Soar Over The Moon With Nala’s Latest Collection

Lifestyle brand Nala brings a splash of colour this Christmas with its Winter 2018 ‘Over The Moon’ collection, where its signature hand-designed patterns borrow inspiration from the traditional Chinese mooncake and further enhanced with the intricacy of vintage Malaysian jewellery.Duly committed to its Malaysian heritage, the patterns – each meticulously hand-drawn by Nala founder and creative director, Lisette Scheers – pays homage to not only the country’s varied cultural backgrounds but also flaunts elements inspired by local flora, fauna and vintage motifs and the latest collection is no different.The patterns cut a striking image with their vivid shades and ornate scalloped shapes detailed with embossed reliefs and floral motifs.The prints adorn a wide variety of men’s and women’s apparels, accessories such as scarves, bags, coin purses and card holders, as well as household furnishings which include fabrics, cushion covers, oven gloves and pot holders.Nala invites you to treat yourself or browse for gifts at its festive pop up store at Bangsar Village II, where it has turned the concourse space into a winter wonderland with a Nala twist, where pristine white snowflakes in the shape of the collection’s unique mooncake motifs fill the space from ceiling to floor.“Being given the opportunity to decorate a shopping mall’s atrium during a peak season is an honour and a big responsibility. This is the first time the Bangsar Village management has given it to a sole retailer to manage and I hope I have done it justice with my spin of a white Christmas with classic Malaysian motifs which complements the Nala collection on display,” said Scheers.Nala has come a long way since opening its doors in 2008, where it has evolved from paper craft offerings and fabrics to a growing range of apparel, fashion accessories and home furnishings that have become the stalwarts behind Nala’s expanding reputation.In addition to a growing product line, the past decade has also seen the brand build a strong retail presence throughout the Klang Valley with the establishment of its flagship store in Bangsar Village II, and Nala outlets in ISETAN the Japan Store and ROBINSONS SHOPPES @ Four Seasons Place.For more info about Nala, check out Website:

Welcome Home For The Holidays With Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf®

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Launched Their Heartfelt “This Holiday, Our Home is Your Home” Campaign in Conjunction with the Festive SeasonThis year-end, to celebrate the season of tradition and togetherness, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® (CB&TL) welcomes everyone as a guest to their home away from home, at every CB&TL store in Malaysia.Some of the brand-new food items on their festive menu include:•Velvet Cookie Cheesecake – The latest handcrafted masterpiece by CB&TL, this decadent cheesecake is topped with crunchy cookies and cream cheese, filled with a red velvet base.•Raspberry Dream Log – A different take on the traditional log cake; infused with raspberry, chocolate, cocoa and almond.•Spice Kissed Cupcake – A package of deliciousness tinged with cinnamon, ginger, molasses and lebkuchen in this unique cupcake!•Snow Frost Kraffin – Almond flakes, nutmeg and cranberries are packed into a traditional Russian Kulich generously topped with snow sugar.•Exciting new cookie variants which are great as gifts too: Choc Mint Frost Cookie (melt-in-your-mouth goodness filled with chopped pecans, mint and dark chocolate), Lemon Snowflake Cookie (a zesty treat for the holidays lovingly made with lemons and cranberries) and Winter Night Cookie (crunchy, divine and truly a treat for the chocolate lover, made with dark chocolate and cocoa powder).•Grandpa’s Turkey Sandwich – Serving tradition right to your plate, this sandwich is layered with brie cheese, cranberry chutney and arugula leaf to accompany the generous helpings of smoked turkey!For beverages to warm the tummy or provide a cool relaxing vibe, enjoy the new Midnight Cookies & Cream Ice Blended® (made with dark chocolate and melt-in-your-mouth cookie bits), returning favourite Peppermint Nitro Latte (coffee steeped for 20 hours and infused with nitrogen for an ultra-silky finish with a dash of mint to brighten up one’s taste buds), Double Chocolate Peppermint series (rich chocolate and mint flavours available as an Ice Blended®, hot/iced latte or hot/iced cocoa), and Red Velvet series (deliciously pink and decadent non-coffee beverages available as an Ice Blended® or hot/iced cocoa). Besides that, CB&TL is also welcoming guests to share the festive feelings of the holidays with beautiful gift tags available at all CB&TL stores. Proceeds of the gift tags will go towards CB&TL’s Caring Cup pro-social initiatives as well as local emergency relief where needed, right here at home in Malaysia.For more information about CB&TL’s latest offerings, news and promotions, follow the CB&TL Facebook page, or the CB&TL Instagram account @coffeebeanMY, or visit their website

