Carousell, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing mobile classified marketplaces, kicked off a nationwide pro-social effort today, #MYLocalWira, as part of a month-long effort that runs until August 31 in conjunction with Malaysia’s upcoming 62nd Independence Day. To celebrate the occasion, #MYLocalWira calls on Malaysians’ well-known spirit of generosity, with the support of notable Malaysians – squash legend Datuk Nicol David, Malaysia’s first female ONE Championship mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter and Global Citizen Ambassador Ann Osman, international model and renowned fashion and beauty entrepreneur Amber Chia, professional motorsport athlete and Malaysia's "Drift Queen” Leona Chin, world-class diver Leong Mun Yee and national gymnast Farah Ann. Each of these individuals has contributed several personal items to be sold on Carousell, with the proceeds going to a charitable cause. “Many Malaysians are blessed with more than we need, while others need a helping hand. With the #MYLocalWira campaign, we are working with prominent individuals to sell their preloved items on Carousell in a generous act of ‘giving back’ to the Malaysian public who have supported them for years. We also expect that fans will find it very meaningful to acquire a personal item that has played a role in their hero’s career. With #MYLocalWira, we honour the Malaysians who make us proud, and hope their shining example will inspire others to do great things,” said Mr Tang Siew Wai, Country Head, Malaysia, Carousell Malaysia. The full proceeds from the sale of these items will benefit Parents without Partners, a charitable organisation established to help single parents in need. Funds are raised primarily through the sale of preloved items at their thrift store, Jumble Station, which relies on public donations, and the proceeds from #MYLocalWira will help support expenses such as rent, groceries and school supplies.By Malaysians, For Malaysians Get the full listing of Malaysian personalities and their items for sale on or via the Carousell app; every purchase will support Malaysians in need. For more information and updates, follow Carousell on, on Instagram or download the Carousell app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

The Ultimate Cashless Entertainment Experience with TNG Digital and TGV Cinemas

Calling all movie buffs! TNG Digital and TGV Cinemas have inked a Memorandum of Understanding that officially begins a long term partnership to provide a seamless cashless payment solution via the Touch ‘n Go eWallet at all 35 TGV Cinemas nationwide. The collaboration aims to shape and promote a cashless society by providing a convenient and fuss-free transaction experience forall cinema-goers. All 35 TGV locations will now accept the Touch ‘n Go eWallet as a means of offline transactions, with online transactions via TGV’s website in the works. Syahrunizam Samsudin, CEO of TNG Digital said, “A favourite pastime of Malaysians - and even myself - is catching the latest movies at the cinema. Technology is an enabler that allows these moments to be enhanced and improved. At TNG Digital, we are proud to be partnering with TGV Cinemas, one of Malaysia’s leading cinemas and together, we want to make a difference in the lives of Malaysians, enhancing the way people live, pay and transact - and now we can, even for something as enjoyable as going to the cinema”.Mr. Yeoh Oon Lai, CEO of TGV Cinemas. Mr. Syahrunizam Samsudin, CEO of TNG Digital. From its inception in 2018, the Touch ‘n Go eWallet is well on its way to shift Malaysians’ mindset towards embracing a cashless future. Apart from lifestyle offerings such as purchasing movie and flight tickets, shopping, mobile reloads, and food & beverage; the Touch ‘n Go eWallet is also championing urban mobility through the introduction of RFID system, its’ partnership with EzCab and Public Cab, as well as PayDirect for toll payments. At the moment, the Touch ‘n Go eWallet has close to 5 million registered users and more than 70,000 merchant acceptance points to-date. A Digital-Friendly EnvironmentTGV Cinemas has been heavily investing in digital infrastructure over the years to improve the online customer journey. As evidenced by the newly-launched website and mobile app, customers now have a more seamless and effortless ticket-purchasing experience. TGV’s all-new MovieClub membership program, launched in May 2019, now also offers free sign-up and lifetime membership. With MovieClub now going cardless and customers able to earn and redeem all their rewards or benefits online, TGV is at the forefront of creating a digital environment that makes life easier for patrons.“Our partnership with TNG Digital adds further momentum to one of our key business goals -  to provide a digital-friendly environment to our customers. We are incredibly excited to have TNG Digital as our exclusive partner on this exciting journey, as we move the business forward in this digital savvy era,” said Mr. Yeoh Oon Lai, CEO of TGV Cinemas. The Best Deal in Town All Year Long – Kaki Wayang CashlessStarting from 1 September 2019, all Touch ‘n Go eWallet users will be entitled to two exclusive promotions all year long when they purchase tickets with their Touch ‘n Go eWallet*.i) Unlimited RM10 Movie TicketsRM10 flat rate for any movie, any time and all year long in all TGV Cinemas.ii) RM25 Special Bundle Special Bundle promotion every Tuesday where they can get 2x movie tickets & 1x popcorn combo for just RM25.Looking ahead, there are also plans to incorporate extra add-on benefits to TGV customers who make payment with the Touch ‘n Go eWallet. These details will be announced soon. For more information, visit TGV Cinemas .*Terms & Conditions Apply

Casio Had Released BABY-G × Hello Kitty Pink Quilt Series Collaboration Model Styled after the Pink Quilt Series That Trended among Japanese Youth in the 1990s

Casio Malaysyia had released the BGA-150KT, a special collaboration model with Hello Kitty, a character created by Sanrio Co., Ltd., in its BABY-G line of women’s shock-resistant watches. The new model is inspired by the Hello Kitty Pink Quilt Series, which trended among young women in Japan in the 1990s, when the BABY-G brand made its debut.The BGA-150KT is a collaboration model between Hello Kitty, who turns 45 this year, and BABY-G, which is marking 25 years since its introduction.The new model is based on the BGA-150, whose elegant design features a large round face and metal pieces. The dial of the new BGA-150KT features a quilt-stitch pattern taking after the Hello Kitty Pink Quilt Series that was popular in the 1990s. The watch features flower-shaped metal pieces that evoke the Hello Kitty of the 1990s while giving it a grown-up look. To celebrate the anniversaries of both brands, the letter “B” for BABY-G is part of the flower on the dial at the 5 o’clock position (25th minute), while Hello Kitty’s face adorns the dial at the 9 o’clock position (45th minute). The case back is engraved with a special drawing of Hello Kitty wearing a watch and adorned with a flower featuring the letter “B” for BABY-G.The packaging for this special model includes an exclusive mini-bag designed in the style of the original Pink Quilt Series from the 1990s, and a stand for displaying the watch.ModelsColorBGA-150KT-4BPinkBGA-150KT-7BWhite × PinkSpecificationConstructionShock-resistantWater Resistance100 metersWorld Time27 cities (29 time zones) and Greenwich Mean Time; daylight saving on/offStopwatch1 second; measuring capacity: 59’59; measuring modes: elapsed time, split time, 1st and 2nd place timesCountdown TimerMeasuring unit: 1 second; countdown range: 60 minutes; countdown start time setting range: 1 to 60 minutes (1-minute increments), others: auto-repeat, time up alarm, progress beeperAlarm5 daily alarms (with 1 snooze alarm); hourly time signalOther FunctionsFull auto-calendar (to year 2039), 12/24-hour format; button operation tone on/off; LED light with afterglow: selectable illumination duration (1.5 seconds or 3.0 seconds)Accuracy at Normal Temperature±30 seconds per monthBattery LifeApprox. 3 years on CR1220Size of Case47.5×42.8×12.8mmTotal WeightApprox. 43g

