Ocean Hero Conservation Run

The Ocean Hero Conservation Run aims to educate the people on the importance of conserving MArine Life and Ocean Sustainability. Themed "Plastic-Free Ocean" the run hopes to raise awareness of the serious issue of plastic pollution that affects the entire ocean and to protect the sustainable eco system and eco tourism in our environment.So come and be part of this fun run for the sake of our environment together. Details as below:Apart from the run, there will also be a carnival for the whole family. So come and join us as we have fun while conserving our environment. There'll be food trucks, game booths, arts and crafts, mini obstacle courses and of course educational booths to impart knowledge on environmental issues and how we can help save our oceans! So bring your family along for a fun day out! AFO Radio is proud to be apart of this initiative and we'll see you there ! 

TBC Charity Event : Rumah Amal Budi Bestari : WeCare, WeLove Campaign : www.aforadio.com

WeCare, We Love Campaign is one of the effort that TBC  try to do for the society. They have tied up with 3 charity house during this campaign. TBC will donate 0.5% of our final sales during 24 Jan 2019 to 3 Feb 2019 to support Rumah Amal Budi Bistari, Rumah Al-Mahabbah and Persatuan Rumah K.I.D.S.Photo Groups with Rumah Amal Budi Bestari.Kenny Tan, KYM, DJ AFO Dian Tai, MR Rico Lee, Managing Director of TBC Elektrik Sdn.Bhd , William Lim CEO of Aforadio & AFO Dian Tai, KYM, DJ AFO Dian Tai.


UNDER ARMOUR DEBUTS HOVR CONNECTED FITNESS IN MALAYSIAKUALA LUMPUR, 30 JANUARY 2019 – Come February 2019, as part of its expansion in the Run footwear category, high performance sportswear label Under Armour will be introducing the all-new HOVR Infinite, following the roll-out of the HOVR Phantom and HOVR Sonic Connected models across the world.The latest addition to Under Armour is digitally savvy “Connected” line and designed for high-impact, long-distance runners, HOVR Infinite enhances how consumers experience Under Armour’s proprietary HOVR technology – its cushioning platform that features a sturdy foam compound, providing energy return and shock absorption with every foot strike.Personalized Gait Coaching Amongst New Connected FeaturesConnectivity is the focus for the coming year. In 2019, the HOVR Infinite, alongside every HOVR performance running shoe around the world, will connect to UA’s “MapMyRun” application – allowing runners to track basic statistics introduced in 2018 such as running distance, pace and splits – but also more advanced gait metrics like cadence and stride length.The Spring 2019 HOVR line will be where physical meets digital. The HOVR Infinite will include a feature that analyzes run data and provides runners with real-time, in-depth gait coaching; almost like a personalized run coach that all customers will have access to. Runners will be able to evaluate their precise progress and check their historical data, allowing for better pace prediction and planning forfuture runs.“The sports industry is constantly being reshaped by technology, and digitalization is changing the way we interact with sports like running,”said Michael Binger, Chief Executive Officer, Triple Pte Ltd. “In 2019, we aim to elevate our customers’ running experiences by connecting them to digital platforms that will understand their needs and improve their performance. Our Connected Fitness investment gives us the unique ability to go wherever our runners are, via our digital community, and speak to them in a personal and intimate way.” “Since we unveiled HOVR, all HOVR Connected workouts have tracked over 1 million miles in MapMyRun. In 2019, we are committed to continue investing in our Connected community – delivering a seamless digital running experience and building onto our current network of over 245million users.”The HOVR Infinite features a neutral cushioned model with 29 MM heel and 21 MM forefoot (8 MM offset), with the shoe’s foam designed to provide a sensation of 360 coverage for enhanced comfort – enabling runners to go further and longer with every run. It anchors a full suite of new HOVR running shoes that will be launched in February 2019 along with the Guardian, Velociti 2, Sonic 2 and PhantomSE. HOVR Infinite will be available in Under Armour brand houses nationwide and online store, retailing at RM 649 starting from 1st February 2019. For more information, please visit http://www.underarmour.com.my

