culture, mental health, inspirations and the new woman. It is a platform for women by women to bring light on situations that we as female encounter on a regular basis. The show is an open-hearted conversation with special guests invited to give their own views on the topics at hand. The styling for the KAMVERSATIONS will be along the stylings of The View & Jada Pinketts Red table talks Eps 2  :  Women and safety – how do we ensure we are safe as a solo female traveler & how to keep safe in the city. Panel Guests : Mei Mei Chu – Award winning blogger & solo female travelerDJ Lish – One of the top female DJs in KL Shamir – Practical Defence founder coach

陶喆 & 信 回饋廣大歌迷 不計唱酬 確定與1124 在檳城舉辦粉絲見面會!全场入场免费!

陶喆 & 信  回饋廣大歌迷  不計唱酬   確定於1124 在檳城舉辦粉絲見面會! 全場入場免費! “音樂教父” 陶喆 及 “搖滾巨人” 信,兩人信守他們對歌迷的承諾,確定於11月24日在檳城 ASPEN VISION CITY 的VTEC貿易和展覽中心舉辦粉絲見面會,兩人不但不收任何唱酬,且全場入場免費。這是信繼2013年12月在新山參與過一場群星演唱會,也是陶喆繼2014年1月雲頂演唱 會後,他們將再次來到馬來西亞更近地距離唱歌給歌迷聽。  原本於今年9月21日在檳城舉辦的【陶喆.信國王歌手演唱會】因前主辦單位因為偽造文件並未能支付演唱會軟硬體等費用,導致演唱會被迫臨時取消。雖然兩位藝人本身的權益也因此受損,但為了不讓所有喜愛他們的歌迷朋友們失望,陶喆與信展現最大的誠意,也立即在各自的社交媒體上宣佈將不計唱酬、免費演出一場回饋歌迷。而兩位藝人誠意十足地挪出檔期、無償演出,就是希望能用音樂和所有的歌迷朋友們,在檳城留下美好的回憶。 此次的【David Tao & Shin Fan Meeting In Penang陶喆&信檳城粉絲見面會】,陶喆和信兩人不但不收任何唱酬,當晚除了會演唱之外,他們也將與歌迷近距離互動,以最實際的行動直接回饋給所有支持他們的歌迷朋友們。坐擁”音樂教父” 及 ”R&B 天王” 稱號的陶喆,出道至今經典作品如數家珍包括《愛很簡單》,《流沙》,《普通朋友》,《黑色柳丁》,《愛我還是他》,《飛機場的10:30》等等。 陶喆繼5年前在馬來西亞雲頂開演唱會後,再次來到馬來西亞,這次的粉絲聚會陶喆也會準備多首經典作品準備和粉絲朋友們一起大合唱!   擁有“搖滾巨人”稱號的信(本名:蘇見信),曾擔任搖滾樂團信樂團的主唱,更以高亢嘶吼的歌唱技巧走紅,當年成名曲包括《天高地厚》,《One Night In 北京》,《離歌》,《死了都要愛》等。2007年單飛後發行個人專輯《我就是我》並憑該張專輯入圍第19屆金曲獎最佳華語男歌手。相隔7年後再次來到檳城,相信會讓所有鐵粉相當期待見面會的來臨。 由Union Works Asia,偉大文化(陶喆) 及 何樂音樂(信) 聯合主辦;988 為指定電台【David Tao & Shin Fan Meeting In Penang陶喆 & 信 檳城粉絲見面會】, 并由Aspen集团赞助,將於 11月24日,晚上8點在檳城ASPEN Vision City的VTEC貿易和展覽中心(地址:No.1, Jalan Vervea 6, Vervea, Aspen Vision City, 14110 Bandar Cassia, Penang.)舉辦。  凡是於早前購買【陶喆.信國王歌手演唱會】門票的粉絲們,可先於11月16日,早上11點至傍晚5點之間在Aspen Vision City Sales Gallery( 地址:Lebuhraya Bandar Cassia, Batu Kawan, 14110, Penang.),只需出示【陶喆.信國王歌手演唱會】門票及由Ticket2u發出的收據,便可兌換粉絲見面會門票。每人只限換取一張粉絲見面會門票,數量有限,先到先得,換完為止。11月17日將會公開給其他欲出席粉絲見面會的粉絲,時間為早上11點至傍晚5點之間於Aspen Vision City Sales Gallery,只需登記個人的簡單資料便可獲取門票 (無需付費),每人只限獲取一張門票,數量有限,先到先得,換完為止。  有關更多【David Tao & Shin Fan Meeting In Penang陶喆 & 信 檳城粉絲見面會】的詳情可遊覽 Union Works Asia Facebook : www.facebook.com/UnionWorks.Asia  或電郵至 davidshinfm@unionworks.asia  詢問詳情。 

Malaysian Seah Zhang Yu Crowned Southeast Asia’s Toughest in R U Tough Enough 2019! Sales Advisor & MMA Fighter Seah Overcame all Odds to Emerge as Champion in the Final Showdown

 KIX HD (Astro Ch 729), the ultimate destination for action entertainment in Asia, recently announced the results of R U Tough Enough Southeast Asia, crowning one of four Malaysian finalists Seah Zhang Yu the title of Southeast Asia’s Toughest, winning the grand prize of US$15,000 (RM60,000)! Seah made Malaysia proud when he emerged as champion amongst 18 finalists from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, pushing his limits especially in the final Head-to-Head Challenge Round with the other top contender, air force officer Kajohnsak from Thailand.  In the past, Seah won the Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts (MIMMA) Flyweight Belt three times consecutively, and even once knocked out his rival in the first round of an MMA fight to bring home the championship belt! A firm believer of the importance of passion, hard work and dedication, Seah has an all-or-nothing attitude and a burning desire for fitness. “It feels like I'm in a dream and I can't believe I won! The final round with Kajohnsak was very strenuous indeed. I thought I had failed during the tyre-carrying section of the obstacle course; weight-lifting is not one of my biggest strengths and I'm small in size, but I endured and did not give up. Towards the end, it felt like I was not just fighting to win for the sake of my family and friends, but also for Malaysia, and that gave me the final push to go further to achieve what seemed impossible!” said Seah. “We are so proud of Seah for his achievement in winning this year’s R U Tough Enough Southeast Asia and for showcasing what physical, mental and emotional toughness truly encompasses. It was an intense battle defeating 17 other finalists in this Final Showdown, and the win was well-deserved!” said Annie Chan, Executive Director, Affiliate & Advertising Sales, Celestial Tiger Entertainment. “His tenacity, winning attitude and sheer determination definitely represents what R U Tough Enough is about – it is inspiring to see how a person can develop toughness and mental resilience no matter what life throws at him and at KIX HD, we celebrate these personal triumphs over challenges!”The Final Showdown was held at Sunway Pyramid, with difficult obstacle challenges that tested each finalist’s abilities, mental grit and emotional toughness, pushing them to the limit. The last part of the course required contenders to run and leap towards the top of a curved wall while using their upper body strength to hoist themselves up to complete the race. For the Final Head-to-Head Challenge, Kajohnsak from Thailand seemed to be taking the lead initially but things took a dramatic turn when Seah powered through and managed to muster everything he had to take the final leap up the wall and beat his rival, amidst an explosion of cheers from the crowd. This year, R U Tough Enough sported a brand-new logo and introduced finalist from Hong Kong for the first time. Come January 2020, inspiring personal ‘tough stories’ from past R U Tough Enough participants and winners will be showcased in an exclusive 30-minute TV special, to be aired on KIX HD (Astro Ch 729). R U Tough Enough Southeast Asia 2019 was presented by Fisherman’s Friend, the strong adult candy with added benefits, the official fitness partner, Celebrity Fitness, official platform partner, Astro, official venue partner, Sunway Pyramid, hotel partner, Dorsett Grand Subang and supporting partners Warrior Reunion and Infinix.  Stay updated on the competition through KIX HD’s social media platforms, including Facebook: facebook.com/KIXAsia, Twitter: @KIXAsia, and Instagram: @KIXAsia.