[ALEXANDROS] Sleepless in Kuala Lumpur 2019

Successful conclusion of [ALEXANDROS]’s second live in Kuala Lumpur from their concert tour entitled [Sleepless in Kuala Lumpur 2019]. As one of the most popular Japanese rock bands, [ALEXANDROS] held their live on 19th of July at Bentley Music Auditorium. When tickets for the live went on sale on 19th of April, VIP tickets had sold out within a day, with requests for more pouring in daily; a testament to the fervor and passion of the local fans. While [ALEXANDROS] is best known as a band that plays a mixture of alternative and hard rock, they also include elements of pop punk and emo, lending them a contemporary sound that carries a wide appeal. Other than gracing a variety of magazine covers and appearing in commercials, they are also notably known as fashion icons, due to their personal style which has an air of otherworldly aesthetic that also conveys an iconic street rock atmosphere.The English-speaking Japanese band not only wowed the audience with their energetic performances but have also impressed them with their fluency in the English language. With their native English-speaking skill level, they are able to easily engage and converse with the crowd, enabling them to create a comfortable and fun environment with their audience, which no doubt had helped them win over some new fans too.This time, we saw an increase in the number of audiencecomparedto last year, with it being more evident as morefans are seen singing along and rockingout to theband’sstellarperformances. Many of our invited guests had ecstatically shared they now consider themselves as fans too, just after watching [ALEXANDROS] live in action, despite not being familiar with their songs initially.As soon as the show started, asexpected,[ALEXANDROS]’s distinctly ephemeral yet powerful voice resonated well, as they melded to evoke atmospheric and unforgettable music. [ALEXANDROS] treated the audience to some of their best known tracks such as ‘Wataridori’and ‘Ashita,Mata’, but also drew from their larger repertoire as they incorporated their new songs ‘Pray’ and ‘Tsukiiro Horizon’ into the set-list. Particularly noteworthy was the moment when the audience joined in to sing-along to ‘Mosquito Bite’ on que, proving that the local audience did consist of fans who had anticipated for the band’s return to Kuala Lumpur.[ALEXANDROS]also managed to playfully impress the audience with Yoohei’s pepperings of Bahasa Malaysia, as during the emcees he threw in quite a few utterances of ‘Seronok Tak?!’, to the delight of many local fans that were present.As the 2-hour long concert came to an end,it was then followed up by an exclusive meet and greet session. [ALEXANDROS] took the time to hold a ‘hand shake’ session with the fans, a special experience that was limited to VIP ticket holders. Around 100fans shook hands with [ALEXANDROS] and took pictures in groups of ten with the artist. This event proved to be rare opportunity that the fans appeared to truly enjoy, judging from their smiles, overwhelmed expressions and even quite a few excited shrieks!As the band begins to get more recognition overseas, further commended with their growing engagement in movies and dramas, there is no doubt we can now expect an increase again in the number of audience and fans, once the band decides to return in future for their third concert in Kuala Lumpur. [ALEXANDROS] Sleepless in Kuala Lumpur 2019 is organized by Toybox Projects; UKPM (Artist Management); RX-Records (Music Label); Creativeman Productions (Tour Agent); Livemasters Inc. (Tour Producer); Sponsored by KidZania Kuala Lumpur (Venue Partner), EPOP (Official Magazine), M-Town (Official Japanese Paper), Rentak Sejuta (Official Online Media), Selebriti Online (Official Online Media), Aforadio (Official Radio), MTV Asia (Official Music Channel), Oyoshi (Official Tea), Royale Chulan The Curve (Official Hotel), and our F&B partners Mighty Monster(Official Restaurant)andTheCoffee Bean& Tea Leaf(Official Restaurant).In Case you guys miss out the interview Mag had conducted with the boys. Do Check out the podcast here :

Casio Has Released Full Metal G-SHOCK with Aged Look

Special Model Featuring Aged Finish Applied to Case and BandGMW-B5000VCasio Malaysia has released the latest addition to the G-SHOCK line of shock-resistant watches. The new GMW-B5000V with an aged finish is based on the full metal construction GMW-B5000D with a square shape.The GMW-B5000D base model was originally released in 2018 and inherits the square shape of the first G-SHOCK while featuring a full stainless steel outer construction. The new GMW-B5000V is a special model that reproduces the unique look of a watch that has been used for many years. The case and band are finished with black ion plating, which is partly removed to yield a distinctive, well-used look. The application of an aged finish to a constantly evolving G-SHOCK masterpiece evokes the toughness of a timepiece that continues to survive and stand the test of time. The GMW-B5000V also comes with special packaging in colors that match the theme of the watch.The GMW-B5000V is equipped with the same features as the GMW-B5000D base model, with Bluetooth® connectivity and reception of radio wave time-calibration signals. The watch also delivers superior practicality with features such as a high-luminosity full auto LED backlight and world time.GMW-B5000V                                Special Package                                    High- Luminosity LED BacklightSpecificationsConstructionShock-resistantWater Resistance200 metersRadio Frequency77.5 kHz (DCF77: Germany); 60 kHz (MSF: UK); 60 kHz (WWVB: USA); 40 kHz (JJY: Fukushima, Japan) / 60 kHz (JJY: Kyushu, Japan); 68.5 kHz (BPC: China)Radio Wave ReceptionAutomatic reception up to six times a day (except for use in China: up to five times a day)Communication SpecificationsCommunication Standard  Bluetooth® low energySignal Range Up to 2m (may differ depending on surrounding conditions)World Time 5  world times selected from 39 cities (39 time zones,*1 daylight saving on/off) and Coordinated Universal Time, city name display, home time/world time switching*1 May be updated when connected to a smartphone.Stopwatch1/100 second (00’00”00~59’59”99) / 1 second(1:00’00”~23:59’59”); measuring capacity: 23:59’59.99";measuring modes: elapsed time, split time, 1st and 2nd place timesCountdown TimerMeasuring unit: 1 second (maximum 24 hours)Alarm5 daily alarms (with 1 snooze alarm); hourly time signalOther FunctionsSmartphone Link functions (world time: over 300 cities + user-added cities, automatic time adjustment, easy watch setting; time & place; reminder; phone finder); date display (month/date switching); day display (in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian); full auto-calendar; 12/24-hour format; button operation tone on/off; full auto LED backlight (super illuminator and afterglow: 2/4 seconds, fade-in/fade-out afterglow); low battery alertPower SourceTough Solar power system (solar-charging system)Continuous OperationAbout 22 months with the power-saving function*2 ON after full charge*2 Display shuts off after a certain period in a dark locationSize of Case49.3 × 43.2 × 13.0 mmTotal WeightApprox. 167g