2019 年农历新年舞狮贺岁 + 旅游配套发布会

吉隆坡:由谭招生武术龙狮体育会承办 2019 年农历新年舞狮贺岁 + 旅游配套发布会于2018 年 12 月 9 日星期日举行, 并邀请了舞狮队,嘉宾和媒体出席。受邀出席嘉宾有:莲花苑 州议员 YB 黎潍裮代表拿督斯里蔡振文拿督林昇伦谭招生武术龙狮体育会,创办人谭招生师傅邓家班龙狮总会,总监邓炳才师傅华京旅游,董事经理张建利Instant Tradeshows & Exhibitions Sdn Bhd 总监拿督卡地Quill City Mall 代表谭招生武术龙狮体育会,馆主谭大宏师傅马来西亚龙艺总会,总务凌伟荣师傅雪州加影忠威龙狮团,总监黄伟忠师傅2019 年农历新年舞狮+旅行团启动仪式的活动焦点,汇集了总值马币 888 令吉的双狮舞表演以及地接旅行团。“Instant Tradeshows & Exhibitions 有限公司” 为该活动的管理伙伴。其次,“华京旅行” 为该活动的官方旅行伙伴。“华京旅行” 成立于 1989 年,是低票价假期的先驱,目前是亚太地区最大的 STAR CRUISE 预售代理商之一。除此之外,特别鸣谢桂和广场。 桂和广场是一间主要以购物,餐饮和娱乐为主的商场,宗旨为人们聚会—聚会和社交创造现代化的目的地。以及官方线上电台 AFO 电台,一起为此活动添加更多精彩看头。2019 年农历新春舞狮贺岁活动,其目的为推广马来西亚中华文化传统狮艺以及鼓励更多年轻一辈的参与者出席。借由这个平台让广大民 众能喜爱与了解舞狮运动的精髓,也延续了一股传承传统文化的精神,为此让民众受惠。这项超值,即总值马币 888 令吉的双狮贺岁+旅游配套适用于所有类型的房屋及占地约为 4000 平方英尺中小型办公室。其中配套里的双狮地青表演,即:招财进宝,五福临门,步步高升。表演时段为 2019 年 1 月 19 日至 2019 年 2 月 26 日。另加以补充,从 2019 年 2 月 5 日至 2019 年 2 月 19 日,每天仅限 100 场的演出,先到先得。其次,此活动旅游配套是以 7 州首 3000 份双人的地接旅游团—5 天 4 夜中国苏杭醉美乌镇游或 4 天 3 夜中国桂林阳朔团 (任选其一)。欲知更多详情或预订,请拨电 /Whatapps /微信至以下州代表即可。 雪隆区 014-608 4775 / 010 - 288 5502 槟城区 017-373 3863 霹雳区 016-237 4634 森美兰区 / 柔佛区 014-608 5189 马六甲区 018-264 7672舞狮团象征着丰富,繁荣和活力。来自谭招生武术龙狮体育会的舞狮表演也为嘉宾们带来了欢乐。除了可享受传统中国新年美食之外,也可让嘉宾们感受到这股富有中国文化和传统的气息,以及农历新年佳节的气氛。

OtterBox 美国消费性电子产品保护壳品牌

1998 年成立的 OtterBox ,该公司总部位于美国科罗拉多州科林斯堡,旗下产品种类繁多,起初仅涉及经营简单的保护盒。一如海獺的皮毛,海獺幾乎都待在水裡的生活,海獺是有趣又愛嬉戲的動物與 OtterBox 的核心價值理念-有趣、活躍非常相近創辦人及主席的勤奮、創新和堅持不懈的精神,接受使用者與顧客提出的各種挑戰意見,激發 OtterBox 團隊研發出更高水平的保護殼。促使公司從原來只有一條防水殼產品線,發展為美國銷量第一的智慧型保護壳,為了讓用戶使用安心,Otterbox 對每個設計及材料都進行測試,每款保護殼至少有 24 種以上不同種類的測試,測試時間最少長達238小時在購買的外盒包裝上可以看到防摔驗證標誌,證明每一個保護殼都是經過嚴格精密測試,除此之外,OtterBox更精心打造商品測試實驗室,使用客製化機械轉臂、熱避震器,UVA 和 UVB 照射儀等精密設備。欲知更多详情,请浏览 : 

