Casio to release G-SHOCK MR-G × BRUCE LEE Collaboration ModelCasio Malaysia will be releasing MRG-G2000BL in Malaysia in the coming months, the latest addition to the G-Shock MRG series which has marked as the flagship series of G-Shock. This is a collaboration model featuring the legendary action film star Bruce Lee, who would have turned 80 years old this year. Only 300 pieces will go on sale worldwide.The new MRG-G2000BL has combined the spirit of Bruce Lee, who demonstrated world-class physical and mental toughness which have captivated people till today. With the top line G-Shock, MR-G series continues to deliver an uncompromising commitment to materials, structure, processing, and finishing.The colors black and yellow are used for the case and the band respectively, recalling the iconic tracksuit worn by Bruce Lee in his last film. In addition, the colors yellow and red, which appear in the emblem of Jeet Kune Do, the martial arts philosophy founded by Lee, are used for the indices, and for the MR-G logo and second hand, respectively.The entire watch expresses the philosophical thinking behind Jeet Kune Do, as well as the philosophy of its creator Bruce Lee. The bezel is engraved with “Using no way as a way, having no limitation as limitation,” a phrase that expresses the limitless potential of Jeet Kune Do, while its symbol, with the same phrase in Chinese, is engraved on the case back. The 3 o’clock position on the dial is also decorated with Bruce Lee’s signature using the Chinese character “龍,” or dragon, Bruce’s nickname. These and other features make the MRG-G2000BL a special model very much alive with the energy of Bruce Lee, whose intense spirit transcends the generations.The model is based on the MRG-G2000 of the flagship MR-G series, which matches the legendary action film star’s combination of strength and beauty while also delivering tons of advanced technology. The MRG-G2000BL features time adjustment using radio wave time-calibration signals, GPS satellite signals, and Bluetooth® to ensure accurate time reflecting time zone changes around the world and daylight savings time.*1 The Bruce Lee name, image, likeness and all related indicia are intellectual property of Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC. All Rights Reserved. www.brucelee.com.Bruce LeeLee Jun-fan (Chinese: 李振藩; November 27, 1940 – July 20, 1973), known professionally as Bruce Lee (Chinese: 李小龍), was a Chinese-American actor, director, martial artist, martial arts instructor, and philosopher. He was the founder of Jeet Kune Do, a hybrid martial arts philosophy drawing from different combat disciplines that is often credited with paving the way for modern mixed martial arts (MMA). Lee is considered one of the most influential commentators, critics, advocates, and martial artists of all time and is a pop culture icon of the 20th century who bridged the gap between East and West. He is often credited with helping to change the way Asians were presented in American films.SpecificationsConstructionShock-resistantWater Resistance200 metersMagnetic ResistanceISO 764-compliant magnetic resistanceGPS Signal Frequency1575.42 MHzRadio Frequency77.5 kHz (DCF77: Germany); 60 kHz (MSF: UK); 60 kHz (WWVB: USA); 40 kHz (JJY: Fukushima, Japan) / 60 kHz (JJY: Kyushu, Japan); 68.5 kHz (BPC: China)GPS Signal ReceptionTime-calibration (auto,* manual); acquisition of positioninformation (manual)* GPS signals are received automatically when the watch recognises they areavailable in the area.Radio Wave ReceptionAutomatic reception up to six times a day (except for use in China: up to five times a day)Communication SpecificationsCommunication StandardBluetooth® low energySignal RangeUp to 2m (may differ depending on surrounding conditions)World Time39 cities (39 time zones*, daylight saving on/off) and Coordinated Universal Time, auto summer time (DST) switching* May be updated when connected to a smartphone.Stopwatch1/1-second stopwatch; measuring capacity: 24 minutes; elapsed timeCountdown TimerMeasuring unit: 1 second (maximum 24 hours)Alarm1 independent daily alarmOther FunctionsSmartphone Link functions (world time: over 300 cities, automatic time adjustment, easy watch setting); auto hand home position correction (hour, minute and second hand); full auto-calendar; 12/24-hour format; battery level indicator; LED light (Super Illuminator with afterglow)Power SourceTough Solar power system (solar-charging system)Continuous OperationAbout 23 months with the power-saving function* ON afterfull charge*Power-saving after a certain period in a dark locationSize of Case54.7 × 49.8 × 16.9 mmTotal WeightApprox. 152g* The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is under license.For more information : Casio G-Shock Malaysia Facebook

TGV Cinemas Leap Leap Hooray !