Casio G-SHOCK Announces Official Sponsorship of Action Flick ‘WIRA’ : The Movie

Casio Malaysia is proud to announce its official sponsorship of upcoming Malaysian action packed movie – ‘WIRA’. The movie is expected to be released on 21 November 2019.“G-SHOCK is honoured to support the Malaysian film industry and contribute in elevating the standards of movie-making in Malaysia.” said Mr Tezuka Itsuro, Managing Director of Casio Malaysia. “The release of ‘WIRA’ will most definitely be highly anticipated and I believe will cause all Malaysians to well up with pride.”In the movie, main actors Hairul Azreen, Fify Azmi and other actors will be seen sporting the G-SHOCK GA-2000 featuring the latest in Carbon Core Guard Technology. Due to the fast paced, tough and slick action scenes in the movie, the GA-2000 was chosen to be able to withstand the grueling conditions the actors will be exposed to during filming thus the need for an unbreakable and reliable timepiece.‘WIRA’, directed by Adrian Teh, of successful hit ‘PASKAL: THE MOVIE, revolves around an ex-military man returning home after a long absence to help his family out of a sticky situation with a local thug named Raja.Spectacular fight scenes and impressive fight choreography are to be expected from WIRA as all the fight scenes were choreographed by Indonesian martial arts expert Yayan Ruhian. Yayan is well known for his roles in action movies such as the The Raid, John Wick: Parabellum and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.Audiences are encouraged to stay till the end of the movie credits as director Adrian Teh said, “The movie has a hidden message that will be revealed in the post-credits scene”.For more info on movie : https://www.aforadio.com/movies/wira

GSCINEMAS Brings Virtual Reality To Life

The future of gaming has arrived at GSC EkoCheras with VAR BOXGolden Screen Cinemas (GSC), Malaysia’s leading cinema exhibitor, unveiled the first VAR BOX virtual gaming experience at its brand-new GSC EkoCheras cinema. Announced in June, the strategic partnership with leading virtual reality (VR) entertainment provider, VAR LIVE, will enable GSC to introduce the latter’s proprietary VAR BOXes at its sites as part of creating enriching cinematic experiences that customers can enjoy beyond the silver screen. EkoCheras was chosen as one of the first cinemas to receive these new VAR BOXes, following its recent opening in late July 2019.“As part of our commitment to innovate and enhance the movie experience, we’re delighted to return to Cheras with a new, modern eight-screen cinema that will give audiences in the neighbourhood a wider choice of movies and leisurely activities. Our customers will be pleased to discover that GSC EkoCheras comes with a variety of enhancements and upgrades that will make the cinema a total entertainment destination for movie-goers. With these VAR BOXes, we are providing a new avenue for customers to indulge their senses outside of the movies,” said Ms. Koh Mei Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Golden Screen Cinemas.“We are very excited to work alongside GSC to offer the immersive virtual reality experience to the public with the VAR BOX; the first state-of-the-art virtual reality console in Malaysia. As one of the pioneers in VR gaming, we look forward to witnessing the growth of Malaysia’s e-Sports and VR gaming scene with the launch of the VAR BOX in GSC,” said Mr. Y.L Lee, Executive Director of VAR LIVE Malaysia.Movie-goers can test their shooting skills with Double Tap, an interactive shooter game with leaderboards and online multiplayer capabilities. Players can choose from six mini-game modes in Double Tap including Battle Arena, Zombie Street 1, Zombie Street 2, Extreme Challenge, Hostage Rescue, and Shooting Range. At the moment, credits for the VAR BOXes can only be purchased via the e-kiosk.GSC’s VAR BOXes will be available in GSC EkoCheras, GSC Melawati Mall, and GSC SetiaCity Mall first, followed by eight other locations across the nation in the coming months. This includes GSC MyTOWN, and GSC 1 Utama in the Klang Valley; GSC Southkey JB and GSC Sunway Big Box in Johor Bahru; GSC Gurney Plaza in Penang; and GSC Suria Sabah in East Malaysia. GSC is the only cinema chain in the country where VAR BOXes is available exclusively.Besides the VAR BOXes, GSC EkoCheras offers enhanced comfort with open social spaces that give visitors a space to rest, socialise, and enjoy their food and beverage. Part of its offerings also includes a Costa Express self-serve machine, where customers can get freshly brewed coffee and other hot and cold beverages at the touch of a button. Movie-goers can even take their favourite drinks into the hall, so they can enjoy it in comfort while watching a movie.Connected to various highways with easy access to public transportation including buses and the MRT, GSC EkoCheras is conveniently accessible for movie-goers who live in Cheras and beyond. GSC EkoCheras features eight stunning new halls with a total seating capacity of 1,161 seats, ensuringthat audiences will have plenty of cinematic options to choose from when they’re catching their favourite movies with friends or family.For more news and updates on VAR BOX at GSC EkoCheras, follow GSCinemas on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram or visit the website at www.gsc.com.my.

The 3rd International Exhibition & Conference for Horticultural and Floricultural Production and Processing Technology in Vietnam.

