Battle of the Tablets: Huawei Share makes the HUAWEI MatePad Pro the Tablet You Cannot Live Without

When it comes to technology, all consumers have their own preferences and style that make our devices an extension of the way we work or play. Nine years ago, Apple left a mark on the market for tablets with the launch of the iPad. However, the Cupertino giant’s creativity has hit a wall, with many new players snapping at their heels. One of these is Huawei, and the launch of the newest HUAWEI MatePad Pro will further establish why it is a tablet that one cannot live without. In Q3 of 2019, Huawei rose to the top and became the number 1 brand for tablet shipment in China. Building on this success, HUAWEI MatePad Pro was launched, aimed at the new elite used to working on the go. Now, more than ever, such technology is proving to be a great benefit as we Malaysians have had to work remotely and from home as we face uncertainties in this lockdown period.One of the key highlights of the HUAWEI MatePad Pro is its Multi-screen Collaboration, a feature that intends to reinvent the way we work.The HUAWEI MatePad Pro is Huawei's first tablet to include Multi-screen Collaboration, enabled by Huawei Share. With this feature, you can work seamlessly across two devices, harnessing the power of both at the same time. Device collaboration is something the iPad Pro struggles with, and this has had a big impact on the efficiency of Apple's tablet.Multi-screen Collaboration is made possible on the MatePad Pro thanks to Huawei's EMUI 10 (the same used for the Mate 30 flagship smartphones), which features distributed technology. By drawing on this technology, Multi-screen Collaboration can deliver ultra-fast connections, smart collaboration between devices, and seamless content transfer.With A System-level Connection, You Only Need One ScreenWhen you use Multi-screen Collaboration, you can connect the HUAWEI MatePad Pro to your Huawei mobile phone at the system level, so you can see and use both devices on the same screen. There are three ways to connect: Search and Found by nearby Bluetooth devices, NFC area Touch, and scanning a QR code. For example, you can connect the tablet with the HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard and tap your Mate 30 series phone at the Huawei Share icon () on top of Shift key to instantly pair them. Now you can use the keyboard to input text on your phone!Although the iPad Pro also has NFC, you cannot use it to connect other devices to the tablet because its use is limited to Apple Pay. This is a bit of a wasted opportunity as all iPhones released after the iPhone 6 have built-in NFC chips, but it cannot be used to pair these phones with the iPad – the only method to connect the devices is via a Bluetooth connection. Seamless Collaboration Across DevicesWhen you're using Multi-screen Collaboration, the connected mobile phone screen will appear on the screen of the HUAWEI MatePad Pro. You can then transfer images, office files, and documents between the phone and tablet simply by dragging and dropping them. If you're editing a document on the tablet, you can drag an image directly from the phone, and drop it into the document. Then, you can drag the document to the phone, and vice versa.Multi-screen Collaboration gives the smartphone access to the tablet’s peripherals including the tablet keyboard, screen, microphone, speaker and camera, greatly improving efficiency. This means the user can answer phone calls, send and receive text messages on the tablet screen that offers a bigger viewing area. Additionally, HUAWEI MatePad Pro’s four-sound track speakers and microphone provides an immersive audio and video experience. The Smart Magnetic Keyboard also makes word processing tasks a breeze on the tablet, facilitating better productivity.The iPad Pro has a function called Sidecar, which is somewhat similar, but you are not able to use it to work across a tablet and phone. All it does is set up your iPad to be used as a wireless external display for your Mac. If you add an Apple Pencil, the iPad can then be used as a graphics tablet.Content Across PlatformsOnce Multi-screen Collaboration is set up, the devices can seamlessly transfer content between each other. Users can take advantage of this feature to achieve higher productivity. Any unfinished documents or conversations can be transferred from the smartphone to HUAWEI MatePad Pro seamlessly, and users can continue with what they have been doing on another platform.On the iPad Pro, you would need to use email or third-party apps to save and send your document, then download and edit it, which is much more of a hassle.When it comes to office work, the HUAWEI MatePad Pro beats the iPad Pro hands down, thanks to Multi-screen Collaboration. Besides this, the HUAWEI MatePad Pro also features HUAWEI APP Multiplier, Multi-Window and PC mode, which are all designed to make the most out of the tablet's large screen and brings a whole new interactive experience. More than just an aesthetic masterpiece or a mobile cinema, the HUAWEI MatePad Pro represents how Huawei rethinks creativity. The HUAWEI MatePad Pro's hardware and software make it a great choice for working on the go. It's a great device that will seamlessly integrate into the lifestyles of young professionals and the new urban middle class.A Smartwatch for The New GenerationAlong with the HUAWEI MatePad Pro, Huawei enthusiasts can further enhance the experience by partnering it with the HUAWEI WATCH GT 2e. Designed for Gen Z consumers, the smartwatch combines sleek technology with a cool design that marries both style and substance. The watch has a tracking function for a vast selection of up to 100 sports and can record shareable data such as exercise time, calories, heart rate, workout outcomes, recovery time and others. It also features Huawei’s first self-developed Kirin A1 chipset for wearable products that can power it for up to two weeks. Its 46mm stainless steel case has a unibody design that integrates the dial and comes in four colourways including Mint Green, Icy White, Graphite Black and Lava Red. Best for YouDownloading the right apps for your tablet can enhance and improve your experience, and this certainly is the case with the wide selection of apps available in Huawei’s very own AppGallery. Here you can download the most popular apps among Malaysians such as Tiktok, iFlix, WeChat and many others. All apps installed on Huawei devices through HUAWEI AppGallery are protected with four layers of protection to keep all your private details secure. HUAWEI Quick Apps are also available through AppGallery and can help you free up more space on your device as you do not need to install them onto the tablet to be used.HUAWEI AppGallery also offers users more rewards such as a 3-month free premium access to the best in entertainment with HUAWEI Video, up to 50GB HUAWEI Cloud storage for 12 months, as well as an array of HUAWEI Member Centre rewards worth up to RM2,381 from partners such as Malaysia Airlines (MAS), premium chocolatier Godiva, top sports brand Puma, and many more. Pricing and AvailabilityPriced at RM2,898, the HUAWEI MatePad Pro will be available nationwide. The bundle comes with the HUAWEI M-Pencil (worth RM299), Smart Magnetic Keyboard (worth RM499), HUAWEI Cloud Storage 50GB free and 3 months premium access to WPS Office which were launched with the tablet for a smarter office experience. The HUAWEI WATCH GT 2e will retail at RM599, and customers who pre-order the smartwatch will also receive a free strap (worth RM69). For more information and to make your order now, please visit more information on Huawei’s latest products, stay tuned to Huawei’s Facebook page at 