Lauching HOVR Under Armour Run Suite SS 2019 Connected Fitness : www.aforadio.com

Celebrity and Ambassador under armour.Highlight video & interview Linora Low Highlight video & interview Jason AngLauching HOVR Under Armour Run Suite SS 2019 Connected Fitnes event.Jason Ang, Senior Manager, Merchandising at Under ArmourPeter Davis New Under Armour Collection 2019

M First

M FIRST團隊事業,網賣交易以及產品開發及品牌形象,擁有多年的市場經驗及創立更多美容相關產品幫助更多社會上的需求。我們承諾創造女性擁有自由及豐盛的生活我們的使命幫助社會上更多女性生活上獨立,美麗,以及價值觀:美麗,自由,勇敢, 高標準:精準,有效率,服務佳。創造一個和諧、公平、積極的工作環境,以此來發揮和促進团队的創造力和進取精神,並實踐員工公司的共同發展。 因為社會快速進步,借去過去的經驗和往後的市場需要,把团队每個人栽培,踏穩專案管理職務,以及接觸市場分析以及產品銷售技能,帶給旗下受惠市場的需求。引發團隊創造更多品質高的產品。 滿足市場和消費者不斷變化的需求以及對女性關注,為消費者帶來更優質、更多元的選擇。M First 其中一个品牌 Squeeze me 由艺人“陈凯旋”代言。Squeeze me Product 方便携带、容易使用、让你简单吃出苗条身材、排毒养颜美容等功效了解更多 : https://www.facebook.com/MFirstsdnbhd/

Lauching of GOFAY Airways Travel App "GO TRAVEL" : www.aforadio.com

Lauching of GOFAY Airways Travel App "GO TRAVEL" by YBHG. Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah ( General Secretary of The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Malaysia) .Lauching of GOFAY Airways Travel App "GO TRAVEL" : Highlight and Interview with Leong from You Wings Holidays.Lauching of GOFAY Airways Travel App "GO TRAVEL" : Highlight and Interview with Leong from You Wings Holidays. (AFO Dian Tai)Lauching of GOFAY Airways Travel App "GO TRAVEL"YBHG. Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah ( General Secretary of The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Malaysia) .Datuk Daniel Lee, CEO of Gofay Airways Sdn. Bhd.Photo Groups YBHG. Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah and GofayAgnes, Leong Yong Jian and Kenny


可以吃的“朵雲” 成立於2016年,售賣特別訂製又可以吃的“朵雲” 最得特的是可以在上面印製自己想要的圖案,而且 100% HALAL。當然棉花糖上的圖案都是使用food colouring 所印上的,絕對安全使用。一開始只在網路銷售的“朵雲”因為廣受歡迎,現在也開設實體店面就在 UPTOWN ,讓你能夠30分鐘內就拿到你想送的特別訂製的禮物啦!除了長得很像一朵朵雲的“棉花糖”之外,店內也提供了巧克力和特別咖啡包,供你選擇!最重要的是包裝都特別獨特,絕對能呈現你的心意。ChubbeeCloud📍地址:No. 85-G, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.🕒营业时间:星期日至星期四 12pm - 11pm ; 星期五至星期六 12pm - 11:30pm(星期一休息)了解更多 : https://www.chubbeecloud.com/

Ishin Japanese Dining

Chinese New Year Golden Japanese Banquet. Chinese new year is here, are you looking for a venue for company annual dinner, family get-together, friends gathering? Look no further, at Ishin we provide banquet style menu specially cater for you to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Our menu includes freshly flown-in ingredients that are arrayed together for a delish enjoyment laced with prosperity, luck, wealth and good health.Available from 11th Jan; lunch and dinner dine-in till 5th March 2019 Only.For reservations, please call +603-7980 8228 or book your table online at Ishin Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pg/ishinmy/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10155945044617647 