第三届马来西亚金环奖(MIFFEST)圆满落幕各国电影人齐聚颁奖礼现场 冯宝宝颁终身成就奖荣誉予洪金宝

(吉隆坡20日讯)第三届马来西亚金环奖圆满落幕,冯宝宝颁终身成就奖荣誉予洪金宝。《帽子戏法》《我们与爱的距离》成第三届马来西亚金环奖大赢家。《帽子戏法》荣登第三届马来西亚金环奖最佳电影,《梅的二十七步走》Lukman Sardi和《解雇》Sara Bahrami 获封本届金环奖影帝影后。由金宝拉执导的韩国电影《我们与爱的距离》成功夺得最佳导演、最佳女配角以及最佳摄影指导。而由Ramtin Lavafi执导的伊朗电影《帽子戏法》则获得最佳电影、最佳男配角和最佳编剧。两部电影同时成为本届颁奖典礼的大赢家。各国电影人齐聚大马共襄盛举,其中包括:韩国《我们与爱的距离》剧组、印尼《梅的二十七步走》剧组、新加坡《幻土》剧组、中国《好友》剧组、菲律宾《无物之颂》剧组、《Liway》剧组、伊朗《帽子戏法》剧组以及其他本地及国际的电影工作者。本届金环奖有幸邀请来自香港巨星冯宝宝、印尼演员Nicholas Saputra、菲律宾导演兼编剧Zig Madamba Dulay、本地资深导演U-Wei Haji Saari、本地演员Umie Aida、IedilPutra、Sangeeta Krishnasamy、Zizan Razak担任本届金环奖的颁奖嘉宾。马来西亚国际电影节暨金环奖创办人兼主席吴佩玲、荣誉主席金东虎、本届金环奖评审团成员金炯求、叶童、宣传大使李心洁和博朗帕拉雷以及马来西亚国家电影发展局主席Dato HansIsaac也受邀颁发金环奖奖项。出席本届颁奖礼的入围者包括:《我们与爱的距离》金宝拉、Park Ji-Hu、Kim Sae-Byuk,《好友》杨平道、江洪,《幻土》杨修华、Hideho Urata,《Liway》Kip Oebanda、Dominic Roco,《帽子戏法》Ramtin Lavafi,《无物之颂》DweinBaltazar、Marietta Subong,以及《梅的二十七步走》Ravi Bharwani、Lukman Sardi。演员及电影主创人员们也在马来西亚国际电影节展映期间各自出席电影的映后分享会,与观众进行问答环节的互动。第三届马来西亚金环奖一开始由24节令鼓呈现一场大型的开幕演出,为本届颁奖典礼掀开序幕。本届的特别表演嘉宾则由马来西亚殿堂级歌手Amy Search、女歌手Priscilla Abby蔡恩雨和Masya Masyitah 担任。两人以‘感谢你’、‘Don’t Go Ms.Fernado’、‘Arena Cahaya’、和‘Cahaya Juara’ 的组曲增添另一点色彩。最后则有本地殿堂级歌手Amy Search献上‘Isabella’ 和‘Gadis Ku‘两首经典名曲为颁奖典礼的压轴表演,场面相当热闹。第三届马来西亚金环奖圆满结束,感激各位电影工作者及公众对马来西亚国际电影节暨金环奖一直以来的大力支持。影展筹委会即将公布下届影展的举办日期。

Good Vibes Got A Stranger Things Experience For The Weekend

Good Vibes 2019 festival goers experienced major #StrangerVibes this weekend, when they were transported into the much-loved universe of Netflix’s Stranger Things. Netflix participated in the Good Vibes Festival for the first time and brought alive an exciting Stranger Things experience. Fans got to experience iconic sets and memorable scenes from each of the three seasons of Stranger Things that Malaysians have come to know and love so well. Each set provided insta-worthy photo moments specially designed to transport fans straight into the familiar ’80s vibe of the show. Festival goers were thrilled as they were transported straight into the Byers’ living room, and found themselves face to face with the Demogorgon. In between their favourite music sets, fans got to try their hand at classic arcade games like Dig Dug as they stepped into the Palace Arcade.Popular Malaysian fans of Stranger Things like Arwind Kumar, Mina Rosli, Shalma Ainaa, Shalma Eliana, Yusof Hashim, Johanis Sani and Maggy Wang all came decked in their Stranger Things best as they got their Good Vibes #ootd inspiration from the show’s characters. Get your stranger squad into formation and come visit the Stranger Things booth.Don’t forget to share the experience on your socials with #StrangerVibes and tag@NetflixMY because pics or it didn’t happen!

TBC Kajang Launches Its First Ever Panashop in Kajang

TBC Electrik, your neighbourhood electrical store recently collaborated with Panasonic Malaysia and launched its third brand shop, the Panashop at its TBC Kajang branch.TBC which started from a single shop back in 2006 now has 11 stores and 3 brand speciality stores, all in the Klang Valley.Panashop Kajang carries the full range of Panasonic products with the widest selection of small appliances, big appliances, home solutions and beauty products. With their complete selection, one can definitely rely on Panashop Kajang to fulfill their every household appliance need.Also, back in May 2019, TBC collaborated with Air Asia to promote their Panasonic small appliances and beauty care products on board through the Air Asia Rokki Shop. Now passengers on board Air Asia can shop for Panasonic products while they travel!For now, let MAG take you on a tour of the newly opened Panashop by TBC Kajang!Also, here are some shots from that auspiscious day! TBC's Grand Launching of It's First Ever Panashop in Kajang


A community fundraising dinner aptly called “A Night of Giving” organized by The Giving Bank with a slogan theme of “ME + WE” equaling to Unity was held last Saturday at Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. At The Giving Bank, the concept of ME + WE talks about “ME” not doing things alone, but it is “WE” who come together with the same objectives in mind to turn the impossible, possible. They believe strongly that to succeed, we all need to work as a team and as a formation, not individually.Togetherness makes us stronger. Togetherness makes us united. Togetherness makes us grow. "No one has ever become poor by giving. Only by doing this will society progress, become harmonious and stable", said Dr. Janson Ang Founder of The Giving Bank.The Giving Bank, also known as TGB with its official website, has a tagline “Always There To Give” is a registered Non Govermental Organisation (NGO) founded since December 2016. The Giving Bank is a Non Profit Organisation. They aim to take the lead in encouraging communities, societies and corporations to actively participate in charity, and to adopt this as a daily routine in their everyday lives. The Giving Bank enforces 4 main pillars of giving namely - Education, Health, Humanity Culture and Environment.The founder of The Giving Bank together with its team has made a pledge to give and to serve those who are in desperate need so that they can have access to a better and more quality life. Since the first day of The Giving Bank’s inception in December 2016, they have been actively raising funds for the communities in need and have successfully completed 132 projects as of today. These 132 projects have helped 5,317 beneficiaries and all these were achieved in a short span of 2 years.“The Giving Bank is here to give better access for basic healthcare facilities, children to education as well as for humanitarian causes. We are here to continue serving good for the Malaysian society” said Dr Janson Ang. The Giving Bank’s “A Night of Giving” was organized with an intention to raise funds, so that they can support the aid of 5 projects in year 2019/2020. The 5 projects are:1. Building Homes for the Orang Asli and Villagers of Gurney, Batang Kali (RM50,000)2. Building Homes for the Orang Asli and Villagers of Kampung Serigala, Kuala Kubu Baru (RM50,000)3. Empowering the Single Mothers community. Offering them a platform to generate sales for the single mothers (RM25,000)4. Providing Education to (10) Deserving Down Syndrome Children (RM25,000)5. Providing (50) Full Diploma Scholarship to the poor students whom wish to further their studies after SPM (RM1,250,000)The whole project for A Night of Giving is worth a total of RM1.4 mil and the funds will be channeled out to the respective beneficiaries after the event for the year of 2019/2020.If you feel like you would like to contribute to the cause, you can get in touch with The Giving Bank via email ( or call (03-90541383).Along with the dinner, The Giving Bank also presented recognition awards aptly called “The Humanitarian Award 2019” to 35 kind contributors. The award is given to prominent figures and personalities in the name and in the spirit of social work and contributions. The award recognizes the work of people in communities throughout Malaysia and Internationally who are devoted to the welfare of humanity. Community work may be demonstrated through: Perfecting the nature of mankind. A one-of-its-kind prestigious award certified by The Giving Bank. For more information, do get in touch with The Giving Bank.THE GIVING BANK ORGANISATION (PPM-008-14-12082016) 11-3 Jalan Radin Bagus 7, 57000 Sri Petaling Kuala Lumpur. TEL: +603 9054 1383 EMAIL:

