In conjunction with the upcoming Hari Raya and school holidays, Sunway Lost World Of Tambun is hosting a celebration of all things Malaysian. The Malaysia First Lah celebration, which will run from 25 May to 9 June, allow visitors to experience the wonders of local Malay culture, reminiscent of traditions, values and customs, which Malaysian share in a true spirit of unity and concord. Among the many activities in store for visitors during the celebration period include the experience of Malay traditional games such asplaying on agiant congkak board and participating in hybrid game of Teng Teng withSnakes and Ladders. Promised to be all fun and exciting, the celebration will also feature the Humalaya Malayana meet and greet session as well as theAwesome Raya Pool Party to spice things up during the Raya festivities. “Games and sports have a unique way to bring people together while creatingand renewing bonds. This is why we are making fun games a big part of our Malaysia First Lah celebration, where families and friends can come together at Sunway Lost World Of Tambun and celebrate awesome moments with traditional Malay games,” said Nurul Nuzairi Mohd Azahari, General Manager of Sunway Lost World Of Tambun. “It truly will be a special timefor the whole family, creating a bridge between the older generation and the young ones, as parents can reminisce their childhoodplaying games which are sadly forgotten todaywhile the younger ones can experience these games their parents used to play, while doing what kids do best – having fun!” he added. Meanwhile, when all the fun and games leave participants hungry, they can continue to bond while indulging in special food and beverage promotions at Sunway Lost World Of Tambun’s Dulang Tea House, with a specifically curated menu featuring traditional Malay favourites including Rendang Tok Daging, Rendang Ayam, Ketupat,Lemang, Nasi Impit, Tempoyak Ikan Patin, Ulam, and Air Bandung, Dodoland an assortment of Kuih Raya, guaranteed to whet any appetite, large or small. The event also saw the launch of Lost World Of Tambun’s Kuang Rayaconservation programme,the first of its kind in the country,officiated by Dato’ Abdul Kadir Bin Abu Hashim,theDirector General of Wildlife and National Parks department (PERHILITAN). The attractively remarkable Kuang Raya, or Great Argus, is a pheasant species native to Southeast Asia, identified by its brown plumage, blue head and neck, rufous red upper breast, black hair-like feathers on its crown and nape, and red legs. Due to ongoing natural habitat lossandhunting, conservation of this species is essential to its survival, which has led Sunway Lost World Of Tambun to take the lead in this regard, featuring a full on conservation site on its grounds, where visitors can get up close and personal with these beauties. “As Malaysians, we sometimes take for granted the rich, diverse heritage and legacy that we enjoy in this beautiful land. It issomething that is unique to us, as it can be found nowhere else. Therefore, the responsibility lies on us to preserve and protect this heritage. The upcoming school holidays and Hari Raya is the perfect opportunity for us to do this right here at Lost World Of Tambun. While guests will certainly be in for a good time, they will also more importantly be part of a truly unique initiative which we all can share as Malaysians,” said Nurul Nuzairi Mohd Azahari, General Manager of Sunway Lost World Of Tambun.To enable more people to experience this national treasure and to experience the Malaysia First Lah celebration, Lost World Of Tambun has put together a special online promotion where tickets can be purchased at a 50% discount atRM58.50 (usual price: RM117.00) for adults and RM55.00 (usual price: RM110.00) for children*. For more details on Malaysia First Lah celebration, call +605 542 8888, visit orconnect to its Facebook page at*Terms and conditions applied.