Malaysia Purple League

The SS Purple League is the fifth season of the Purple League. The League features local and international players ranging from Olympic medalist, Wold Champions, former stars and also rising talents. Players from 8 teams will participate in 3 stages on the single round robin format and play-off format for the coveted SS Purple league trophy and championship title. The total prize money for this season is RM1,500,000. SS Purple League, Malaysia's Premier Professional Badminton League is a perfect arena for the country's elite to go head to head with top players from around the world. A platform for young talents to access world class competitions in a local environment. The League uniquely unites clubs, players, fans and sponsors and shares the same passion for the sport - Badminton. About Malaysia Purple LeagueFounded by Dato' Jack Koh and partners and incorporated on October 24, 2013, Purple League (M) Sdn Bhd aims to create a brand new platform in support of the Malaysian Badminton scene while raising the standard of badminton proficiency and contributing towards creating future champions for the country. Standing at the forecourt of all endeavours is the Malaysia Purple League. Its name is due to purple being a long time symbolic colour associated with royalty, power, and courage. It's an initiative that provides players of all levels, both professionals and amateurs, with an opportunity to gain invaluable competitive experience, and which concurrently engages retired national greats to guide and inspire a new generation of champions. For more info : http://purpleleague.comFacebook Page :

1.5 Times Bigger Sushi with Genki Sushi’s Signature Dai Man Zoku Now in Malaysia

Pioneer of the Kousoku Express triple-track sushi delivery system for kitchen-to-table freshness.Boasts an extensive menu with over 122 core items alongside its signature Dai Man Zoku selection.Malaysian sushi lovers are in for a treat with the opening of Genki  Sushi,  the  popular  Japanese  sushi  chain  with  an  established presence in most food capitals across Asia. Debuting its ‘Kousoku Express’ sushi delivery system and signature Dai Man Zoku selection at its latest Sunway Pyramid branch, value-for-money quality sushi and a unique dining experience lie in wait for the nation’s Japanese food lovers. The  opening  of  the  new  Genki  Sushi  Malaysia outlet  marks  the  start  of  the  brand’s expansion  plans  to establish  its  presence  and emulate  the  success  of its  strong  and expansive footprint across Japan, Hong Kong,Singapore and China. Part of that success is due to the brand’s Dai Man Zoku menu, a selection that is unique to  Genki  Sushi.  Boasting  sushi  portions  that  average  at  1.5  times  larger  than  the  usual portion,  Japanese food  enthusiasts  can  savour  larger  sushi  and  achieve  maximum satisfaction at just RM4.80 apiece. “With Malaysia being a melting pot of culture and quite the food-obsessed nation, we knew we  had  to  bring  our  A-Game  when  entering  this market.  People  are constantly  on  the lookout  for  fresh  and  affordable  Japanese  cuisine.  Genki  Sushi aims  to  bring the experience of Japanese efficiency and quality to the table with top quality sushi and service for  an  overall enjoyable time with us,”said  Jun  Uchida,  Executive  Director,  Genki  Sushi Singapore & Malaysia. Genki Sushi prides itself on providing customers an authentic sushi experience, especially since  its  core  sushi  ingredients  originate  from  Japan.  Its shoyu(soy  sauce)  pairs wonderfully with the fragrant and premium-quality shari(rice). The fragrance of the rice is further  complemented  by  the  use  of su (sushi  vinegar)  which  has  been  especially formulated  for  Malaysia  to  bring  out  the  right  balance  of  flavours  and  to  suit  our  local palates. Known  as  the first  brand  outside  Japan  to  adopt  a  three-level  sushi  delivery  system propelled by model trains inspired by the Japanese Shinkansen bullet trains, the brand’s ingenious  ‘Kousoku Express’ train system delivers food items directly from the kitchen to table, promising optimum freshness for  a  seamless  dining  experience for  its  customers. True  to  its  innovation  legacy  since  historic  times  in  Japan,  Genki  Sushi  continuously incorporates  technology  into  their  preparation  processes,capturing  Japanese  efficiency and speed at its best all whilst preserving quality simultaneously. In celebration of its first outlet opening in Malaysia, Genki Sushi will be launching its menu consisting of 122 core food items sure to satiate any appetite, with multiple selections on the Dai Man Zoku and Genki Premium Selection menu. On top of that, customers of the branch can walk away with vouchers and Genki Sushi gifts including: Amount Spent                                                                                        Promotional Reward  EveryNet RM 60 in a single receipt.                                               RM 10 voucher for next visitNet RM 120 in a single receipt                                                         Limited edition Genki Sushi umbrella*Promotion lasts up until stocks last / 31 December 2018For more information on Genki Sushi and its latest promotions, please visit or its social channels via Facebook and Instagram (GenkiSushiMY)Facebook & Instagram].OPENING HOURS : 10am to 10pmLOCATION: Lot LG1. 109 Lower Ground One, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. No. 3 Jalan PJS 11/15 Bandar Sunway, 47500 PetalingJaya, Selangor.Menu 