Redeem lifestyle deals with BIG Points on the all-new BIG Loyalty app

BIG Loyalty released its newly revamped mobile app with additional features to give BIG Members more choices to use their BIG Points beyond flights and travel. The enriched app offers BIG Members the flexibility of using their BIG Points for BIG Deals - a variety of lifestyle vouchers which can be redeemed directly on the app using BIG Points. This marks another milestone for BIG Loyalty’s transformation from an airline loyalty programme to a comprehensive lifestyle platform, as the company celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.BIG Members will now be able to use their BIG Points to redeem their favourite everyday deals while enjoying savings on over 100 deals ranging from F&B and shopping to services and entertainment.In conjunction with the newly revamped app, those who download or login to the BIG Loyalty app between 4 and 31 May 2020 will receive 125 FREE BIG Points* with a total of 1,500,000 BIG Points up for grabs throughout the campaign period. There will also be 50% off promo and RM1 deals where members can redeem with just 125 BIG Points, including offers from Huawei, Caring Pharmacy, Hermo, Potboy, Dome Cafe, dahmakan, Hungry, MPHOnline, Photobook, Pixajoy and Flower Chimp.Spencer Lee, CEO of BIGLIFE Sdn Bhd said, “BIG Points have evolved from just loyalty points into a digital currency, this is part of our continuous efforts to create more value for BIG Points and to offer freedom as well as a better experience for our members to utilise their BIG Points. “BIG Points are universal and borderless, now the points earned are not just limited to redeeming for flights but can also be redeemed for lifestyle purposes. To date, there are over 13 billion BIG Points in our members’ accounts. This presents a huge opportunity for businesses to tap into our ecosystem and offer their products and services to our member base of over 26 million. We will continue to push boundaries, expand our offerings and enhance our member experience to create more meaningful value to our members as well as our partners,” added Spencer.Brands who are interested to work with BIG Loyalty can email at BIG Deals is now available for members in Malaysia and soon will be available in Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines.Deals redeemed will be in the form of e-vouchers, which can be used at partner merchants’ offline or online stores. In addition, the app enables a points purchase option for members who have insufficient BIG Points, making it easier for members to convert their points into savings by using points to offset some cost of a purchase.During this holy month of Ramadan, BIG Members also have the opportunity to donate their BIG Points through “Give With Ikhlas”, a public digital donation initiative. Members can redeem cash donation vouchers and 100% of the donation will go directly towards the cause, which will use the funds to feed the less fortunate and frontliners whilst supporting local businesses.With the newly enhanced app, BIG Loyalty aims for BIG Members to be more active in earning and using their BIG Points. The app is also designed to provide members the convenience to manage their points - check transaction history, points balance, points expiry, and use them to redeem the best travel and lifestyle deals, all at their fingertips.  New features such as points transfer, points sharing among family members and blockchain-based points conversion on the BIG Xchange platform will be available soon. BIG Deals’ participating partner brands include the following:Food & BeverageBaskin Robbins, Nando’s, Texas Chicken, Dome Cafe, Teppanyaki, The Black Whale, Santan, Durian HillShoppingadidas, ZALORA, Lazada, HappyFresh, Hermo, MPHOnline, Potboy, Caring PharmacyServicesEat Cake Today, dahmakan, Flower Chimp, GrabFood, Hungry, Photobook, Pixajoy, SmartbiteEntertainmentiflix, Razer GoldDonationIKHLASFor more information on BIG Points, download the BIG Loyalty app or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.*Terms and conditions apply.


BIG忠诚计划推出其新改进的手机应用程序,增添了新功能给予BIG会员除了以积分兑换航班以外,还有更多选择。这改进的手机应用程序为BIG会员提供了更弹性的服务,让会员能够更方便地使用BIG积分兑换BIG Deals - 一系列的生活方式礼券。这也记录着BIG忠诚计划从一个航空忠诚计划转型为一个综合生活方式平台,也在今年成立10周年创下重大的里程碑,。BIG会员从现在起可使用BIG积分兑换于喜爱的日常优惠,同时享有从餐饮、购物到服务和娱乐超过100项的优惠。为了迎合此新改进的应用程序,在2020年5月4日至31日期间下载或登录BIG忠诚计划应用程序的用户可获取125分BIG积分*,活动期间将一共送出150万BIG积分。此外,这次还会有50%折扣的促销和1令吉的优惠让会员以125积分兑换,包括Huawei、Caring Pharmacy、Hermo、Potboy、Dome Cafe、dahmakan、Hungry、MPHOnline、Photobook、Pixajoy及Flower Chimp等优惠。BIGLIFE Sdn Bhd首席执行员李德龙说:“BIG积分已从忠诚计划积分发展为一个数码货币,这也是我们持续为BIG积分创造更多价值的努力并为会员在使用其BIG积分的同时提供更多自由选择及更好的体验。”他补充:“BIG积分不仅能通用还能无边界使用,如今会员所赚取的积分不限于兑换航班还可以用于兑换生活方式的目的。截至今日,我们所有会员的帐户中累积已有130亿的BIG积分。这也为众多的企业生态提供了一个巨大的商机,为超过2600万名BIG会员提供产品和服务。我们会继续突破界限,扩大我们的服务范围并提高会员的体验以为我们的会员及伙伴创造更有意义的价值。”任何有兴趣与BIG忠诚计划合作的品牌均可电邮至。BIG Deals 现已开放予所有马来西亚会员,日后将随着开放予泰国、印尼及菲律宾的会员。使用积分兑换BIG Deals 将索取电子优惠券,可用于合作商家的实体或线上商店。此外,该应用程序也为积分不足的会员提供了购买积分的选项,以便会员使用积分转换既能节省更多及用积分来抵消购买成本。在这神圣的斋戒月期间,BIG会员也有机会通过“Give With Ikhlas”在线捐赠活动,使用BIG积分参与捐赠。会员能以兑换捐款礼券的方式捐赠,所筹得的捐款100%将被纳入慈善机构,帮助一些弱势群体及前线人员,同时支持国内的商业。通过此全新的应用程序,BIG忠诚计划希望BIG会员能更积极地赚取及使用他们的BIG积分。此应用程序使会员方便地管理积分,如查看交易历史、查看积分余额、积分限期和使用积分兑换最佳旅游和生活方式优惠,所有都旨在弹指之间。全新的新功能如积分转移、家庭成员共享积分及区块链形式的积分转换即将通过BIG Xchange平台推出。参与BIG Deals的合作伙伴品牌如下:餐饮Baskin Robbins、Nando’s、Texas Chicken、Dome Cafe、Teppanyaki、The Black Whale、Santan、Durian Hill购物adidas、ZALORA、Lazada、HappyFresh、Hermo、MPHOnline、Potboy、Caring Pharmacy服务Eat Cake Today、dahmakan、Flower Chimp、GrabFood、Hungry、Photobook、Pixajoy、Smartbite娱乐iflix、Razer Gold捐款IKHLAS下载BIG忠诚计划应用程序或关注我们的面子书、推特及Instagram,以获知更多关于BIG积分的详情。*需符合条规。