OPPO Reno Launches in Malaysia to Inspire a Creative Vision

OPPO, a leading global smartphone brand, is set to reveal yet another exciting series to the Malaysian market – the OPPO Reno. Being the whole new series from OPPO, Reno is designed for the creative edge and technology, dedicated to excitedesigners and creators, pushing their passion for creativity even further.  OPPO’s latest Reno product boasts a brand-new concept, design philosophy, and communication model. It is tailor-made for those who seek to be differentand are not afraid to express themselves through creative impressions, whether it is music, dance, literature or a canvas. Setting itself apart from the rest with its innovative design and stylish appearance, the OPPO Reno is truly created to inspire you.“The OPPO Reno breaks the definition of being just another smartphone. It is an outlet for creative expression, designed to seamlessly fit into the life of artists and creatives or anyone who has a vision beyond the ordinary,” said Nikki Chen, Brand Directorat OPPO Malaysia. “With OPPO Reno coming to Malaysia we are confident of bringing a new wave of smart and creative connectivity to the market.”Pivot Rising Structure - An innovative hidden camera combined with a sleek design The OPPO Reno utilizes OPPO’s design language based on the concept of creative concealment, providing users with a brand-new and seamless form. Boasting a panoramic screen with a 6.4-inch OLED display, the OPPO Reno comes equipped with sixth-generation Corning® Gorilla glass, further enhancing display durability. The chin of the Reno series measures a mere 3.5mm, resulting in an impressive screen ratio of up to 93.1%.To give the series a seamless feel with zero protrusions, OPPO has placed the rear camera completely under the glass panel chassis, with curved 3D glass panels providing a comfortable grip. The OPPO Renolineup innovatively conceals the front-facing camera, soft light and back flash within a Pivot-Rising Structure that rises on demand. The structure only requires 0.8 seconds to fully rise or lower, moving both smoothly and silently. The OPPO Renoalso comes equipped with a light-sensitive, under-the-screen fingerprint sensor (Hidden fingerprint Unlock 2.0). The sensor’s all-new lighting system and algorithm improve the fingerprint-unlocking success rate by 20-30%. Available in two mesmerizing colourvariants, namely Ocean Green and Jet Black, the OPPO Renoalso features a matted texture beneath the black-glass panel, giving the Reno a truly stylish aesthetic. Brilliant photography, artistic visionThe OPPO Reno features a 48MP+5MP camera, ultra-night mode 2.0, colourmapping, 4K Video and improvised artistic portrait mode. OPPO’s portrait style brings together a series of optimization about portraits, colors, light effects, etc.  which can help users easily shoot magazine-level portraits. Together, these features allow you to take brilliant portraits, even in low-light with an added artistic flair, never allowing your creativity to take a pause. Advanced systems to deliver a uniquely powerful performancePowered by Snapdragon 710 processor and a 3,765mAh battery, the OPPO Reno features a proprietary system-level optimization solution, Hyper Boost 2.0, developed independently by OPPO. Hyper Boost 2.0 includes three separate modules, Game Boost, System Boost, and App Boost, which provides significant improvements to gaming performance, system speed, and app opening speed, respectively. The OPPO Reno run on the new ColorOS6, which is perfectly designed for use on borderless displays and provides a more immersive and balanced user experience via customized UI layout, colors, fonts, and other key features.The OPPO Reno also comes equipped with the VOOC 3.0 flash charging technology, which allows low-voltage fast charging while gaming or streaming video, without emitting excess heat.  Reno gives free rein to users’ imagination, giving them the power to break creative barriers. No-one defines this new series, but rather everyone will have their own unique Reno experience. Priced at RM 1,999, customers may place their pre-order of OPPO Reno starting from 17th May to 27th May 2019 at OPPO Concept Store, OPPO Official dealer stores or online at OPPO Official Website, e-commerce partners’ store at Lazada or Shopee. Pre-order customers may collect their phone from 28thMay onwards and will be receiving additional gifts worth up to RM437 (Battery Casing worth RM199; extended one-yearwarranty and screen protection warranty worth RM119 each). Get ready to be inspired by the OPPO Reno. #OPPOReno #FurtherYourVisionFor more information on the OPPO products, kindly refer to:OPPO Official OPPO Official Facebook Page: OPPO Official Online Store:    OPPO Official Lazada Store: OPPO Official ShopeeStore: 