Hold The Back Page : Arsenal Vs Spurs

Join us for a live viewing match on 2nd December 2018 Sunday 10:05 p.m @ aCafella Lakeside Bistro Kelana Jaya . Besides that, win attractive  prizes during our Pub Quiz Section such as Thule Bags , Otter Box Phone Case , LifeProof Casing and many more. About HOLD THE BACK PAGEYou’ve read the papers, you’ve scrolled Twitter and you’ve probably seen the story on your Facebook feed. Heck, it might have even been sent to you on WhatsApp. But those are the stories. Those are the plot lines. Those are the anecdotes. And behind every sporting story, there are core issues. Core issues that are real, tangible and most certainly deserve to be discussed. That’s exactly what we do. Once a week, for two whole hours, we take an in-depth look at the biggest sporting headlines over the span of seven days, and we dissect the stories, analyse the narratives and debate the outcomes. Best part? No holds barred. You’ve picked up the paper, let us Hold The Back Page. About Sponsors : Thule : Otterbox: : aCafella Lakeside : Of Malaysia Spurs : Page :


大马最知名且历史最悠久的短片比赛《BMW 短片奖》(BMW Shorties),从众多新晋有抱负的大马电影人才及数码内容创作者中选出了最佳入围者。所有入围作品也将角逐《全民推荐奖》(People’s Choice Award),其从2018年11月23日至12月7日开放让全民票选。大马BMW集团(BMW Group Malaysia)公关部主管Sashi Ambi说:“自创设以来,《BMW短片奖》已成了让新晋有抱负的本地电影人和数码内容创作者,分享以大马故事为主的艺术理念的最成功平台之一。今年,我们很高兴地又看到了另一批让人耳目一新的人才,展现了他们对电影艺术和数码内容创作的热忱,而其中这群入围者更是这种潜力的最佳体现。”如今迈入第12个年头的《BMW短片奖》以“驱动”(DRIVE)为主题,挑战电影人和数码内容创作者发挥创意想象力。“驱动”意指坚忍不拔,誓不甘休。这种催促力是与生俱来的,需要的不只是热情,还有万丈雄心。今年的评审团由本地电影业顶尖人才组成,包括BMW短片奖元老及广告导演陈喧裕丶获奖无数电影人Isazaly Mohd Isa丶制片兼编剧Nadira Ilana丶得奖电影人陈翠梅以及新锐导演郭修篆。2018年《BMW短片奖》奖项最佳导演最佳摄影最佳剧本最佳制作设计最佳音效最佳剪接最佳男演员最佳女演员全民推荐奖(点击观看影片及投票)《BMW短片奖》最佳短片大奖得主将获得8万令吉电影制作经费。将颁发的其它荣誉还包括最佳导演丶最佳男演员丶最佳女演员丶最佳剧本丶最佳摄影丶最佳制作设计丶最佳剪接丶最佳音效,以及最受欢迎的《全民推荐奖》。2018年《BMW短片奖》各奖得主将在《BMW短片奖电影节》上获颁殊荣。日期:2018年12月15日地点:Tiffin Food Court(15, Jalan 13/6, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor)欲知进一步详情,欢迎浏览《BMW短片奖》官方网站 或《BMW短片奖》面子书专页 ,以及Instagram专页 。