HortEx Vietnam is the first specialised exhibition and conference for Horticultural and Floricultural Production and Processing Technology in Vietnam.Vietnam has been securing socio-political stability, and is known to be one of the most dynamic economies worldwide. Since 1991 the economic growth has averaged a stunning 7.5% each year.Vietnam is now in a period of golden population structure with 60% of its population being at working age. Furthermore, the country is a market economy, a member of the WTO, and a party to multiple frameworks for international economic integration, including free trade agreements with partners both within and outside the region.Horticulture and floriculture are one of the most promising sectors of the Vietnamese economy.Vietnam, with a population of some 97 million people, is a huge emerging market and the country‘s exports of Fruits & Vegetables have enjoyed strong growth in the past years, with an average rate of 26.5 per cent a year; from $439 million in 2009 to $4 billion in 2018.Furthermore Vietnam has the potential to become one of the world’s largest flower exporters according to experts.The sector is expected to show further growth due to strong exports and a strong domestic demand. The Free Trade Agreement between the EU and Vietnam, which will go into effect as of next year, will give an additional boost to the sector.HortEx Vietnam 2019 hosted nearly 200 companies from 28 countries worldwide and welcomed 6495 trade visitors from Vietnam and 31 other countries. HortEx Vietnam enables participants to meet key decision-makers, strengthen valuable contacts with customers and partners and explore the potential of an exciting growth market.For more information, go to http://www.hortex-vietnam.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/HortExVN All inquiry of Malaysian, please contact Hortex's Malaysian Sales Agency YCYV Sdn. Bhd. at hortex2020@gmail.com or +60169185768

活跃型男专属的Adidas Adipure 新品上市为Adidas Performance止汗剂提供完整系列产品

成绩表现就是一切!每个运动员都在不断挑战自己,超越他们自身的力量、速度和耐力极限。为了跟上步伐,Adidas Performance止汗剂系列为现代时尚运动型男提供完整系列产品,满足他们展现运动性能的所有需求。配合Adidas Adipure全新产品推介,Adidas将为15名优胜者提供独家机会,赢取万众期待、即将在2019年11月2日举办的马来西亚杯足球赛事决赛门票。在这项有奖竞赛中,优胜者将会获得VIP贵宾级赛事观赏体验,其中包括前往观看赛事的特别交通安排、Adidas周边商品,以及到访展示完整Adidas Performance止汗剂系列产品的独特Adidas身体护理展示摊位。所有参观摊位的访客都有机会通过精彩刺激的游戏来测试他们的运动能力,赢取Adidas产品和周边商品,以及额外的决赛门票。Adidas Performance系列具有以下特点:采用专利Cotton Tech™科技的全新ADIPURE 48小时止汗剂,为用户提供全天候止汗防臭作用,让他们一整天都能展现出绝对干净清爽的运动效能!此产品不会伤害皮肤,其配方完全不含酒精及0%铝盐成份,能保持皮肤的自然pH值,让皮肤即使在最艰苦锻炼的过程中也能自在呼吸!ADIPOWER 72小时止汗剂应用人体智能感应技术,该技术通过热量和动作来产生作用,以促进最佳性能表现,同时提供持久长效保护作用,不让皮肤潮湿和散发异味。CLIMACOOL 48小时止汗剂让每一次动作都可以释放清新自然感受,帮助用户保持杰出的运动性能,保持神清气爽持续进行锻炼。你可以在个人护理产品商店找到此完整系列产品,其中包括沐浴凝胶、滚珠和喷雾式止汗剂 - ADIPURE 48小时、ADIPOWER 72小时 和CLIMACOOL 48小时 。产品建议零售价介于RM8.90 至 RM17.90。欲了解更多Adidas产品资讯,敬请浏览网站 https://www.adidasbodycare.com/de 


New Adidas Adipure completes Adidas Performance deodorant range for the active manPerformance is everything, and every sportsman challenges himself to push past physical limits of strength, speed and endurance. To keep up, Adidas Performance deodorant range gives the modern, athletic man a complete range that lives up to all his performance demands. In conjunction with the launch of new Adidas Adipure, Adidas is giving 15 winners an exclusive chance to win highly coveted tickets to this year’s Piala Malaysia finals on 2nd November 2019. At the game, winners get a one of a kind VIP experience to watch the game which includes a specially arranged transportation to the game, Adidas merchandise and a visit to the exclusive Adidas Body Care booth featuring the entire Adidas Performance deodorant range. All visitors to the booth get a chance to test their athletic abilities by playing exciting games to win Adidas products and merchandise as well as additional tickets to the final.For more information about the Adidas Adipure Piala Malaysia contest please visit a Guardian or Watson’s store or join the activities at the Piala Malaysia 2019 Finals on the 2nd of November 2019.The Adidas Performance range features: New ADIPURE 48H gives users Pure Performance with all-day optimal odour protection thanks to patented Cotton Tech™. Its skin-friendly, alcohol-free formula contains 0% alu salts and respects the skin’s natural pH level, allowing skin to breathe through the most gruelling workouts;ADIPOWER 72H uses smart body response technology that’s triggered by heat and movement for Maximum Performance, and long-lasting protection to keep wetness and odour at bay; andCLIMACOOL 48H releases freshness with every movement, giving users outstanding Performance in Motion for a continuously invigorating workout.Find the complete Adidas Performance range of shower gels, roll-ons and deodorant sprays – ADIPURE 48H, ADIPOWER 72H, and CLIMACOOL 48H – at personal care stores, at recommended retail price of RM8.90 to RM17.90.To learn more about Adidas, please visit https://www.adidasbodycare.com/de


堪称“大马全能创作鬼才”的黄明志NAMEWEE年尾有大'搞作',他将于12月31日,晚上9点,在Axiata Arena 亚通体育馆,举办世界巡演《4896 – Final Call》,这也是黄明志展开了歌手生涯中,首次在能够容纳万人的体育馆,举办个人演唱会。黄明志也是一圆当年梦。 9年前, 他在吉隆坡的演唱会被迫取消,这么多年来虽然在美國、香港、台湾、新加坡等地方的演唱会场场爆满,但是他一直以来的梦想就是回到吉隆坡完成他的演唱会。这次举办演唱会的申请成功获得了政府的批准,故推掉了多项国内外盛大跨年活动邀请,选择在跨年这天和粉丝们一起嗨。演唱会取名4896,是一句俚语,叫「西北够力」,这是代表『很强、很厉害』的意思。做为巡演主题,也为了彰显巡演会是“西北够力”精彩!黄明志将贯彻搞怪与充满活力的风格,为大家带来娱乐性十足的演出内容。除了歌单将汇聚各种语言及演绎风格,启用强阵容乐手伴奏,舞美制作也是精心打造酷炫的灯光音响效果,而且,演唱会也将邀请嘉宾站台助阵,务必看头十足。出道12年的黄明志,以创意灵感和大胆作风走红,他的歌词、MV视频与电影屡屡触及敏感题材,打破禁忌,创下无数劲爆话题,部分作品也被遭禁播,禁演等。但是,黄明志的歌曲题材多元,不是只有「惊世骇俗」,也有励志,温韾感人的作品,成功引起广泛共鸣。他的歌手身份也渐渐在专业上也获得肯定,还两度提名『金曲奖最佳国语男歌手奖』。黄明志个人YouTube频道坐拥高达213万订阅率,影片总点阅率更高达8亿次,在网路获封“亿万点击天王”的头衔。除了创作歌手身份,也曾执导及参演多部电影,更凭着《辣死你妈》获颁“日本大阪亚洲电影节”最佳新晋导演奖。也正是凭着「西北够力」的毅力和坚持,靠着不懈的努力,终于凭实力站上了万人大舞台!门票10月31日公开发售由Star Planet星艺娱乐主办, 黄明志《4896 – Final Call》世界巡回演唱会吉隆坡站,门票将在10月31日,中午12点起,透过电话热线+603-92233667 或者网购www.myticket.asia 正式公开发售。票价分为 RM598,RM498,RM428,RM348,RM268与RM188 (*未加RM4手续费)。凡在10月28日或之前在网上申请成为星艺会员的客户,只要透过电话或者亲临星艺娱乐办公室购票,即可享有高达10%的门票折扣(除了188票价),并可获得会员卡积分,优惠数额有限,先购先得。欲知更多演唱会详情,请拨打热线03-9223 3667或浏览www.starplanet.com.my。