Wait no more to get your hands on HUAWEI’s latest flagship P40 Series. You can now get the revolutionary smartphone at super affordable prices, when you purchase it with any of the amazing plans offered by Malaysia’s top telco operators. In step with the flagship line’s heritage of innovativeness and excellence, the HUAWEI P40 Series maintains its position as the best in photography and best in connectivity. Equipped with an Ultra Vision Leica Camera, the HUAWEI P40 Series produces exceptional photography whether the subject is up close or far beyond your reach. AI complements the camera system to ensure high image quality at any time of the day or night.Powered by the cutting-edge Kirin 990 5G chipset, the HUAWEI P40 Series’ EMUI 10.1 system is built to bring unrivalled connectivity into our daily lives, especially with the latest HUAWEI MeeTime and HUAWEI Share features. On top of that, HUAWEI’s AppGallery now contains the most of Malaysians’ frequently used apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Netflix, Instagram, AirAsia, TikTok, Lazada, and more. The AppGallery is also safe, as it is fortified with four layers of protection that have been certified by the highest industry standards. Users can save more storage by just using the Quick Apps to open the apps you want without installing it.  Additionally, HUAWEI P40 Series users in Malaysia can redeem rewards worth up to RM2381 at the HUAWEI Member Centre. Order now!Grab the HUAWEI P40 Series at great prices and enjoy amazing freebies! HUAWEI P40 Series – best in smartphone photography and connectivity.  Online purchasing available  with a complete peace of mind when you purchase your new HUAWEI P40 Series throughout the MCO period.CelcomFrom RM49/month with Celcom EasyPhone plan : P40: CLICK HEREP40 Pro : CLICK HERE DIGIFrom RM48/month, with Digi PhoneFreedom 365 planFor more info : CLICK HERE.  MAXISFrom RM158/month for two phones, with Maxis Zerolution planFor more info : CLICK HEREScan the QR code below for information on how you can experience more value-added Maxis products with your HUAWEI device:U MobileFrom RM59/month with U Mobile UPackage planFor more info : CLICK HERE. For more informations on HUAWEI Device : Website Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  YouTube


To keep you feeling vibrant and energized all summer long, Starbucks Malaysia is introducing its new lineup of Tea-ology beverages that mix and matches the best of its Teavana™ premium teas and real seasonal fruit inclusions. Known for its thoughtfully crafted beverages, Starbucks has created uniquely delicious ways to enjoy tea with the Starbucks® Tropical Triple Citrus and Starbucks® Oolong Jelly Matcha Royale. Also making its way to the Starbucks menu this season is the Starbucks® Caramel Sweet Corn Frappuccino, a refreshing beverage to cool down during the warm evenings of Ramadan. Featuring a wide variety of innovative and premium tea-forward assortments, the new Starbucks summer beverages are a delightful study of tea-making and beverage craft. This season’s lineup inspires one to reimagine and remix the bold and the new together to create a world of flavors that indulges your senses. Your taste buds will thank you as the notes of well-crafted balance rich tea and tropical delights dances off your palate. NEW! Starbucks® Tropical Triple Citrus  The Tropical Triple Citrus complements the bright notes of Teavana™ Emperor’s Clouds & Mist green tea by adding a zesty blend of three orange juices and real grapefruit, lemon and orange slices, making everyday a tropical getaway. The delightfully refreshing cup will be available as an iced handcrafted beverage to help keep you cool on a hot summer day. NEW! Starbucks® Oolong Jelly Matcha Royale The new Oolong Jelly Matcha Royale is a tea lover’s dream, featuring lively and rich flavors of Teavana™ Matcha and oolong tea jelly. The matcha is mixed together with silky milk, served over ice and topped with oolong tea jelly, creating a luxurious, smooth finish sure to satisfy your cravings. The Oolong Jelly Matcha Royale is available as an iced handcrafted beverage only.  NEW! Starbucks® Caramel Sweet Corn FrappuccinoAvailable only in Malaysia, the Starbucks® Caramel Sweet Corn Frappuccino blended beverage is summer in a cup! This familiar beverage brings a new spin on the classic ‘Air Jagung’ (Sweet Corn Juice) made popular in Night Markets across Malaysia by combining the creamy taste of buttered sweet corn, a swirl of green tea whipped cream and a generous drizzle of sweet caramel sauce. This beverage is available as a blended beverage only.Adding to the refreshing taste of Tea-ology, Starbucks is also introducing seven newly designed 16oz reusable cold cups to go with its innovative tea line-up that will be featured all throughout its summer season. Unleash the collector in you and collect all the designs, each different and distinct from the rest, giving you the right excuse to try all the Tea-ology beverages Starbucks has to offer.To welcome the holy month of Ramadan this year, Starbucks Malaysia is also introducing something that is truly unique: Chewy Kurma Cookies. This light and tasty snack is a combination of rolled oats, dates and hints of cinnamon. Whether you are gifting this to your friends or family, or buying it for yourself, this soft and decadent cookie is perfect for a quick break of fast in the evening during the festive season.Starbucks® Chewy Kurma Cookies - Starting from RM6.90/ pcs ; RM25.00/ box- Soft cookies in a combination of rolled oats, dates, and hints of cinnamon. Perfectly paired with a cup of Starbucks Colombia Whole Bean Coffee. The chewy Kurma Cookies are sold in a box of four or individuallyFor the coffee lovers, get excited because Starbucks has brought back the summertime favorite, Starbucks® Kati Kati Blend. The smooth and crisp medium-bodied coffee is packed with citrus and spice notes that produces the best cup of coffee, complementing juicy and tangy flavours found only in Africa. The Kati Kati Blend offers a balance between the vibrant tangy flavours, multilayered flavors and enticing aroma processed from the finest handpicked beans in East Africa. Embodied with the taste of first summer breeze, savor the coffee hot to experience the slight roastiness and caramelly sweetness in your cup, or have it iced to accentuate the floral, citrusy notes to enjoy your moments of summer. Starbucks® Kati Kati Blend - RM40.00Refreshing leisure is the order of the day with the new fun and vibrant Flavorful Fun Merchandise Collection from Starbucks, featuring drinkware and collectables with fruits and popsicle graphic motifs adorning the Summer collection. This fruity assortment of merchandise in your possession will be sure to keep the heat at bay while you enjoy your favorite summer beverages.Try the new Starbucks® Tropical Triple Citrus and Starbucks® Oolong Jelly Matcha priced at RM19.10 each, or indulge in the refreshing taste of the Starbucks® Caramel Sweet Corn Frappuccino from RM18 onwards. The Summer promotional beverages will be available for indulgence through Starbucks stores nationwide as takeaway, drive-thru, or delivery via GrabFood or FoodPanda from 24 April 2020 onwards, while stocks last.At the same time, you can also start collecting the Flavorful Fun Merchandise Collection starting from RM65.80 onwards. Moreover, Starbucks Malaysia will be offering a merchandise promotion for a limited time on any purchase of the ‘Ice Pop Cold Cups’ series with a complimentary pack of Iced VIATM Ready Brew Coffee from 24 April 2020 onwards, while stocks last.STARBUCKS® FLAVORFUL FUN MERCHANDISERelish in the summer breeze with the Starbucks Flavorful Fun Merchandise Collection. This summer collection is inspired from the bright colors of summer, with fruits and popsicles graphic motifs adorning cups, tumblers and bottles of all shapes and sizes.1. Starbucks® Blue and Yellow Cold Cup (16 oz) - RM108.80‘Ice Pop Cold Cups’ seriesDouble wall insulated plastic construction. Keeps cold and eliminate condensation. For cold beverage only. SAN body and lid.PP straw.Comes with silicone straw accessory.Summer 1 Merchandise Promotion on the ‘Ice Pop Cold Cups’ series with one complimentary pack of Iced VIATM Ready Brew Coffee (5 sachets) for each purchase starting from 24th April 2020 onwards, while stocks last*2. Starbucks® Blue Popsicle Water Bottle  (20 ss)- RM118.00304SS body and lid.Double wall stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle.For hot & cold beverage only. Do not microwave. 3.  Starbucks® Fruit with Whip Cold Cup (16 oz) - RM89.80‘Ice Pop Cold Cups’ seriesDouble wall insulated plastic construction. Keeps cold and eliminate condensation. For cold beverage only. SAN body and lid.PP straw.Summer 1 Merchandise Promotion on the ‘Ice Pop Cold Cups’ series with one complimentary pack of Iced VIATM Ready Brew Coffee (5 sachets) for each purchase starting from 24th April 2020 onwards, while stocks last*4. Starbucks® Peach Charm Cold Cup (16 oz) - RM89.80‘Ice Pop Cold Cups’ seriesDouble wall plastic tumbler. For cold beverage only. AS body.Tritan lid and straw.5. Starbucks® Popsicle with Lid Mug (10 oz) - RM172.00Made up of New Bone China. Microwave and dishwasher safe.In addition to that, the Starbucks® Kati Kati Blend is priced at RM40, while the Flavorful Fun Starbucks® Card is ready to grab in stores from 24 April 2020 onwards with a minimum activation of RM30. The Summer promotional beverages, merchandise and whole bean offerings will be available in all stores nationwide from 24 April 2020 while stocks last. For more information, please visit  Starbucks Malaysia website. 