ONE Championship™ (ONE), is set to electrify the bustling Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur with authentic world-class martial arts. Axiata Arena will play host to ONE: DESTINY OF CHAMPIONS on Friday, 7 December 2018. In the main event, Yodsanklai IWE Fairtex of Thailand takes on Luis Regis of Australia. Malaysian athletes Agilan Thani, Gianni Subba, Jihin Radzuan as well as newcomer Mohammed bin Mahmoud is set to dominate in the cage to make Malaysia proud. Multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Yodsanklai IWE Fairtex is one of the most popular and accomplished strikers in the world. Born in Northeast Thailand, Yodsanklai won close to 200 professional bouts against many fellow Muay Thai legends. In the process, he captured several prestigious titles, including three Lumpinee Stadium World Championships, two Lion Fight World Championships, two WMC World Championships, and a WBC World Title. The lure of testing his skills amongst the world’s best strikers in ONE Super Series has drawn him to ONE Championship, and he now finds himself competing on the toughest proving ground of martial arts competition. The legendary competitor now looks to dominate the ONE Championship arena. He returns to action against Luis Regis.Luis “Macaco” Regis is one of the most prolific Muay Thai athletes and practitioners from Australia. He is not only a competitor, but also responsible for guiding prospective Muay Thai athletes as a coach. Over the course of his professional career, Regis has captured multiple Muay Thai titles including the IKBF Commonwealth Championship, Australian Championship, IKBF East Coast Championship, and the NSW Championship, among others. Regis is highly-technical in his approach, often emphasizing sound striking techniques to enhance his power. He also constantly travels between Australia and Thailand, sharpening his skills in his continuous learning journey. He now joins ONE Super Series and will take on the legendary Yodsanklai IWE Fairtex in his promotional debut.Former ONE Welterweight World Title challenger Agilan Thani is one of the most remarkable athletes Malaysia has ever produced. Ever since making his debut as an amateur, the man they call “Alligator” has torn through the competition. Unbeaten as an amateur, Thani captured a Malaysian national championship before turning professional, winning six bouts in a row on the global stage of ONE Championship to earn a shot at the title. The top contender trains daily at Monarchy MMA in Kuala Lumpur under well-respected Belgian BJJ coach Samir Mrabet, but also regularly travels to the United States to sharpen his skills at the world-famous Team Quest. His next opponent is Kiamrian Abbasov.A Prime Selection GP Welterweight Champion, Kiamrian Abbasov was raised by a single mother in his hometown of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan’s capital city. There, Abbasov began his martial arts journey with Greco-Roman wrestling, and later added boxing to his arsenal. After building a capable all-round game, Abbasov felt he was ready for a new challenge when he was 18 years old, and set his sights on competing in the cage. He would prove to be a talented prospect, and strung together four victories to begin his professional career. Early in his career, he won two tournament championships, including a one-night tournament in December 2016, where he beat three different men in one night. Today, he is one of Kyrgyzstan’s top martial arts athletes. He finds his way back to the ONE cage against Agilan Thani.Gianni Subba has forged a reputation as one of the most exciting talents to watch in the ONE cage. He spent his childhood growing up in both Hawaii and his mother’s hometown of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, but he left at the age of 16 to finish his education in Salt Lake City. While in the United States, he learned to wrestle. In 2010, he decided to move back to Malaysia in order to pursue his dreams as a professional mixed martial artist. Since then, he has defeated several former world title challengers to cement his place at the top of a stacked flyweight division. He takes on Ma Hao Bin in his next assignment.China’s “The Southern Eagle” Ma Hao Bin hails from Jingdezhen in Jiangxi. A lifelong fan of martial arts, Ma was introduced to wrestling in 2005, and has experienced great success. After becoming a national wrestling champion, he made his professional mixed martial arts debut on the very day he turned 22 years old, and celebrated in style by submitting two separate opponents in the opening round to win the ONE Changsha Bantamweight Tournament. Since then, the young Chinese sensation has been on a stellar run, racking up several wins in a row over tough opponents from all around the world. He now faces tough Malaysian adversary Gianni Subba.Former Wushu World Champion and MIMMA Women's Champion Jihin “Shadowcat” Radzuan is one of the finest female martial artists to emerge from Malaysia. Her first exposure to martial arts was a brief stint training in silat when she was 6 years old. She soon discovered the Ultimate MMA Academy, and after just three months of training, she competed in Muay Thai for the first time. Driven by a hunger to compete, she followed that up with bouts in wushu, BJJ, kickboxing, and boxing, capturing a wushu world championship along the way. She joined ONE Championship in March 2018, and has since put together two impressive victories. Radzuan resumes her ascent through the ranks by facing Jenny Huang.Former ONE Women's Atomweight World Title challenger Jenny Huang first took up taekwondo at the age of 8 and later started training in judo at the age of 12, and earned her black belt just four years later. She inevitably began training in other disciplines. In 2015, Huang made a successful professional cage debut, and caught the attention of ONE Championship. Since joining the promotion, Huang has registered many spectacular stoppage wins. This includes a Submission of the Year 2016 victory via gogoplata, which earned her a shot at Angela Lee’s world title in 2017. She now returns to face Jihin Radzuan.Here are some photos from the ONE: DESTINY OF CHAMPIONS MEDIA PARTY featuring some of ONE's Superstar Fighters!(L-R) Mohammed bin Mahmoud, Saiful "The Vampire" Merican, Jihin "Shadow Cat" Radzuan, Agilan "Alligator" Thani, Peter Davis, Keanu Subba, Ann "Athena" OsmanFor more info/updates or to get your tickets for ONE Championship, visit or 