“迅酷宝”电子钱包(PrestoPay)于吉隆坡桂和广场(Quill City Mall KL)双庆其首个无现金交易开斋节市集

“迅酷宝”电子钱包(PrestoPay)今日正式推介其首个无现金交易开斋节市集活动,预备迎接即将来临的开斋节庆典。这项市集活动将于5月16日至18日,一连三天于吉隆坡桂和广场(Quill City Mall KL)举办;值得一提的是,届时将有超过30个商家提供各类产品,折扣高达70%。消费者可在此“迅酷宝”电子钱包无现金交易开斋节市集体验一系列销售餐饮,电子产品,旅游和娱乐,保健和美容,生活用品,时尚,运动器材及家电等优质品牌摊位,其中包括Kluang Rail Coffee,Mon Cheri Essentials,SunQuick Juice以及Deka Electrical,以备齐开斋节的需求。消费者也可享有独家优惠以及高达70%的产品折扣。PUC控股集团董事总经理兼行政总裁张嘉洲指出,“无现金交易将为商家和消费者双双提供无缝又便利的消费体验。与现金交易相比,无现金支付方式即简单,快速又安全,同时也提供各自折扣及返现回赠的购物体验。至今共67%的大马人使用各式无现金支付方式如电子钱包,转账卡,信用卡和网银。迅酷宝将持续透过一些现场活动如此次无现金交易开斋节市集来教育消费者,让消费者接触并享用无现金交易尤为电子钱包所带来的便利。”这项为期3天的市集活动亦接受其他电子钱包支付方式如Boost,WeChat Pay等。官方场地合作伙伴吉隆坡桂和广场经理张子伦说,我们一直在找寻吸引和惠及客户的新管道。因此透过与“迅酷宝”电子钱包合作举办其首个无现金交易开斋节市集活动,我们相信所有参与此活动者可享有无缝的购物体验。我们期待与迅酷宝展开陆续的合作,鼓励我们的顾客充分利用电子设备进而简化及提升在商场的整体购物体验。”在为期3天的活动期间,首次下载并注册迅酷宝的用户即可参加转盘游戏及赢取每日多达2000份的神秘奖品。与此同时,“迅酷宝”电子钱包也举办“消费并赢取”活动,在这3天内消费最高的9个用户可获得神秘奖品,每日分别送出3份神秘礼物予3名当日消费最高的“迅酷宝”电子钱包用户。PUC控股集团于2018年透过旗下的创新社交营销平台迅酷宝推出其电子钱包功能—“迅酷宝”电子钱包。用户可透过“迅酷宝”电子钱包进行线上和线下零售交易,手机预付加额,支付账单,发送及接收汇款,充值以及提款服务,提供消费者一个简单便捷的无现金支付方式。迅酷宝应用程序于App Store及Google Play可供下载。欲知更多有关迅酷宝以及“迅酷宝”电子钱包详情,请浏览

Presto Celebrates Upcoming Raya Festive Season with Its First Truly Cashless Raya Bazaar at Quill City Mall KL

PrestoPay today launched its first ever truly Cashless Raya Bazaar in preparation for the upcoming Raya celebrations . The Bazaar will be held for three days at Quill City Mall KL from 16th to 18th May, offering customers a range of products across various categories from more than thirty (30) merchants with irresistible deals up to 70% discount.Mr. Jason Tong, Head of e-Money, Mr. William Lim, CEO Aforadio, Cheong Chia Chou, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, PUC Berhad, Mr. Alan Cheong, Manager of Quill City Mall.At PrestoPay's Cashless Raya Bazaar, customers will experience an array of curated pop-up stalls featuring brands like Kluang RailCoffee, Mon Cheri Essentials, SunQuick Juice and Deka Electrical over eight (8) different categories consisting of food and beverages, gadgets, travel, and entertainment, health and beauty, groceries, fashion, sports and home electronics to complete their Raya needs. Customers will also be able to enjoy exclusive deals as well as discounts of up to 70% on products.Cheong Chia Chou, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive OfficerPUC Berhad's Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Cheong Chia Chou said, "Going cashless enables convenient and seamless experience for both merchants and customers. Unlike physical cash, cashless payments are easy, safe, secure, quick as well offers various discounts and cashback. To-date, 67% of  Malaysians use some form of cashless payment such as mobile wallets, debit and credit cards as well as online banking. We at Presto will constantly strive to educate consumers through on-ground events, such as our Cashless Raya Bazaar in order to continuously increase exposure and showcase the convenience of going cashless especially through mobile wallet".During the three-day long event, first-time users who download and register with Presto will be eligible to spin the wheel and win up to 2000 mystery gift daily. PrestoPay is also hosting a 'Spend and win' contest with mystery prizes for nine (9) selected top spenders throughout the three-day bazaar period. Three (3) mystery prizes will be awarded to three (3) top spending PrestoPay users daily.PrestoPay was introduced in year 2018 and is a unique mobile wallet accessible via Presto app, a revolutionary home-grown social marketing app operated by PUC Berhad. PrestoPay offers hassle-free cashless payments for online and offline retail transactions, prepaid mobile reloads, bill payments, money transfer, top up and withdrawal services for consumers as an alternative payment solution.The Presto app is available for Download in both App Store and Google Play. For more information about Presto app and its mobile wallet PrestoPay, visit