CV-19 战役未停歇 振奋力量不能停 王炳智联合 Chossy Pratama 制作英文抗疫歌 李佩玲温暖歌声致谢前线英雄

续大马行动管制令前推出的群星抗疫歌曲《你从不是一个人》,如今新 冠肺炎疫情持续肆虐全球,资深制作人王炳智再度制作了一首 <Respect 1,000,000>,以李佩玲 Jeryl Lee 温暖的歌声向大马和全世界身处前线奋勇抗疫 的医务人员、警察、军队、义工们等等,致上一百万次的敬仰与感激。与印尼音乐人联手创作 李佩玲待槟城老家录音 跨三城市完成制作表心意 眼见管制令持续展延,时刻关心疫情局势的王炳智老师坐不住,找来了 好友伙伴黎华安(Aesos Lai)和来自印尼的资深音乐老朋友 Pak Chossy Pratama 联合创作了<Respect 1,000,000>。这次也特别填写了英文歌词,搭配 佩玲的真挚演唱,希望能让这份心意感染到国际,鼓舞前线士气。除了跨国联 系印尼创作人,身在槟城老家的李佩玲也只能在家用简单的方式配合录制,已 鉴定的歌唱实力交出高水准的作品,精神可嘉。“我们向您们致敬 1,000,000 次,甚至更多......”王炳智表示,CV-19 大流 行给当今世界带来了挑战和不幸,许多无辜的生命被夺走,医生、护士、军警 和志愿者们仍然不懈地努力拯救我们的世界。而此刻的我们能做的,是想谨代 表每个人向所有前线斗争的英雄,用“谢谢”微小的两个字衷心献十二万分的敬 意,谢谢他们的付出与牺牲,并希望他们能平安。


Team Secret has emerged as the overall champion of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) MY/SG S1, winning them a USD15,000 prize, and securing them a spot in both the PMPL World League as well as the PMPL SEA Finals. Teams Yoodo Gank and Bigetron AROV came up in second and third place, and bagged a USD10,000 and USD7,500 prize respectively. Both teams are also guaranteed a spot in the PMPL SEA Finals. The PMPL MY/SG S1 started with 24 teams from Malaysia and Singapore on 3 March until 15 April -- ending with the recently concluded 3-day Grand Finals which saw 16 out of the 24 teams competing. This is the first time an official PUBG Mobile tournament was held for players in Singapore.    The PMPL MY/SG S1 also marks the first time Tencent Games is hosting competitions with a league system for PUBG Mobile. The objective of the PMPL MY/SG is to bring the PUBG Mobile community in Malaysia and Singapore to another level in e-sports. Additionally, PMPL MY/SG also creates opportunities for the Malaysian and Singaporean community to play on a global level. Prior to this, Tencent Games has run other PUBG Mobile events, including the PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC) 1 and 2, as well as Community Events. The PMPL is another notch on Tencent Games’ belt to boost the professional gaming scene for PUBG Mobile. In partnership with Facebook Gaming, PMPL MY/SG S1 was streamed live in English and BM to cater to a wider audience. Throughout the live streaming, as many as 68,428 viewers tuned in to watch the competition. 