NEWS | BMW Group Malaysia Unveils Finalists of BMW Shorties 2018

In its 12th year, The BMW Shorties which is Malaysia's most prestigious and longest-running short film competition has selected its finalists from a talented pool of aspiring Malaysian film makers and digital content creators.The finalists are also in the running to win BMW Shorties 2018 People's Choice Award, which will be open to public voting starting from 23rd November - 7th December 2018.This year's theme is "DRIVE", to have to Drive is to be relentless in achieving a goal. This urge is innate and motivated by more than passion. It takes ambition.Panel of judges this year include veteran judge and commercial filmmaker, Lina Tan; multiple award-winning filmmaker, Isazaly Mohd Isa; filmmaker and screenwriter, Nadira Ilana; award-winning filmmaker Tan Chui Mui; and rising storyteller and award-winning filmmaker, Quek Shio Chuan.Grand Prize Winner will win a production grant of RM80,000. Other awards also include:-Best DirectorBest ActorBest ActressBest ScreenplayBest CinematographyBest Production DesignBest EditingBest Sound DeisgnPeople's Choice Award (you can vote for it HERE)Watch the short films of The BMW Shorties 2018 Finalists below:-- Kampung Aman by Sherwynn Victor & Michael Lourdes- Simon & Ah Bou by Vikster Chew Chin Wai- Lelaki Yang Dirindui by Ariff Zulkarnian- Colourless by Ananth Subramaniam- Block A-2-15 by Won Jun Yap- Handbag by Mohd Khairul Anuar- Silence by Ng Seow Mun- Stranded by Lai Yik Heng- Burn by Ng Kwok YongBMW Shorties 2018 award winners will be crowned at the BMW Shorties Film Festival. Date: 15 Dec 2018 (Saturday)Venue: Tiffin Food Court, Jalan 13/6 (Seksyen 13 PJ)For more info, visit BMW Shorties Website or 

An Honest Mistake invites you for “An Honest Christmas Party”

It’s that time of year again. Sleigh bells audible through the mall speakers. Shiny reflective colourful balls hung from giant tall pine trees; each mall trying to outdo the next. Sale, sale sale! Yes – Christmas is here! The mark that the year has finally come to an end filled with a series of holidays with family and friends.To commemorate and usher in the new year, An Honest Mistake is throwing a party, cheekily named, ‘An Honest Christmas Party’. Come 21st December 2018, the party is set to take place at Pulse Soundworks in Kota Damansara, which is essentially a rehearsal space/ recording studio. The party is set to begin at 8pm sharp and will end by 1am so the fun can be extended at the after party.Last year, the band threw the first Christmas party with over 20 bands, alternating between 2 stages across various genres of artistes at The Bee. This year however, the band is scaling things down, making it more intimate with dimmer lights creating that cuddle mood. It’s Christmas, love is all around! The band has also added another attraction to the party; POPCORN courtesy of Des Puffmaister’s Popcorn as well as gifts from Marshall Headphones/ Ash Asia Malaysia apart from the regulars, tattoo crew Shipwreck Tattoos, beverage partners Tiger Beer and Jameson Irish Whiskey.A party is never complete without music. Taking the stage will of course be the band themselves, who will be doing a series of originals including some popular Christmas tunes joined by singers Kareema Ramli, Maruxa Lynd, Amanda Love as well as vocal princess, Aisyah Aziz. Expect, Mariah Carey’s, ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ in their set. The band said they will be doing close to 20 songs; songs from the first and second albums including the latest singles as well as unreleased material.Completing the line up are new pop punkers, Airwaves on Fire, chill pop quartet, Battle Bloom, indie rojak crew, SOAP, sexy R&B songstress, Nadhira, and ending the night with genius DJ/producer/singer/musician, Cuurley and hip hop star, Kayda.Merchandise will be available on sale so attendees best cop some copies before they run out. Limited are also the drinks for the night so the band has advised to swing by the event as early as possible. An after party is to take place at Ren @ Kyo KL in conjunction with Fruit Machine’s Emo Night. Anyone with a stamp at AHM’s Christmas Party will be granted access to the after party that will go on ‘til 5am. What a Christmas to remember!Date: 21st December 2018Time: 8pm to 1amVenue: Pulse Soundworks, Kota DamansaraEntrance Fee: RM25RSVP here >>> 