TGV Is Celebrating The Leap Year With FREE Regular Popcorn Combos For One Day Only!A leap year comes around once every 4 years and is considered a rare event where everybody gets an extra 24 hours in the month of February. In celebration of TGV’s 25th Anniversary, which is also a once-in-a-lifetime event, we would like to celebrate this specific leap year by offering promotions exclusively on 29 February 2020 only!FREE Regular Popcorn Combo For Leap Year BabiesPatrons who celebrate their birthday on the 29th of February are in for a treat! TGV wants to celebrate their birthday and make them feel extra special this year by giving away a free Regular Popcorn Combo. This exclusive promotion will only be available on 29 February only. These patrons just need to remember to bring along their Malaysian Identity Card (NRIC) or passport and simply show it at the TGV Candy Bar of their choice to be eligible for the promotion. Each customer may only redeem one Regular Popcorn Combo.RM2.90 Off Large Popcorn CombosDon’t need to worry if you’re not a leap year baby because TGV has a promo in store for everybody. All patrons will be able to enjoy RM2.90 off every Large Popcorn Combo only on the 29th of February. This discount can be applied for any amount of Large Popcorn Combos and is only applicable at TGV’s Candy Bar.For more information, please visit https://www.tgv.com.my/promotions/leap-leap-hooray. TGV’s 25th AnniversarySince 1995, TGV has celebrated 25 amazing years of providing progressive gratifying experiences and entertainment for both adults and kids alike. The first opening in 1 Utama has only spurred TGV to continuously grow rapidly to stay as one of the top cinemas in Malaysia. To celebrate TGV’s momentous 25th Anniversary, moviegoers can expect to enjoy a myriad of treats and surprises for the whole year!

马来西亚国际连锁加盟展 MIRF

今年,我们的目标是满足更多的市场需求,随着新品牌的出现,零售市场变得越来越有趣。这些品牌表示,希望将马来西亚品牌出口到海外展开连锁。 Raymond 也说到:“今我们仍然收到许多工面的回响,尤其是来自珍珠奶茶领城的新品牌,并且我们也陆陆续续收到许多新的询问。”因此,我们今年将有568展位(532+36)在吉隆坡会议中心的1号展厅到4号展厅。这表示者自从2019年起销售已经增加了超过100个展位。马来西亚国际连锁加盟展仍然使市者与去年相同的主题"Franchise Forward. 由于收到许多零售商与连锁商的支持和配合。马来西亚国际连锁加盟展对培长充满信心。当然,我们与Bon Zainal 和Rasta Rashid 领号之下的马来西亚土著设计协会有若更好的合作伙伴关系。我们也有更多米自为外的国际品牌将会参与。我们也期特有更多的初创企业和企业家的可以参与我们。今年第一年参与我们展览的品牌包括Ayamas、 OBriers. Hermu Intermational.贡茶、手作功夫茶,Lavender 和JVV F&B。当然,我们荣幸能够得到TM0ne 的支持作为MIRF的吉網赞助商。我们的展览也得到了PNS和Matrade的支持,100个Hatchery摊位依旧获得正面回响,并期待这Hatchery 摊位看到新的参与者和合作伙伴。我们都知道,大众非常关注的新型冠状病毒的发生后,马来西亚市场及其他邻国市场都处在艰难时期,我们当然希望能够知道什么时候才会告一段落,即使情况艰难,我们还是必须保持积极向上的态度,向前迈进,我们仍然必须继续为市场提供机会。好让零售市场持续增长。2020年马来西亚国际连锁加盟展有望再次上演一场精彩的表演。2020 马来西亚国际连锁加盟展持续的发展并将会为參展商提供新的设施如,商贸包厢和商贸配对平台。除此之外,我们也会像历年一样为参展商准备晚宴,以促进和建立友好的关系。我们的信息非常明确,通过验证马来西亚团际连锁加盟展能够有效推动零售和连锁行业。我们也想借此机会想告诉企业家,通过这个平会不仅可以探索连锁加盟的机会,还可以认识更多有潜力的伙伴关系,授权经营机会和合资企业。通过我们的平合,企业家可以进行商业上的合作机会,建立人脉和找到更多商机。2020 马来西亚国际连锁加盟展新闻发布会在吉隆坡桂和广场举行,作为MIRF的合作伙伴,同时也是马来西业连锁协会的成员,为马来西业国际连锁加盟展新闻发布会赞助会议厅。桂和集团的执行董事兼总裁顾问之一Dato Dr Jennifer Low 说:"桂和集团会一直支持零售业,至于桂和广场的方向始终是与零售商保持良好的关系并将零售商的利益放在首位。”在本次新闻发布会,30间提前注册的参展商将可以享受优先的商务配对环节,参展商将与具有巨大潜力的商家探索合作机会,希望能转化为交易,这些都是今年的马来西亚国际连锁加盟展增加的新设施,以在这段时间内帮助参展曲,如欲查询更多有关此项业务配对的资料,请致电马来西亚连锁协会副总经理 SimonWong 先生 016-3252308。