科学实测与众多运动员认证- 推出有史以来最具创新价值的UNDER ARMOUR RUSH科技装备

UNDER ARMOUR RUSH 创新科技问世 矿物纤维布料帮助突破1%的临界点!UNDER ARMOUR RUSH决心提供运动者更强,更新科技装备,经过不断的科学实测与众多运动员认证后,于2019年推出品牌有史以来最具创新价值的UA Rush 科技装备!UA Rush 系列物饰透过创新的 矿物纤维布料,吸收运动过程中所散发的热能,转化成能量,再将能量回馈到肌肉与组织当中,增加血液流量及含氧量,提供身体运动所需的更多动能,帮助强化运动表现,提升耐力,不但在训练与竞赛过程中帮助运动员提升1% more的成长,加强实力,最终更帮助运动员突破1%的临界点,持续创造极限!而除了全新科技布料所提供的能量回馈之外,UA Rush 系列同事也具有UA一直以来为人赞誉的“快干排汗”,“四维拉伸”符合肌肉纹理剪裁等专业设计。经美国NBA球星Stephen Curry等多位国内外运动员实测后,证实UA Rush 让他们在运动过程中依然能保持绝佳的舒适度,不断迎接下一个更强的挑战。一直以来提供运动员24小时,360度全方位照护为品牌宗旨的Under Aemour,为了帮助运动员不断超越自我极限,追求更强的运动表现,于去年问世的Recover系列装备中,以特殊科技布料帮助运动者在休息时让身体快速恢复到最佳状态,而2019年全新推出的最强装备UA Rush,更完美落实了under armour的“24小时”运动员照护概念,从生活,恢复时所穿戴的Recover系列,到训练,竞赛时的UA Rush系列,都将帮助运动员持续成就突破1%的临界点!

Scientifically Tested, Athlete Proven : Under Armour’s All New Training Line with Infrared Technology

Under Armour RUSH is the fabric version of an infrared sauna , recyling the body’s energy during performance.  Under Armour, the first revolutionised athletic wear brand in market , to introduce sweat-wicking fabric in 1996. Once again, Under Armour is changing the performance apparel game by introducing responsive textiles and gear which is scientifically designed to enhance performance.  When it comes to training, Under Armour has 24 hours, 365 days of holistic mentality for athlete to work towards their full potential which gives more beyond training, sweat and competition. Under Armour established in the rest and recovery space through product innovations including Athlete Recovery Sleepwear featuring TB12 technology, developed in collaboration with six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. The 2018 Athlete Recover collection was designed in collaboration with leading technology provider Celliant for athletes to wear immediately after an intense workout, beginning the recovery process long before they get home and into bed. Now in 2019 , Under Armour once again partnered with Celliant to create UA RUSH, a mineral –infused fabric deisgned to enchance performance, giving athletes that extra edge by recycling the body’s energy during moments of performance.  WHAT IS UNDER ARMOUR RUSH ( UA RUSH) ?Under Armour RUSH is the newest performance apparel line, designed to be worn at the time of sweat. This scientifically engineered fabric promotes improved performance and energy return.UA RUSH is intended to provide the same benefits to the body as an infrared sauna.  Minerals found naturally in the earth are extracted and broken down into active particles, which are then melded together to form a proprietary blend. The blend is the infused into the fibres which ultimately knit into Under Armour’s high – performance fabrics that make up the gear in the collection.Under Armour athletes from around the globe have been tranining in UA RUSH for their biggest moments. Under Armour will be providing a glimpse into the training experiences of some of the world’s most elite athletes in the form of a documentary launching this summer. The UA RUSH collection offers mens' and womens' collection which will be dropping at all Under Armour brand houses and online at from 11thApril 2019.