马来西亚TEAM SECRET 战队 成为新马PUBG MOBILE职业联赛S1 总决赛冠军

Team Secret 勇夺PUBG Mobile职业联赛S1(PMPL MY/SG S1)总冠军宝座,并获得1万5000美元的奖金和奖品。这支战队也直接晋级PUBG Mobile世界联赛(PMPL World League)及PUBG Mobile职业联赛东南亚决赛。 亚军和季军得主分别是Yoodo Gank战队和 Bigetron AROV战队,他们各获得1万美元和7500美元的奖金和奖品。两支战队也获得2020年PUBG Mobile职业联赛东南亚决赛的参赛资格。 24支新马战队在3月3日至4月15日期间参加了新马PUBG Mobile职业联赛S1,而当中的16支战队刚完成为期3天的总决赛比拼。这场比赛也是首次为新加坡选手举办的PUBG Mobile官方赛事。 新马PUBG Mobile职业联赛S1是腾讯游戏(Tencent Games)首次在PUBG Mobile采用联赛赛制的大赛。除了提高马来西亚和新加坡PUBG Mobile社群的电竞水平,新马PUBG Mobile职业联赛也让两国玩家有机会在国际舞台亮相。 在此之前, 腾讯游戏也曾举办与PUBG Mobile相关的活动,包括PUBG Mobile全国锦标赛(PMNC)1和2以及社区交流活动。PUBG Mobile职业联赛是腾讯游戏提升PUBG Mobile至专业游戏水平的实绩。  新马PUBG Mobile职业联赛S1与脸书游戏(Facebook Gaming)合作,在脸书以英语和马来语直播赛事,让更多人能够观看此紧张又刺激的战事。在直播期间,总共有6万8428名观众收看这场比赛。 

马来西亚资深音乐人黄俊田召集了来自马来西亚各州的音乐人 通过网络演唱《黎明的曙光》

“即使黑夜比想象中漫长,只要我们咬紧牙关熬了过去,就一定会看到黎明的曙光。”新冠肺炎在2020年初开始蔓延,不幸地形成了全球人类奋战的瘟疫,而马来西亚也有史以来在3月中实行了行动限制令,以制止疫情在马来西亚恶化。站在前线的医护人员积极与病毒对抗,很庆幸的是很多马来西亚的人民都自动自发,通过各种社交媒体和 #StayHome 、 #DudukRumah等等的标签,以呼吁身边的家人朋友配合行动限制令避免出外接触人群。然而,由于很多经济活动的停摆,很多来自各阶层的人士的收入都受到影响,有些人甚至失去工作或者结束生意的营业,让抗疫的努力多了一层的挑战。马来西亚很多音乐人也不例外,与社会各阶层人士一样面对经济和家庭的挑战——他们当中有很多人在这段时间都是零工作、零收入,耗尽储蓄者甚至都必须变卖乐器来以继续维生。在这漫漫的黑夜里,马来西亚资深音乐人黄俊田召集了来自马来西亚各州的音乐人,通过网络演唱《黎明的曙光》,希望为这个情绪低迷的社会注入正能量,鼓励大家不要对未来失去希望——只要我们熬过多一天,就是接近黎明多一点。在新冠肺炎疫情的初期,黄俊田向新加坡资深作词人祁哲泉(作品无数,代表作品有张学友、陈慧娴《爱和承诺》等)邀了一首抗疫歌曲的歌曲。后来因为新马的疫情似乎受到控制了,就暂时将《黎明的曙光》搁置。然而,在步入三月份的时候,第二波疫情似乎涌现,于是他就将歌词拿出来谱曲,并打算将歌曲中的正能力传达给更多人。为了让歌曲更有力量、感染力,于是黄俊田就号召了来自十三州的音乐人加入制作和演唱的行列,而大部分的音乐人都是二话不说就答应参与了。这个跨州的浩大工程在短短三天内,是用居家有的有限器材完成录音——这十三州音乐人除了来自柔佛的黄俊田之外,还包括森美兰的刘永康(创作人、城外小站成员)、雪兰莪的郑颩壕(驻唱歌手、编曲人)、霹雳的赵福成(驻唱歌手)、槟城的黄汇雯(创作人、编曲人)、吉打的陈思聪(吉他、声乐老师)、玻璃市的小林良久(作词人)、吉兰丹的骆虎(录音师、吉他手)、登嘉楼的张晓峰(创作人、木凳子成员)、彭亨的张加彬(创作人)、砂拉越的沈国豪(创作人、录音师、Dream Machine主唱)、沙巴的Michael、 Charles、Tony、Aloy(创作组合四千斤),以及以神秘音乐人身份参与、来自马六甲的豫静妈咪(创作人)。黄俊田在兄妹音乐社媒专页分享各音乐人录音的照片时,笑说:“前几天我们就是这样居家录音,命水好的有自己的录音间,命水差一点的只有手机接耳机……不过一切都值得的!)值得一提的是,来自砂拉越的沈国豪顶着“腮腺炎”(俗称“猪头皮”)所带来的不便与痛楚,不止贡献了自己的歌声,也给弹奏了砂拉越传统乐器Sape,为歌曲注入了属于马来西亚的民族风!此外,小孩也一样关心疫情的发展,骆虎和郑颩壕也让他们的孩子骆恺与郑睨錡参与这首歌的制作,让他们献出了真挚的童声。除了音乐人之外,《黎明的曙光》也获得文人的贡献——马六甲书法家曾昭智为歌名题字,以白色的圆点象征着新冠肺炎的病毒,鲜红的底色则代表疫情告急,而白色的文字正是这首歌的主题:曙光!无论成果如何,《黎明的曙光》是承载着来自马来西亚各地和新加坡的祝福,祈求这段疫情早日结束。不畏眼前的考验,勇度难关;万众齐心,必定一切安然!