Malaysia International Retail & Franchise Exhibition

On this day, the Malaysia Retail Chain Association is proud to announce once again the Largest Retail and Franchise Exhibition that is recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records which is the Malaysia International Retail & Franchise Exhibition or also known as MIRF."Yes on behalf of the organizing committee, it gives me great pleasure in welcoming you to the Prests Conference for the 5" Malaysia International Retail & Franchise Exhibition 2020 (MIRF), held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 16" to 18 July says the Organizing Chairman for the 3 years in running Mr Raymond Woo.This year again, we aim to cater to more market demands. The Retail market is getting more and more interesting as new brands are emerging and there are strong indications to want to export Malaysian Franchise Brands overseas. Raymond added, So far we still see positive participation from new brands especially from new F&B Concepts and we are shill getting lots of new enquiries coming inThis year, we will have a total of 568 booths and kiosk taking across from Hall 1 to 4 in KLCC. This would mean an incremental growth of 100+ booths & kiosk from 2019. Still using the same theme we had last year "Franchise Forward'. MIRF is confident of the growth due to support and collaborations from various retail sectors. We of course, have better partnerships with our Malaysia Bumiputra Designers Association led by Bon Zainal and also Rasta Rashid. We also have more Intemational Participations from overseas with emerging parties from Japan and Turkey. Needless to say, we are encouraged to see more startups and birth of entrepreneurs jumping into the scene as well.Amongst other new brands that have already signed up are Ayamas.O Briens, Hermu International, Gong Cha, Kong Fo Cha, Lavender and JW F&B. Of course, we have secured TM One as our supportive Bronze Sponsor. We also have gotten support from PNS and Matrade for our Exhibition. The 100 Hatchery booth will once again be exciting and will see new players, parties and collaboration partners in this corner.All of us know that these are trying times for the Malaysian market and also its surrounding markets. With a very controlled epidemic corona virus going on certainly all of us wish that we know what and when the end will be. Certainly, we have to stay positive and move forward to continue to provide opportunities in the market for retail growth. And once again, MIRF 2020 will be counted upon to stage yet another great show.MIRF 2020 continues to soar by providing new add ons and facility like Corporate Box and Business Matching areas for our Exhibitors. In addition to that, MIRF as usual will have a night for Exhibitors to foster friendships and build relationships. Our message is clear, the Malaysia International Retail and Franchise Exhibition is the proven formula to drive the Retail and Franchise sector. We want to tell Business Owners to use this platform to explore not only franchising but partnerships, licensing and joint ventures. It is the place for Business Collaborations, Networking and endless opportunities. The MIRF 2020 Press Conference is held in Quill Mall, Kuala Lumpur as a supporting Partner to host the Press Conference for MIRF as it is also a member of MRCA. Dato Dr Jennifer Low, the Executive Director of Quill Group and also one of the President Advisors says, The Quill Group is always willing to support the Retail Industry. As for Quill Mall, its direction is always to stay relevant to the retailers and to put a retailer's interest first."During this Press Conference, the first 30 exhibitors that registered early for the Exhibition will enjoy Business Matching sessions. The Exhibitors will be connected to parties that have keen potential with the hope of converting into positive transactions. These are part of the new initiatives that the MIRF 2020 have added to its platform to assist their Exhibitors during these times.


Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC), Malaysia’s leading cinema chain has launched its partnership with Friends to Mankind (FtoM) to bring The Book Effect campaign to selected cinemas in the Klang Valley. Through this collaboration, movie-goers who come to GSC can look forward to mini-libraries in the cinema’s social spaces, where they can read, exchange, or even donate old books for FtoM to collect and build community libraries for the underprivileged. This continues and extends the success of The Book Effect, which saw the project achieving its goal of collecting and re-distributing 10,000 books in only two months after its grand launch and announcement in August 2019. (L-R) Dato’ Paduka Noor Aini Datuk Abdullah, Patron to Friends to Mankind; Ms. Apshy Vimal, Youth Ambassador and Project Lead of Friends to Mankind; and Mr. Heng Beng Fatt, Chief Operations Officer Malaysia, Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn Bhd officiating the Launch of GSC x The Book Effect campaign in GSC 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya.“As a home-grown cinema exhibitor and a leader in the entertainment industry, we play a big part in creating shared value that benefits us all. Our partnership with The Book Effect falls in line with our commitment to enhance and transform our cinemas beyond the silver screen. With these mini-libraries, we are reigniting the spirit and cultivating a love for reading, while encouraging the public to donate their old books with the ultimate goal of setting up community libraries for others in need,” said Mr Heng Beng Fatt, Chief Operating Officer – Malaysia of GSC.Mr. Heng Beng Fatt, Chief Operations Officer Malaysia, Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn Bhd welcoming members of the media and guests at the launch of GSC’s mini-libraries in partnership with Friends to Mankind. “The one thing movies and books have in common is the ability to bring joy from a story, but a big reason a lot of people don’t read is due to accessibility. Maybe we can’t afford them or maybe they’re just not easy for us to get to; however, putting these libraries up and making books accessible to people allows us to give them the opportunity to feel the joy that stories can bring,” added Apshy Vimal, Youth Ambassador and Project Lead, FtoM. Ms. Apshy Vimal, Youth Ambassador and Project Lead of Friends to Mankind, giving her speech during the launch at GSC 1 Utama.                Dato’ Paduka Noor Aini Datuk Abdullah, Patron to Friends to Mankind, sharing her support of the campaign with members of the media and guests.The mini-libraries are open to the public and are currently available at GSC 1 Utama, GSC IOI Puchong, GSC MyTOWN, GSC Melawati Mall, and GSC Setia City Mall. More locations will be announced soon, as GSC plans to roll-out more bookshelves in its social spaces in the coming months.For more updates on The Book Effect campaign, follow GSCinemas at facebook.com/GSCinemas and Friends to Mankind at facebook.com/FriendstoMankind. 

Flow E-cigarette now available In Malaysia

A Smoke-Free Future Through TechnologyFounded By A Team Of Smartisan; Huawei, Ogilvy & Other Well-Known Brands, Flow Is Designed To Create A Smoke-Free Future Through "Nano-Technology. To Find An Alternative To Traditional Cigarette, Flow Is The Next Generation Of E-Cigarette That Aims To Improve The Lives Of Smokers. Today, We Are Making This Vision Into Reality.Breaking through the traditional cigarette and go with the flow.We want you to be part of the solution to end combustible smoking. We believe that FLOW is the first step to replace the cigarette. Our mission is to switch the current adult smokers to a smoke-free product where FLOW is a better alternative to continued smoking.P/s : In case you missed the interview. Check out Joel 'Night Owl' show interview with Ms. Stephanie, PR of Flow Malaysia here. For more information : Flow Malaysia website Flow Malaysia Facebook Page

MuscleManiaClub Launches the Leading Fitness Supplement Brand, BioTechUSA in Malaysia