《灼人秘密》- NINA WU 前導預告驚悚詭譎 吳可熙作勢割喉 夏于喬跪地狗叫 宋芸樺憔悴慘白

導演趙德胤首部台灣拍攝新作《灼人秘密》前導預告今天(11日)正式上線,吳可熙瘋魔狀態瀕臨崩潰,夏于喬跪地學狗叫散發詭譎邪氣,宋芸樺則是面容憔悴有別以往甜美形象,三位女主角演技爆發,糾纏在彼此間的關係也隱隱透出端倪。女主角吳可熙戲中角色受盡煎熬,一句對白「他們不只摧毀我的身體,他們也要摧毀我的心」,訴說她身心接近崩解極限,最後像發了瘋似的拿刀亂衝,甚至將利刃頂在喉頭作勢割頸,已分不清是現實或虛構。由好萊塢海報設計師Erik Buckham操刀設計的《灼人秘密》國際版海報,也選用吳可熙持刀的畫面為主視覺,搭配一片血紅背景,營造出女性復仇的懸疑感,網友盛讚這張海報「美翻了」!夏于喬飾演的女孩「3號」也終於登場,是預告中的一大亮點,無論是一抹淺淺的微笑或瞪大雙眼撂狠話說「你這個賤人」,儘管只有幾顆鏡頭短暫曝光,都讓人全身發毛,尤其當夏于喬紅衣、紅唇跪在地上學狗叫這一幕,宛如中邪般的眼神,新一代「鬼后」封號果真名不虛傳。宋芸樺的角色「Kiki」則讓觀眾留下許多想像空間,她一反過去甜美可人的鄰家形象,眼泛淚光憔悴不堪,流露出痛苦的壓抑情緒,對宋芸樺來說是一大突破,也更加好奇這個角色究竟與其他人的關係是什麼。《灼人秘密》將在第72屆坎城影展「一種注目」競賽單元進行世界首映,導演趙德胤與三位女星吳可熙、夏于喬、宋芸樺都將出席,劇組特別策劃影迷福利,臉書分享前導預告,就有機會獲得導演與演員來自坎城的親筆簽名明信片,詳細活動辦法請見《灼人秘密》官方臉書粉絲團(。

Nina Wu -《灼人秘密》入围第72届坎城影展官方评选的競賽單元影片

由赵德胤执导《灼人秘密》入围第72届坎城影展官方评选的競賽單元影片(法国18日讯)第72届戛纳电影节今午通过官方直播的媒体发布会宣布今年的官方评选影片,电影《灼人秘密》有幸入围第72届戛纳电影节官方评选的【競賽單元】影片。《灼人秘密》由三位女主角吳可熙、宋芸樺、夏于喬,講述一個鄉下女孩到城市追夢的故事,聚焦女性奮鬥,伴隨懸疑情節,加上15位知名演員力挺演出,話題性十足!由岸上影像有限公司(Seashore Image Productions)出品,马来西亚爵士电影制作公司(Jazzy Pictures)联合制作,这部电影耗资两百万元美金的悬疑片經歷近一年的籌備及兩個月的拍攝,终于在11月26日正式殺青,目前电影的后制团队正进行最后的后期制作及剪接。这是导演赵德胤首次在台湾执导的剧情长片。爵士电影制作公司总裁兼《灼人秘密》执行制片人,吴佩玲小姐也将在5月携主创们一同出席本届坎城影展。除了集結吳可熙、宋芸樺、夏于喬等15位实力派演員,幕後團隊也十分强大,包括《不能說的秘密》、《吃吃的愛》美術指導郭志達,以及《德蘭》、《英格力士》德籍攝影師陸一帆共同參與。大马年轻演员吕杨(Fabian Loo)亦有幸参与该影片的首度与导演赵德胤及众主演合作,这也是他第一次参与台湾电影的拍摄。吕杨在《灼人秘密》中饰演一名制片助理,他收到角色剧本时,当下的第一反应是「太荣幸了!能和得奖无数的赵德胤导演及那么多位著名资深的演员合作,还能顺便到台湾工作旅行」。