Aetrex Spring Summer 2020

Aetrex is the global leader in foot scanning technology and orthotics. The company also has a fast-growing comfort and wellness footwear line. The Aetrex Technology team designs and develops all hardware and software in-house. As leaders in the foot health and wellness space, Aetrex owns and operates foot.com, recognized as the #1 Foot Health Site on the internet.Mr. Peter Malkin, Vice President International Business Development of AetrexAetrex’s Orthotic and Footwear lines are driven by the brand’s technology capabilities. With sales of over 15M units to date, Aetrex’s over-the-counter orthotics are recognized as the #1 system in the market today. Developed to achieve maximum comfort, alignment, and improved performance, Aetrex Orthotics are available in a variety of options based on foot type and footwear style, for both men and women. The new Aetrex 3D Printed Custom Orthotics incorporate comprehensive pressure points data collected from the Albert Scanner, making it the most accurate orthotic available.With a mission to create the healthiest shoes you’ll ever wear, the Aetrex Footwear line provides the highest design standards, carefully considered details, and the finest possible materials for unmatched customization and adjustability. All styles incorporate advanced comfort technologies while providing support, alignment and fashion forward styling.Aetrex was originally founded in 1946 by Paul and Charles Schwartz under the name Apex as an arch support and orthotics company. The brand has remained privately owned by the Schwartz family for three generations. Throughout its 70-year history, Aetrex has remained dedicated to advancements in foot health and comfort. This objective is driven by the company’s unwavering dedication to keep people feeling great on their feet.iStepAetrex pioneered the foot scanning technology into the consumer markets in 2002 with the introduction of iStep, a revolutionary retail technology platform. iStep was designed to differentiate a store’s fit experience, help the store capture unique information to market to its customers, and drive enormous untapped profit through the custom selection of foot-type specific orthotics.With over 12,000 systems placed globally since its launch more than 17 years ago, Aetrex has built the infrastructure and cultivated the hard- won know-how to make the program a massive success for our partners. The Aetrex team includes a 30-person global sales and service organization, extensive in-house support, and a diverse team of 17 tech developers, including experts in software coding, machine learning, computer vision, and optical and electrical engineers.Aetrex Spring Summer 2020 Collection in MalaysiaThe Spring Summer 2020 Collection will be available in Malaysia at Res.Toe.Run stores nationwide and selected Isetan, Parkson and Robinsons departmental stores from January 2020 onwards. The collection consista of Jules, Hazel, Portia, Sydney, Maria Jewelled and Marcy Embellished. Flip & In-sole are priced at between RM139 to RM199 while the sandals & wedges are priced at between RM269 to RM539.


Set in an alternate history where masked vigilantes are treated as outlaws, WATCHMEN, from executive producer Damon Lindelof (Emmy® winner for “Lost”; HBO’s “The Leftovers”) embraces the nostalgia of the original groundbreaking graphic novel of the same name, while attempting to break new ground of its own. Nicole Kassell directs the pilot from a script written by Lindelof.  WATCHMEN premieres same time as the U.S. on Monday 21 October 9am (10am from 4 November) on HBO GO and HBO (Astro Ch 411/ 431 HD). The episode encores on HBO on the same day at 10pm. New episodes premiere every Monday.   WATCHMEN is produced for HBO by White Rabbit in association with Warner Bros. Television; executive producer/writer, Damon Lindelof; executive producer/director, Nicole Kassell; executive producer, Tom Spezialy; executive producer/director, Stephen Williams; executive producer, Joseph Iberti. Based on the iconic graphic novel co-created and illustrated by Dave Gibbons and published by DC.