HONOR Brings More Awesome Deals with its Duduk Rumah Sale

You do your part, we’ll do ours! Global smartphone brand HONOR is introducing its Duduk Rumah sale online on Hihonor and Partner e-commerce stores featuring more awesome deals and freebies from 22 – 27 April. As a treat, Hihonor will feature different devices as part of their Bazaar-E-Ramadan flash deals with up to RM 200 off and lucky draw with prizes worth up to RM 79 to be won. For those that missed the recently launched HONOR MagicBook and HONOR 9X Pro start sales promotions and free gifts, fret not! HONOR has extended its promotions with the brand-new Duduk Rumah sale in line with the Movement Control Order to ensure consumers can conveniently and safely make their purchase. Consumers who make their purchases on Hihonor will get an additional RM 100 off on purchases worth RM 1,000 and RM 50 off on purchases worth RM 500 and above. Bazaar-E-Ramadan Flash Deals on Hihonor For only two hours, Hihonor will feature a different HONOR device every day during the Duduk Rumah sale period at 12 PM as part of their flash deals. For the attractive deals especially the HONOR MagicWatch 2 in Sakura Gold and HONOR 20 PRO, be sure to act quick as the discounted prices will only be revealed then!DateModelRRPFlash DealsFreebies22 AprilHONOR MagicBookRM 2,299To be revealed at 12 PM each day HONOR Twin Line backpack, Bluetooth mouse and HONOR FlyPods Lite23 AprilHONOR MagicWatch 2 42mm (Sakura Gold)RM 799N/A24 AprilHONOR 20 PRORM 1,599N/A25 AprilHONOR Band 5iRM 119N/A26 April HONOR Band 5iRM 119N/A 27 AprilHONOR 20RM 1,199N/AHONOR Smartphones and LaptopEnjoy discounts up to RM 50 on some of your favorite HONOR devices! Consumers who purchase two products or more that add up to RM 1,000 get an additional RM 100 off too. ModelRRPDuduk Rumah SaleFreebiesHONOR 20 PRORM 1,599N/AHONOR Band 5 SportHONOR 20RM 1,199N/AHONOR Band 5 SportHONOR 9X ProRM 999N/AHONOR Band 5i and Cloud Storage 50GB (Valid 3 months)HONOR 9XRM 999RM 949HONOR Band 5i and Premium Bundle Gift HONOR 8X MAXRM 899RM 849HONOR 8X Gift BoxHONOR 20 LiteRM 799N/AHONOR Band 5iHONOR H8ARM 499N/A32G SD CardHONOR 7SRM 329RM 299N/AHONOR 8SRM 399RM 36932G SD CardHONOR MagicBookRM 2,299N/AHONOR Twin Line backpack and Bluetooth wireless mouseHONOR Wearables ModelRRPDuduk Rumah SaleFreebiesHONOR MagicWatch 2 46mm (Flax Brown)RM 749RM 699Waterproof BagHONOR MagicWatch 2 46mm (Charcoal Black)RM 699RM 649Waterproof BagHONOR MagicWatch 2 42mm (Agate Black)RM 599RM 549Waterproof BagHONOR MagicWatch 2 42 mm (Sakura Gold)RM 799RM 749Waterproof BagLucky DrawAside from the deals above, consumers can also play a game and stand a chance to win prizes worth up to RM 79! Prizes include an HONOR Band 5 Sport, HONOR Waterproof Bag and *vouchers up to RM 50. *Vouchers not applicable on flash sale, HONOR MagicBook, HONOR 9X Pro and HONOR MagicWatch 2 (Sakura Gold)Simply follow these steps:If you have not already, register for a Hihonor account Click on “Tap to play” button to start the game Find out if you have won, or try againVouchers will be added to your ‘My Account > Coupons’ valid from 22 – 27 AprilWinners will be contacted on 5 May onwardsPrizes will be delivered from 10 May onwardsDon’t miss out on these amazing deals! For more information on HONOR Malaysia, visit  HONOR’s official e-commerce website , or check out the official Facebook page at Facebook page for updates.  


In partnership with Unilever Food Solutions, Carousell connects with thousands of localhawkers and small F&B businesses onto the online marketplace during this festive season.Carousell, one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing classifieds, today announced the launch of the #TetapBuka Ramadan Campaign, to give a platform to local business owners to sell their food items during the fasting month. #TetapBuka rallies Malaysians to support the smaller F&B establishments within their area, especially during this time when the Movement Control Order (MCO) is enforced and vendors are unable to set up their stalls physically at Ramadan Bazaars. By using filters inbuilt within the Carousell app, users are able to search within a 10km radius of their location to narrow down the food vendors nearest to them.In partnership with Unilever Food Solutions (UFS), a key food service supplier with brands such as Knorr, Best Foods and Lipton, has connected Carousell with thousands of F&B businesses onto the marketplace, making a wider range of food delicacies available to all Malaysians. The onboarding process will ensure that business owners who have not had prior experience with online operations are still able to list on Carousell for increased visibility. With Carousell listings, F&B owners will be able to provide on-demand takeaway services without having to pay a premium or commission to external vendors, and Carousellers will be able to conveniently and directly support the local F&B establishments near them. Interested F&B outlets may list on Carousell following these simple guidelines:"In these uncertain times, we at Carousell stand together with our community of Carousellers to lend a hand to help small F&B businesses sell their food items during Ramadan. We know Malaysians are very proud of our food and we are glad to bring a platform to local F&B owners like Makcik Kiah to sell their homemade delights to a larger audience thanks to this partnership with Unilever Food Solutions, an expert on food. Let’s continue to uplift one another’s spirits and show our #kitajagakita spirit as we are all in this together,” said Tang Siew Wai, Country Head (Malaysia), Carousell.Ivan Lu, Managing Director of Unilever Food Solutions Malaysia & Singapore, said, “We are excited to be part of this collaboration with Carousell in creating business opportunities for food sellers and establishments during Ramadan. We will share our expertise on food safety, delivery, profit protection and immunity-boosting menus with the local food sellers through this partnership. Beyond that, I believe that to many Malaysians, it’s not just about buying food at Ramadan Bazaars but this itself is like a tradition to be celebrated whenever the fasting month arrives, and we feel delighted to be able to give this back to Malaysians in a unique way this year.”The #TetapBuka Ramadan Campaign is part of an ongoing initiative between Carousell and Unilever to support local F&B establishments during the MCO, which will be ongoing until May 12. 