《 吉龙糖 JLD Dragon 》奶茶

你不认识的『吉龙糖』🐉一群八年级生对饮品市场疯狂热爱,在厌世代中以超强企图心不服输精神,以跨世代新思维、落实执行用心每个细节、坚持用好饮品征服全世界。吉龙糖品牌设定是以中国东方出发,龙象征尊贵、荣耀象征,让年轻肯打拼精神有霸气、打天下的决心,能获得自我肯定有认同感,用这样的理念能感染志同道合伙伴,有共同理念才能走更长久。吉龙糖就是用好食材、好服务、好专业来打动每个人。日本冲绳黑糖、天天现炒黑糖煮糖、专人手工熬煮珍珠、优质品牌鲜奶、红茶阿萨姆特调配方、深焙炭烧乌龙茶,坚持2小时未售出就倒掉重煮,保持茶风味不苦涩、再再用好食材的诚心及热情跟消费者搏感情。一群八年级生对饮品市场疯狂热爱,在厌世代中以超强企图心不服输精神,以跨世代新思维、落实执行用心每个细节、坚持用好饮品征服全世界。吉龙糖品牌设定是以中国东方出发,龙象征尊贵、荣耀象征,让年轻肯打拼精神有霸气、打天下的决心,能获得自我肯定有认同感,用这样的理念能感染志同道合伙伴,有共同理念才能走更长久。吉龙糖就是用好食材、好服务、好专业来打动每个人。日本冲绳黑糖、天天现炒黑糖煮糖、专人手工熬煮珍珠、优质品牌鲜奶、红茶阿萨姆特调配方、深焙炭烧乌龙茶,坚持2小时未售出就倒掉重煮,保持茶风味不苦涩、再再用好食材的诚心及热情跟消费者搏感情。嘻嘻,来看看我们家Agnes出席马来西亚第一家《 吉龙糖 JLD Dragon 》黑糖茶饮专卖开张的影片吧!

Piaget Announces Kong Hyo Jin as New Brand Ambassador for Asia Pacific

Known for her versatility in portraying different types of roles in movies and television dramas, Kong Hyo-Jin has added a new role to her successful career – Piaget’s brand ambassador for the Asia Pacific region.Elegant, stylish, audacious, independent and confident, Kong Hyo-Jin perfectly embodies the spirit of today’s Piaget woman. As an actress, writer, designer and fashion icon, she is an inspiration to many women in Korea and around the region.Together with this announcement, Piaget is also delighted to launch a new brand film and two images with Kong Hyo-Jin. Shot in Seoul during the spring, the brand film showcases different moments of her daily life as a typical Piaget woman. Wherever she goes – whether it is enjoying an afternoon with her best friends, browsing through the latest hard covers at a local book store, attending the opening of an art gallery or styling the right outfit for a magazine cover, she embraces the positive energy and the liberating joy that accompanies these cheerful moments.Kong Hyo-Jin chose her favourite Piaget rings, pendants, bangles, earrings and watches to create memorable and stylish looks for the brand film and images. Attracted by the addictive turning ritual of the iconic Piaget Possession collection, she paired a watch with a paved dial together with open bangles, a pendant paved with diamonds, hoops earrings and various rings for the perfect casual look for a sunny afternoon. For an elegant evening out, she created a more feminine mood with the vibrant Limelight Gala Milanese gold watch and a Sunlight pendant set with a central white opal. While styling the picture-perfect outfit for her photo shoot, she chose different Altiplano timepieces and Possession earrings to show off her distinctive personal style.“We are really pleased and excited to welcome to the Piaget family, Kong Hyo-Jin, a leading actress in South Korea, admired by many across Asia for her talents, elegance and style. She is the perfect embodiment of today’s Piaget woman – audacious, stylish and confident!” explains Matthieu Pougin, Piaget’s Managing Director Asia Pacific.“I am inspired by the beautiful stories behind each Piaget creation, how design and craftsmanship are so important. I look forward to discovering more stories to share with you in the coming days!” shares the new Piaget brand ambassador for Asia Pacific, Kong Hyo-Jin.Kong Hyo-Jin, an award winning actressKong Hyo-Jin started her acting career in 1999 in a supporting role in Memento Mori, a film regarded as a modern-day classic by many young Korean filmmakers and cinema fans. Her breakthrough year came in 2002 where she was cast in A Bizarre Love Triangle. But it was her performance in Ruler of Your Own World that same year that grabbed the industry’s attention.In 2006, Kong Hyo-Jin was offered a part in Family Ties, a role written specifically for her by her mentor, Memento Mori director, Kim Tae-Yong. This film forever changed Kong Hyo-Jin’s acting career. Reviews singled out her portrayal as an angry young woman in a deeply troubled relationship with her mother and she was praised for her brilliant acting. That year she won the honour of Best Actress at the Korean Film Awards.Strong performances in varied roles cemented her reputation as a serious actress and also earned her numerous acting awards in Korea, among them Best Actress trophies from the Korean Film Awards and Director’s Cut Awards.She made her stage debut in the Willy Russell play Educating Rita. She continues to receive critical acclaim in her recent acting roles, whether in television, film or on stage.Kong Hyo-Jin has also graced the covers of numerous magazines in Asia Pacific and often shows off her distinctive style in fashion and editorial shoots.#Piaget #TurnAndShineAbout PiagetThis passion for daring creativity was born in La Côte-aux-Fées, where Georges-Edouard Piaget set up his first workshop in the family farmhouse and devoted himself to producing high- precision movements. This was back in 1874 and marked the start of an ever-growing reputation. In 1943, the company took a decision that would prove crucial to its future by registering its brand name.Faithful to its pioneering spirit, in the late 1950s Piaget set about designing and manufacturing the ultra-thin movements that would become one of the Maison’s signatures and leave a lasting imprint on the art of watchmaking.But Piaget has also always represented a style: a marriage of gold and an explosion of color, new shapes, precious gems, and dials made of hard stones. Swept to new heights of creativity driven by Yves G. Piaget, the Maison’s jewelry collection grew in an original direction with a resolute emphasis on color, giving birth to the iconic Piaget look. Building on over 140 years of history, the ever-bold Maison continues to innovate by offering jewels in motion, elegant and extravagant High Jewelry collections, as well as remarkable watches. In a world unconstrained by boundaries, Piaget the watchmaker-jeweler continues to explore unexpected creative possibilities, turning gold, stones and gems into brilliant works of art.

