HBO Asia announced that Japanese actor, Kazuki Kitamura (Godzilla: Final Wars, Kill Bill: Vol. 1 & 2) as well as Malaysian actor, Bront Palarae (HBO Asia's Halfworlds Season 1 & 2, Satan's Slave) will be starring in HBO Asia's new horror anthology Original drama series, FOLKLORE. Principal photography has also begun for the six-part hour-long series in various locations in Asia. The series is scheduled to premiere later this year on HBO Asia's on-air, online and on-demand platforms. Developed by HBO Asia and created by award-winning Singaporea film-maker, Eric Khoo, all six episodes of FOLKLORE will take place across multiple Asian countries including Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand and each episode will be based on each country's deeply rooted superstitions and myths.Helmed by different directors from various countries in Asia, each episode will seek to modernise or update Asian horror, exploring societal dysfunctions in a manner that is specific to the country but possessing themes that will resonate across the continent. The six directors involved for FOLKLORE are Joko Anwar (Indonesia), Takumi Saitoh (Japan), Lee Sang-Woo (Korea), Ho Yuhang (Malaysia), Eric Khoo (Singapore) and Pen-Ek Ratanaruang (Thailand). FOLKLORE will be filmed in the local language of the country that the episode is based in, with English and local language subtitles (where available).Starring in the lead role for the episode based in Japan and directed by Takumi Saitoh (Blank 13, Ramen Teh) will be Japanese actor, Kazuki Kitamura. Kitamura has acted in a number of Hollywood and Japanese films. Internationally, he's best known for his roles in "Godzilla: Final Wars", "Kill Bill: Vol 1 & 2". In Japan, he has won the award for Best Supporting Actor at the Yokohama Film Festival for his works in three films - "Kyohansha", "Minazuki" and "Kanzen-naru Shiiku".The episode based in Malaysia will be directed by Ho Yuhang ("Rain Dogs", "Mrs. K") with Malaysian actor Bront Palarae starring as the lead role. Palarae is a familiar name in the Asian television circuit having starred in a variety of drama and comedy series in Malaysian and Southeast Asia. His film credits include a Malaysian comedy series "Sejoli", both seasons of HBO Asia's Original fantasy drama series "Halfworlds" and most recently, "Satan's Slave", the biggest Indonesia horror hit movie of 2017. He has also been awarded the Best Actor award at the 23rd Malaysia Film Festival Awards, Astro Warna Award 2014 as well as ASEAN International Film Festival Awards 2015. Production for FOLKLORE kicked off with Joko Anwar's ("Halfworlds", "Satan's Slave") episode based and shot in Jakarta, followed by Eric Khoo's ("Ramen Teh", "12 Storeys") episode based in Singapore and shot in Batam as well as Ho Yuhang's episode shot in Malaysia. The remaining three episodes are currently in production. They include Takumi Saitoh's episode in Japan, Pen-Ek Ratanaruang's ("Samui Song", Last Life in the Universe") episode in Thailand and Lee Sang-Woo's ("Fire in Hell", "Dirty Romance") episode in South Korea.

AHM x Levi's Live Summer Tour

MUSIC AND FASHION; THE INSEPARABLE BONDMusic and fashion have long been intertwined. In fact, they are inseparable. In the 70s, it was the bell bottoms and loose bohemian-style tops and bandanas which were a reflection of 70s Rock and Roll while skin tight denim jeans, jackets, leather and spandex took over in the 80s with Glam Rock. The 90s was the era of colourful patchy windbreakers and if you did not own a pair of Levi’s® 501 Jean, you were not as cool as the kid that did. The 90s was also the era of the explosion of boybands.Then, came the 2000s where more than ever, fashion and music are defined by each other. The age of social media has changed the landscape of music altogether. Everything is at the tip of your fingers and you want what you want. While that is prevalent, we have also seen the wave of music and fashion repeat itself. The sounds of 80s pop is making a comeback successfully coining the term, ‘new old skool’. This basically means taking something from the past and making it better. This is also true for artistes here in Malaysia.Road tours have always been the staple when it comes to promotions of music. If a band had a new album out, the immediate response is to pack up and get on the road, drive city to city, night after night performing and selling their CDs as well as merchandise. Do it for 2 months or 3 months and then the process repeats with every new release.Come 30th March 2018, Pop Punk darlings, An Honest Mistake with the release of a brand new release, The Corporate EP, heads out on a 6-stop college tour together with Hip Hop DJ/Producer, DJ Biggie, rising Hip Hop star, Kiddsanthe, Producer/DJ, Cuurley, award winning singer-songwriter, Aisyah Aziz as well as social media heart-throb/DJ, damnyoudan. The 6-stop tour will take place in some of the major colleges in Klang Valley namely KDU Glenmarie, UCSI, Sunway University, Nottingham University in Semenyih, Taylor’s University and SEGi University in Kota Damansara.Remember the term ‘new old skool’? The tour will be incomplete without the fashion element. Levi’s® Malaysia has partnered with the team to add some spice to the music tour. In line with their summer youth campaign, ‘LIVE SUMMER‘ embrace the theme of common bond – where all kinds of individuals get together to celebrate music and diversity. This season, Levi’s® introduced bold pastels as well as bringing back the innovative sold-out COOL denim jeans. Levi’s® has made 2018 a year of connecting with their roots of music and fashion. An airstream will be seen as the main feature of the setup while denim customization stations (iron-on patches and denim stencil) will be made available. Free gifts via a customized Levi’s® vending machine to be given away as well.The best part about this tour is that there will be specially tailored mentorship sessions for the students led by An Honest Mistake as well as the other ambassadors. The students would have the opportunity to hear from the artistes themselves anything pertaining to music. Such questions are to be expected and discussed, e.g. ‘How do I get into a band? Where do I start as a music producer? How do I balance studies and music?’. Apart from education, there will be a Battle of The Bands aka Summer Jamming, to encourage bands and singers at a college level to discover and hone their craft in music. The involvement of music clubs from the universities is also to give music clubs real-life experience to work with professional artistes and brand. The winner of each university will then advance to the final showdown at The Bee, Publika on 12th of May 2018. The winner will win Levi’s® apparels worth RM2,000 and a one-song recording deal with Pulse Soundworks fronted by An Honest Mistake.  Bringing together the element of music and fashion is definitely ‘new old skool’. Having all these artistes together is a wholesome representation of the music scene here in Malaysia; rock, hip hop, dance and singer-songwriter. A road tour of this scale has not been done in Malaysia for a long time. With the element of education and a ‘tour’ in place, this will pave the way for future musicians to do the same while participating institutions will contribute to the growth of the music industry here in Malaysia.Tour schedule:30th March 2018 – KDU Glenmarie3rd April 2018 – UCSI, Cheras5th Apri 2018 – Sunway University10th April 2018 – Nottingham University, Semenyih13th April 2018 – Taylor’s University19th April 2018 – SEGi University, Kota Damansara

Starbucks Welcomes New Bottled Tea-Based Frappuccino® Additions in Malaysia : aforadio.com

Starbucks Malaysia introduced two new tea-based bottled Frappuccino - Bottled Matcha Tea Frappuccino® and Bottled Black Tea Frappuccino® in the ready-to-go category. The Starbucks Frappuccino® tea series will be available at the bottled section of most premium supermarkets, petrol marts and major convenience stores across Malaysia.Mr. Jordan Lung, Senior Business Manager (CPG), Berjaya Food Trading Sdn. Bhd."Yum cha" (drinking tea) is one of the unique cultures embedded in Malaysians as part of its multicultural community. Tea beverages such as Chinese tea, 'Teh' and 'Teh Tarik' have always been Malaysians go-to drink to catch up with friends and family. Building on their deep respect for the local tea-drinking culture, and following its popular launch amongst consumers in China, Starbucks Malaysia is bringing in the Bottled Tea-Based Frappuccino® to further elevate the Starbucks experience to consumers beyond the stores.Starbucks® Bottled Matcha Tea Frappuccino® (L) and Starbucks® Bottled Black Tea Frappuccino® (R)(From L-R) Mr. Sydney Quays (CEO of Berjaya Food Berhad), YBhg Dato' Tunku Shazuddin (Chairman of Berjaya Food Berhad), Mr. Kelvin Lee (Senior Merchandising Manager of 7-Eleven Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Mr. Jordan Lung (Senior Business Manager CPG of Berjaya Food Trading Sdn Bhd)Launched for the first time in Malaysia, the Starbucks® Bottled Matcha Tea Frappuccino® is crafted with high-quality Matcha powder from Jeju Island, South Korea. The Matcha powder undergoes a fine steaming and grinding process, together with high-quality milk from New Zealand which provides a refreshing and delightful taste. Starbucks® Bottled Black Tea Frappuccino® features a blend of Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka, Dianhong tea from Yunna Province in China and Assam tea from India. With the perfect combination of tea and milk, Starbucks® Bottled Black Tea Frappuccino® gives an authentic tea aroma as well as rich flavour which comes with a full-bodied flavour that lingers long after the first sip.For more info, visit Starbucks Malaysia FB page HERE 


Be sure to check out Mayflower's amazing deals at MATTA FAIR from 16 - 18 March 2018. For more info, check out mayflower.com.my 


Kids are in for a treat this school holidays as LEGO® brings the all -time  favourite  ninjas  to  Mid  Valley  Megamall. In  conjunction  with  the  launch  of  their  all  new LEGO® Ninjago®  Spinjitzu  Masters  spinners, LEGO® Malaysia keeps  the  ninja  spirit  alive  with  the LEGO® Ninjago® Spinjitzu Masters Challenge event.Details of the LEGO® Ninjago® Spinjitzu Masters Challenge event are as follow:Date: Wednesday, 14 March 2018 –Sunday, 25 March 2018Time:10:00am-10:00pm (daily)Location:Centre Court, Ground Floor, Mid Valley MegamallKicking  it  up  a  notch  this  year  with  their  ninja  efforts, LEGO® launches  the  all  new LEGO® Ninjago® Spinjitzu Masters spinners. There are various tricks to learn such as the palm spin, the orbit, the Zen, the LeapFrog, the drift, the knockout and other cool Spinjitzu moves with the innovative new LEGO® Ninjago® Spinjitzu  Masters!  The  playset  features  a  Spinjitzu  spinner  with  buildable  LEGO®  brick  handle,  spinner element  with  minifigure  capsule  and  a  rip  cord. Promoting  the  spirit of  free play, LEGO® provides  each participants of the LEGO® Ninjago® Spinjitzu Masters Challenge with the all new spinner to enhance their ninja skills with. Families are in for twelve days of brick -tacular fun filled with awesome activities, goodies and photo opportunities with ninjas Kai, Jay and Llyod.“The LEGO® NINJAGO® series captivated many with its special concoction of humour, action and values since  its debut  in  2011. Kids look up to the ninja characters and we’re very excited to bring the entire experience to them yet again this school holidays. In LEGO®, we believe that every child has a right to play and  providing  them  a  platform  to  learn  through  play  is  fulfilling.  We constantly  look  to  keep  building ourselves in giving only the best to our customers and as such, we’ve devised the all new LEGO® Ninjago® Spinjitzu  Masters spinners.  The  innovative  new  playset  and  the LEGO®  Ninjago®  Spinjitzu  Masters Challenge event come hand-in-hand to give kids the ultimate ninja experience,” expressed Victor Plange, Head of Marketing Malaysia & Singapore, LEGO®Group. Avid LEGO® and NINJAGO® fans are treated to the following awesome activities at Mid Valley Megamall :THE LEGO® NINJAGO® Spinjitzu Masters Challenge:The LEGO® NINJAGO® Spinjitzu Masters Challenge includes 3 play areas; the training dojo, practice dojo and  the  spinjitzu battle  arena.  Kids  go  through  the  sequence  and  train  to  become skillful ninjas  with awesome  spinjitzu  spinners  spinning  skills.  The  trained  ninjas  are  then  to  compete  against  a  worthy opponent at the battle arena to showcase their spinjitzu skills.The all new LEGO® Ninjago® Spinjitzu Masters spinners! Hopeful  ninjas-to-be get  a  chance  to  get their  hands on the all new  LEGO®  Ninjago®  Spinjitzu  Masters spinners. They can learn the palm spin, the orbit, the Zen, the LeapFrog, the drift, the knockout and other cool Spinjitzu moves with the innovative new LEGO® Ninjago® Spinjitzu Masters! The playset features a Spinjitzu  spinner  with  buildable  LEGO®  brick  handle,  spinner  element  with  minifigure  capsule  and  a  rip cord. Various dojos to upgrade your Spinjitzu skills Get coached by our Spinjitzu Masters at the Spinjitzu Coaching Dojo. The coaches will impart their ninja skills and demonstrate various tricks with the spinners for hopeful ninjas -to-be to try. One can then put their learnings to test at the Spinjitzu Practice Dojo so that they ’ll be better equipped in defeating opponents. The Spinjitzu Practice Dojo features four training grounds that allows kids to practice the tricks learned –The Knockout, Leapfrog & Drift. Plenteous photo opportunities with LEGO® Ninja Kai, Llyod and Jay! Brick-tacular  life  size  LEGO®  structures  await  you  for  tons  of  photo  opportunities! Be  on  the  lookout for ninja mascots Kai, Jay and Llyod and maybe learn a spinjitzu move or two from them.Exclusive LEGO® goodies and play set promotions Participants can enjoy various promotions** on their favourite LEGO® sets. The LEGO® Ninjago®  Spinjitzu Masters Challenge event at Mid Valley Megamall will run from Wed, 14 March 2018 to Sun, 25 March 2018. For more information on how you can master the art of Spinjitzu, visit LEGO®  Malaysia’s  Facebook  page, www.facebook.com/LEGOMalaysia.official/. Fans  can  share  their LEGO®  Ninjago®  Spinjitzu  Masters event experiences  by  using  the hashtags #BeNinja  #LEGOMY #LEGOSpinjitzuChallenge*Promotions and goodies not to be missed:1) Get  one  (1)  FREE  LEGO®  Ninjago®  Spinjitzu  Playmat  with  purchase  of  any  two  (2)  LEGO® Ninjago® Spinjitzu Master2) FREE LEGO®  Ninjago®  Turbo  with  purchase  of any  LEGO®  Ninjago®  Play  Sets  worth  RM149 and above3) Mystery gift–Stand a chance to get a FREE LEGO® Mystery Gift with any purchase of LEGO® Play Sets worth RM649 and above 4) Buy 2 get 1 FREE –only applicable to LEGO®City, Friends, Duplo, Classic and Brand Campaign Product. 

电影《LEE CHONG WEI》全球首映礼

唯一总片长133分钟导演剪接版《LEE CHONG WEI》电影全球首映礼,即将于2018年3月9日在吉隆坡体育城武吉加里尔国家体育场隆重引爆。由CB PICTURES与SKY EVENTS联办,MAHU PICTURES协办,电影《LEE CHONG WEI》首映礼将在体育场搭置40米宽,17米高的巨型LED荧幕,创下马来西亚最大的电影荧幕。预计将有2万名公众出席这场全球首映礼,打破马来西亚健力士记录,也写进亚洲健力士记录片章。出品人拿督李宗顺透露,拿督威拉李宗伟还没看过电影《LEE CHONG WEI》,所以在来临的3月9日,他将与广大的观众一同观看。当天下午4时开始将会有长达100米的红地毯环节,出席者将会有马来西亚羽球界传奇人物,艺人明星等。同时,观众将欣赏到著名歌手演绎电影主题曲。大会将于体育场举行嘉年华活动,至少10家参展商参与。活动入场票价为88令吉、108令吉、128令吉、168令吉。168令吉入场劵(金级)售罄,其他票价所剩无几,例如88令吉(世界级)、108令吉(铜级)及128令吉(银级)。公众可登入www.LEECHONGWEImovie.com,以在线上购买入场劵或拨打热线号码+603 5879 9967,查询票价详情。凡购买一张入场票,将获得一件《LEE CHONG WEI》电影T恤、一张GSC戏票观赏《LEE CHONG WEI》电影戏院版、一张有李宗伟及演员们的预先签名电影限量海报与一个电影赞助包。这些礼品将于活动当天在武吉加里尔体育场派发,凭票索取。预知更多详情,可以点击leechongweimovie面子书或游览www.LEECHONGWEImovie.com。除此之外,aforadio和afo电台的DJ将会在台上与大家见面哦!

Malaysia Employees' Provident Fund Building on Fire.

The Malaysian Employees' Provident Fund building was on fire and traffic is at a stand still. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

Dua Lipa returns to Kuala Lumpur as part of her The Self-Titled Tour

The British songstress will make her KL comeback this May with a solo show. Dua Lipa fans can rejoice as the singer will be returning to Kuala Lumpur this 3 May 2018 for her very first solo show at KL Live as part of her headlining The Self-Titled Tour. Doors will open at 7.30pm. Since bursting onto the music scene, Dua Lipa has taken it by storm. In 2017, her hit song, New Rules became the first song in nearly two years by a female solo artist to reach top of the charts in the UK. Most recently, she has also received five 2018 Brit Award nominations, making her the first female artist to do so. Last month, Dua Lipa dropped her latest single, IDGAF and fans can look forward to seeing this and her other hits like Scared to Be Lonely and Blow Your Mind (Mwah) live. Based on her last visit to Malaysia, we knew that Dua Lipa fans would love to see more and we're so excited to be bringing her back to our shores, said Brian Chow of iMe Group. This is one solo show you do not want to miss. As part of the Asian leg of her The Self-Titled Tour, Dua Lipa will also be making stops in Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo. Tickets for Dua Lipa Live in KL 2018 will go on sale on Wednesday, 14 February via Ticketcharge. Tickets are priced at RM188 for the Upper Deck zone and RM238 for the New Rules zone (Lower Deck). Priceof all tickets are inclusive of 6% GST but excluding RM4 processing fee.  For more information, visit: FACEBOOK: facebook.com/imemalaysia INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/ime_asia  

Amazing Super Bowl LII Commercials You Might Missed Out On

Lauren Woolstencroft in Good Odds by ToyotaThe ad focused on Laura herself instead of their cars. She's an eight-time Paralympics Gold Medalist in alpine skiing.Peter Dinklage & Morgan Freeman in DORITOS BLAZE vs. MTN DEW ICE by Mountain DewPeter Dinklage is up against Morgan Freeman for a rap battle about Doritos and Mountain Dew. There are two very special rappers who were featured in the ad too!The Wonder of Us :60 by Coca-ColaIf you can see, this ad celebrates the differences in diversity, no matter in races, backgrounds or genders and of course, there's always a Coke for everyone!Chris Hemsworth in Tourism Australia DundeeWell, we know that anything with Chris Hemsworth in it will sell.. this time Tourism Australia had him for this ad to promote the beautiful outback country and we're not complaining.#BleepDontStink by FebrezeWe always know that Febreze will save the day when it comes to smelly bathrooms/toilets and this time it's about a guy named Dave and of course he bleep doesn't stink. It's hilarious! Tiffany Haddish in Who Wouldn't by GrouponIn this ad, Tiffany Haddish tells you to support local businesses by using Groupon for great deals!David Harbour in It's A Tide by TIDEWe loved him in Stranger Things and we love this ad too!Danny DeVito for M&M'SThis ad features Danny DeVito as one of the M&M'S chocolate candies, wishing he could turn into a human..!Bill Hader in Wow by PringlesThis hilarious ad features Bill Hader, it sees them stacking different flavours of Pringles chips together creating a flavourful taste.Chris Pratt in The Perfect Fit by Michelob ULTRAChris Pratt is feature in this ad, talking about his love for beer particularly Michelob ULTRA! He is also seen flexing and working out, so ladies... this is for you! Steven Tyler in Feel Something Again 2018 Kia Stinger by KiaThe legendary Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is feature in this ad, not as a singer but a drifter/racer for KIA's Stinger ad.Haley Magnus in Diet Coke Twisted Mango's Groove by Diet CokeHaley Magnus showing off her moves grooving with Diet Coke's Mango soda!Alexa Loses Her Voice by AmazonWell.. someone's gotta take over when Alexa loses her voice right? Everyone is definitely a good replacement.. some of them included Gordon Ramsay, Cardi B, Rebel Wilson and more!Bud Knight by Bud LightBud Knight picks up his ice-cold crate of beer and saves the day!Ricegum & Iggy Azalea for Monster The song featured in this Azalea's new stuff and it sure got all of us grooving! She also seen in the ad daunting a pink hair instead of her usual blonde high ponytail.


As a mother, nothing is more important to media personality Patricia K than the well-being, growth and happiness of her 15-month old daughter, Sophia. One of the simplest ways of ensuring this is by making sure Sophia gets the nutrition she requires. Being a foodie herself, it was important for Patricia to give her child food that was not only healthy and beneficial, but also delicious. This spurred her to come up with Hygge Babies Baby Food, a homegrown brand offering nutritious, tasty, convenient and – most importantly – affordable baby food to parents.Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish word that isn’t meant to be translated, rather felt. It is a form of togetherness, and a highly-valued everyday experience of safety, equality, wholeness and a spontaneous social flow that results in satisfaction or well-being.This was the precise feeling Patricia – along with her team consisting of celebrity cook Ili Sulaiman and event planner Allia Merzouk – wanted to recreate with their range of garden-to-table baby food. As an advocate of celebrating culture through food, it was also important to them that Hygge Babies give parents the opportunity to introduce their little ones to the opulence of local flavours without compromising nutrition or taste.Formulated with locally-sourced ingredients to not only ensure freshness and good taste, the six flavours available in the Hygge Babies baby food line are gluten-free, egg-free and virtually vegan, making Hygge Babies baby food a healthy choice for your little ones.Hygge Babies baby food flavours:Labu Labi: The Hygge Babies take on the Malaysian favourite masak lemak. It features pumpkin, butternut squash, and sweet potato, with lemongrass, turmeric, and turmeric leaves cooked in a vegetable broth.Bollywood Baby: Using yellow lentils, rice, pumpkin, cauliflower, mild curry powder and even curry leaves to create a delicious puree, Hygge Babies gives your little one his or her very first taste of curry.Bangkok Baby: This heat-free, Thai-inspired puree is created for your little one to experience the flavours of the all-time favourite tom-yum. Ingredients in this variant include rice, cauliflower, garlic, ginger, sweet corn, tomatoes and kafir lime leaves.Bambina: Hygge Babies put a Malaysian spin on Italian flavours by using rice instead of pasta in this variant. Together with vegetable broth, sweet pumpkin, fresh basil, butter and garlic, the Bambina variant is 100% gluten- and egg-free.Baby Colada: Featuring locally-sourced pineapple, banana, mango and blended with sweet potato, rice and organic coconut oil, your little one gets to enjoy a nutritiously sweet and fruity snack.Baby Cha Cha: Your baby can now indulge in the wonders of the Malaysian favourite bubur chacha with this variant. It is formulated using a pandan broth, ripened bananas, purple sweet potato and barley.Hygge Babies baby food is suitable for children aged six months and up. Each jar of Hygge Babies baby food is priced at RM14.90, prepared by order to ensure freshness, and delivered right to your doorstep.To place your order or find out more about Hygge Babies:Whatsapp: +6017 337 4257Email: hyggebabies@gmail.comFacebook: www.facebook.com/hyggebabies.myInstagram: @hyggebabies

Your Color-full Guide – Etude House x Elfira Loy Introducing 7 new base colors to Etude House’s Double Lasting Foundation range for women with tanned skin tones

Etude House, Korea’s no.1 make up brand collaborated with Malaysia’s sweetheart Elfira Loy to introduce new colors for its signature “Double Lasting Foundation” range. Featuring 7-new base colors such as ‘Cacao’, ‘Rosy Chestnut’, ‘Honey Almond’, ‘Honey Amber’, ‘Honey Tan’, ‘Rosy Tan’, and ‘Rosy Sand’, the 'Double Lasting Foundation' is designed for women with tanned skin tones.Introducing Etude House's 7 new base colors to its signature 'Double Lasting Foundation' targeting tanned skin tones “In 2017, we conducted a survey with make up fans in Malaysia. We realized that most Malaysian K-Beauty fans with tanned skin tones have challenges looking for a base foundation that suited their make up needs. We are excited to finally announce Etude House’s Double Lasting Foundation range with its new spectrum of colors made specially for them.” quotes Willy Choi, Brand General Manager, Etude House Malaysia.In line with the launch of the 'Double Lasting Foundation', Etude House appointed local celebrity make up artist Tiar Zainal to create a look inspired by Elfira Loy. Dubbed “Empower”, the look features Etude House’s signature products including the Double Lasting Foundation shade in “Honey Almond”.Elfira Loy’s “Empower” look is now available at the ‘Find Your Look’ section in the Etude House Sunway Pyramid flagship store. This look will be featured as part of ‘Etude House Signature 9 Looks’ with its own distinctive product highlights and how to video tutorials, where customers can watch and learn how to create their own “Empower” look. At the section, Elfira will also be highlighted in the newly improved Etude House’s signature “Contour Beam” look which features the Double Lasting Foundation in “Honey Almond”.“I love the newly introduced spectrum of colors and how ultra-lasting the 'Double Lasting Foundation' is, as it suits my make up needs and my skin tone perfectly,” quotes Elfira Loy. I love alternating between the “Empower” look and  the “Contour Beam” when I go for different events as it helps me achieve a more photogenic look and makes me feel more confident.”Elfira Loy sharing about the Etude House's signature “Double Lasting Foundation” and her favourite look at the Etude House first flagship store in Sunway Pyramid on the 26 January 2018.The Etude House Double Lasting Foundation is available for MYR 80 at the Etude House flagship store at Lot G1.76 and G1.77, Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall along with all Etude House’s signature make up products.Etude House Professional Makeup Artist, Dave Kim doing a demonstration of the new and improved 'Contour Beam' look featuring the 'Double Lasting Foundation' in 'Honey Almond' on Make Up Model, Wafa


AirAsia, the world's best low-cost airline, continues its partnership with Tourism Malaysia with a promotion of up to 70 percent off fares to all Malaysian destinations. The regional promotion is aimed at boosting Malaysia's tourism sector - the country's second-largest source of income - in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2020, which is targeting 36 million tourists and RM168 billion in tourism receipts. The promotion was launched by Malaysian Tourism and Culture Minister, Dato' Seri Mohamed Nazri bin Abdul Aziz and AirAsia Berhad Commercial Head, Spencer Lee at the Asean Tourism Forum (ATF) in Chiang Mai, Thailand.Discover the best of Malaysia, including striking skyscrapers and world-class shopping in Kuala Lumpur, lush nature in Sarawak and Langkawi, some of the world's best street food in Penang, and breathtaking islands in Sabah, Johor and Terengganu, with low fares when you book from now to 28 January 2018 on airasia.com or the AirAsia mobile app for travel between 1 August - 22 November 2018."We are excited to kick start Visit Malaysia Year 2020 with this promo, just as we are honoured to be the airline partner for Tourism Malaysia. Last year, we flew over 9 million guests to Malaysia and we hope to bring even more this year. It's never too early to encourage visitors from around the region and beyond to visit our beautiful country and we look forward to working even more closely with Tourism Malaysia to offer better connectivity into and within Malaysia leading up to Visit Malaysia Year 2020." - Spencer Lee, AirAsia Berhad Commercial HeadLast year, AirAsia and Tourism Malaysia signed a two-year Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to promote tourism in Malaysia. The agreement covered brand advertising, promotional activities and campaigns, familiarisation trips for consumer and trade associations, media, travel agencies, greater tourism development and route network synergy, market intelligence sharing, joint roadshows to market Malaysia to trade partners, and many more.Apart from low fares on airasia.com and the AirAsia mobile app, guests can also book travel activities for less on deals.airasia.com or travel3sixty.com. Choose from 13,000 activities, restaurants and events and plan your trip across 77 AirAsia destinations in Asia Pacific on a single platform, complete with complimentary pick-up and drop-off for most activities that require transportation. For the latest AirAsia news, activities and promotions, follow AirAsia on fb.com/AirAsia 


The largest cinema in the state with over 16 screens brings state-of- the-art 4DX cinematic experience and GSC MaxxMalaysia’s leading cinema exhibitor, Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) today officially launched its latest theatre, GSC Paradigm JB. At 60,000 sq. ft. with over 16 screens and more than 2,000 seats, GSC Paradigm JB is the largest cinema in the state ofJohor. The cinema will also be the first in Malaysia to feature 4DX, the leading 4D cinematic technology developed by South Korea’s CJ 4DPLEX, which brings movies to life through motion and environmental effects.Feel the magic of cinema in four dimensionsWith GSC’s new premium cinema format, 4DX offers movie-goers a completely immersive cinematic experience by enhancing on-screen visuals of action-packed blockbusters with over 20 special signature effects. This includes vibration and motion-activated seats, as well as environmental effects like wind, fog, rain, lightning, and scents, which work together cohesively to deliver a multi-sensory experience.“We are proud to launch GSC Paradigm JB, our latest multiplex and the first to offer 4DX – the world’s leading technology in premium cinematic entertainment. 4DX will transform the traditional film-viewing experience for audiences, leaving them even more immersed and engaged than before, as it intensifies high-energy movies and delivers an unforgettable sensory experience you just can’t get anywhere else,” said Ms. Koh Mei Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Golden Screen Cinemas.Ms. Koh Mei Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Golden Screen CinemasA visual and aural feast for the sensesMore than just 4DX, GSC Paradigm JB cinema will also bring GSC’s proprietary premium large screen format, GSC Maxx to Johor. At a sizeable 21.5 metres in width, the GSC Maxx in GSC Paradigm JB is the largest cinema screen in south Peninsular Malaysia, and will also be the first to feature an end-to- end audio experience powered by Dolby audio solutions.This includes the combination of a Dolby Integrated Media Server IMS3000, DolbyMultichannel Amplifier, and SLS Cinema Series Speaker System, which is designed to give audiences the most spectacular, fully immersive aural experience available to date. The setup enables complete, integrated audio from Dolby Audio 7.1 to Dolby Atmos, regardless of the size of the auditorium.Bigger and better than beforeAs the newest and largest cinema in Johor, GSC Paradigm JB’s auditoriums boast cutting-edge cinema features including D-BOX motion seat technology, Dolby Atmos, and THX-certification, all of which provide top-notch cinematic entertainment. The multiplex will also be the first GSC in Malaysia to feature full laser projection in all its halls, offering sharper, higher contrast visuals that bring out the movies in eye-popping colour.GSC Paradigm JB will also bring GSC International Screens to the south with dedicated halls that will showcase arthouse and foreign films, as well as alternative content such as concerts and sporting events among others. This ensures that audiences in Johor will have access to more than just movies.For those who prefer a little luxury on their visit to the movies, there are also two Premiere Class halls available, which offer greater comfort and space. Premiere Class comes with its own standalone washroom and a shared lounge with a reading corner for guests. GSC Paradigm JB also features a café for casual dining, where customers can enjoy handmade gourmet burgers, freshly brewed coffee, and all-natural cold-pressed fruit juices.“Together with WCT Holdings Berhad, we have made a combined investment of over RM44 million to ensure that GSC Paradigm JB is well-equipped to meet the needs of our customers, so that they will be able to enjoy more when they come to our cinemas. These features in our cinema, both familiar and new, reaffirm our commitment to innovation, as we continue to diversify our offerings to deliver new and enriching cinema experiences for our customers,” added Ms. Koh.To celebrate the official launch of GSC Paradigm JB, GSC has also announced that a special reward will be made available to customers in Johor as part of its ongoing “Ticket to Drive” contest. Especially for GSC Paradigm JB, customers who purchase tickets specifically at the newly-opened cinema will be in the running to win an exclusive prize – a brand-new Nissan Almera.Participation in the contest is easy, as customers simply needed to watch a movie at GSC Paradigm JB and submit their ticket stub details via a special portal at ticket2drive.gsc.com.my. GSC members who log in via the GSC website or mobile app, and purchase their tickets to watch a movie at GSC Paradigm JB will automatically be in the running to win.For more information on GSC Paradigm JB, follow GSCinemas on Facebook or visit the website at www.gsc.com.my. To see all content on social media related to GSC Paradigm JB, check out #GSCParadigmJB.


MUJI Hotel opened their doors in Shenzen, China on about a week ago and it's so minimalistic but beautiful at the same time!  If you don't know, Shenzen is located in Guangdong Province and it's situated real close to city. There are total of 79 rooms and 5 different types of rooms, with interiors of like pillars as well as walls reflecting traditional Chinese houses.Better yet, what's a MUJI Hotel without a MUJI Store? There is one on the second and third floor of the building.Photo credits: Muji HotelOther facilities include:-DinerLibraryGymMeeting RoomFor more info and updates, visit Muji Hotel Shenzen or fb.com/muji 


The new animated comedy adventure "DuckTales" will premiere SUNDAY, 21 JANUARY in a one-hour television movie, commonsensically titled "Woo-oo!" at 10AM on Disney Channeland Disney XD (Astro Ch 615 and 617 respectively). The series will debut with FRIDAY, 26 JANUARY at4PM on Disney Channel and available On Demand. This series premiere follows the 30th anniversary of the original Emmy Award-winning series and highlights the comedy adventures of Duckburg’s most epic family of ducks, including Scrooge McDuck, triplets Huey, Dewey, Louie and Donald Duck. WOO-OO Malaysia!In Malaysia to celebrate the series launch, Disney fans can expect a host of fun-filled activities, on- and off-air, themed under a WOO-OO campaign. From a localized music video to wacky social contests to onground mall fun, there will be lots to WOO-OO about in Malaysia this January!To kick off the month of WOO-OO, Disney Channel released a revamped, fun, localized version of the classic DuckTales theme song featuring the hugely popular Club Mickey Mouse Mouseketeers as well as Disney Channel hosts Brandon & Badricka, and local celebrities Jenn Chia and Ismail Izzani. Inspired by the comic strip style approach to the show’s opening credits, the music video features the stars recreating key moments from the animated series Duck Tales, in a fun and humorous way. From imitating Donald Duck to doing the duckface, Malaysian fans can get into the WOO-OO spirit with the DuckTales #WooMoments social media contest. Through month-long WOO-OO challenges starting 9 January, kids and families will be able to participate with a photo or video submission and hashtag #WooMoments on Disney Channel Asia’s Facebook page (Facebook.com/DisneyChannelAsia) for a chance to be featured on Disney Channel!Making its way from Duckberg to Sunway Pyramid (Kuala Lumpur) from 19 January to 6 February, fans will have the chance to jump into Scrooge’s Money Bin for their chance to win a family trip to Hong Kong Disneyland and make DuckTales themed angbaos and lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year. Kids and families will also get the chance to meet Donald Duck on 20 and 21 January!More information and the music video are available on Disney Channel Asia’s social media platforms (YouTube: YouTube.com/Disney Channel Asia; Facebook: Facebook.com/Disney Channel Asia).