Fitness enthusiasts and fans meet-&-greet with Ulisses Jr, brand ambassador of BioTechUSAMuscleManiaClub, Malaysia’s largest distributor of premium nutritional products and sports supplements today launched the leading fitness supplement brand – BioTechUSA along with its brand ambassador, Ulisses Jr. Aimed at channeling premium and exclusive sport supplements to Malaysia, fitness enthusiasts and fans will now be spoilt for choice as BioTechUSA enters the shelves of Malaysia. It’s now officially available at MuscleManiaClub’s branches and available for online purchase on their website. “It’s an honour to launch BioTechUSA here in Malaysia for our loyal fans and customers. Exclusively distributed by MuscleManiaClub, one of our key values has always been to spread awareness on how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle, while helping to elevate the local fitness scene. With today’s launch, I’m thrilled that our customers will now have access to a premium nutritional product brand that is well-known internationally for its results. A big thank you to BioTechUSA and Ulisses Jr. for the support towards MuscleManiaClub”, said Vincent Loh, founder of MuscleManiaClub. First established in 1999, BioTechUSA is known for its high-quality food supplements, wide range of protein powders, pre-workout formulas, stamina-building products, and over 40 vitamin products to help improve and enhance individuals in reaching their ideal fitness goals. Its products are suitable and inclusive for all individuals, with an alternative range that is suitable for vegans as well. BioTechUSA’s presence continues to grow across the globe, with their high-quality products and services in nutrition, fitness, and consultation – they are sold in over 160 franchise stores and distributed in over 70 countries. In Malaysia, customers are able to access BioTechUSA through MuscleManiaClub with over 50 products to enhance and improve their fitness performance, allowing them to be one step closer to reaching their best physical self. “Expanding BioTechUSA’s footprint in Malaysia is a milestone for us. Among the countries that it is already available in, tapping into the South East Asian market has always been a part of our business plans. We hope to continue spreading BioTechUSA’s message of supporting fitness and encouraging a healthy lifestyle with people across the globe. We are very happy that Malaysians will now have access to our range of premium products. There is no better place for our products to be introduced in Malaysia, than at MuscleManiaClub. One of our core missions is to work closely with other fitness communities across the globe, and this synergy partnership with MuscleManiaClub is our testament to that,” said Balazs Levai, Owner and Sales Director of BioTechUSA.MuscleManiaClub members, fans and guests gathered in support of BioTechUSA’s launch at Peak Fitness SOGO KL, where Ulisses Jr had shared his current tips and tricks on developing the ideal fitness regime. During the meet-and-greet session, Ulisses Jr also met with some of the most eager and enthusiastic fitness fanatics and sports fans in Malaysia. To top it off, Ulisses also shared a workout session for his fans to get a sneak peek of what it takes to stay fit and healthy. BioTechUSA’s range of products are now available for purchase online, as well as across MuscleManiaClub’s branches nationwide. For more information on the other exciting offerings at MuscleManiaClub, and product information on BioTechUSA, please visit https://www.musclemaniaclub.net/. 

Bust a Move on TikTok with HONOR’s #WatchMyMagic Challenge to Win HONOR Products

Participate in the challenge with five simple steps beginning 7th till 12th February Put on your dancing shoes because HONOR Malaysia is inviting users to showcase their best and most creative TikTok videos! From 7 – 12 February 2020, users can take on HONOR’s #WatchMyMagic Challenge and win the latest HONOR products worth more than RM 1,800. Participants can stand a chance to win an HONOR 9X, HONOR MagicWatch 2 or HONOR Band 5.   The brand’s latest social contest encourages participants to let loose and showoff their dance skills with the HONOR MagicWatch 2 filter*. Simply click on the banner on HONOR’s TikTok homepage to save the filter and begin recording. For inspiration, users can check out a video introducing the challenge on HONOR’s TikTok page.  *The MagicWatch filter will be made available on 7 February 2020 How to Participate:  1.Go to this link: https://vt.tiktok.com/Fw5v6Q/2.Follow HONOR Malaysia’s TikTok account @honormalaysia  3.Record a video with the MagicWatch 2 filter 4.Post the video along with the #WatchMyMagic hashtag and mention @honormalaysia 5.Don’t forget to set your profile to public!  Three lucky winners will be announced on 17 February 2020 based on their creativity in the video. Submit as many entries as you wish to increase your chances of winning. What are you waiting for? Get moving!   For more information on the contest, visit HONOR’s official page on TikTok (@honormalaysia) or check out the official Facebook page at HONOR Malaysia Facebook for exciting updates.    