Malaysia's King of Fashion Bernard Chandran Petang Raya 2019

Malaysia's King of Fashion Bernard Chandran Petang Raya 2019

Brand New HBO Drama Series EUPHORIA Debuts 17 June

Executive Produced By Drake And Starring ZendayaWatch the new official teaser for EUPHORIA: The brand new HBO Original drama series EUPHORIA begins its eight-episode season same time as the U.S. on Monday, 17 June at 10am exclusively on HBO (Astro Ch 411 / 431 HD), with a same day encore at 11pm. New episodes premiere every Monday at the same time. The show follows a group of high school students as they navigate drugs, sex, identity, trauma, social media, love and friendship. Zendaya leads an ensemble cast that also includes Maude Apatow, Angus Cloud, Eric Dane, Alexa Demie, Jacob Elordi, Barbie Ferreira, Nika King, Storm Reid, Hunter Schafer, Algee Smith and Sydney Sweeney. All episodes are created and written by Sam Levinson, who also serves as executive producer. Other executive producers include Drake, Future the Prince, Ravi Nandan, Kevin Turen, Hadas Mozes Lichtenstein, Ron Leshem, Daphna Levin, Tmira Yardeni, Mirit Toovi, Yoram Mokady, Gary Lennon and Jim Kleverweis. Produced in partnership with A24 and based on the Israeli series of the same name, which was created by Ron Leshem and Daphna Levin, from HOT. The series will also be available on HBO On Demand (via Astro Go).

Still Human《沦落人》荣获第38届香港电影金像奖3座奖项

电影《沦落人》在第38届香港电影金像奖上荣获三座奖项,分别由陈小娟获得最佳新晋导演奖、由姬素·孔尚治Crisel Consunji饰演的Evelyn 获得最佳新演员、而黄秋生饰演的昌荣则获得最佳男主角并再次夺得金像影帝!这部电影除了在第38届香港电影香港金像奖上荣获了三座奖项,导演陈小娟也荣获了第13届亚洲电影大奖最佳新导演奖。  马来西亚爵士电影制作公司 (Jazzy Pictures)为电影《沦落人》的大马发行商,该电影已于本月9日(星期二)在TGV One Utama举办了首映礼。这部电影相当感人,也非常深受大众喜爱,当晚出席首映礼的观众也对这部电影好评如潮。这部电影原定于4月18日在全马各大戏院上映,可惜却与多部大制作影片的上映撞档期,而导致安排上映电影《沦落人》的戏院地点非常有限,最后只能在被排在区区13间戏院放映。为了不让大马观众错过这部荣获好评的电影,Jazzy Pictures决定将原定于4月18日上映的《沦落人》延期至五月在全马各大戏院上映以争取更多间的放映戏院,详细日期将稍后公布。《沦落人》是关于两个沦落香港的最低下层的人的故事。中年男子汉昌荣(黄秋生饰)因意外受伤瘫痪后妻离子散,他认为人生再沒有值得期望的东西,而自己亦不值得拥有任何东西。年轻菲佣Evelyn(Crisel Consunji饰)因为现实的原因,成为了一个寄人篱下的工人,放弃了成为摄影师的梦想。那一个夏天,这样的两个陌生人相遇相识,感情在他们的主仆关系中发芽,然而盛放的,却是灵魂與与灵魂之间的尊重和爱。他们一起经历的春夏秋冬,令他们学习到底要怎样面对人生的四季。黄秋生 不负众望,凭借 零片酬 出演的《沦落人》拿下最佳男主角。这是他第三次获封金像影帝,也是他获得的第五座 金像奖 杯。陈小娟首次执导长篇作品便夺下金像奖最佳新晋导演奖,而Crisel Consunji (姬素·孔尚治)更在领奖时心情激动,全因这次是她第一次接演电影并入围金像奖,最后还夺得了最佳新演员的殊荣。希望该电影届时在大马上映时也能获得本地观众的大力支持与期待。更多有关《沦落人》于大马的上映详情,敬请留守JazzyPictures 的社交媒体。