第三届马来西亚国际电影节(MIFFest)正式掀起大幕 电影展映及座谈会活动的七日马拉松

第三届马来西亚国际电影节(MIFFest:Malaysia International Film Festival)于Sunway Velocity的TGV影院举办了一场开幕典礼,场面星光熠熠。出席的包括电影节宣传大使:李心洁和博郎帕拉雷,金环奖评审团:拉吉库马尔希拉尼(印度),叶童(香港),乔可安华(印度,金炯求(韩国)及何宇恒(马来西亚),《灼人秘密》剧组:赵德胤,吴可熙和夏于乔,《引爆点》剧组:庄景燊和李劭婕,影展策展人,顾问团,本地电影工作者以及各界的媒体编辑。活动一开始由马来西亚国际电影节暨金环奖主席吴佩玲致词道:“感谢大家今天的到来,感谢在场的各位对电影及影展的热忱和坚持,希望马来西亚国际电影节有一天能发展成一个本地与国际电影工作者交流的重要平台。“接着便有主席连同荣誉主席金东虎,金环奖评审团主席拉吉库玛尔,以及两位宣传大使李心洁和博郎帕拉雷主持开幕仪式。主席吴佩玲亦在当晚将纪念品颁发予评审团,以感谢各位评审为电影节及金环奖劳工苦高的贡献。由本地独立电影制作人Bebbra Mailin执导的《Ninavau》成第三届马来西亚国际电影节短片竞赛大赢家。此外,开幕典礼也邀请到其余两部入围短片竞赛三强的短片导演出席,其中包括《四不像新村》和《Busted》。本届短片竞赛的评审团为导演Nam Ron,电影制作人刘城达以及著名女演员Sharifah Amani。影展也把这三部入围短片连接成《第三届马来西亚国际电影节短片特辑》,影片总时长达56分钟,并在Sunway Velocity,Suria KLCC和One Utama的TGV影院展映。放映的戏票已在TGV影院的售票平台上架。由赵德胤执导,吴可熙,宋芸桦,夏于乔主演的《灼人秘密》(Nina Wu)受邀为第三届马来西亚国际电影节的开幕影片,此放映将会是《灼》除在台湾电影节之外的第二场于亚洲的展映。而由金宝拉执导,朴智厚,郑仁基,金玺碧主演的《我们与爱的距离》(House of Hummingbird)则为电影节的特别放映,为本届马来西亚国际电影节拉下帷幕。由Jazzy Universe主办,马来西亚国家电影发展局,国际电检局,驻马来西亚台北经济文化办事处(合作伙伴),Mayshowa,ENEOS,Lancome,Evian,BMW Wheelcorp Premium Setia Alam, Polo Haus,Baume & Mercier, TGV Cinemas, Brixton 23, VIU TV, WEBTV Asia,Toggle,LIKE MEDIA, Dorsett Kuala Lumpur, Iceberg Post, VIVO,Kinohimitsu,Centro Hair Saloon,Kerastase,马来西亚中文影视协会,Whittaker‘s,KL Post以及Absolute Printing的大力支持。第三届马来西亚国际电影节将在七天内放映25部来自世界各地的影片以及合作伙伴协办的无场电影座谈会。如果你对以上所说的很感兴趣,又或者你很期待可以欣赏这些电影,第三届马来西亚国际电影节的电影票已正式售卖,公众可到电影节的电影院合作伙伴TGV Cinemas购票。