BookXcess 在北马开设首家书店,继续向更多马来西亚人推广阅读风气  BookXcess 第8家书店正式在槟城葛尼百丽宫广场(Gurney Paragon Mall)营业!这个以“百万故事之屋”为主题的书店,能让北马人如愿以偿地买到各种各样的优质英文书籍,并同时能享有比建议零售商便宜 50% 至80%的价钱。  备有全马最长的书架(70公尺长)以及10公尺高的双层书架,BookXcess 团队要带给大家各种畅销好书。书迷们可以在这里找到各类书籍,包括艺术、设计、文学、小说、非小说、青少年、儿童读物及其他好书。小孩和父母也能在BookXcess书店找到独家代理的Little Hippo扩增实境(AR)互动书。这些扩增实境书籍能让小孩在置身于其境的同时也能 享受互动式的阅读体验。采用先进扩增实境科技的AR互动书全面改变了新世代的阅读方式, 使孩子们可透过这些书本阅读、玩乐和学习。 BookXcess 私人有限公司创办人Andrew Yap说:“马来西亚很少酷爱阅读的人 ,其中一個原因在于书价昂贵。由于购书开销高于个人的平均收入,因此成为了许多爱书之人的绊脚石。有鉴于此,BookXcess的目标在于培养人们的阅读风气,让书籍成为人人都能购买的商品。”  槟城葛尼百丽宫广场BookXcess 书店坐落在其商场的全第7层及第8层(局部),并占地26,000平方英尺。它备有一个儿童阅读区,可让孩子们远眺迷人海景,激发这些小孩的好奇心,从中找到知识的乐趣。书店里也设置了一个舒服的阅读空间,让顾客们可以随心所欲地翻阅图书样本。 此外,顾客也可以到Café Wolf ,BookXcess 书店特设的咖啡馆享用茶点和简餐。 汇华产业集团执行董事许芝敏(Khor TzeMing)在开业仪式上提到,当今的购物者选择沉醉在宁静舒适的氛围中,而书本是他们在喧嚣商场中的避风港。她说:“槟城的国际学校如雨后春笋般涌现,BookXcess书店正好能与这个趋势互补,同时也能符合州政府的愿景,那就是把槟城打造成一个国际化的知识密集型与高收入的经济体。”葛尼百丽宫广场BookXcess书店也是Red Readerhood赠书计划在槟的首个固定据点。始于2011年的Red Readerhood 赠书计划旨在回馈于社会。BookXcess会与当地的慈善机构合作,将书本赠送给所需要的群体。顾客们可以购买并捐赠置放在Red Readerhood 专区的书籍,而且只要顾客购买一本书,BookXcess 也会再捐赠一本书Red Readerhood赠书计划首4间受惠的慈善机构分别是盼望之家(House of Hope)、 救世军孤儿院(The Salvation Army)、圣若瑟之家(St. Joseph’s Home )及槟城环宇希望(Hope Worldwide Penang)。 配合新店开业,凡是在葛尼百丽宫广场BookXcess书店 购买书籍或非书籍类商品,消费者将享有额外20%折扣,优惠期从2019年1月24日至1月27日为止。  葛尼百丽宫广BookXcess 书店每日营业时间为早上10点至晚上10点 于 Gurney Paragon Mall, 7thFloor, Gurney Paragon, Gurney Drive, Georgetown, 10250 George Town 。

BookXcess Launches the First BookXcess Out of Kuala Lumpur at Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang

Keeping up with its mission to bring the joy of reading to more Malaysians, BookXcess opens its first bookstore in the northern region. Founder of BookXcess Andrew Yap sharing at the discussion panel during the launch. BookXcess has officially launched its eighth store at Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang. Dubbed ‘The House of a Million Stories’, the bookstore is a dream come true for customers in the Northern Region as they are now able to purchase a wide range of quality English books at 50% - 80% off recommended retail price.The longest bookshelf in Malaysia at 70 metres in length BookXcess Gurney Paragon Mall features the tallest bookshelf in Malaysia at 10m. Featuring the longest bookshelf in Malaysia at 70 metres in length and a two-storey bookshelf measuring 10 metres high, the BookXcess team brings you a uniquely diverse selection of sought-after titles. Book lovers can expect a variety of books from art and design to literature, fiction, non-fiction, young adult, children’s books and many more hidden gems. Exclusively for BookXcess, parents of young ones will also find Little Hippo augmented reality (AR) books available at the store. AR books create an immersive, interactive reading experience. Children will be able to read, play and learn with these AR books as it uses cutting-edge AR technology to revolutionize reading for the next generation. “One of the reasons there are so few avid readers in Malaysia is that books are very expensive. Books cost a lot in relation to the average person’s income and this is a barrier for many book lovers. As such, BookXcess’ goal is to make reading popular again; for books to become a household item that everyone can afford,” shared Andrew Yap, Founder of BookXcess Sdn. Bhd. Taking up the entire 7thfloor and part of the 8thfloor, covering 26,000 sq. ft, BookXcess Gurney Paragon Mall features a children’s section which offers a breath-taking view of the ocean, providing inspiration for young readers to spark their curious minds. The bookstore also features comfortable reading spaces for customers to browse the sample books available. In addition, customers can also visit Café Wolf, BookXcess’ very own in-store café for refreshments or a quick bite. According to Hunza Group Executive Director, Ms. Khor Tze Ming, “Shoppers nowadays enjoy getting lost in a cosy feeling of peace and quiet where books have their back amidst the crazy buzz of a busy mall. The establishment of BookXcess is a great complement to the mushrooming of international schools in Penang, which is in line with the state government’s vision in transforming our state into an international city with high-income economy that is knowledge-intensive.” BookXcess Gurney Paragon Mall is also Red Readerhood’s first long-term initiative in Penang. Started in 2011, Red Readerhood gives back to communities by working together with local organisations to give books to those in need. Customers can purchase and donate a book at the Red Readerhood corner, and for every book a customer donates, BookXcess will match it with another book. The first four homes that will benefit from this initiative are House of Hope, The Salvation Army, St. Joseph’s Home and Hope Worldwide Penang. Children's Corner at BookXcess Gurney Paragon MallCafe Wolf is BookXcess' very own in-store cafeThe 8th Floor which features pop art and non-book items. BookXcess Gurney Paragon Mall is open daily from 10am to 10pm and is located at Gurney Paragon Mall, 7thFloor, Gurney Paragon, Gurney Drive, Georgetown, 10250 George Town. Customers can also stay updated on the latest BookXcess news on:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BookXcess/ Instagram: @bookxcessWebsite: https://www.bookxcess.com/ 

TBC Setia Alam Reopening @ WE LOVE, WE CARE Campaign : www.aforadio.com

WeCare, We Love Campaign is one of the effort that TBC  try to do for the society. They have tied up with 3 charity house during this campaign. TBC will donate 0.5% of our final sales during 24 Jan 2019 to 3 Feb 2019 to support Rumah Amal Budi Bistari, Rumah Al-Mahabbah and Persatuan Rumah K.I.D.SHighlight VideoInterview with MR Rico Lee, Managing Director of TBC Elektrik Sdn.Bhd