全球领先的智能手机品牌OPPO今日在马来西亚Nexus Connexion推出了全新的Reno2系列智能手机。著名歌手及演员萧敬腾与本地艺人Neelofa的阵容加入成为Reno2的官方代言人把原本备受瞩目的发布会推向高峰。对于台湾歌手、演员和万人迷萧敬腾来说,Reno2为他提供了一个充满创意的渠道。“Reno2非常适合快节奏的生活方式,让我能够随时随地实时捕捉高清晰度的照片和视频。其中让我最为钦佩的便是Reno2最大的特点 - 48MP高清四摄像头的科技。无论是风景照还是人像照,白天或黑夜,远距离或近距离,动态或静态,都可拍出超高质量的照片及视频。”萧敬腾说道。他还补充,Reno2的超级视频防抖具有超强的拍摄能力,即使在充满动作的场景下,画面依然清晰稳定。“Reno2赋予我全新的视角,打开非凡的摄影和影响的世界,造就非传统的风格。”在马来西亚拥有庞大粉丝群的Neeloda是娱乐界和时尚界的知名艺人。身为旅游爱好者以及不畏惧尝试新体验的Neelofa,对她来说或Reno2是一种捕捉瞬间并永远珍惜它们的新方式。“我向来都是Reno系列的粉丝,这次Reno2把所有东西推向另一个境界。从手机的设计到内部的功能等等,Reno2给我带了更多前所未有的可能性。当我在旅行途中遇见吸引我注意的景观时,只需拿起Reno2拍摄即可。搭载了最先进的四摄像头和超级视频防抖功能,Reno2能够完美地将照片和视频的精髓完整地捕捉下来 - 无论是在嬉戏的孩子们,飞流直下的瀑布或者是微风中美丽的花朵。”Neelofa在发布会上说道。加强的功能让用户在智能手机摄影、摄像、游戏、浏览等方面获得更精湛的体验。Reno2将增强马来西亚人的创造力,并改变他们的视角,掌握意想不到的创意动力。 先进的影像技术释放用户的创意能力OPPO对摄影技术的专研及发展抱着义不容辞的态度。这次Reno2系列配备了四摄像头,提供全焦距成像系统、5倍混合变焦、超广角镜头以及更多。集合了三种不同焦距的镜头,独特的5倍混合变焦效果就此诞生。从超广角到远摄,图像技术的融合确保流畅且无缝的变焦转换。这意味着在长距离的场景中也能拍摄出高质量的照片,例如需要看清演示文稿上的文字或者想要清楚地捕捉音乐会舞台上表演者的精湛演出。 另外,超广角镜头提供了令人赞叹的116°视角,成就了更多的图像和照片主题的可能性。如今,无论是白天或夜晚,广阔无垠的景观或狭小有限的空间,Reno2系列也能在不受主题或者环境的限制下展示其卓越性能。Reno2搭载了4800万像素的主摄镜头,再加上光学防抖、F1.7超大光圈和1/2英寸传感器,并采用了Quad Bayer技术,在微弱的灯光下也能展现其卓越的摄影性能。Reno2系列的极夜模式通过超强性能的NPU和经过OPPO调整的演算法涵盖了不同的夜景拍摄。即使光线指数低于1 lux,硬件网络优化的人工智能降噪大大提升了超越肉眼能见的效果。与此同时,软件动态曝光调整也确保最佳的照片亮度,经过内置NPU加速处理照片让昏暗环境中的物体显现。虽然人的肉眼无法看透黑暗的空间,但用户如今可使用Reno2捕捉萤火虫的优美和烛光晚餐的浪漫。如今,单凭一张照片已无法充分地表达背后的故事。再加上随着社交媒体和视频拍摄的兴起,OPPO比以往更加注重视频拍摄这项功能。OPPO领先行业的超级视频防抖技术提升了视频的稳定性,让用户无论在跑步、滑雪、滑板、骑行等过程中都能捕捉稳定的视频画面。高采样率的IMU测量装置和带有电子图像稳定和光学图像稳定的霍尔传感器带来了稳定的视频画面。因此,用户可在抖动的情况下更准确的捕捉画面,加上60fps的帧率,增强了图像的稳定性、流畅性和整体图像质量。以用户的角度出发,结合实用性和风格为设计的核心Reno2配备了6.5英寸AMOLED屏幕,2400x1080分辨率,屏幕与身体的比例为93.1%,由耐用的康宁®第6代大猩猩®玻璃制成。而Reno2 F则采用了略小的6.5英寸AMOLED屏幕,分辨率为2340x1080,屏幕与机身的比例为91.1%,由康宁®第5代大猩猩®钢化玻璃制成。 Reno2系列采用了最新改良的阳光AMOLED屏幕,即使在明亮的室外环境中也能提供足够的亮度,同时将屏幕使用寿命延长50%,减少6%的耗电量。Reno2系列拥有侧旋升降结构前置镜头,支持超清晰的背光拍摄和全新的人工智能美容模式。而Reno2 F则配备了一个1600万像素的侧旋升降结构前置镜头并具有柔光灯。Reno2系列的特点是一体无暇曲面机身,并使用三层剥离技术,实现了更有光泽且多色调的外观,不同的角度能显示不同的色调。这次的设计动态美学与Reno系列的保守和静态形成了互补。后置摄像头完美地被耐用的康宁®第5代大猩猩®玻璃覆盖于下。OPPO Reno2系列“日薄雾粉”的色彩受到大自然迷人之美所影响。利用先进的制造技术,深沉的色调与梦幻般的霓虹细节相结合,形成优雅的渐变颜色。另外,“深海夜光”的发光区域采用经卷曲处理的不均匀纳米纹理,从特定的角度观看达到照明效果。Ribbon Transfer 2.0 产生了一种独特的颜色渐变效果,叠加在被照亮的纹理上,这是OPPO Reno2系列所独有的。渐变的照明效果让该黑色在不同的角度观看时改变亮度,仿佛深海的海水荡漾着一股神秘之美。旗舰级别的硬件和软件系统带来卓越的性能体验Reno2系列由ColorOS 6.1系统运作,在最新版本的Android Pie 9.0上运行,带来更流畅和愉悦的用户体验。它提供了全新的视觉体验,包括手机外观和手机墙纸的配合设计。轻盈、优雅、无边界的渐变颜色取代了之前大面积的颜色区域,新的导航手单手操作更加舒适。Reno2系列提供了一个完整的游戏体验,加上优化的功能,如Touch Boost2.0,Frame Boost 2.0和游戏空间。Touch Boost 2.0帮助用户避免了运行硬核游戏的常见缺陷,而Frame Boost 2.0则分析了移动性能的状态,从而调整了帧率和稳定性,优先打造一流的游戏体验。除此之外,Frame Boost 2.0可有效地分配资源,以避免过多的耗电量而导致手机加热。更棒的是,游戏空间能集体管理游戏应用程序,为用户提供无干扰、更身临其境的游戏体验。总结来说,Reno2系列拥有德国莱茵TUV公司颁发的五星游戏性能认证,该认证从屏幕、电池寿命、性能和信号强度等方面测试手机的整体游戏性能。此外,OPPO一直专注于视频内容,结合Reno2系列的高质量屏幕、Dolby Atmos®和高分辨率音频打造让人沉醉其中的体验。OPPO Reno2系列具有快速且安全的VOOC 快充 3.0技术。使用了全新的VFC算法,将充电速度提高一倍,大大缩短了最后10%的充电时间。VOOC快充3.0结合Reno2系列4,000mAh的电池 (Typ) 提供更持久的续航力。OPPO首款无线降噪耳机打造全新的音频体验OPPO也将会在OPPO Reno2发布会上同步推出全新的颈带式蓝牙耳机 - OPPO EncoQ1无线降噪耳机。OPPO Enco Q1 无线降噪耳机是OPPO首款无线降噪耳机,也是OPPO多年经验的音频技术成品。OPPO Enco Q1无线降噪耳机采用混合降噪技术,前馈和反馈麦克风与降噪功能的同步操作,最大幅度地隔除周围的噪音。耳机还拥有11.8毫米复合膜片的动态驱动单元,支持AAC格式、三种3D音频模式,以及由专业音响团队开发的音频调节。通过这些功能,用户可以在任何环境中更充分地享受音乐、游戏和视频。这款耳机是基于人体工程学所设计,耳塞与耳朵的形状相匹配,领口与颈部的轮廓相一致,以最大幅度提高舒适度和稳定性。外观简洁时尚、机身轻巧舒适、灵活性高,为用户提供卓越的体验。该耳机使用USB-C充电接口,在启动降噪功能的情况下连续播放15小时的音乐,或者在关闭降噪功能的情况下连续播放22小时的音乐。OPPO Reno2 系列的标价和销售OPPO Reno2的定价为RM2,299,而Reno2 F的定价为RM1,599。消费者从即日起至10月25日可在任何一家OPPO旗舰店、OPPO官方经销商店或OPPO官网、电子商务合作伙伴网店Lazada或Shopee,还有OPPO连锁商店合作伙伴Senheng、senQ和DirectD开始预订。预订的客户还可获得总价值RM318的一年屏幕保修以及OPPOReno独家背包。此外,AEON与OPPO用户还可通过AEON Credit 0%分期付款长达12个月购买最新的OPPO Reno2,无需保证金或信用卡。OPPO Reno2将于10月26日起在任何一家OPPO旗舰店、OPPO官方经销商店或OPPO官网、电子商务合作伙伴网店Lazada或Shopee,电信合作伙伴,Celcom、Digi和Maxis,还有OPPO连锁商店合作伙伴Senheng、senQ和DirectD开始销售。OPPO客户在购买全新OPPO Reno2的同时也可享有0利息的分期付款长达24个月。欲知更多消息请继续关注OPPO的动向。