梁靜茹 Fish Leong《我好嗎? - 太陽如常升起》馬來西亞唯一 一場新專輯分享會

總是問候別人好不好,多久沒問過自己一句:「我好嗎?」一歌入魂療癒系情歌本格派梁靜茹 Fish Leong2019 年全新大碟【我好嗎?一太陽如常升起】華語樂壇無人能取代的聲音,情歌天后梁靜茹睽違七年出道二十年的回顧與覺醒實X勇敢2019 梁靜茹「我好嗎?-太陽如常升起」10首歌全導聽希臘德爾菲神廟的阿波羅箴言(Delphic maxims):「認論識你自己」(Know Thyself)亞里斯多德也說:「認識自己是所有智慧的開端」。愛情,則是人生照妖鏡,明暗虛實,周而復始,照出你的本象實我。「我好嗎」?一日苦甜結束了,明天又是新的開始。太陽如常升起,一日一生,愛與生皆永不止息。01.【微光】詞:林珺帆/ 曲: PAN浪漫如螢火蟲微光,經不起經營,也等不來。來了就來了,像兩個人,懶洋洋地,看著有人在吵架的節目,然後你問:「餓了,想吃什麼?」(林理帆)專輯首波單曲。這是第一首選入專輯的歌,很早就定位為這次靜茹。用螢火蟲隱喻愛情的脆弱和稍縱即逝,靜茹幽微的聲音,傳達著她音樂裡永恆的命題。編曲裡有噪音和氛圍電子營造獨特氣息,是靜茹的一次音樂突破。前段靜茹的中音妮妮陳述著無奈的愛情故事,中段的強拍刻畫勉強又虛弱的堅強,到後段的歇斯底里帶著難以言喻的詩意,整首歌聽覺上充滿豐富的層次與情緒,一段將近五分鐘的美妙旅程。02. [我好嗎】詞:黃婷/曲:阿超過去總認為問候對方是最難的,後來才明白,有時候問候自己,需要更大的勇氣。靜茹總像一位溫柔的說書人,在我們内心深處輕輕地哼著,陪伴我們走過那些自己面對的小日子。(阿超)專輯同名主打歌曲。靜茹七年未發專輯 這七年,她在人生裡細緻地用音樂體驗每個一時刻自我反芻。人生有很多疑問,我們總在問候別人好不好,每日為了人生奔忙往前,卻忘記停下來,問問自己:我好嗎?是不是該對自己好一點?這首歌從DEMO 開始,靜茹就非常喜歡旋律,常常帶著它在耳機裡播放,散步於河堤,融入思結緒。歌詞經過多版揀選,最後是與靜茹長期合作的作詞人黃婷、同時也是這張專輯的 A&R(製作企劃),整理出歌者心境,用「我好嗎」這個反問,帶出整張專輯的概念與情緒。情歌總是唱給被愛的、被傷的人聽,但這首《我好嗎〉是要唱給自己聽德,送給每個在感情中受傷的靈魂,情感的風雨飄搖之後,更要珍惜自己。歌詞定案後,靜茹一進配唱間錄音,就悄悄便咽。歌手錄音最怕哭,但靜茹已練就又哽咽又 hold 住情緒把唱完的功力,製作人鍾成虎也巧妙地留下了靜茹真情流露的片段,待聽者自己去發掘。編曲由情歌聖手阿滾(于京延)操刀,前段細膩的鋼琴音鋪陳,慢慢延伸到間奏弦樂的堆疊情緒,引領到悲傷的高潮,再緩緩落下,抑揚頓挫,感人深刻。03.【慢冷】詞:姚若龍/曲:蕭煌奇以前聽梁靜茹的聲音他總是帶給我很多愛,幸福,勇氣。時間的蛻變,現在聽梁靜茹的聲音,讓人感受到,人生沒有什麼是過不去的,可以釋懷,可以包容,可以感恩。也許這是梁靜茹在過去的生活找到的體驗和感悟;所以在這張專輯,用這樣的聲很有感觸。有時候不經意的在某些句子裡面,心裡的内心深處,會被觸動。這就是我心裡的梁靜茹。(蕭煌奇)專輯抒情強打。靜茹一直喜歡藏煌奇的旋律,覺得唱他的旋律時,總能和自己的嗓音水乳交融。因此,這次專輯也邀了兩首蕭煌奇的曲。這首《慢冷〉的歌詞由曾為靜茹打造千萬金曲《分手快樂)、〈會呼吸的痛〉的姚若龍操刀,深刻寫出愛情裡的糾結慘痛。熾熱的愛人,變冷了,而自己卻還陷在裡面出不來。慢冷,比慢熱還慘。在專輯初開案聊概念時,製作團隊的共識是,要做一張「很慘」的專輯。人生很苦閱,愛情中更是常常事與願違,在音樂裡,我們不必再假裝什麼都過得去,就是要盡情發洩。而現階段的靜茹,已經有能力處理人生的各種慘況,當她的聲音唱著很修的故事時,那歌聲中將糾結雲淡風清的能力,其實是最紮實的療癒。04. 【如愛所願】詞:林建良/曲:蕭煌奇愛過痛過糾結過後還能像朋友一樣聊聊天的美好和遺感只有靜茹酸中帶甜 甜中帶淚的聲線能將這樣事過境遷雲淡風輕的心情詮釋得淋漓透徹(林建良)專輯中堪稱最療癒的歌曲。蕭煌奇悠然的旋律,配上知名企劃詞人林建良口語而真情的筆調,完成了這首廣受喜愛的歌曲。在一張以「慘」為主軸的專輯裡,一首淡然調和的歌,顯得更加重要。製作人鍾成虎選擇了最簡單的吉他編曲,讓靜茹的聲音能在悠然的情緒中自由開展,將濃厚的惆恨,唱得雲淡風輕。05.【平行時空】詞:梁靜茹/曲:陳子超當初跟梁靜茹幾次的討論後,便根據靜茹分享的一些心情故事和照片為她量身訂造這首關於思念,憂愁卻又充滿希望的歌。(陳子超)靜茹鮮少文字創作,絕大多數都把對歌曲的意念,交由填詞人來完成,她自己專注在歌藝的表現。但當初拿到子超這個旋律時,她就一直說很有畫面,哼著哼著腦中就有了很多想像。等到編曲完成,靜茹聽著編曲中的開闊氣象,想像一個在宇宙飛行、尋找自我與愛情的概念,隨手寫了一些句子,沒想到越寫越多,竟然就完成了一首歌詞。平常靜茹就有習慣寫一些片段的文字,在微博、臉書、IG上,隨處可見她的創作。這首(平行時空〉的歌詞中,可以看出她心中也有個小文藝的世界,也傳達出她的感情觀:溫柔、堅定、不斷地尋找心目中那個烏托邦,就像青鳥一樣。06.[以你的名字呼喊我】詞:小寒/曲:韋禮安寫這首歌時腦海自然浮現靜茹的聲音因為這個旋律像陡峭的山潤需要内斂、細膩又充滿力量的口氣駕馭才能讓音符像水一般自在地流動我想除了她再沒別人更適合了(韋禮安)韋禮安悠然細微的旋律,邀請到高手小寒來填詞,每個字與音的起伏都密不通風,靜茹唱得很過癮。歌名取自2017 年的知名義大利電影《Call Me By Your Name)(以你的名字呼喚我),也是靜茹很喜歡的電影,看完後感動不已,時時提及。歌詞中說到「愛雖短暫,故事尾端,沒遺憾。夢雖走散,依然璀璨,在夜空靜靜閃。」將青春時那種對愛情的執迷與感懷,寫得淋滴盡致。生命中總有一個人,藏在最底層,曾經你與他的名字,彼此不分。07.[類情人】詞:黃婷/曲:光良一直覺得靜茹的聲音有一種可以讓旋律有靈魂的魔力,想像她唱歌的樣子寫了這首曲。這首歌不需要華麗的編曲,凸顯靜茹最純粹的聲音和堅定的語氣,說盡了男男女女「類情人」的内心世界。(光良)同樣是從大馬來台灣奮鬥的歌手,了解彼此的努力與遭遇的困境,從《勇氣》開始,靜茹就與光良很有緣分。做這張專輯時,回顧過往的音樂路,也想到邀請光良再來為靜茹寫一首歌。為了加快速度,就由作詞人黃婷先完成歌詞,再交給光良譜曲。光良行程滿檔,飛來飛去,原先以為會等很久,沒想到他拿到歌詞,兩天就完成了靜茹一聽就很喜歡旋律。「類情人」是一個新創的名詞,「類似情人一樣」,卻並不是真的情人。顧名思義,是講一種單向的感情關係一方像情人一樣不斷的付出 另一方只當作是一種習慣。靜茹說,她自己沒有過這樣的情感關係,但很多朋友都有。唱這首歌時,腦中就會浮現那些在曖昧情感關係中掙扎的朋友們,為他們心疼。光良用簡單的旋律提煉靜茹的聲音,編曲找來金曲獎最佳編曲人溫奕哲,細膩的鋼琴與vocal 互動,呈現出簡單的力量。08.【太陽如常升起 1】詞:李悼雄/ 曲:鍾成虎太陽如常升起,總有不變的事,對吧?陽光所及的地方的聲音。(李焯雄)這首歌詞只有四句的短歌,提供了專輯聆聽間的呼吸點。就像人生忙碌之中,有時需要暫停下來,想一想接下來往哪裡去。由金曲詞人、也是靜茹的好友的李焯雄,為她寫下四句簡單而有力的歌詞,再交由專輯製作人鍾成虎以吉他譜曲、編曲,畫龍點睛地呈現了專輯副標的精神。09.【子非魚】詞:藍小邪/曲:梁思樺我們都太急著判斷別人快不快樂,而忘了自己快不快樂我們都太急著向別人證明快不快樂,而忘了什麼才是真正的快樂能不能,讓我們就活在自己的小小的水塘裡不管海是怎樣,湖是怎樣,別的水塘又是怎樣不管有誰在岸邊欣賞,不管有沒有人在岸邊欣賞只是如魚得水地遊著自管自的方向,自管自的速度,自管自的喜怒哀樂自管自,就好(藍小邪)本張專輯中少數較輕快的歌曲,也是靜茹輕柔聲線中最擅長的類型之一。歌詞邀來文字創意無限的新銳詞人藍小邪,以莊子名篇「子非魚安知魚之樂」為主軸,巧妙應和靜茹的英文名字與暱稱「Fish」(魚),帶出「你不是魚,怎麼知道魚的快樂?」「你不是我,怎麼知道我不知道魚的快樂」這些詰問,更對應專輯關於「我」的存在意義的主題。10. [完整的我】詞:黃婷/曲:木村充利2000年,為了追求夢想而來台灣,當時最喜歡的歌就是梁靜茹的勇氣。之後也被她溫柔的歌聲安慰過無數次。2019 年,竟然有幸能讓她唱我譜的曲。好想告訴那些年的我,你的挫折,你的眼淚,在未來一切都是值得的。謝謝梁靜茹給了我堅持的勇氣,我的人生已經沒有遺憾。(木村充利) 靜茹的歌者人生與感情經歷,在釋然中帶著繼續面對未來的勇氣,這是一個木村充利從 2012 年寫完,就開始等待靜茹的旋律。專輯 A&R 兼作詞人黃婷在聽到這首歌時,覺得非靜茹莫屬,但當時靜茹還沒有開案的打算,這首歌就一直壓箱等待著,直到這張專輯才面世。歌詞的琢磨歷經很長時間。在專輯大部分歌詞都完成之後,確認需要一首與靜茹自身領悟十分貼近的歌曲,於是黃婷在與靜茹無數次深夜聊天之後,抓住了她每次站在舞台上的心境:「不管唱到哪裡,儘管眼前千萬隻手的揮舞,心中都還是留著一個位置,給一個人。」這首歌也成為專輯完美的收尾:我們終其一生在追尋自我,在孤獨與寂寞中掙爭扎,但或許最後我們會發現:其實是另一個靈魂,完整了自己。我們以為是在找自己,其實,也是在找那一個,會完整自己的靈魂。這,就是愛情吧。