1000 Cars and Counting!

SOCAR Kickstarts 2019 with A Bigger Fleet and Expansion to the Northern Region Malaysia’s leading car-sharing application SOCAR, ushers in the new year with a crowning achievement of a fleet of 1000 cars and an expansion to the northern region. SOCAR is now available within Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Penang in over 500 zones with more than 15 car models for members to choose from. Launched in January 2018, the car-sharing company from South Korea made its way to Malaysian shores - the first country to benefit from SOCAR’s expansion. In 2018, SOCAR truly transformed the mobility paradigm in Kuala Lumpur’s urban landscape by bringing its own brand of “multiflex”transportation to the Klang Valley. Since its Malaysian inception, SOCAR has focused on offering accessibility and convenience to Malaysians who want to enjoy the benefits of car-sharing. Over the last year, more Malaysians have been exploring the concept of car-sharing as seen in the growth of SOCAR members of 20 times and the facilitation of more than a million car-sharing hours. “In 2018, we saw the adoption and growth of car-sharing in Malaysia. This year, we are looking towards a rapid expansion as we would like to extend the multiflex lifestyle to more people in the country. We want to provide the public with an affordable and flexible option for a car or a second car, hence we have invested in more car models to suit different preferences and needs. In addition, we have started off the year by expanding to Penang with more cities in the pipeline in order to increase our accessibility and offer greater convenience to Malaysians who want an alternative to car ownership,”said Leon Foong, CEO of SOCAR Malaysia. As of 1 February 2019, SOCAR will be available in one of Malaysia’s famous food havens, Penang. Upon launching, SOCAR will have 50 cars available in Penang located in 21 zones throughout the island and mainland. One-way drives will be available for those who wish to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Penang for business or for a weekend getaway. In conjunction with the launch, multiflexers will be able to enjoy complimentary one-way drives from KL to Penang from selected one-way zones. The promotion will be available from the 16th to the 31st of January with the promo code “PENANG”. Members will be required to drop the car off at any SOCAR parking zone in Queensbay Mall, Penang.SOCAR Zones Located In PenangMainlandPenang IslandSunway Hotel Seberang PeraiCaltex Jalan Permatang RawaCaltex Jalan KulimCaltex Jalan Bukit MinyakCaltex Jalan JelawatCaltex Jalan Baru Caltex Jalan Sungai RambaiCaltex Raja UdaGurney ParagonPenang Island Plaza1st Avenue PenangVouk Hotel Suites PenangKompleks Bukit JambulPenang Plaza / Hotel RoyalPenang International AirportM Mall Penang (Next to Penang Times Square)Tunku Abdul Rahman University College PenangMoulmein RiseAll Season PlaceArena Curve PenangArena ResidenceLeon Foong - CEO of SOCAR MalaysiaABOUT SOCAR:SOCAR Malaysia is a car-sharing startup that aims to change the landscape of Malaysian transportation by bringing in a new era of multiflex mobility. Prior to launching in Malaysia, SOCAR Korea has brought car-sharing to millions of South Koreans and grown its fleet to almost 9000 cars.SOCAR Malaysia is the company’s first overseas expansion and aims to give people the convenience of driving a car without the commitment of owning one. With its mobile application, SOCAR will make car-sharing convenient for everyone by allowing members to book and unlock cars on its platform with just a few taps. All cars on the SOCAR platform are keyless and prices are inclusive of petrol and insurance (comprehensive and personal accident coverage). Over the next 12 months, the company aims to grow their fleet to over 2,500 cars and bring the convenience and joy of car-sharing to hundreds of thousands of members across Malaysia.Multiflex: Having multiple transport options to get from point A to point B at the flexibility of when you need it.For more information : www.socar.my

Blooming Spring At Quill City Mall

Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur is welcoming the lunar new year with its floral theme , "Blooming Spring." The mall has transformed its Main Atrium into a spring- blooming garden featuring colourful giant flowers and golden birds surrounding the decorations in a flying motion thus enchanting the atmosphere of Chinese New Year. Shoppers can anticipate the experience of spring in the mall this Chinese New Year form 15 January 2019 until 17 February 2019.  " This year , the mall's Chinese New Year campaign, 'Blooming Spring ' commences from 15 January 2019 until 17 February 2019 in Quill City Mall KL. We sincerely invite all shoppers to spend time with their friends and family in Quill City Mall KL during this year's Chinese New Year celebrations, as well as indulge in a shopping spree and explore wondrous array of festive delights and products, " said Dato Ar. Michael One , Group Executive Director of Quill Group Companies. 8TV Celebrities - From left : Jordan Sen ,Natalie Ng , Emily Chan , Haoren From left : Mr. William Lim - CEO OF AFO Radio , Mr. Joseph Teo - Vice President, Marketing of  Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur.For inquiries of Quill City Mall Programs and promotions, visit Quill City Mall Facebook, Instagram : QuillCityMallKualaLumpur or website : http://www.quillcitymall.com.my