与Tiger Beer一起探索街头美味

美食爱好者们 – 您准备好参加街头美食探险之旅了吗?马来西亚头号啤酒品牌 — Tiger,将会透过即将来临的 Tiger Uncage 街头美食节(Uncage Street Food Festival),为大家带来颠覆传统的亚洲街头美食。20家大马最好的食品供应商,其中包括Tiger Uncaged Heroes——Im Cheah、Herukh Jethwani 和 Jun Chan,将提供您从未品尝过的独家特色美食。 您将可在Tiger Uncage街头美食节上看见MyBurgerLab、Makirito、Porki Society和Softsrve以及其他本地供应商的踪影。前来品尝超过40种令人垂涎的美食吧!不管是煎炸、包裹、串烧或碗食的,只要您能说出的名字,都能找得到! 想一想那美味可口的Nasi Lemak Sushi Burrito、Cheeseburger Gyoza、菠萝蜜炸雪糕等等! 感觉饿了?在来临的12月1日和2日,造访Tiger Uncage街头美食节,在一个经过特别改造的场地漫步亚洲街头,尽情享受美食,并参与多项趣味游戏赢取Tiger Beer及其他礼品。您还在等什么? 马上唤醒您的勇气,享受挑战传统的街头美食,并搭配一杯冰冷的Tiger啤酒,享受美好时光。日期:2018年12月1日 & 2日 时间:下午5点起地点:The Gasket Alley, PJ欲知更多详情,请浏览Tiger Beer面子书页面

EVENT | Are You Game to Uncage Street Flavours with Tiger Beer?

Malaysia's No. 1 Beer, Tiger, is bringing convention-challenging takes on Asian street food to light with the upcoming Tiger Uncage Street Food Festival!(L-R) Tiger Uncage Street Food Heroes Herukh Jethwani, Jun Chan and Im Cheah, with Jiri Rakosnik (Marketing Director of HEINEKEN Malaysia) and Pearly Lim (Marketing Manager of Tiger Beer)20 of the finest food vendors Malaysia has to offer - including Tiger's Uncaged Heroes, Im Cheah, Herukh Jethwani and Jun Chan - will be serving up exclusive as well as unique dishes you've never tasted before. Among other local vendors, spot Makirito, The Porki Society, MyBurgerLab, Softsrve there!You will get to try more than 40 mouth-watering delicacies - fried, wrapped, grilled or in bowls! How about some Nasi Lemak Sushi Burrito, Cheeseburger Gyoza, Fried Cempedak Ice Cream and more!So, come on down to the specially-transformed venue, eat to your heart's content, there are fun and games in store and even stand a chance to redeem Tiger Beer and other goodies at the Tiger Uncage Street Food Festival - 1 & 2 December 2018.Wait no more, it's time to treat yourself and maybe even your friends & family to a delicious convention-challenging street food - paired with an ice-cold Tiger Beer.Date: 1 & 2 Dec 2018Time: 5pm onwardsVenue: The Gasket Alley, PJFor more information, visit Tiger Beer's Facebook page at 