Art of Speed Malaysia 2019 Powered by PETRONAS

Kustom Kulture continues to grow in its 8th year running  Art of Speed, Malaysia’s premier Old-Skool & Kustom Kultureevent, returns for its 8th iteration in 2019, bringing with it a showcase of locally-built customised cars and bikes, art gallery, interactive activities and exciting lucky draw giveaways that visitors have come to enjoy. With a high crowd expectation exceeding 40,000 visitors across two days, Art of Speed 2019 (AOS 2019) will once again take center stage at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park, Serdang (MAEPS), on 27 July 2019 (10:00 am – 11:00 pm) and 28 July 2019 (10:00 am – 7:00 pm). A big highlight of Art of Speed is the support from international custom community and media including:Shige Suganuma, Hiro “Wildman” Ishii & Masakazu “PAN” Sumi from MOONEYES Oliver Jones Grayson a.k.a. The Cutrate; USA (Winner of Born Free 2019)Shaik Ridzwan a.k.a. The Mighty Motor; USAGeoffrey Douglas Baldwin from Return of the Café Racers; AustraliaChristopher Cooper Raymond from Fuel Tank Magazine; AustraliaMatthew Everingham from; AustraliaMarlon Slack from Pipeburn; AustraliaMakoto Watanabe from Chopper Journal Magazine; JapanMakoto Ukai from Model Cars & Let’s Play VW Magazine; JapanDaisuke Katsumura & Satoshi Furuuchi from Kousoku Yuen Magazine & Street VW Magazine; JapanKanda Manabu from Kalifornia Look Magazine, JapanYasuo Sekijima from Vibes Magazine; JapanKengo Kimura from Heiwa Motorcycles; JapanKeiji Kawakita from Hot Dock Custom Cycles; JapanThe Nash from Burnout Magazine; JapanDaisuke Sakon from Kustomstyle; JapanKenichiro Kaneko from Truck Masters Show; JapanKenji Hasegawa from Orion Ace; JapanMr. G Tiki Art & Pinstriping; JapanMakoto M&K Custom Signs; JapanKen Takano from Ken’s Art Kustom Garage; JapanJeffrey Chang from MOONEYES TaiwanLou Nozaki from Beetle Helmet; Japan 1948 FL Harley-Davidson Custom “StG Nautilus” by HOT DOCK. 1961 Ford Falcon Sedan Delivery “PANTASTIC”.Every year we aim to help inspire locals by bringing in highly modified ‘kustom’ vehicles from overseas, and AOS 2019 continues this tradition with several CQQL bikes and cars from Japan for the show. This year’s featured vehicles include: HEIWA MOTORCYCLE (JAPAN) with their BMW R9T Custom, which was commissioned by BMW Motorrad.MOON OF JAPAN 1961 Ford Falcon Sedan Delivery “PANTASTIC”.HOT DOCK CUSTOM CYCLES (JAPAN) with their 1948 FL Harley-Davidson Custom “StG Nautilus”. The bike was awarded “Grand Champion” at S&S 50thAnniversary “World’s Largest Build-Off” in 2008.Geoffrey Douglas Baldwin from Return of the Café Racers; Australia.KEIJI KAWAKITA from HOT DOCK. KENGO KIMURA from HEIWA MOTORCYCLE MARLON SLACK from PIPEBURN.SHAIK RIDZWAN of The Mighty MotorSHIGE SUGANUMAPAN SUMI and his car PANTASTICSpecial highlights for AOS 2019 will include:1. Art of Speed Invitational Car Build Off 2019 powered by PETRONAS, which will feature 7 builders vying for the RM10,000 cash prize (jury selection) & RM5,000.00 cash prize (public choice). The competing builders are:The Classic Garage from Johor Bahru with builder Ravinder SinghNaza College Motorsports Team from Shah Alam with project leader Jagjeet Singh together with 5 studentsCarazee Artwork from Klang, Selangor with builder AjieWakSam Garage X RebanBlackbird from Subang with builders Odie & WakSamKazuto Garage from Klang, Selangor with builder Kazuto Soon.Faroib Autosport from Klang, Selangor with builder Ismail IbrahimGarage 63 from Bukit Jalil, Selangor with builder Shawn FooThe winning car of the Sabah Old School Mega Gathering 2019 will also be shipped in as special featured guest vehicle of the Invitational Car Build Off.2. Hot Wheels will be at AOS 2019 with Global Hot Wheels Lead Designer (Premium and Collector Segments) Steve Vandervate. Coming all the way from the United States, Steve will hold a meet and greet at the event. He will be unveiling the Japan Historics 3 series, which will be released in 2020 under the theme "Legendary Japanese Cars". Life-sized Nissan Skyline R31 and Honda City Turbo II along with prototype of the diecast will be showcased for attendees during the event. There will be a media walkabout at 10am so please register early at 9am for this exclusive experience!3.Hausboom, in collaboration with Hot Wheels, will present an official 1:1 scale New Beetle Gen 1 as a prize give away for a lucky Hausboom consumer at the show. This official collaboration is the first of its kind in South East Asia. The Beetle will be designed and built by 405 Industries, the studio arm of Art of Speed Malaysia.4. VANS will be showcasing a tribute to “Era”, a line of shoes that goes back to 1976. This special exhibition will be featured in Hall A. VANS will also host a skate clinic and families with children can join to learn how to skateboard with equipments provided. This year Sound Circus is also proudly supported by VANS, which promises a line-up of A-list performers at this music festival.5. Hail Vintage is back to AOS 2019 and will be hosted in Hall C, featuring a vintage work wear exhibition and 16 specialist vendors. This year’s exhibition will feature even more collectible vintage items to the tune of RM2 million.6. Keshy Dhillon from will be this year’s host for our annual Kustom & Koffee Talk inside Hall A at 3pm on Saturday, together with overseas panelists Oliver Jones Grayson from The Cutrate and Matt Everingham from The Speedhunters. The forum will discuss the latest trends in bike and car industries.Other AOS 2019 activities include:Roda Rumble 2019 - Two Wheels Gathering & Outdoor Festival supported by Retro ManiaFood Park featuring Food Trucks, Outdoor Marketplace & Vintage Flea MarketStrider Race for kids organized by Strider Kids MalaysiaMINI 60thAnniversary Malaysia CelebrationScale Dicast Culture gathering (Hall C)Hot Wheels Club Malaysia Custom Contest & Play Zone (Hall C)MSF Solo Masters Round 2 (Parking Hall D)Best Of British vintage bike showcase by The Return of The Café Racer & Triumph Motorcycles Malaysia. (Hall A)Malaysia Automotive, Robotics & IoT Institute showcase (Hall A)Special Forum with YB Tuan Mohd Khairuddin Othman, the Exco for Youth, Sports & Human Capital Development for the State of Selangor sharing initiatives by the state governmentThe event will be officially launched by YAB Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor, Tuan Amirudin Shari at 2pm, Saturday 27 July 2019With music being an instrumental segment of Art of Speed, the main stage of AOS (known as ‘Sound Circus’) will be moved outdoors in order to accommodate an ever-increasing music fanbase. This year’s Sound Circus* line-up will feature Hujan as the main headline together with upcoming bands Bittersweet, Masdo, Gerhana Ska Cinta, Kapow and many others on Saturday & Sunday featuring Asheed Def Gab C, Kid Search and headline, Blues Gang.*Sound Circus on Saturday is strictly for ages 18 years old and above ONLY!Completing the show on Sunday will be the highly coveted lucky draw giveaway where a lucky winner will go home with ONE (1) unit Mini Cooper fully customized by FNG Works with a Suzuki Hayabusa engine. The winners of Best of Show motorcycle and automobile categories will win package trips to the 28thAnnual MOONEYES Yokohama Hotrod and Custom Show this coming December as the Guest of Honour. AOS 2019 will beintroducing the Speed Lane ticket, which opens one hour earlier at 10am; priced at RM50 valid for both days. Visitors can enjoy one extra hour inside the main hall and Hall C. Speed Lane ticket holders are also entitled to enter Sound Circus outdoor concert. The regular weekend ticket(without Sound Circus outdoor concert) priced at RM20 willalsobeon sale. Online tickets are available at “Every year there’s a challenge which prompts us to aim further and raise the bar higher, but there’s also reward and satisfaction when you look at how far our local scene has come and how it continues to grow,” said Asep Ahmad Iskandar, Founder of Art of Speed Malaysia. “As we continue to grow with the scene, so does Art of Speed as it enters its 8thyear running. New and returning visitors can continue to enjoy this year’s show with an air-conditioned 150,000 square feet hall housing a Show and Shine competition for customs and classics in Hall A, NEAT Fest in Hall C in collaboration with NoEqual, the Sound Circus outdoor concert with line-up of A-list performers,Moto Circus art gallery featuring local and international artists,family-friendly activities for parents and children by VANS and many more at Art of Speed 2019.”For more information about this event, please visit Art Of Speed or Art Of Speed Malaysia Facebook Page . Check out the Highlight video event from Art Of Speed 2018 !