[ALEXANDROS] Live in Kuala Lumpur 2019

[ALEXANDROS] for the SECOND time to Kuala Lumpur!The popularly in-demand band will also be touring other Asia countries, including Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Bangkok and Jakarta. Their concert in Kuala Lumpur will be held on 19 July 2019 (Friday) at Bentley Music Auditorium, at 8.30pm.[ALEXANDROS] will also hold an exclusive meet and greet session with the fans, limited to VIP ticket holders only! VIP ticket holders will get to meet and have a handshake session with the band members, take a group photo with them, get an autographed concert poster, and last but certainly not least, able to get priority entry to the concert.Following last year in September, [ALEXANDROS] had released a new song「Arpeggio」as the theme songfor the suspense action game “Judge Eyes”, starring Takuya Kimura as the game’s main protagonist. The [ALEXANDROS] Arpeggio music video also features Takuya Kimura, who could be seen ‘acting’ as a behind- the-camera person.The band also just recently revealed they will be releasing a new song「Pray」in May, which will be the Japanese theme song for the popular Godzilla movie franchise “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”.[ALEXANDROS], formerly known as Champagne, is a four-piece rock band from Japan that plays a mixture of alternative and hard rock with elements of pop punk and emo, lending them a contemporary sound that carries a wide appeal. They are currently signed to Universal Music Japan and are one of the bigger names in the current Japanese rock scene. On top of that, the band performs songs in both Japanese and English, which makes them instantly accessible to a larger global audience. Their transnational appeal also stems from the fact that the members have living experience abroad and are multilingual; skills and competencies they also transfer into their art and sound. Last year, the band had sang the theme song for the popular anime live-action ‘BLEACH’ movie that was released in July. The band was formed in 2007 and the members are: Yoohei Kawakami on vocals and guitar, Hiroyuki Isobe on bass and backing vocals, Masaki Shirai on guitar and Satoyasu Shomura on drums.[ALEXANDROS] Live in Kuala Lumpur is organized by Toybox Projects; UKPM (Artist Management); RX- Records (Music Label); creativeman (Tour Agent); Livemasters Inc. (Tour Producer); Sponsored by EPOP (Official Magazine) and Rentak Sejuta (Official Online Media).Ticket price for the concert is VIP RM438 / Zone A RM288 (pre-sale) RM308 (at door) / Zone B RM138 (pre- sale) RM158 (at door). This is an all standing concert. Venue entry will be according to the ticket number order. All concert tickets are excluding ticket processing fee and other handling fees. Tickets are on sale starting 19 April 2019, 10am at , +603 9222 8811 (Kuala Lumpur).Organizer reserves the rights to alter the terms & conditions and/or the contents without prior notice. Photography or Videography are strictly prohibited inside the venue without the permission of the organizer. No outside F&B allowed in the venue. Children aged under 15 years old are advised to be accompanied by the guardian. Organizer reserves the rights to refuse or escort out any personnel with any inappropriate behavior.


The eighth and final season of the Emmy® and Golden Globe-winning hit series GAME OF THRONES (#GameOfThrones) aired its first episode yesterday. Catch new episodes of the series same time as the U.S. every Monday at 9am, encore at 10pm, on HBO (Astro Ch 411 / 431 HD). Based on the popular book series “A Song of Ice and Fire,” by George R.R. Martin, this HBO award-winning fantasy series chronicles an epic struggle for power in a vast and violent kingdom. Members of the ensemble cast for the eighth season include Emmy® and Golden Globe winner Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams.