HONOR Game Palace Tournament Introduces Next Series, Clash Royale

We heard you loud and clear! Following the success of the HONOR Game Palace Tournament 2020 – Mobile Legends held last month, HONOR Malaysia today announced its second Game Palace instalment with the popular adrenaline-filled battle strategy gameplay, Clash Royale! Hosted by HONOR Malaysia, the tournament invites players to a real-time 1vs1 style tournament with prizes worth up to RM 4,000 to be won. Over the course of four weeks, players will enter the arena to knock the enemy King and Princesses from their towers every Friday at 9 PM beginning 24 July, 31 July, 7 August and 14 August.The game will be streamed on HONOR Malaysia’s official Facebook page. Each week the winning player will be awarded an HONOR 9X Lite while the first two runner ups will take home an HONOR Bluetooth Earphone and an HONOR Bluetooth Speaker, respectively.  This latest HONOR Game Palace Tournament is powered by the Malaysia Esports Arena and Flash Vision, and endorsed by The Malaysia Electronic Sports Federation (MESF). With the support of industry partners and HONOR community, HONOR Malaysia continues to strengthen its commitment to equip players with the best devices at an affordable price in the thriving mobile e-Sports scene. Registrations are now open from 9 – 22 July for HONOR Club Malaysia Members. If you are not  a member, be sure to sign up Here. How to participate ? 1. Interested players are to comment #HONORGAMEPALACE2020CLASHROYALE hashtag at HONOR’s official forum.2. Players are then to fill up the registration form here. Last month, Mobile Legends players were invited to a 5vs5 style tournament hosted by HONOR Malaysia via livestream. The two-day live tournament saw Team Terbang with a thrilling 2-1 win against Team Baby Meow. Playing Custom Draft Pick Mode, the winning team walked away with an HONOR 9X Pro each while the two runner ups went home with an HONOR Bluetooth Earphone each.For more information on HONOR Malaysia, visit HONOR’s official e-commerce website and information portal here, or check out their official Facebook page here for more updates. 

Take Better Care of Yourself When Home Appliances Can Take Care of Themselves

It has been a challenging time for many of us, and it’s safe to say most of us have spent time being at home more than we ever had before. Some of us finally have free time to binge-watch long overdue favourite shows on Netflix, connect with friends via video calls, and spend more money when shopping online. Interestingly, it is also during these times that our innate creativity shines, and it shows in how we developed mad skills of a home chef or a barista. The list goes on when it comes to occupying ourselves to stay safe and sane - be it transforming a messy room into an aesthetic space or fixing household stuff on our own. Engaging in these activities has made us realise how important home appliances are for our daily lives. As a result, we are likely to pay more attention to the appliances that we own, now more than ever.There are many things we have never expected to do ourselves but end up doing it anyway. This includes managing our home appliances that are a significant part of our daily routine. Like anything else, they have a set life expectancy. However, did you know there are home appliances that can take care of themselves? In this article, we would like to share some of the convenient features of home appliances that take good care of themselves.Safer drinking water with self-sanitising water purifierTo generate the fresh, hygienically safe supply of drinking water they were designed to deliver, water purification systems need to be well maintained. LG’s PuriCare™ Tankless water purifier takes the worry out with a built-in UV LED light that activates automatically every hour to prevent the build-up of contaminants, cleaning and sanitising the tap to eliminate 99.9% of harmful germs. Not just that, we can activate the five-minute sanitising process manually by pressing the Self Care button. Now, that’s a clever technology! Cleaner home environment with self-cleaning air conditionerMost of us never think about how our air conditioner works. Press a button, cold air blows and voila! When there’s no cold air, that’s when we realise that something is wrong. That something can be the heat exchanger in the air conditioner. The auto cleaning feature in LG’s Dual Inverter Premium Air Conditioner helps to provide clean air by eliminating bacteria, mould and odours that can otherwise accumulate in an indoor unit. How it works?Holding the lock button on control panel for a few seconds Open the right-side door and hold your phone in front of the Smart Diagnosis label. Then, press and hold the ‘FREEZER’ button for 3 seconds while continuing to hold your phone until you hear a beep sound. Keep the phone in place until the tone transmission has finished and ‘END’ will appear on the control panel. That’s pretty much it. You can access to the diagnose result and useful information on your smartphone for solving issues through LG’s SmartThinQ app.There you go, some of the innovative features to lessen our burden of appliance upkeep. Owning great home appliances isn’t enough to guarantee our satisfaction if they are taking too much of our time and effort to preserve. With these features, they can be easier to care for so we can focus on more enjoyable pursuits, such as pampering ourselves with more self-care activities and spending quality time with loved ones at home. While completely self-maintaining, self-cleaning home appliances may still be years away, home appliances brands like LG are working to ensure that their appliances require as little thought as possible to operate and maintain. That’s definitely a good thing for us! 

LG’s LED Signage Featuring Non-Contact Connectors Delivers Better Images, Easier Installation

LG Electronics (LG) is introducing its most advanced digital signage solution yet, the innovative LG LED Signage (model LSAA), the latest in display technology and design. The LSAA offers even better image quality and easier installation1 than its popular predecessors, which propelled LG into one of the leading digital signage solution providers in the industry. The LSAA features a block-assembly design that makes constructing large displays a cinch. LG designed its solution around a single LED cabinet hub (600W x 337.5H x 44.9D mm) to provide power and signal to the entire signage without additional cabling between cabinets to save time, hassle and costs while delivering up to 4K UHD resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. The ability to smoothly send and receive signals wirelessly is due to LG’s non-contact connector technology with power being sent to each display via pin connectors located on the edges of the LED cabinet hub. What’s more, the LED cabinet allows installers to connect multiple displays to achieve the desired size. With straightforward installation and expandability, the LSAA can be set up or reconfigured onsite in a fraction of the time it takes other LED displays. Wall-mounts and frame-type accessories offer a number of installation options to meet the diverse requirements of different site conditions and customers’ needs. LG LSAA with the same AI-powered Image Processor found in LG’s popular high-end TVs delivers vibrant images2 via its self-emissive display technology and narrow 1.2mm distance between pixels, with gaps to narrow even further to less than 1mm in the second half of the year. To ensure better efficiency, the product employs the common cathode method where the cathodes of the LEDs are common and connected to a single pin to prevent unnecessary power consumption, delivering only the required voltage to each sub-pixel. “Our LSAA series sets a new standard for LED signage solutions in the commercial display market,” said Paik Ki-mun, senior vice president and head of the Information Display business unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company. “Innovation in products such as the LSAA enables LG to lead the LED signage industry with superb picture quality, enhanced ease of installation and unbeatable value.” LG’s newest LED signage will be available this month starting in North America and Europe with subsequent rollouts taking place in Latin America and Asia. 


以下是Eason Chan 陳奕迅_"Live is so much better with Music Eason Chan Charity Concert" 直播平台.Overseas 1JOOXMalaysiaOn Line2YahooHong Kong / Taiwan / Malaysia / SingaporeOn Line3TVBSTaiwanTV4GTV八大電視TaiwanTV & Online5KKTVTaiwanOnline Video Platform6LINETVTaiwanOnline Video Platform7MyVideo  臺灣大哥大TaiwanOnline Video Platform8KKBoxHong Kong / Taiwan / Malaysia / SingaporeKKBOX香港、臺灣、馬來西亞、新加坡9中國電視公司(臺灣) China TVTaiwan 104gTV (四季線上)TaiwanOTT Platform11We TVTaiwanOn Line12AstroMalaysiaASTRO - TVBS Asia HD channel  32013MediacorpSingaporeTV & Radio & Digital & Press14新時代電視Canada收費電視臺15加拿大中文電台CanadaRadio16Tencent (TME Live) QQ / 酷我 / 酷狗 / 全民K歌China (exclusive) Hong Kong 1RTHK31Hong KongTV2ViuTVHong KongTV3Open TVHong KongTV4UTVHong KongOnline TV5商業電台Hong KongRadio6蘋果動新聞Hong KongMedia7AM730Hong KongMedia8頭條日報Hong KongMedia9明報Hong KongMedia (明周娛樂)10HK01Hong KongMedia11東周網Hong KongMedia (Online) 東周Facebook娛樂12東網Hong KongMedia (Online)13晴報Hong KongMedia14TOPICKHong KongMedia (Online)15U週刊 / U MagazineHong KongMedia16She.comHong KongMedia (Online)17OpenSky.tvHong KongOTT Platform (Online)18新城電台Hong KongRadio19ATVHong KongMedia (app)20VS MediaHong KongMedia (Online)21JOOXHong KongOn Line22MoovHong KongMusic Platform23星島日報Hong KongOn Line  「演制同心  與你同行 !」 「演制同心  與你同行 !」 今年初新冠肺炎在全球爆發,令經濟停頓,百業蕭條。作為香港樂壇心臟及地標之紅磡體育館,截至今天 (7月3日) 也沒有任何演唱會演出近200天,連同全港其它表演場館所有演出活動全面叫停,不單止令到很多歌手未能踏上舞台,更影響了業界內超過千名從業員及其家庭的生計。有見及此,近日剛成立的 「香港現場演出及制作行業協會」希望能為業界紓困解憂,並於今天舉行之發佈會上表示,協會的首要任務便是希望幫助這些因疫情影響工作,引致沒有收入之會員渡過今次困境。 「演制抗疫基金」已獲捐款合共港幣500萬元「仁濟醫院」共同管理 全力支持 協會在發佈會上同時宣佈得到「仁濟醫院」全力支持,義務對協會提供行政支援外,也和協會一起成立「演制抗疫基金」,幫助這半年多沒有工作和收入之會員。抗疫基金將由協會和「仁濟醫院」共同管理,並已獲得多個善心機構捐款合共港幣500萬元,會員只須由7月11日至8月10日內向協會申請,經協會及「仁濟醫院」審核後,符合資格之會員將於8月31日開始陸續得到由協會分配之抗疫基金。 7月11日舉行協會首個大型活動「Live is so much better with Music Eason Chan Charity Concert」慈善音樂會 協會亦公布他們將於7月11日舉行由「演制抗疫基金」 衍生的首個大型活動,「Live is so much better with Music Eason Chan Charity Concert」慈善音樂會。協會表示陳奕迅Eason希望可以為演出及制作行業現時面對的厄困出一分力,義不容辭答應協會的演唱邀請,Eason更特意拍了一段短片在發佈會上播放,分享自己的感受。Eason參與此次音樂會不但不收酬勞,更邀請眾多音樂界好友一起精心設計演出內容。音樂會演出時間橫跨破曉時分和日落黃昏,而演出地點亦會分開兩個不同地方。隨著Eason精心挑選的經典歌曲,觀眾將在欣賞Eason精彩演出的同時目睹香港美麗的景象。「日出日落便是一天,無論今天怎樣困難,明天太陽還會升起,希望大家有信心、有勇氣,相互扶持共度難關。」 音樂會創造近百就業機會 全球數十家媒體聯合播出 「演制同心 ,與你同行」是協會的口號,希望由主辦以至台前幕後每一位工作人員,在現在疫情環境下仍可做到上下一心,攜手同行走出今次的困境。協會舉辦是次慈善音樂會共創造接近100個業界人仕同步一起工作的機會,也同時冀望其他未有工作之從業員能在短期內重返職埸。今次慈善音樂會將於日出早上6時及日落黃昏5時兩段時間進行,屆時其精彩演出不單止會在「香港演出及制作行業協會」的官方 Facebook專頁及YouTube頻道直播,大家亦可在全球多達數十個電視台和網上平台免費收看。 「香港演出及制作行業協會」官方Facebook專頁https://www.facebook.com/hklppia官方YouTube頻道 https://www.youtube.com/hklppia 下載表格加入成為協會會員 「香港現場演出及制作行業協會」長遠目標是保障及爭取會員於工作上的權益。凡於主辦、工程、制作、樂手和舞蹈等多個業界工作的從業員,可前往協會之官方網頁 www.hklppia.hk 下載表格加入成為協會會員。

TGV Cinemas Thanks Front liners With A FREE Movie Ticket

 It is especially evident that during these testing times, all eyes are on each country to see how the current situation is handled. Malaysia, as a country, has earned plaudits from other countries worldwide for the swift action executed to curb the COVID-19 outbreak. This has also rightfully placed Malaysia as one of the world’s leading countries in the wake of efforts to combat this pandemic.The hard work and dedication of our frontline workers have played a crucial role in ensuring the community’s safety over this time. As a token of our appreciation, TGV Cinemas in collaboration with our esteemed mall partners is welcoming all medical and law enforcement workers to come to enjoy a free movie and a well-deserved break!Dates And Participating Shopping MallsThis offer will run from the 9th- 15th of July 2020 which is for a period of 7 days. Medical and law enforcement frontliners only need to take note of the dates and visit any of the 8 participating locations to redeem their free ticket.Participating TGV cinemas locations include:-       TGV Dpulze-       TGV Permaisuri Imperial City Mall Miri-       TGV Setiawalk-       TGV Sunway Putra-       TGV Sunway Pyramid-       TGV Sunway Velocity-       TGV Vivacity Megamall-       TGV Wangsa WalkTGV have also adopted new opening hours at the participating malls in line with the Government guidelines as well as the respective malls’ opening hours. New opening hours would be : Mondays - Thursdays                                                           : 2pm - 11pmFridays, Saturdays, & Eve of Public Holidays                 : 12pm - 12amSundays & Public Holidays                                                 : 11am - 12am*Opening hours are subject to changeEligibility Of FrontlinersThis offer will be open to all the medical and law enforcement frontliners who were essential during the outbreak of COVID-19 namely doctors, nurses, military, and police officers. They will be required to be present at the ticket counter for redemption and each of them will be eligible for 1 free Classic hall movie ticket only throughout the campaign period at any of the participating locations. Redemption is subject to showtime and seat availability. Redemption ProcessRedemption is via the ticket counter only where the eligible frontliners will just need to walk in and present their work ID to our friendly staff. The work ID and contact details will be recorded down and then the next step would be choosing your desired movie, showtime, and seat for a memorable cinematic experience.“As an entertainment hub, TGV Cinemas always strives to shine a positive light even during trying times; that is why we are focused on prioritising the safety of our customers as well as giving back to the community. This campaign serves as a small tribute to express our collective thanks to the unsung heroes who have kept us safe and indirectly made reliving magical movie moments on the big screen possible again,” remarked Yeoh Oon Lai, CEO of TGV Cinemas.Just as how our medical and law enforcement frontliners are working tirelessly to ensure a safe COVID-19-free environment for everybody, we too pledge to provide a safe cinematic experience with full peace of mind. We would also like to give our heartfelt gratitude to our shopping mall partners for collaborating with us to come forth with this meaningful campaign.Visit TGV Cinema Website Here for more info. 

LG’s Iconic InstaView Refrigerator Hits Sales Milestone Of One Million Units Worldwide

LG Electronics’ premium InstaView Door-in-Door™ refrigerator hit a milestone this month when it reached one million in sales worldwide since its introduction in 2016. With an average of more than 700 units sold every day, this large-capacity refrigerator from LG is now available in approximately 150 countries in six continents.          LG Electronics’ premium InstaView Door-in-Door™ refrigerator is designed to deliver an elevated culinary lifestyle, striking the perfect balance between form and function. It boasts stylish aesthetics and practical features that have won recognition from some of the world’s most prestigious design awards such as Red Dot Design Award and iF design Award.“This milestone is a testament to LG’s ability to develop differentiated, high-quality products that have propelled us to the top of the ranks in many home appliance categories,” said Dan Song, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “Today’s appliances include as much technology as a computer or smartphone and our customers have extremely high expectations of them. Our advanced technology and customer-first approach is resonating with consumers who have made InstaView one of the fastest selling refrigerator brands as long as refrigerators have existed.”LG InstaView gets its name from the refrigerator’s chameleon-like panel in the door that can be transformed into a transparent window with just two knocks on the glass. This allows users to see what’s inside without opening the door, reducing cold air loss. Along with InstaView, Door-in-Door™ provides easy access to favorite drinks and snacks while minimizing exposure of the main refrigerator compartment to room temperature air, helping to decrease cold air loss by more than 41 percent.*To satisfy growing global demand of InstaView refrigerators, LG has added the convenience-enhancing feature to more refrigerators in its lineup, including French-Door and Side-by-Side, among others. What’s more, the popular InstaView technology can now be found in other LG appliances such as the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar and ThinQ™ Range.LG’s never-ending quest to add value to its refrigerators through useful innovations has led to the development of more technologies designed to create a more efficient and more pleasant culinary life. For example, Smart Care+ utilizes LG ThinQ™ AI to keep food fresh longer, lower energy costs and deliver a more personalized service. By analyzing data collected over several weeks, the intelligent appliance can detect usage patterns allowing it to lower its temperature prior to times of heavy use in order to better maintain its set target temperature. Smart Care+ leverages the same data to reduce energy waste, automatically putting the refrigerator in Save Mode during periods of infrequent usage. And with Craft Ice™, dinner hosts can pretend to be experienced bartenders, mixing the perfect drinks with round ice to liven up any cocktail.

The Best 5G Flagship-level Selfie Smartphone: HUAWEI nova 7 Gives You An Elevated Smartphone Experience with Pre-installed Petal Search

Pre-installed with Petal Search widget and equipped with the best 5G flagship-level selfie camera, the HUAWEI nova 7 is coming soon. With the very best of hardware and software in one amazing product, you can now get the best experience a smartphone can offer. For one day only, pre-order the HUAWEI nova 7 on 7 July for RM1,999 enjoy triple rewards. You can also pre-order the HUAWEI WiFi AX3 at only RM299 on 7 July.If you are planning to purchase HUAWEI smartphones and tablets, you no longer need to worry about finding and downloading apps moving forward. Petal Search widget is now available online and pre-installed in HUAWEI nova 7. Installing apps is now more convenient, faster, and updatable.  Petal SearchWithin half a year, HUAWEI AppGallery has 400 million monthly active users, making it the third-largest app store in the world. Complemented with apps that are well-known among users from the HUAWEI AppGallery such as Maybank2u, Lazada, TikTok, Wechat and more, HUAWEI AppGallery is a one-stop place that satisfies user’s ever-growing needs.  There are two simple steps on how you can search your favourite apps on the pre-installed Petal Search widget on your HUAWEI nova 7.Step 1: Add the Petal Search widget to your homepage. Step 2: Now you can start searching, download and install your favourite app in your HUAWEI nova 7!  Also stand a chance to win yourself a HUAWEI FreeBuds 3, head over to HUAWEI’s Facebook page to like and share the videos onto your Facebook page! Hurry! Contest runs from 1 to 7 July. Check out the video below.  Triple RewardsMark your calendars to pre-order the HUAWEI nova 7 online priced at RM1,999 on Tuesday, 7 July 2020 at HUAWEI Store and get triple rewards worth RM1571*: 1. HUAWEI nova 7 gift package worth up to RM1,315*[A pair of mini speakers, nova 7 casing, HUAWEI Video (Under Dimsum category), Cloud storage 15GB (Valid 12 months), Member Center Rewards worth up to RM1,000]2. HUAWEI SuperCharge Powerbank 10,000 mAh (Worth RM259)*3. Stand a chance to win the HUAWEI MateBook 13 (Worth RM3,499)**Terms and conditions applied *While Stock Lasts HUAWEI nova 7 will be made available nationwide in all HUAWEI Experience Stores (HES) from 10 July onwards. For those staying in Penang or planning to head up north, we’ve got an additional surprise for you! You can get a 5-hour free parking ticket with the Penang Smart Parking application on the HUAWEI AppGallery. Apart from the Petal Search widget, here are some features you can look forward to with the all-new HUAWEI nova 7:   Design: The HUAWEI nova 7 comes in two spectacular variations: the no.7 color (Space Silver) and Midsummer Purple. Best 5G Selfie Smartphone: The HUAWEI nova 7 comes with 32MP Front camera that supports AI-Powered Facial Contouring, Super Night Selfie 3.0 and Circular Flash For Selfies. Not only that, you can now capture everything on camera – literally. You can now capture your best moments on both sides using the Dual-View Video Mode. Now not only are you the director of the film, but you are also the subject. Besides, the HUAWEI nova 7 is also equipped with AI Quad Camera, 64MP High-resolution camera, 8MP Telephoto lens (Up to 20x Digital Zoom), 8MP Ultra Wide-Angle Camera and 2MP Macro Lens.All-powerful mobile processing — now ever accessible with 5G Performance by Kirin 985 5G Soc Chipset: The all-new HUAWEI nova 7 comes equipped with 5G performance, supported by Kirin 985 5G Soc Chipset, which works amazing during concerts and music shows to harness next-level intelligence for a new realm of performance. Power your life, day-in and day-out with 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge: The 4,000 mAh battery in HUAWEI nova 7 allows for long-lasting use, freeing you from the burden of untimely battery drain. On top of that, the 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge can restore up to 70% power to your smartphone in just half an hour. Shorter charging time, longer using power!HUAWEI Share and MeeTime: With HUAWEI Share, the HUAWEI nova 7 allows for seamless connectivity across HUAWEI devices with just a single tap. Complemented with the HUAWEI WiFi AX3, we now usher in a new era of standards made to meet the increasing demands for faster and more efficient WiFi connectivity without needing to type in your password. Make video calls with other HUAWEI device users in 1080p Full HD video calls with HUAWEI MeeTime, also leveraging on HUAWEI’s powerful mobile imaging software and hardware to support excellent low light performance, screen sharing and beauty mode!More great news for you!With 8GB RAM, the HUAWEI nova 7 can easily handle all your multitasking needs, and the 256GB ROM allows you to keep more of what you love. The HUAWEI nova 7 also features a vibrant 6.53” OLED FullView Display, providing a better visual experience for users, equipped with in-screen fingerprint unlock.Member Center RewardsHUAWEI fans rejoice! With every purchase of the HUAWEI nova 7, customers will get to fill their tummy with yummy food and get amazing treats, worth up to RM1,000!* With partners such as AirAsia Big, Baskin Robbin’s, Domino’s Pizza, Puma, Texas Chicken, Lazada, Free Fire and more to come. *Subject to terms and conditionsWait No Longer!For more information about the upcoming HUAWEI nova 7, you can visit the HUAWEI Store today. Featuring 3x faster speed and 4x larger capacity, you can also pre-order the HUAWEI WiFi AX3 at only RM299 on 7 July. Alternatively, it will be available nationwide 10 July onwards.The HUAWEI AX3 is Wi-Fi 6-enabled. This plus the HUAWEI nova 7 are the perfect pair because both are equipped with HUAWEI's self-developed Wi-Fi chipset, which support 160 MHz frequency bandwidth.Pre-order the HUAWEI nova 7 on 7/7 : here or here. Check out HUAWEI Mid-Year Sales 2020 here. For more information on the all-new HUAWEI nova 7, stay tuned to HUAWEI’s Facebook page. 


PUBG MOBILE's (PUBGM) latest event, the Global Extreme Challenge, is underway. For this challenge, PUBGM has engaged with popular gaming influencers from across various regions, and players can vote using flowers in the game, to give the influencers of their choice a chance to compete as part of the Ultimate Team in the Global Extreme Challenge Match. The selection period runs from June 23 until July 6, the top 50% of influencers that received the most votes will be selected into the Ultimate Team. From Malaysia, PUBGM has chosen MasterRamen who is widely known as the "Father of Malaysian eSports". Here are five simple steps how PUBGM players can vote for their favourite influencers:Step #1: Log into the game and take a look at the event centreStep #2: Select the "present" icon at the bottom right of the page, then select "Recommended Events". There you will find an Ultimate Team Selection option on the right action bar. Select the option. Step #3: Enter the flower shop page. Step #4: Complete the daily missions or purchase roses from the shop. Step #5"Give a rose to your favorite influencer to increase their popularity. Each rose increases their popularity by 20 points. Players also gain one heart for every rose they give and can collect corresponding rewards when they have enough hearts. At the end of the event, the top 10 players in the Global Heart Rankings will get exclusive pack rewards from PUBGM. 


第四届马来西亚国际电影节(MIFFest)将于今年12月正式开跑。MIFFest 将于12月5日至10日播映来自世界各地的备受瞩目的电影。除了影片放映之外,MIFFest 也会筹备在电影节期间举办与电影制作相关的座談会或大师班等。MIFFest 从创办至今一直秉持着人道主义为电影节的核心主题,本届当然也不例外。电影节今年将放映约20部来自世界各地的影片,并着重于三个放映系列:世界名作(World Cinema Masterpieces)、亚洲亮点(Highlights of Asian Cinema)和聚焦·大马(Spotlight on Malaysian Filmmakers)。本届官方海报的设计结合了多种风格,象征着马来西亚多元的文化艺术和民族。云朵代表着来自世界各地的电影工作者,聚集于电影节成为一个艺术大家庭;四卷电影胶片代表电影节迄今为止举办的四届盛事;穿过繁华城市的马来貘象征着MIFFest是一个属于马来西亚的国际盛事,带领着马来西亚冲向世界各地。 官方海报中马来貘的绘图是由本地导演李世特专为电影节设计的:尽管马来貘是黑白色的,但其红色的眼珠象征着电影人对电影强烈的渴望和热忱;此外,马来貘腿上的条纹是本地著名的雕刻艺术,骨头设计的雕刻图案则象征电影节的透明度。电影节也将把该绘图发展成一系列的MIFFest纪念品。 今年的MIFFest与往年有些不一样,今年的电影节将仅专注于电影放映和座談会,因筹委會经过再三考量最终决定把金环奖和短片竞赛推到下一届再继续进行。这是因为这些活动将涉及到大型聚会,筹委会需要邀请多位来自世界各地的电影人、贵宾和工作人员等莅临马来西亚参与。 因此筹委会决定将金环奖及短片竞赛停办一届,以及保障影展的电影工作者、艺人、观众、以及工作人员的健康与安全。鉴于此疫情已影响着世界各地各行各业的正常运作,作为一个促进艺术和文化交流的组织,创办人兼主席吴佩玲女士提到:“我们希望能利用电影节的平台与世界各地的电影人共同面对逆境,鼓励大家甚至是每一位参与第四届马来西亚国际电影节的观众勇敢向前,面对难关。”此外,电影节今年也将着重于学生及年轻电影工作者的作品。MIFFest计划联合马来西亚的电影机构、协会和团体筹备电影相关的一系列活动,如:座談会、论坛、或研讨会等。这是为了鼓励学生和青年电影工作者踊跃参与电影制作及促进艺术文化的交流。筹委会将邀请经验丰富的电影人担任活动的主讲人,进而与学生和青年电影人一同探讨电影执导、摄影、编剧、制作、演艺、影视理论等的的话题与趋势。 MIFFest借此机会欲邀请各位电影人、电影爱好者、学生、公众在12月5日至10日亲临现场与我们一起欣赏这一系列的好电影。欲知更多详情,欢迎浏览MIFFest的官方社交媒体及网站www.miffest.com.my 。

Cinemas Re-opening Starting 1st July 2020

Tomorrow, Cinemas nationwide will finally reopen its doors to the public after a three-month long hiatus, bringing its brand of enriching cinema experiences back to eager movie lovers across the nation. The reopening will be preceded by enhanced safety measures and precautions that both GSC & TGV will take their part of its commitment to safeguard the health and well-being of customers.   Following Government guidelines, both GSC & TGV Cinemas will  enhanced safety program will govern everything upon reopening. There will be an emphasis on stringent processes and procedures as well as education and awareness such as Regular cleaning at the cinemas , Temperature checks , social distancing practice , crowd control and Staff Food Preparation Safety. Furthermore, cinema halls will also implement Social Distance Seating - gap seating with audiences seated one chair apart from others on the left and right, as well as front and back. Images by : GSC CinemasImages by : TGV Cinemas Additionally, both TGV & GSC cinemas will also be hosting by offering customers to enjoy in both cinemas with promotions and discounts.Reopening PromotionsIn GSC, catch Jumanji: The Next Level for free or watch re-runs of your favourite summer blockbuster movies like Spider-Man: Far from Home, Venom, and more from as low as RM5. To complete the cinematic experience, GSC is also offering fresh food & beverage combos from RM8. If you are looking forward to the premium cinematic experience, customers at Aurum, The Gardens, Mid Valley City can now catch a movie in its Escape Studio halls at only RM90 per Aurum Pass. The Getha Lux Suites in Aurum, The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey, are also now priced at RM120 per Aurum Pass. Aurum Passes offer audiences a ticket to a world of absolute cinematic comfort, complemented with fine food and beverage from Jin Gastrobar. For those who prefer to wine and dine instead of catching a movie, Jin Gastrobar also offers a wide range of dining options that foodies can enjoy at any time of day. This includes:Weekly specials with dining sets comprising Jin’s signature dishes and a beverage,priced at RM25 and RM29.90.Hi-tea sets at RM19 for a selection of sweet desserts and cakes withcomplimentary coffee or tea, which customers can enjoy with a second drink at 50% off.Or an all-day Happy Hour, which tipplers can enjoy from as low as RM38 for 3 glasses from a variety of alcoholic beverages including Tiger, Heineken, Guinness Stout, or Karuizawa Craft Beer.TGV exclusive online promotions include a FREE Popcorn Combo when Mastercard holders save their details before checking out via our website or mobile application. Besides that, online booking fees will be waived. Your food and beverage combos purchased online will also receive additional discounts. Now there is no reason not to book your tickets and purchase your combos online in comfort and safety!Opening Hours For more information, visit : TGV Cinemas Facebook PageGSC Cinemas Facebook Page

Nostalgic Games Brought to Life

Gaming is a huge part of many people’s childhood and adolescence; some of us have even retained leisure gaming well into our adulthood. In this new normal, the gaming industry has seen a large spike in players. Not to mention, gaming and esports are now ‘the’ trend in Malaysia and across the globe, with many dubbing esports as the sports of the future.More people are venturing into the gaming world these days. Some are constantly on the lookout for the next trending game while others look back to nostalgic games that they really enjoyed at some point of their young lives. Don’t tell me you’ve never thought about playing Metal Slug ‘96 again. Some games are classics no matter how much time goes by. Good thing is, the days of pixelated graphics are long gone. No one wants to play their games seated on the floor, inches away from the screen because you are trying to see through the pixels.Back in the day, ‘big-screen gaming,’ meant plugging an early-generation console into a TV that is not designed for, or capable of carrying out the task. Even with the best graphics of the time, images were blocky, and the lag was profoundly painful. However, game designs and graphics have matured throughout the years. Gaming now is truly an experience like you’ve never known before. Widescreen TVs such as the LG OLED TVs are built for gamers. They are ideal for immersive gaming and out-of-the-world visuals. With a TV like that, now is the perfect time to bring back the latest resurrected gaming titles that we all love. Yes, even Metal Slug is coming back this year! Where are my Marcos and Eris at?Final Fantasy 7 Remake (2020) Final Fantasy 7 was released for Sony PlayStation in 1997. Arguably the most famous RPG game ever sold, it is probably to no surprise that Final Fantasy 7 has been remade for a new (and old) audience. The remake updates and transforms the original using all the tricks at the modern game-maker’s disposal, while still maintaining the quirks and ‘feel’ that gamers found so irresistible late last century. The combat is so much richer this time around, as is the lush detail and stunning graphics that bring the iconic city of Midgar to life. The LG OLED TV has a self-emissive display technology that delivers true blacks, an infinite contrast ratio and colours of extraordinary depth and vibrancy. This makes game worlds appear more three-dimensional and alive. The clarity OLED offers also assists players in spotting any enemies lurking in the shadows and ensures that even the smallest details can be seen in the darkest settings; an advantage brought about by the natural properties of OLED and independent pixel control. If you ever think that you’ve come close to seeing the city of Midgar in real life, this would be it. Not even Shinra can stop you from this wholesome experience.LG UltraGear Gaming MonitorDOOM Eternal (2020)id Software’s ubiquitous first-person shooter has spawned many follow-ups and expansions and continues to define 90’s gaming for many. DOOM Eternal, the latest entry in this long-running franchise, dials everything up several notches over even its most recent predecessor from 2016. The weapons, the fighting, the worlds, the hideous enemies and improved physics; it all adds up to a thrilling, sometimes frightening, gaming experience.Delivering HDMI 2.1 support, LG OLED TVs offer a smoother gameplay for the win, allowing fast-moving content in higher resolution and smooth, synchronised graphics. It's a more lifelike gaming experience that would quicken your heart rate while you try to fend off the forces of Hell. LG OLED TVs also provides a fast response time of 1ms with low input lag. The demons will not stand a chance no matter how fast they may be. Excitement would definitely be at an all-time high!        Shadow of the Colossus (2018)Shadow of the Colossus revisits the 2005 original of the same name – a popular action-adventure game for PlayStation 4. Whilst players enjoyed working their way through the twists and turns of the story, the game industry itself lauded Shadow of Colossus as one of the true greats for its inventive gameplay and emotional depth. The game is also held in high esteem for its art direction and design, with many referencing it when arguing that video games can indeed be works of art. With its focus on good design and storytelling, the remake was also well received, picking up several accolades and a new generation of fans.Travelling on an emotional journey to restore the life of Mono will take time and you would not want to take your eyes off the game in case any colossus shows up. Fortunately, LG OLED TVs also have the Eye Comfort Display feature that reduces occurrence of eye fatigue. They are designed to support intense gaming sessions, so you don’t miss any crucial moments. You wouldn’t want to miss any movements by Mono now, would you?       The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (2019)A reimagining of the 1993 Game Boy classic, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is a kid-friendly action-adventure game available for Nintendo Switch. The gameplay and top-down viewpoint will be familiar to anyone who played the original or the 1998 rereleased version for Nintendo DX. However, the look of the game itself is distinctive among the series, with characters taking on a cartoonish, almost toy-like quality that brings its own charm with it. Fun and endearingly quirky, the game looks great when cast from Switch to big screen.Resident Evil 3 (2020)Resident Evil 3 – Capcom’s remake of its 1999 PlayStation title, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis – takes players on a horror-filled adventure in a world fallen victim to the zombie apocalypse. Available for Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the remake was released in tandem with an online multiplayer game (Resident Evil: Resistance) set in the same dystopian reality. The gameplay and graphics have obviously been much enhanced, but some fans of the original were left disappointed by departures and differences from the source material and by the overall brevity of the game.For widescreen gameplay, LG OLED TVs support connection to both PCs and consoles, allowing players to enjoy the games they love from either platform with ease. The lag is practically non-existent and those amazing graphics we mentioned look even more amazing thanks to the TVs’ support for G-SYNCi and LG’s OLED panels. Plus, LG OLED TVs HGiG Mode provides a more immersive HDR gaming by matching with the identified TV specifications and performance levels on your TV, showing every game visual at its absolute best.LG OLED TVBut, if you are an avid gamer who prefers monitor gaming with the feel of a keyboard, fret not, LG Class UltraGear™ Nano IPS 1ms Gaming Monitor with G-Sync® Compatible can deliver a gaming experience unlike any other. The Nano IPS gives the feel of actual combat with true colours, making fighting zombies even more vivid than you can imagine. Its G-Sync® Compatible eliminates screen tearing and minimises stutter for a smoother and faster gaming experience. As more people opt to stay indoors, gaming can be another channel in which we can form bonds with the people we care about. Whether it is something fast paced like DOOM Eternal or an emotional ride like Shadows of Colossus, gaming is always better with two or more players. And you can even get your family to play with you! Just remember, in games, no mercy would be shown, and your innocent young sister may be the best DOOM Eternal player you’ve ever seen. 

HONOR Launches HONOR 9A, HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbuds, Adds Exciting New Features to Existing Products

Under the theme of “Power your Life, Live with HONOR”, global leading technology brand HONOR today announced the launch of HONOR 9A, the brand new smartphone pre-installed with AppGallery, alongside the new HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbuds, and a range of exciting upgrades to HONOR Magic Earbuds and HONOR MagicWatch 2. Besar Gila features in the HONOR 9AAs a key market, Malaysia will be one of the first countries to welcome the HONOR 9A. Powered by a whopping 5000mAh battery, the HONOR 9A supports up to 33 hours of 4G calls, 35 hours of video playback, and 37 hours of FM radio playback for a superior entertainment experience. Weighing just 185g and featuring a thin bezel that is just 9.04mm, the HONOR 9A easily takes users from day to night on a single charge while still maintaining a sleek and ultra-slim design.When it comes to photography, the HONOR 9A features a Triple Rear Camera set-up, comprising of a 13MP lens, a 5MP ultra-wide camera as well as a 2MP depth assistant. Users can also enjoy a broader view and greater convenience when taking shots of the skyline and natural panoramas with the 120° Super Wide Angle Camera. Housed in the 6.30-inch dew-drop FullView Display, the 8MP front camera delivers perfect selfies anytime, anywhere. The smartphone is supported by 3GB RAM and 64GB of storage which can be expanded via a microSD card up to 512GB. This means users can easily store plenty of photos and videos without having to transfer files into a computer or portable hard drive. Running on Android 10, the HONOR 9A comes with Huawei AppGallery, giving users a dedicated ecosystem of apps and services for smarter and more seamless user experience. Users can also enjoy the very best software experience with the latest Magic UI 3.1.Price and AvailabilityPriced at just RM 549, the HONOR 9A is an affordable device offering top-of-the-line features for its range in two colors – Midnight Black and the striking Phantom Blue. The dynamic smartphone will officially be available on Hihonor, as well as HONOR’s official store on Shopee and Lazada beginning 26 June, 12 PM. For customers who prefer to get their HONOR 9A from physical stores, they can secure it via pre-order from HONOR’s selected partner stores beginning 26 June to 5 July 2020*. The HONOR 9A will be available to purchase in-stores beginning 6 July at HONOR Experience Stores (HES) and partner stores. Online and pre-order purchases will receive free gifts worth up to RM 218 in the form of an HONOR backpack, water bottle and 15GB on Huawei Cloud, while purchases made in-store will receive an HONOR water bottle and  free 15GB on Huawei Cloud.*payment and collection terms varies with partners. 100 Workout Modes to Discover on the HONOR MagicWatch 2In addition to the 15 pre-installed workout modes, HONOR is bolstering its fitness tracking capabilities by adding 85 new customized workout modes to automatically detect six different categories of sports – extreme, leisure, fitness, aquatics, ball games and winter sports. Whether the preference is to indulge into mainstream sports or prefer something more adventurous, the upgraded HONOR MagicWatch 2 covers a comprehensive monitoring tracker that can record 194 types of data to help boost users’ performance. HONOR Magic Earbuds Awareness Mode: Be Aware of Everything around YouWhen it comes to workouts, HONOR’s Magic Earbuds feature Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Technology with a dual-microphone setup to tune out distractions, helping users to get in the zone and stay focused during intense exercise sessions. This noise cancellation feature is now fully adjustable, and users can choose to activate the all-new awareness mode to be more aware of their surroundings without removing the earbuds. Combining superb sound quality, awesome noise cancellation, and packed with solid battery life, HONOR Magic Earbuds are the perfect companion for almost every occasion.HONOR CHOICE Series: True Wireless Earbuds with 24hrs Combined Audio PlaybackHONOR has teamed up with selected well-known manufacturers to develop a range of affordable smart products to form the all-new HONOR CHOICE series. HONOR CHOICE series adheres to HONOR’s tech-chic and human-centric design philosophy and high quality standards. The first product from the portfolio launching in overseas markets is HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbuds, which feature 7mm composite diaphragm speaker to deliver a clear sound quality and effectively reduce noise from surroundings during calls or while listening to music. With up to 24 hours of superior battery life, the earbuds can easily last for a day’s worth of calls and music playback.In line with 1+8+N all-scenario strategy, HONOR Malaysia is set to expand its offerings locally with a new laptop sometime in July. More details will be confirmed soon, so do stay tuned to HONOR’s official Facebook page or Hihonor.com/my.  

Casio to release G-SHOCK Collaboration Model with ONE PIECE

Casio Computer Co Ltd announced the release of a new addition to the G- SHOCK line of shock-resistant watches. The GA-110JOP has been developed in collaboration with ONE PIECE, a popular Japanese TV anime series.Based on the GA-110, popular worldwide, the new GA-110JOP also sports a big watch case. Using black as the base color, the entire watch is emblazoned with dynamic illustrations of the main character, Monkey D. Luffy, who is growing and becoming stronger. The indicator of the inset dial in the 9 o'clock position features Luffy's straw hat as a design motif, while the word, "WANTED" is found in the 3 o'clock position. Also, when the hour and minute hands point to the 2 o'clock and 4 o'clock positions respectively, they combine visually with the two diagonal lines on the dial to form a golden "X". This represents the X-shaped scar on Luffy's chest, and also expresses the ONE PIECE love of adventure and treasure hunting in the smallest of details.The new model comes in a special package along with a combined "G-SHOCK × ONE PIECE" logo on the case back. This makes it a special model that demonstrates collaboration between the ever-advancing G- SHOCK line and the exciting ONE PIECE series where Luffy sets out on adventures to new worlds.ONE PIECEONE PIECE is a hit Japanese teen manga series by Eiichiro Oda published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Monkey D. Luffy is a young man who dreams of becoming a pirate king, and the tale of his dreams and friendships on his adventures seeking the grand treasure ONE PIECE is popular around the world. With its release in 1997, the manga series quickly gained a following and then debuted as a TV anime series in 1999. As a long-running series with a consistently strong fan base, ONE PIECE passed the 900-episode mark in 2019. The series has also generated a large number of theatrical releases, with the 14th and latest film in the series, ONE PIECE STAMPEDE, being the 2nd highest grossing in the ONE PIECE films.SpecificationsConstructionShock-resistantWater Resistance200 metersMagnetic ResistanceISO 764-compliantWorld Time29 time zones (48 cities andCoordinatedUniversalTime); daylightsaving on/of ; home city/worldtimecityswappingStopwatch1/1000 second; measuring capacity: 99:59’59.999”; measuring modes: elapsed time, lap time, split time, others: speed(0 to 1998 units/hour)CountdownTimerMeasuring unit: 1 second; countdown range: 24 hours, countdown start time setting range: 1 minute to 24 hours (1-minute increments and 1-hour increments); other: auto repeatAlarm5 daily alarms (with 1 snooze alarm); hourly time signalOther FunctionsFull auto-calendar; 12/24-hour format; auto LEDlight with afterglow: 1.5/3.0 secondsAccuracy at Normal Temperature±15 seconds per monthBattery LifeApprox. 2 years on CR1220Size of Case55.0 × 51.2 × 16.9 mmTotal WeightApprox. 72g

Casio to release G-SHOCK and Dragon Ball Z Collaboration Model

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. release a new addition to the G-SHOCK line of shock-resistant watches. The GA-110JDB has been developed in collaboration with Dragon Ball Z, a Japanese TV anime series popular with fans worldwide.GA-110JDBBased on the GA-110 which features a big watch case with a 3D presence, the new GA-110JDB expresses the worldview of Dragon Ball Z using bold color and design. The orange body and watch bands are covered in Dragon Ball illustrations and graphic elements, including scenes of training and growth for the main character, Son Goku. The dial and logo are enhanced with a gold accents, for a strong impact. The inset dial in the 9 o'clock position displays a four-star ball motif. This ball is one of the seven dragon balls, and is the one most closely associated with Son Goku. In the 3 o'clock position, there is a “Z” motif. The Dragon Ball Z logo can be found on the case back and on the special package. This unique product design befits this special collaboration model.Dragon Ball ZDragon Ball Z is an adventure story involving the quest to find the seven dragon balls. Whoever finds all seven can have any wish granted. The series focuses on the journey of the main character, Son Goku, as he makes friends and protects the world from evil forces, all the while constantly striving to become a better, stronger version of himself.SpecificationsConstructionShock-resistantWater Resistance200 metersMagnetic ResistanceISO 764-compliantWorld Time29 time zones (48 cities andCoordinatedUniversalTime); daylightsaving on/of ; home city/world time cityswappingStopwatch1/1000 second; measuring capacity: 99:59’59.999”; measuring modes: elapsed time, lap time, split time, others: speed(0 to 1998 units/hour)CountdownTimer Measuring unit: 1 second; countdown range: 24 hours, countdown start time setting range: 1 minute to 24 hours (1-minute increments and 1-hour increments); other: auto repeatAlarm5 daily alarms (with 1 snooze alarm); hourly time signalOther FunctionsFull auto-calendar; 12/24-hour format; auto LEDlight with afterglow: 1.5/3.0 secondsAccuracy at Normal Temperature±15 seconds per monthBattery LifeApprox. 2 years on CR1220Size of Case55.0 × 51.2 × 16.9 mmTotal WeightApprox. 72g

HUAWEI Cares for You with Together 2020 HUAWEI Summer Service Concierge

Enjoy free out-of-warranty repair labour charge, discounts on spare parts, free gifts and more from 19 – 25 JuneHUAWEI today announced the Together 2020 HUAWEI Summer Service Concierge which was designed to provide its consumers with more benefits, exclusive discounts, and free gifts[1] for a limited time only from 19 to 25 June. For those who are looking for after sales service maintenance, get your needs taken care of and head over to the HUAWEI Customer Service Centre to enjoy big savings on a range of services.  Here are four reasons for you to look forward to Together 2020 HUAWEI Summer Service Concierge:#1 Free Out-of-Warranty Repair Labour ChargeEach customer is entitled to enjoy one-time free labour charge out-of-warranty repair service for any HUAWEI devices purchased in Malaysia and all you need to do is pay for the parts replaced only. #2 Enjoy 20% Discount on Selected Spare Parts To help relief the damage to your pocket, HUAWEI is offering 20% discounts on selected spare parts. These parts are only for selected smartphone models and applied on a first-come first-serviced basis subject to availability. The selected spare parts are also entitled to 90 days of warranty from the date of collection of the repaired device. #3 Surprise Free Gift!Not only that, all walk-in customers who collect their repaired devices in the participating Customer Service Centers will also be getting a special glass bottle as a free gift, while stocks last. #4 Give Your Smartphone Some Love More than ever, we understand the importance to always keep your handy device clean. Come enjoy a free smartphone cleaning and disinfecting service at all HUAWEI Customer Service Centres nationwide. Leave your smartphone in the good hands of our experts as they will be sterilised in a UV light sterilisation box and wiped clean before it is returned to you. Below is a list of locations where you can enjoy these services:  AreaLocationKuala   Lumpur Customer   Service Center Eco City MallCustomer   Service Center Pavilion EliteCustomer   Service Center Plaza BerjayaSelangorCustomer   Service Center Sunway PyramidNegeri SembilanCustomer Service Center SerembanMelakaCustomer   Service Center AEON BandarayaJohorCustomer   Service Center Taman MolekBatu   PahatCustomer   Service Center Taman FloraPenangCustomer   Service Center Brown RoadPraiCustomer   Service Center Ixora Hotel,IpohCustomer   Service Center De Garden,KuantanCustomer   Service Center Haji AhmadAlor StarCustomer   Service Center Aman CentralSabahCustomer   Service Center Kota KinabaluSarawakCustomer   Service Center KuchingDon’t miss these special discounts and gifts that is available for a limited time only. Pop by your preferred participating HUAWEI Customer Service Centers now! For more information, please visit https://consumer.huawei.com/my/support/summer-service-concierge/ .Meanwhile, HUAWEI will be kick-starting their annual event, the HUAWEI AppGallery Carnival starting 19th until 30th June, where customers can get great discounts on the one-day sale on 19th June, as well as spend and win lucky draw prizes total worth up to RM 2 million.   [1] While stocks last