It’s All Glitz and Glamour for Ambassador Jam Hsiao & Neelofa At the launch of OPPO Reno2 Series in Malaysia

The smartphone brand signs Jam Hsiao and Neelofa as official Reno2 series ambassadors.OPPO, the leading global smartphone brand, today launched the new Reno2 Series in  Malaysia at Nexus Connexion . Adding excitement to an already anticipated launch, OPPO has signed Chinese superstar Jam Hsiao and Malaysian celebrity Neeofa as official ambassadors for Reno2 Series.  Reno2 Series ambassador Neelofa, poses with latest OPPO Reno2 at the launch event.OPPO Reno2 Series Ambassador, Jam HsiaoFor famous singer, actor, host and heartthrob, Jam Hsiao, the Reno2 provides him with a creative outlet on the go. “The Reno2 fits seamlessly in my fast-paced lifestyle allowing me to capture images and videos in real-time with high clarity and definition. The features I admire the most about the Reno2 are its quad camera technology. This allows me to click ultra-high-quality imaging whether in landscape or portrait, day light or low-light, far or near,” commented Jam Hsiao. He also elaborated on the Reno2’s Ultra Steady Video Mode, with the supreme capacity to take clear and steady videos, even during motion and action. “The Reno2 allows me to have a fresh perspective by offering me a whole new world in photography and videography, far away from the unconventional style.” With a large fanbase in Malaysia, Neelofa is a well-known personality in the entertainment and fashion industry. A travel fan and not one to shy away from new experiences, for Neelofa, the Reno2 is a fresh approach to capturing moments and forever treasuring them. “I have always been a fan of the Reno Series, but the Reno2 is taking things to the next level. From the look and design of the phone to its features, the Reno2 has opened many new possibilities for me. Whenever I’m travelling and I come across an image that captures my attention, all I have to do is swap out my Reno2. Coupled with its latest quad camera technology and ultra-steady video mode, the Reno2 is able to perfectly lock down the essence of the photo or video I’m trying to capture - whether it is a group of children playing on the street, a cascading waterfall or a beautiful flower in the breeze,” said Neelofa during the launch event. OPPO, the leading global smartphone brand, today launched the new Reno2 Series in  Malaysia at Nexus Connexion . Adding excitement to an already anticipated launch, OPPO has signed Chinese superstar Jam Hsiao and Malaysian celebrity Neeofa as official ambassadors for Reno2 Series.  For famous singer, actor, host and heartthrob, Jam Hsiao, the Reno2 provides him with a creative outlet on the go. “The Reno2 fits seamlessly in my fast-paced lifestyle allowing me to capture images and videos in real-time with high clarity and definition. The features I admire the most about the Reno2 are its quad camera technology. This allows me to click ultra-high-quality imaging whether in landscape or portrait, day light or low-light, far or near,” commented Jam Hsiao. He also elaborated on the Reno2’s Ultra Steady Video Mode, with the supreme capacity to take clear and steady videos, even during motion and action. “The Reno2 allows me to have a fresh perspective by offering me a whole new world in photography and videography, far away from the unconventional style.”With a large fanbase in Malaysia, Neelofa is a well-known personality in the entertainment and fashion industry. A travel fan and not one to shy away from new experiences, for Neelofa, the Reno2 is a fresh approach to capturing moments and forever treasuring them. “I have always been a fan of the Reno Series, but the Reno2 is taking things to the next level. From the look and design of the phone to its features, the Reno2 has opened many new possibilities for me. Whenever I’m travelling and I come across an image that captures my attention, all I have to do is swap out my Reno2. Coupled with its latest quad camera technology and ultra-steady video mode, the Reno2 is able to perfectly lock down the essence of the photo or video I’m trying to capture - whether it is a group of children playing on the street, a cascading waterfall or a beautiful flower in the breeze,” said Neelofa during the launch event. Boasting uber features that are sure to give smartphone users an elevated experience in smartphone photography, videography, gaming, browsing and much more, the Reno2 will empower creativity and change perspectives for Malaysians looking for an unexpected creativity drive.  Advanced Camera Tech Unleashes User CreativityOPPO is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of mobile photography. The Reno2 will come equipped with four cameras that provide a full focal length imaging system; offering a 5x Hybrid Zoom, Ultra-Wide Angle lens and more. Three lenses of varying focal lengths work in unison to create a unique 5x Hybrid Zoom effect from the ultra-wide-angle to telephoto, which also fuses image technology to ensure a smooth, seamless zoom transition. This means crisp, ultra-high-quality imaging in long-distance scenarios; like presentations where textual information needs to be seen, or at a concert when users want to capture a clear picture of on-stage performers. The Ultra-Wide Angle lens feature provides an impressive 116° perspective, bringing out even more different images and photo themes. Users can now shoot vast and boundless landscapes day or night, and even in small or confined spaces, demonstrating the handset’s exceptional performance regardless of the subject or environment.With a 48MP primary lens equipped with Optical Image Stabilization, F1.7 aperture, and a 1/2-inch sensor along with Quad Bayer technology, Reno2 can achieve better performance in low light. The Reno2 Series’ Ultra Dark Mode covers an entire range of different night scenes via a powerful NPU, and OPPO fine-tuned algorithms. Even if light levels measure below 1 lux, it elevates your photos beyond naked eye through hardware network-optimized AI noise reduction. Meanwhile, software dynamic exposure adjustments also secure optimal picture brightness allowing you to reveal objects in the night with the use of a built-in NPU speeding up picture processing. While the naked human eye can't penetrate darkness, with Reno2 now users can capture stunning scenes such as fireflies at night and candlelight dinners.  