HUAWEI Online Official Store Celebrates 6th Birthday with Amazing Deals

Claim the limited quantity RM166 online vouchers from 23rd to 28th April  HERE, and grab your deals on 29th April .HUAWEI’s online official store is turning six this 29 April 2020 and to celebrate its birthday, the brand is throwing in amazing deals and free gifts just in time for the Labour’s Day weekend. In the spirit of celebration and appreciation for their hard work, consumers can treat themselves and their loved ones to exciting Huawei devices and enjoy new activities over the three-day holiday. The one-day celebration features 16% off on all HUAWEI accessories, amazing deals and freebies on Must Buy and New Arrival devices as well as flash deals for as low as RM 0.60! From 23 – 28 April, consumers will also be able to claim a RM166 online voucher by simply heading to the HUAWEI online official store and register for an account if they have not already done so. The online voucher can then be utilised on 29 April on selected products such as the HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro 5G, HUAWEI P30, HUAWEI M6 and more!Whether it’s staying fit with the HUAWEI Watch GT 2e, capturing moments with the latest HUAWEI P40 Pro or catching up with TV shows on HUAWEI MatePad Pro, consumers will be sure take a well-deserved break and kickstart their holiday by staying connected and entertained at home with the latest technologies.HUAWEI RM166 Online VoucherFrom 23 – 28 April, registered consumers can claim a voucher worth RM166 here. Each voucher can be utilised on 29 April and is only applicable on one (1) of the following HUAWEI devicesProduct Free GiftsRegular Price Price with VoucherHUAWEI M5 LiteN/ARM 1,299RM 1,133HUAWEI M6HUAWEI M-PencilRM 1,899RM 1,733HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro 5GHUAWEI CP39s Wireless Car Charger and PU Leather Case  RM 4,199RM 4,033HUAWEI nova 5THUAWEI Band 4 (Black)RM 1,399RM 1,233HUAWEI P30HUAWEI Body Fat ScaleRM 1,999RM 1,83316% Off All Accessories For one-day only, the following HUAWEI accessories are available at 16% off on 29 April 2020:  ProductRegular Price Promotional Price HUAWEI AM116 Earphone  RM 48RM 40 HUAWEI AM61 Sport Bluetooth Earphone  RM 205RM 172 HUAWEI AP09S 10,000mAh Super Charge Powerbank  RM 256RM 215 HUAWEI AP31 Car Quick Charger  RM 68RM 57 HUAWEI CM510 Mini SpeakerRM 99RM 83 HUAWEI CM70-C FreeLace Earphone  RM 369RM 310 HUAWEI CP11QC Power Bank 10,000mAh (Max 18W) Type-CRM 188RM 158 HUAWEI CP12S 12000 40W SuperCharge PowerbankRM 358RM 301 HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro PU CaseRM 68RM 57 HUAWEI Mate 30 PU CaseRM 68RM 57 HUAWEI Mate Dock 2  RM 299RM 251 HUAWEI X Gentle Monster Smart Eastmoon EyewearRM 1,599RM 1,343 HUAWEI X Gentle Monster Smart Jackbye EyewearRM 1,599RM 1,343 HUAWEI 9V/5V 2A or 5V4.5A + 5V1A Car Charger  RM 127RM 107HUAWEI Must Buy Consumers looking for more options can browse through a variety of Huawei devices along with some of HUAWEI fan favourites* such as the HUAWEI MateBook 13 I7, HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro, HUAWEI nova 4e and more, only on 29 April 2020.ProductFree GiftsRegular Price Promotional PriceHUAWEI Band 4N/ARM 139RM 89HUAWEI MateBook 13 I5HUAWEI Mouse and BackpackRM 3,999RM 3,266HUAWEI MateBook 13 I7HUAWEI Mouse and BackpackRM 4,399RM 3,666HUAWEI MateBook D 15 256GBHUAWEI Mouse and HUAWEI Body Fat ScaleRM 2,299RM 2,099HUAWEI nova 4eN/ARM 999RM 599HUAWEI T5N/ARM 899RM 596HUAWEI Watch GTN/ARM 799RM 366HUAWEI FreeBuds 3HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 CoverRM 679RM 566*While stocks lastFlash DealsHUAWEI online official store is offering flash deals for its registered account holders with products as low as RM0.60. Featuring four different HUAWEI products, the flash deals will run from 23 – 29 April 2020 beginning at 10.08 AM on each day. Consumers will have to be quick as there are limited quantities available so be sure to check out the website!DateProductRegular PricePromotional PriceLimited Units 23 – 28 AprilHUAWEI CP11QC 10,000mAh PowerbankRM 188RM 665 units on each day from 23-27 April;4 units on 28 April29 AprilHUAWEI P10 Flip CoverRM 58RM 0.601429 AprilHUAWEI P10 Plus Flip CoverRM 58RM 0.605129 AprilHUAWEI Band 4RM 139RM 6610HUAWEI AppGallery Voucher Aside from the amazing deals above, HUAWEI users will receive one (1) additional RM100 online voucher through HUAWEI AppGallery. If it is not already installed, consumers will need to install the HUAWEI AppGallery application and register for an account on HUAWEI online official store to receive the RM100 online voucher from 23 – 28 April 2020. Each voucher can be utilised during the one-day sale on 29 April with a minimum purchase of RM1,100 and above. The voucher is not applicable to HUAWEI P40 Series, HUAWEI Watch GT 2e, HUAWEI MatePad Pro and HUAWEI Mate Xs. Do note that only one voucher can be applied during check-out for each transaction. HUAWEI New Arrivals Those looking for HUAWEI’s latest products can look out for the HUAWEI P40 and P40 Pro with free gifts worth RM 679 and the HUAWEI Watch GT 2e with a complimentary strap worth RM 69, only on 29 April 2020. Meanwhile, the HUAWEI MatePad Pro bundle inclusive of the Smart Magnetic Keyboard and M-Pencil will also be available at a discounted price from 29 April – 7 June 2020. ProductFree GiftsRegular Price (RM)Promotional PriceHUAWEI MatePad Pro, Smart Magnetic Keyboard and M-PencilN/ARM 3,197RM 2,898HUAWEI P40HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 (White)RM 2,799N/AHUAWEI P40 ProHUAWEI FreeBuds 3 (White)RM 3,899N/AHUAWEI Watch GT 2eHUAWEI Watch GT 2e strapRM 599N/AExplore HUAWEI devices on AppGallery here as it offers more security, more storage and more rewards for Malaysians. Most of the frequently used Apps in Malaysia are available on Huawei mobile devices too. So wait no more, visit to claim the RM166 online voucher and grab the deals, while stocks last; first come, first served basis. 