創造頂尖精神 開創無限可能C.T.O熱血啟動《START IT》!

創造頂尖精神 開創無限可能C.T.O熱血啟動《START IT》!歷經殘酷舞台淬鍊成創造頂尖團體 拳擊擂台”神槌機”大考驗羅Boss神救援!C.T.O飆淚喜迎人生第一場專屬演唱會!環球音樂打造C.T.O專屬麥克風 ”最會唱的”偶像團體7/13開賣秒殺穿透鏡頭的超震撼氣勢!7/5向世界宣告《START IT》全球放送MV      環球音樂攜手”亞洲流行天王”羅志祥共同打造實力派偶像組合”最燥男團”C.T.O,成員振緯、仕偉、薛恩、梓鑫、宇慶、梓寧6人,堅強的唱跳實力與男孩凝聚的團隊魅力,去一出道憑藉著高難度且整齊畫一的舞蹈動作,還有現場LIVE開全麥的演唱實力,立刻登上微博熱搜和傳媒高度討論,成為年度超級新人王!繼首張同名專輯《C.T.O》發行一年後再度出擊,經紀公司創造力娛樂、唱片公司環球音樂全力大手筆打造,日前化身”最暖應援團”率繽紛胖卡帥氣巡城,更有百台C.T.O「LOVE YOU夢想無畏 熱血START IT」公車霸氣上路!專屬的捷運列車也將在7月5日啟動,C.T.O全方位攻佔、全面熱血啟動。     今天(7/3)舉辦C.T.O熱血啟動《START IT》記者會,C.T.O一出場就帥炸了!唱跳新歌《START IT》;緊接著播放出道以來征服各大舞台、席捲全亞洲的精彩VCR。C.T.O於6月出道滿一周年,第二張專輯《START IT》也將在7月5日推出,6位帥氣男孩表示,一路走來最要感謝是他們最尊敬的羅老闆!小豬從2015年一個念頭的萌生,精選出6位出類拔萃的新人類,一路拼搏蛻變到最燥男團的誕生,如同培育自己的孩子長大一般,小豬也準備了特別的考驗要給他們。”神槌拳擊機”與現場設計成拳擊擂台,呼應著C.T.O歷經各個殘酷的舞台以及不眠不休的培訓,如今淬鍊成創造頂尖的團體,也希望C.T.O能發揮團結力量大的團隊精神,6人接受”神槌機”考驗,居然差一點就達滿分,在這僅差臨門一拳之際,”最強後盾”羅志祥突然現身舞台”神救援”!與C.T.O一起完成拳擊機考驗,眾人齊力槌出爆表好成績,象徵勇於打破框架、勇敢創造屬於自己真正第一的C.T.O精神!    此時,大螢幕出現酷炫的舞台3D圖,原來是小豬要給C.T.O的一份禮物,也是下一個考驗:宣告C.T.O將在8月31日迎來人生第一場專屬演唱會,唱進台大體育館!羅志祥表示C.T.O籌備2年多,希望他們原本的初心不能忘,也回饋喜歡他們的粉絲。還幽默表示,本來是訂小巨蛋,但沒有檔期,那就先從去樓上的便利店買東西開始。小豬不忘勉力C.T.O是經過很紮實的訓練,要做稱職的唱跳團體,也要他們藉這次的演唱會展現個人魅力。老闆的大禮厚愛,6個團員們開心的ㄧ擁而上,感動的熱淚盈眶,驚喜萬分直呼:「跳到死都可以!」但隨之而來的壓力肯定有,振緯、仕偉被拱露肌肉,薛恩計劃唱英文歌,宇慶想舞蹈結合武術,6個人已經迫不急待思考要怎麼好好表現自己啦!   勇於打破框架的C.T.O打破大家對偶像的刻板印象,不只能跳舞燥動每個人,更有現場LIVE開全麥的演唱實力!環球音樂特別打造C.T.O專屬的麥克風,作為讚許他們歌唱實力以及恭喜C.T.O發行第二張專輯《START IT》,及8月31日將唱進台大體育館的禮物!也祝福7月13日拓元售票開賣秒殺!記者會尾聲,《START IT》MV也搶先全球大首播,做為本次專輯主打,是一首節奏性強烈又具舞台震撼力的舞曲,由團員振緯作詞,將一年多來團員們共同努力、追夢的心情寫進歌中,最能傳達團隊熱血初心,夢想全新開始的無畏態度!為了使這首歌更具爆發力與全新魅力,C.T.O特別合作了國際知名舞蹈老師,更力邀知名攝影攝像團隊、造型團隊強力打造,透過MV可看見C.T.O穿透鏡頭的超強氣勢,向世界宣告這就是C.T.O全新的開始!《START IT》MV將於發片日(7/5)在C.T.O官方頻道放送。      第一張《C.T.O》是末世代,這張《START IT》進入新世紀,所有團員都有參與創作的部份,也透露有家族歌,和老闆羅志祥、師姐愷樂合唱。C.T.O表示希望粉絲會喜歡新專輯,不辜負大家ㄧ年的等待,也請大家來看8月31日的演唱會。