亚航正式宣布和(RED)达成合作,共同支持全球基金会(Global Fund) 援助东盟抗击爱滋病

雪邦,2018年11月12日 - 亚航正式宣布和(RED)达成合作,共同支持全球基金会(Global Fund) 援助东盟抗击爱滋病。(AirAsia)RED 此次合作的收益将会捐助给全球基金会以支持东盟防治HIV/爱滋病。据2017年联合国爱滋病数据显示,东盟共有接近180万名爱滋病患。亚航承诺会从进行中的“免费机位/促销”及2019年的各种活动中的部分收益捐赠予全球基金。亚航官网airasia.com或亚航手机应用程序售出的机票,每售出一个机位,亚航将会捐出20美分,足以支撑患者一天的抗逆转录病毒治疗。另外,亚航和(RED)将会与亚洲领先音乐厂牌88rising合作,在2019年举办东盟音乐艺术节,继续为防治爱滋病发声。稍后将会进一步宣布有关细节。随着亚航及(RED)正式宣布合作,亚航今日在雪邦飞机工程(SAE)揭开了全新的(WEAREALLCHAMPIONS)RED主题涂装飞机。当晚,洛杉矶的饶舌歌手,也是88rising在美国云团节目中表演的合作者,Dumbfoundead也在现场演出助兴。出席活动的嘉宾包括马来西亚卫生部长拿督斯里Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad、青年与体育部长Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman、马来西亚爱滋病基金会(MAF)商业联合会经理 Dr Rethish Raghu、MAF宣传经理Dayana Omar、(RED)首席执行员Deborah Dugan、88rising创始人兼首席执行员Sean Miyashiro、亚航集团执行主席拿督Kamarudin Meranun、亚航集团首席执行员丹斯里Tony Fernandes及亚航集团品牌总监许经纬等。

GSC partners with Astro Shaw to combat piracy and illegal recording

Cast of Polis Evo2 launches GSC Helpline as part of the cinema’s effort to weed errant recording in theatres nationwide. Malaysia’s leading cinema exhibitor, Golden Screen Cinemas  launched its GSC Helpline– an initiative thataims to help improve the enforcement of the Malaysian Anti-Piracy Act by providing customers an easier point-of-contact with cinema staff. GSC, Astro Shaw, and cast members of Polis Evo 2: Shaheizy Sam, Zizan Razak, and Hasnul Rahmatofficiated at the launch ceremony, which was held atthe Gold Class cinema in GSC Pavilion KL.Ms. Koh, CEO of GSC and Ms. Raja Jastina Raja Arshad, Head of Nusantara, Astro Shaw officiated at the launch ceremony with the casts of Polis Evo 2. With the GSC Helpline, customers can reach out to GSC’scinema staff to report any issues that they may face in the cinema including illegal recordingand piracy. The partnership with Astro Shaw to launch this helpline is part of GSC’s effort to bring awareness to customers about the importance of safeguarding intellectual property and how recording films, even for just a few seconds, is an infringement of the filmmaker’s copyrights. “GSC’s strives to provide our customers enriching cinematic experiences, but this can be ruined by illegal recordings and piracy. When you record and share clips of a film you have recently seen on social media, even a few short seconds can spoil the experience and rob other viewers of personally enjoying the movie for themselves. More than that, these recordings are actually illegal and infringe on the copyrights of the filmmakers, which can result in legal action,” said Ms. Koh Mei Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Golden Screen Cinemas.  “The new GSC Helplines we have launched are placed strategically outside our cinema halls to help our customers report these incidents and prevent them from happeningagain. We have launched this initiative with the team at Astro Shaw alongside the release of Polis Evo2, so as to create awareness and educate Malaysians, so that they can play a small role in improving the enriching cinematic experiences they get at our cinemas,” she added. Additionally, customers may also use the helpline to contact staff to report any technical issues they may face in the hall, or provide feedback of their experiences.  “Piracy is theft. There is no way to sugar coat it. That’s why, Astro Shaw has partnered GSC to combat piracy via newly launched GSC Helpline. We hope this will heighten the sense of awareness among movie-goers to avoid recording of a movie inside the cinema as the act itself is a crime punishable by the law," said Raja JastinaRaja Arshad, Head of Nusantara, AstroShaw.To support the launch of the GSC Helpline, aspecial Polis Evo2 Public Service Announcement on the helpline will be rolledout on the big screen in GSC cinemas nationwide. GSC cinema staff will also be donning a ‘Squad Polis Evo2’ button badgeas part of this campaign to further drive awareness of this effort and commitment to combatting illegal recordings.  Polis Evo2 will be released on 22nd November 2018 nationwide, with sneak peeks starting 20th November from 3pm onwards.The casts are signing their names for the launch of GSC Helpline. For more information, log-on to