Do you love taking photos? Has it always been your dream to become a professional photographer, but you just don’t have the right tools? Thanks to HUAWEI’s dedication towards research and excellence, you no longer need heavy and bulky camera equipment to make your photos look professional – all you need is a HUAWEI P40 Series smartphone. HUAWEI P40 Series’ Ultra Vision Leica Camera system capabilities were recently endorsed by camera testing firm DxOMark which gave it a score of 128 points, putting it at the top of the firm’s rankings. Being stuck at home during the Movement Control Order (MCO) is a great opportunity to work on those photography skills. Here are the incredible HUAWEI P40 Series camera features you can use to hone those skills, that will guarantee you your best shot, every time.1. Perfect Portraits Portraiture is one of the most popular styles of smartphone photography, which is why the HUAWEI P40 Series includes powerful support for portrait photography. Whether it is day or night, inside or outside, people want to shoot beautiful portraits any place, any time. Thanks to the combination of hardware and a library of AI algorithms powering the front and rear cameras, the HUAWEI P40 Series makes for a compelling option for real portraiture work.To help capture perfectly ethereal portraits, the HUAWEI P40 Series features targeted optimisations for backlit scenarios. The devices support accurate object segmentation and targeted brightness enhancement on the faces of subjects. The Ultra Vision main camera on the HUAWEI P40 Series has amazing photosensitivity extending far beyond what the human eye can see. The new AI portrait algorithms then take this one step further by increasing the brightness of the subject’s face for best-in-class, crystal-clear night portraits.  2. Skin-tone enhancement The HUAWEI P40 Series uses colour reproduction algorithms that work in tandem with the camera hardware to provide accurate skin tone enhancement. Additionally, it can reproduce vivid details like skin texture and make faces look more three-dimensional through highlighting and contouring.3. Beautiful BokehUsing the ToF Camera, HUAWEI P40 Pro can collect accurate depth-of-field information to separate the subject from background. This allows it to achieve extremely accurate segmentation and progressive Bokeh effects – just like those you would expect from a high-end camera.4. HUAWEI Golden SnapAI Best Moment uses AI to help budding photographers pick the best shot every time. Analysing the frames taken before, during and after the shutter button is pressed, this feature picks out the best frames based on an extensive library of reference photos. The benefits of this feature are most apparent when taking snapshots of moving objects and peoples’ faces.AI Remove Passerby and AI Remove Reflection ensures that you never need to worry about unwanted interference in your images. Whether that’s pedestrians walking in front of your shot or glare from reflections, HUAWEI has the solution. Upon tapping the shutter button, the HUAWEI P40 Series collects scene information before and after the virtual shutter is closed. Using AI algorithms, the before and after frames are then compared and aligned for you to easily crop out passers-by and unwanted glares, giving you an unprecedented level of control.5. Third-generation AI Image Processing EnginePost-production has become a staple of photography. From analogue to digital, the ability to process an image after it has been taken separates the mediocre from the mesmerising. To let everyday users achieve these results, the HUAWEI P40 Series features HUAWEI’s third-generation AI Image Processing Engine. The powerful engine processes images pixel by pixel, resulting in lossless object separation and optimisation. Images taken with backlight, low light and zoom are all qualitatively improved. Portraits processed with this engine feature better skin texture, colour and lighting – looking professionally shot and Instagram ready right away.HUAWEI AppGallery – Equipped with most of Malaysians’ Frequently-Used AppsHUAWEI’s AppGallery now contains most of Malaysians’ frequently used apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Netflix, Instagram, AirAsia, TikTok, Lazada, and more. The AppGallery is also safe, as it is fortified with four layers of protection that have been certified by the highest industry standards. Users can save more storage by just using the Quick Apps to open the particular apps you want without installing it.  Moreover, for P40 series and MatePad pro users can redeem rewards worth up to RM2381 at HUAWEI Member Center and also get free 50GB of HUAWEI Cloud storage for three months. Get More Secure, More Storage, More Rewards when you use HUAWEI AppGallery.Order now! Don’t wait to get your hands on your brand-new HUAWEI P40 Series – best in smartphone photography and connectivity. You can order online with complete peace of mind when you purchase your new HUAWEI P40 Series throughout the MCO period. You can make your purchase via the :HUAWEI Official Online Store


Throughout the country, special kids and the underprivilege community who experience difficulties in learning have traditionally been marginalized or excluded from schools. Many are deprived from food, learning programs and proper educations.Aforadio decided to initiate #SaveWithStoriesMy in Malaysia. Joining hands with Traqkid and Kiwanis Malaysia, they will be offering short children stories on Instagram and Facebook. Plus, they too will be inviting people they know – celebrities, athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs sitting at home with a book, a phone, a tablet and a little time on their hands – to join them.For donation as little as RM15, you can help feed vulnerable children during the pandemic, as well as to provide education resources to children among the poorest communities.#SaveWithStoriesMy #aforadio #KiwanisMy #Traqkid #kidsafetyislifeDonation link : (CLICK HERE)More stories by our Celebrity Storytellers : (CLICK HERE)#SaveWithStoriesMy在全国各地,有着一群特殊儿童,弱势群体和边缘化社区的孩子们都面对着生活上的困境。他们有的无法三餐温饱,有的无法获得适当的教育和无法正常地参与学习计划。AFO电台决定在马来西亚启动 #SaveWithStoriesMy 的慈善活动。将通过与Traqid和Kiwanis Malaysia 合作,在社交媒体如 Instagram 和 Facebook上提供儿童短篇故事,为孩子和家长提供一点乐趣、一点教育。此外,他们还会邀约身边认识的人,不管是演员、运动员、音乐家、政治家,或是任何一位手里可拿着一本书、一部电话和一点时间坐在家里的人来加入他们这次的慈善行列。只需低至RM15的捐款,您就可以协助社区项目得到所需的支持,并能向全国贫困社区的儿童提供食物和教育素材,例如书籍,文具和玩具等。#SaveWithStoriesMy #aforadio #KiwanisMy #Traqkid #kidsafetyislife捐款连结: (点击此处)更多名人讲述故事档案 : (点击此处)

大马艺人积极抗疫 发起线上学习

疫情冲击,大马艺人激发起向上精神,一起善用行动管制令期间的空闲时间,线上学习。《 🇲🇾 马来西亚艺人互助会》(Malaysia Artist Support Group) 在行动管制另发布后的第二个星期启动。每周二和周四下午三点钟,由资深艺人或导师,通过面子书直播与大家互动并探讨演艺圈的生存之道及演艺生涯的管理技巧。获多位圈内朋友支持线上课堂启动至今,获多位圈内人以行动支持,上线分享的老师有圈内活跃了36年的资深演员蔡宝珠老师和娱乐圈学霸苏盈之博士,而到线上来当学生和大家互动的嘉宾包括 赖淞凤、 陈浚、王雪晶、薛炳进、陈凯旋、林文荪、张和平、沙米尔、李伟燊、罗巧倪和即将上线的李桀汉。在留言区也看到许多正面反馈,有人表示通过这线上课堂“能够认清自己要什么” 也有艺人表示 “從來都不會有公司和經紀人給我們這一些非常重要的教導 謝謝老師”。*艰难时期,更需要积极地去面对*平台发起人何芸妮,是亚洲著名的中文爵士乐歌手,2000年从 Astro 新秀出道,在娱乐圈活跃了近20年。她表示 “近期的演出和节目皆被取消,影响了许多艺人朋友的生活与收入” ,也发现身边一些较为年轻的艺人朋友开始失去方向,不知所措,于是希望借这平台,鼓励大家一起积极面对,向有经验的人学习。“演艺圈和其他领域一样,需要用一种专业的态度去经营,而不能单靠天赋或漂亮的外表”,她感谢资深的艺人们愿意无私地分享自己的心得和技巧。这段时间不能演出,但可以重新好好地整顿与装备自己。除了线上课堂,此平台也为艺人、经纪人和艺人助理提供线上心理辅导,更多详情可通过何芸妮面子书询问平台发起人。