But a single photo can't tell a whole story, and with social media users increasingly shooting video, OPPO is paying more attention to Videography than before. OPPO’s industry-leading Ultra Steady Video Mode technology ups the stability of videos, enabling users to capture steady videos while running, skiing, skateboarding, cycling, and more. It’s achieved through an IMU measuring device with a high sampling rate and a hull sensor, equipped with Electronic Image Stabilization and Optical Image Stabilization. These compensate users’ shaky shots more accurately, and together with a 60fps frame rate, enhance image stabilization, fluency, and overall image quality. User-centric design combines practicality with styleThe Reno2 is also equipped with a 6.5” AMOLED screen, 2400x1080 resolution, and a screen-to-body ratio of 93.1%, made from durable 6th Generation Corning® Gorilla® Glass. The Reno2 F feature a slightly smaller 6.5’’ AMOLED screen, with 2340x1080 resolution, and a screen-to-body ratio of 91.1%, made from toughened 5th Generation Corning® Gorilla® Glass. The Reno2 comes with the improved Sunlight AMOLED Screen, which offers sufficient brightness even in bright outdoor environments while extending screen service life by 50% and reducing power consumption by 6%. The Reno2 comes with a Shark fin Pop-up Camera, which supports an ultra-clear backlit shots and all-new AI Beauty Mode while the Reno2 F feature a 16MP pop-up front camera featuring an Atmosphere Light. The Reno2 Series feature seamless, one-piece curved bodies, and with the use of three-layer stripping technology, OPPO has achieved a glossier, multi-toned look that shows off different color shades from different angles. This creation of a varying and dynamic aesthetics contrasts the Reno Series, which conveyed a more reserved, static design. They feature rear cameras that remain hidden under the back cover, which itself is made from durable 5th Generation Corning® Gorilla® Glass.  The OPPO Reno2 Series “Twilight Mist” color way takes influence from the mesmerizing beauty of nature. Using sophisticated manufacturing techniques, deep hues combine with dream-like neon detail for a graceful, iridescent color that moves in a different light. For Luminous Black, the light-emitting area employs a roll-processed uneven nano-texture, which achieves an illuminating effect when viewed from a specific angle. The use of the Ribbon Transfer 2.0 process produces a unique color gradient effect which is superimposed over the illuminated texture, which is exclusive to the OPPO Reno2 Series. The gradual illumination effect causes the black color to change brightness levels when viewed from different angles, similar to varying depths of water and representing the mysterious beauty of the deep sea. Cutting-edge hardware and software that delivers superb performanceThe Reno2 Series is powered by ColorOS 6.1, running on the latest version of Android Pie 9.0, featuring a smoother and more enjoyable user experience. It provides a brand-new visual experience, including wallpaper designs that better match the phone’s exterior design. Light, elegant, and borderless gradient colors are used to replace the previously used large-area color blocks, and new gestures to manage navigation make the phone more comfortable to operate with a single hand.  This Reno2 Series offers a complete gaming experience, with optimized features like Touch Boost 2.0, Frame Boost 2.0 and Game Space. Touch Boost 2.0 helps users avoid common pitfalls of running hardcore titles while Frame Boost 2.0 analyses the status of mobile performance so that frame rate and stability will be adjusted to prioritize a first-class gaming experience. Frame Boost 2.0 will also allocate resources to avoid the consumption of too much power and the heating of the phone. What’s more, Game Space collectively manages game apps to give users a distraction-free and more immersive gaming experience. Overall, the Reno2 Series has five-star gaming performance certification from TUV Rheinland, which tests the overall gaming performance of the phone from the screen, battery life, performance, and signal strength. Also, OPPO has been concentrating on video content to deliver a more immersive experience together with the Reno2’s Series’ high quality screen, Dolby Atmos®, and Hi-Res Audio. The OPPO Enco Q1, OPPO’s latest ergonomical headphones on display.The OPPO Reno2 Series features fast and safe VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 technology. This uses a new VFC algorithm, significantly shortening the final 10% of charging time by doubling the trickle charging speed. VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 combines with the Reno2 Series’ 4,000mAh (Typ) battery to provide users with a much longer-lasting battery. L-R) Jacky, Senheng Electronic Manager; Roy Digi Malaysia; Edwin Teoh, Maxis Channel Head; Nikki Chen, Marketing Director OPPO Malaysia; Jam Hsiao, OPPO Reno2 Series Ambassador; Garry Gong, CEO of OPPO Malaysia; Neelofa, OPPO Reno2 Series Ambassador; Ray Wong, Product Specialist OPPO Malaysia; Kelvin Chin, Head of Consumer Postpaid Celcom; Terrence, Head of Device Ranging Umobile; and Tommy, Sales Director, DirectD.OPPO Reno2 Series pricing and salesThe OPPO Reno2 priced at RM2,299 while the Reno2 F is priced at RM1,599. Consumers may start pre-order them untill 25th October at every OPPO Concept Store, OPPO Official dealer stores or online at OPPO Official Website, e-commerce partners’ store at Lazada or Shopee; and OPPO Chainstore partners Senheng, senQ, and DirectD. Pre-order customers may receive OPPO one year Screen Protection Warranty and OPPO Reno exclusive bag with total worth of RM318. OPPO Reno2 will go on sale on 26th October and onwards at every OPPO Concept Store, OPPO Official dealer stores or online at OPPO Official Website, e-commerce partners’ store at Lazada or Shopee; telco partners namely Celcom Digi Maxis, and OPPO Chainstore partners Senheng, senQ, and DirectD. OPPO and AEON customers are now able to own a new OPPO Reno2 at 0% interest with AEON credit for up to 12 months of installment, no deposit and credit card are required.  About OPPOOPPO is a leading global smart device brand. Since launching its first smartphone - “Smiley Face” - in 2008, OPPO has been in relentless pursuit of the synergy of aesthetic satisfaction and innovative technology, Today, OPPO provides customers with a wide range of smart devices spearheaded by the Find and Reno series, ColorOS operating system, as well as internet services such as OPPO Cloud and OPPO+. OPPO operates in more than 40 countries and regions, with 6 research institutes and 4 R&D centers worldwide and an international design center in London, OPPO’s more than 40,000 employees are dedicated to creating a better life for customers around the world.    