第三届马来西亚国际电影节携手国家电影发展局举办一系列电影座谈会影展影片周四正式开票(吉隆坡3日讯)马来西亚国际电影节与国家电影发展局(FINAS)联手合作举办一系列的电影座谈会,其中邀请了各个国家的电影人才:其中来自印度的导演拉吉库玛尔, 马来西亚的导演何宇恒, 韩国的摄影指导金炯求, 香港的演员叶童,台湾的导演赵德胤,金马影展筹委会执行长闻天祥以及来自国家电影发展局的执行长Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nazri, 一同分享来自电影中的奥妙与启发。这次电影座谈会的题材相当吸睛,其中包括《探讨宝莱坞电影如何与观众产生共鸣》、《电影的多元文化》、《探讨亚洲电影如何与西方观众产生共鸣》、《本土文化,国际品味》和《透过镜头细说故事》。由拉吉库玛尔所进行的《探讨宝莱坞电影如何与观众产生共鸣》中,他会分享宝莱坞电影在国际电影业的价值与他拍摄的灵感方向。在《电影的多元文化》座谈会中,我们邀请到来自马来西亚国家电影发展局(FINAS)的执行长Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nazri以及第三届马来西亚金环奖评审团:拉吉库玛尔、 何宇恒、金炯求和叶童一同参与此座谈会。这次有幸能邀请来自不同国家及文化的电影工作者担任主讲人,分享如何把世界各地不一样的文化呈现在一部电影中,其中包括电影拍摄及建立剧本过程中的文化融合和“文化冲突“。然而,其中一位评审,乔可·安华因有工作在身而无法与其他评审一同参与这场座谈会。拍摄外国电影的基本标准知多少?这次,我们很荣幸地邀请到台湾金马影展筹委会执行长闻天祥与《灼人秘密》导演赵德胤所带来的《探讨亚洲电影如何与西方观众产生共鸣》,与大家一同分享分别从影展及电影主创人员的角度探讨这其中的基本标准。然而在这个电子与网络发达的社会,制作一部电影可以很简单同时也很可以很困难;我们荣幸地邀请到了印尼导演乔可·安华和 本地著名演员兼导演博朗·帕拉雷一同进行座谈会:《本土文化,国际品味》,他们会分享关于拍摄本地电影中心路历程,如何把它们拍成国际级电影,呈现出一部完整及精彩故事。《透过镜头细说故事》则有来自韩国资深摄影指导金炯求分享他通过‘镜头’所看到的人事物,他也会在座谈会分享他如何以‘镜头‘细说剧本当中的乐趣。以上的五场座谈会都欢迎公众们入场支持。公众只需在每场座谈会的前三天透过 预订座位,并在当天的现场向影展工作人员出示两张影展影片的戏票,便能换取一张座谈会的入场券。座位有限,先到先得。第三届马来西亚国际电影节影片将于本周四于TGV影院的官方网站正式开票。为了配合电影节的宣传,影展影片的戏票只售RM8。第三届马来西亚国际电影节将于2019年7月14日 – 2019 年7月19日在TGV影院:Sunway Velocity、SuriaKLCC、和1 Utama为期六天的影展放映会,至于马来西亚金環奖颁奖典礼则于2019年7月20日在IstanaBudaya国际剧院举行,我们期待与你见面!

James杨永聪出席GMA Heat金曲星声代演出,与瑞玛席丹甜唱经典对唱曲《Lucky》

James杨永聪出席GMA Heat金曲星声代演出,与瑞玛席丹甜唱经典对唱曲《Lucky》James杨永聪于上周6/29(六)下午在台北信义区香缇大道广场出席台湾金曲国际音乐节GMA Heat金曲星声代演出,James为此非常认真准备,为了达到最好的演出效果,即使现场演出只有20分钟共4首曲目,他却准备了5把吉他,搭配Yellow乐团的吉他手Tim一起登场。问到James为何决定带上5把琴,James说,虽然只是一场20分钟的演出,但是他十分珍惜每一次的演出机会,因此不论时间长短,他都会尽力做到最好,另外,他所准备的每一首歌都有不同的味道,希望用不同的吉他,能将声音的细节做出来,加上这次接受金曲30的邀请,更是希望拿出最好的表现,给大家最好的听觉体验!James演出当天,台北气温飙升至36度,James杨永聪一身BOSS白色西装全白清爽上阵,与同样一身白色套装的瑞玛席丹甜唱经典对唱歌曲《Lucky》,这一对声线与外型都十分登对的歌手,令台下观众马上就能进入歌曲所营造的甜蜜气息!两人在合唱结束之后接受主持人的共同访问时表示,很开心能有这次合作机会,两人都赞美对方有才华、歌声很棒 ,也表示今年虽然都没有入围金曲奖,但会再接再厉,继续做好音乐。与瑞玛席丹合唱完之后,James紧接着演出了全创作专辑《Lost & Found》里的3首歌曲《Crumbling Bones》、《没有伞的人》、《狼》,并且加码首唱近期新创作的歌曲《Woes》。当主持人问到James下半年的计划及活动时,James说,新专辑已经在筹备中,希望今年底可以顺利推出,跟大家见面!