The First Ever Queens of Asia Comedy Special Live in Kuala Lumpur This March!

As the world transcends into a female empowered realm, women of today rise above to celebrate gender equality achievements that have long awaited deserving recognitions.True to this stance and in conjunction with International Women’s Month in March, Malaysia will see the coming together of Asia’s 4 biggest female comedians in a stand-up comedy showcase like never before! Putting the “POWER” in empowerment, Queens of Asia Comedy Special will see each of these ladies bringing their unique comedy stylings to Kuala Lumpur for a one-night only extravaganza of hilarity and debauchery!Malaysia will open its curtains to the staging of the first-ever Queens of Asia Comedy Special on the 13th ofMarch 2020 at HGH Convention Centre, Sentul from 8.30pm onwards. Produced by Malaysia’s Queen of comedy herself, Joanne Joanne Kam Poh Poh, and presented by Deromp Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd, Queens of Asia Comedy Special will feature a line-up of all female comedians gracing the stage together for the very first time.Promising to offer Malaysians a spectacular and hilarious night of female liberation and laughter, the show will feature acts from local legendary queen Joanne Kam, Japanese comedian and youtube sensation, Yumi Nagashima, Singapore’s finest Sharul Channa, and one of India’s no 1 female comic, Aditi Mittal - all of whom have proudly earned their names in their home grounds as well as in the international comedy arena. With their quirky and wicked sense of humour, it’s needless to say that Joanne, Sharul and Yumi also took part in Comedy Central Asia in Stand Up Asia on different occasions.According to Joanne, “Comedy scenes not only in Malaysia but the world over remained male-dominated for the longest time. Male comics were the main features of comedy shows while female comics were restricted to add-on roles merely to fill in gaps. However, in the last few years, the comedy scene has witnessed a number of female comedians stealing the limelight and winning hearts all over the world. 2020is a year to celebrate women and their achievements and my aim is to do my part to amplify this through an empowering showcase of Asia’s top comedy queens performing on one stage for the first time ever, in conjunction with International Woman's Month.”In the effort to make Queens of Asia a reality in Kuala Lumpur, Deromp Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd and support from local corporate sponsors namely, Aforadio, AirAsia BIG Loyalty, Avenue K, Sirocco Hospitality group, Cinema online, Vectorsideco tour & services, Shawn Cutler and Qtic solutions, have been instrumental in making the show a meaningful success. “The unwavering support from our presenter and sponsors towards the staging of Queens of Asia Comedy Special in Kuala Lumpur will go a long way in giving women and Malaysians in general an opportunity to enjoy a hilariously momentous milestone where women and comedy are recognized and celebrated together. For that, we thank the show presenter and sponsors for their gracious support,” adds Joanne.Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a first time ever female empowered comedy extravaganza guaranteed to offer a night of side-splitting acts. As a show of appreciation to their members, AirAsia BIG Loyalty will be offering 10% discount on all ticket categories for their AirAsia Credit Cardholders as well as BIG Members.BIG Members will also be able to earn BIG Points with ticket purchase – 1 BIG Point for every RM1 spent.BIG Points will be credited to BIG Members’ accounts within 2 months after the event date.JOANNE KAM POH POH (MALAYSIA)Armed with a distinct style of acid tongue humour, Joanne’s risque material covers everything from sexual misadventure to awkward encounters with rock climbing walls. With close to 30 years of experience in the business, Joanne commands the stage with “the moxie of someone who eternally skulling Red Bulls”.YUMI NAGASHIMA (JAPAN)From Japan by way of Vancouver, Yumi Nagashima’s sassy stage presence and unique worldview has taken the North American comedy scene by storm! A mainstay in the Vancouver comedy circuit, Yumi was featured in Just for Laughs North West and was a finalist in the 2016 & 2017Yuk Off Comedy Competition. Besides her work in comedy, Yumi also has numerous acting credits to her name, most notably HBO’s The Man in the High Castle.Singapore’s only full-time female comedian joins the show with her uproarious brand of acid-tongued humour, bound to leave audiences in stitches and begging for more. Born in India, Sharul’s family moved to Singapore when she was a baby. Armed with a diploma in acting and a Bachelor’s degree in communications, the tides turned for Sharul in 2016 when she was the first Singaporean woman to be chosen for the prestigious Melbourne International Comedy Festival, which led to a sold-out tour across Australia and Asia.ADITI MITTAL (INDIA)A comedian, writer, and actor, Aditi Mittal claims to barely manage these roles with competence, but that hasn’t stopped her from taking the global comedy circuit by storm, from appearances at comedy festival’s across the world to most notably, one Netflix special titled Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say. Rated by The Times of India as one of India’s top 10 stand-up comedians, Aditi is a comedic force to be reckoned with, having been featured on CNN-IBN, the BBC, and Bollywood OMG.Show Details:Date: 13 March 2020 (Friday)Time: 8:30 pmVenue: HGH Convention Centre Sentul, Jalan Peach Avenue, Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaTicket Prices:Platinum - RM300Gold - RM180Silver - RM130Bronze - RM80