Joker Xue 薛之谦《摩天大楼》世界巡回演唱会马来西亚站。

薛之谦《摩天大楼》世界巡回演唱会马来西亚站宣布开始购票了,薛之谦即将于2019年2月16日(星期六),晚上8点在Axiata室内体育馆开唱, 如你想亲临演唱会现场聆听薛之谦众多耳熟能详的薛氏情歌,千万别错过!薛之谦《摩天大楼》世界巡回演唱会马来西亚站票务所有票价均对号入座每次交易可购8张票至于票价,则分为RM877(VIP)、RM777(CAT1)、RM677(CAT2)、RM577(CAT3)、RM477(CAT4)和RM277(CAT5)所有票价皆为对号入座 。预知更多详情以及购票 👉🏼 https://mayflower.com.my/joker-xue-concert-2019

Pakho 周柏豪 《One Step Closer》 2019 大馬演唱會

男神終於來馬與粉絲見面啦!由銀河集團主辦、XMEGAMI聯合呈獻及MODIC全力支持,Pakho 周柏豪《One Step Closer》 2019 大馬演唱會,周柏豪將在開唱前搶先來馬來西亞和粉絲們來個近距離的見面會!周柏豪將於2019年1月26日(星期六),晚上7時,在吉隆坡Quill City Mall與大家見面!在見面會當天,周柏豪也會在現場一一為喜愛他的粉絲們簽演唱會海報!只要您已經購買了周柏豪《One Step Closer》2019大馬演唱會的演唱會入門票,就可以憑票換取一張演唱會海報並上台索取周柏豪的親筆簽名!在這次的造勢活動現場,爲了讓粉絲可以更近距離接觸男神,周柏豪除了會有簽名會及和大家分享最近的近況外,還會與現場歌迷們進行互動玩遊戲,有更近距離接觸的機會,所以粉絲們絕不能錯過這一次與男神相處的機會!而還未購買演唱會入門票的朋友們,你們也無需擔心,爲了迎合周柏豪的第一場大馬演唱會造勢活動,從今天開始至1月26日,首1000位購買PS 1、PS 2、PS 3入門票者都能享有10%的折扣。造勢活動當天12點正,現場將會設立售票櫃檯讓大家購票及換取限量演唱會海報,先到先得!周柏豪《One Step Closer》 2019 大馬演唱會門票目前在快速銷售中,現在購買有10%折扣,還有機會上台索取簽名,大家趕緊行動購票一起去看男神啦!Pakho 周柏豪《One Step Closer》 2019 大馬演唱會由銀河集團主辦、XMEGAMI聯合呈獻及MODIC全力支持。XMEGAMI是一個以微商模式低資本創業平台,希望幫助更多的人能有一個創業的機會;他們秉持著一個信念「做好的產品 帶好團隊 用愛扶持幫助每一位加入的伙伴」,想要了解更多詳情關於XMEGAMI ,歡迎瀏覽 https://xmegami.com 周柏豪《One Step Closer》 2019 大馬演唱會造勢活動詳情:日期 :2019年1月26日(星期六)時間 : 晚上7時地點 :吉隆坡Quill CityMall 周柏豪《One Step Closer》 2019 大馬演唱會已公開售票和在線選座購票。* 凡是在今天開始至1月26日見面會當天,首1000位購買PS 1、PS 2、PS 3入門票者一律享獲10%折扣。(不包括VVIP & PS 4票價)演唱會門票分別有VVIP RM688, PS1 RM538, PS2 RM438, PS3 RM288, PS4 RM 188。快登入 www.buyticket.com.my 網站搶票吧!預知更多演唱會和座位表詳情,請撥打銀河熱線 03-2282 2020 或瀏覽 http://galaxy.com.my/main 。請留守 Galaxy Group 面子書以獲取最新的演唱會詳情。