Crème De La Crème launches the first beauty ice cream in the world in collaboration with Sliq Clinic

Since its debut less than 6 months ago, Crème De La Crème (CDLC) has already established a huge cult following for its artisanal ice-cream and iconic petits gâteaux, with mainstream media and renowned food critics hailing them as the best ice cream and the finest dessert works of art in Malaysia in recent times.Apart from taking the market by storm with its singular mission to create simply the best artisanal ice cream for Malaysians (with 100% all natural and premium ingredients and no preservatives, artificial flavourings or colourings), CDLC has also remained faithful to its promise to continually excite its clientele. It has introduced more than 10 new ice-cream flavours to date, including latest bestsellers such as Gold Digger (salted caramel ice cream swirled with chocolate ganache and organic honey comb), Mango Sticky Rice (coconut ice cream swirled with mango sorbet, complemented with sticky rice and roasted mung beans) and Onde-onde (a petit gateau made from pandan kaya and coconut ice cream, ginger sorbet and infused with caramelised gula melaka).Innovation and creativity have become synonymous with CDLC. Steadfast to this culture, CDLC is pleased to announce its latest offering - the first ever ‘beauty’ ice cream in the world!A collaboration with Dr Steve Chia, Medical Director of Sliq Clinic, a lifestyle aesthetic clinic, this sugar-free treat, aptly named ”Beauty Elixir” contains lychee, sakura, rose water, glutathione, collagen and vitamin C. Studies have shown that these ingredients promote healthier and fairer skin, brighter and smoother skin tones and improvement of general well-being.Glutathione, an antioxidant, has years of research behind it. It is clinically proven to be effective, allergy-free and helps to even out skin tone and brighten skin to give it a desirable afterglow.Vitamin C neutralises free radicals, boosts the immune system and detoxifies the body. It promotes skin lightening by converting melanin to a lighter colour and inhibits the production of the enzyme tyrosinase, which produces melanin pigment. Glutathione is highly synergistic with Vitamin C to givethe best skin whitening results.Many studies have shown that collagen is extremely important in health care, especially the ability to prevent the ageing of the body. Collagen enhances metabolism, connects tissues, improves the elasticity of skin, reduces wrinkles, and increases smoothness and firmness of skin. It also restores damaged skin caused by acne and helps to improve blemishes, freckles, scars and brightness of skin.Cherry blossom (Sakura) is known for its rich antioxidant levels, anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, whitening and soothing properties. Rich in essential fatty acids, it repairs the skin’s natural barriers to lighten uneven pigmentation, promote suppleness, brightening and smoothness of skin.The tradition of oral consumption of rose water for beauty dates back thousands of years and is most popular in Persia, Egypt, India and Europe for its anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and antioxidant properties.Lychee is a rich source of antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-complex, fibre and phytonutrient flavonoids which are effective in preventing early ageing and offers protection from free radicals and oxidative stress.Commenting on the inspiration behind “Beauty Elixir”, Lio Lim, CDLC’s Managing Director shares, “I am passionate about skin care and of course ice cream. And I thought it is time to revolutionise both the F&B and Beauty industries with a delicious sugar-free dessert that boasts high-grade ingredients knownin the beauty industry to promote healthy skin and overall well-being. We are very proud of the fact that “Beauty Elixir”, a guilt-free indulgence made with ingredients with established health properties, is not just a first in Malaysia, but also in the world!”Dr Chia sums it up nicely, “‘Beauty Elixir’ is absolutely ingenious – it is the first dessert of its kind that combines skin health benefits with gastronomical pleasure, all in one scoop of great tasting ice-cream.It’s an absolute must-try for both beauty and ice-cream lovers!”Crème De La Crème is located at 35G, Ground Floor, Jalan SS21/60 Damansara Utama, and is open forbusiness daily:Sunday – Thursday: 12pm – 11pmFriday & Saturday: 12pm – 12am

Crème De La Crème 与 Sliq Clinic 合作,推出世上首个美颜冰淇淋

Crème De La Crème (CDLC)隆重登场不到六个月,凭着它精致可口的手工冰淇淋和标志性的冰淇淋馆,已掳获大批追随者的心,并成为各主流媒体、在美食界被评为马来西亚目前最佳冰淇淋和甜品艺术的圣地。CDLC 的使命除了为马来西亚人创造出简约而绝佳的手工冰淇淋,让市场 为之一振之外(采用100%纯天然与高级食材,不含防腐剂、人工调味或色素),CDLC 也承诺为顾客带来新鲜感。如今已推出广受欢迎的十多种新口味的冰淇淋,包括最新畅销的 Gold Digger(咸焦糖冰淇淋和巧克力甘纳许与有机蜂巢蜜)、Mango Sticky Rice (椰子冰淇淋和芒果冰沙,配上糯米和烤绿豆)和 Onde-onde (由班兰 Kaya 和椰子冰淇淋做成的小蛋糕、姜冰沙和淋上香喷喷的马六甲椰糖提炼成的焦糖)。革新与创意已成为 CDLC 的象征。秉持着这个文化,CDLC 很高兴的宣布推出全新作品—世界首创“美颜”冰淇淋面市了!这项新品,是与来自时尚美容诊所 Sliq Clinic 的 Dr Steve Chia 合作打造的无糖美食,取名为“Beauty Elixir”,含有荔枝、樱花、玫瑰花水、谷胱甘肽、胶原蛋白和维他命 C。研究显示,这些成分有助促进皮肤健康和光滑、提亮,以及改善整体肤质。谷胱甘肽是一种抗氧化物质,经过多年的研究,经过临床试验证实,它有效、不会引起过敏,有助使肤色均匀,提亮肤色,让人唤发神彩。维他命 C 能中和自由基,促进免疫系统和帮助身体排毒。它有助把黑色素淡化提亮肤色,有效抑制形成黑色素的酪氨酸酶的产生。谷胱甘肽和维他命 C 能产生高度的协同功效,给皮肤带来更亮白的效果。许多研究已显示,胶原蛋白对保健的重要,它能减缓老化的现象。胶原蛋白能提高新陈代谢、衔接身体组织,改善皮肤的弹性,减少皱纹,使皮肤更光滑紧致。它也能使因粉剌造成的皮肤损伤修复,改善斑点、雀斑、疤痕,并提亮肌肤。樱花(Sakura)以其丰富的抗氧化剂闻名,它含有抗炎、抗老化、美白和镇静肌肤的元素。富含必须脂肪酸,有助修复皮肤的天然屏障,使肤色均匀,使皮肤更柔软、亮白和光滑。口服玫瑰花水在美容史上已有数千年的传统,尤其在波斯、印度、欧洲极为盛行,它能有的抗发炎、抗老化,并有丰富的抗氧化的物质。荔枝富含抗氧化素、维他命 C 和综合维他命 B,纤维和植物营养素类黄酮,有效预防提早老化,防护自由基和氧化的压力。谈到“Beauty Elixir”背后的启发, CDLC 董事经理 Lio Lim 分享说:“我热爱护肤和冰淇淋,此时正是餐饮领域与美容界来场跨领域革命的时候,美味无糖甜品,采用美容界高度评价的高品质成分,让人在享用美味冰淇淋的同时,也能促进皮肤与整体的健康。我们对‘ Beauty Elixir’深感自豪,它充满健康成分,不会让人产生罪恶感,它不仅是大马首创,也是世界首创!”Dr Chia 给这革新的创举来个总结,他说:“’Beauty Elixir’精巧绝伦—它是首个能达到皮肤健康惠益与享受甜食愉悦的甜品,一切尽在每一口美味的冰淇淋中,对于注重美容与喜爱冰淇淋的人士,绝对是必试圣品!”Crème De La Crème 位于 35G, Ground Floor, Jalan SS21/60 Damansara Utama,每天营业时间如下:星期日至星期四: 12pm – 11pm星期五至星期六: 12pm – 12am