Treat Your Partner with HONOR This Valentine’s Day

HONOR Love Week Irresistible Offers helps you spoil your other half with deals up to RM 400 off from 4-14 FebruaryIt is that time of the year again to celebrate your loved ones and you would want to give them something that says “I love you”, “I appreciate you”, or simply, “I think you’re awesome”. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, HONOR Malaysia is set to roll out its HONOR Love Week campaign featuring special deals, bundle promotions and free online vouchers on www.hihonor.com/my from 4-14 February 2020. Throughout the 10 days, expect to find your perfect gift with an array of promotions on HONOR smartphones, wearables and accessories.   To commemorate the special date, there will also be exclusive deals on selected days with savings up to RM 400. On 4 February, create your custom bundle with any two favourite colours of the HONOR Band 5 for RM 214. If you feel like stepping it up a notch, wait for 7 February to score any two of your favourite HONOR watches with deals starting from RM 884. That’s at least RM 214 off! Lastly, on 10 February, get a pair of the HONOR Band 5 Sport in Glacier Grey and Sakura Pink for only RM 129. During this period, grab the HONOR 20 PRO at RM 1,599 plus freebies to enjoy.  As part of the campaign, customers can logon to www.hihonor.com/my to play the “Falling Roses” game to win attractive prizes while stocks last. They include the HONOR 10,000mAh PowerBank, HONOR Band 5 Sport and HONOR FlyPods Lite. Each registered customer is entitled to three chances per day. Get ready to grab the falling rose!   Below is a list of special offers happening from 4-14 February:HONOR Bundle Deals Model Model RRP Valentine’s Day Sale  HONOR MagicWatch 2 46mm (Brown) HONOR MagicWatch 2 46mm (Black) RM 1,448 RM 1,234 HONOR MagicWatch 2 42mm (Black) RM 1,348 RM 1,134 HONOR Watch Magic RM 1,248 RM 1,034 HONOR MagicWatch 2 46mm (Black) HONOR MagicWatch 2 42mm (Black) RM 1,298 RM 1,084 HONOR Watch Magic RM 1,198 RM 984 HONOR MagicWatch 2 42mm (Black) HONOR Watch Magic RM 1,098 RM 884  HONOR Smartphones Deals  Model Freebies RRP Valentine’s Day Sale  HONOR 20  HONOR Band 5 Sport RM 1,399 RM 1,199 HONOR 20 PRO  3 in 1 Travelling Set and Water-Proof Bag RM 1,999 RM 1,599 HONOR 9X HONOR 10,000mAh PowerBank RM 999 RM 999 HONOR 8X (Blue and Black) HONOR 8X Gift Box RM 799 RM 699 HONOR 8X Max (Blue and Black) HONOR 8X Gift Box RM 899 RM 899 HONOR 20 Lite  HONOR 10,000mAh PowerBank RM 799 RM 749  HONOR Wearables Deals  Model Free Online Voucher RRP Valentine’s Day Sale HONOR MagicWatch 2 (Black) 46mm RM 99 RM 699 RM 699 HONOR MagicWatch 2 (Brown) 46mm RM 99 RM 749 RM 749 HONOR MagicWatch 2 (Black) 42mm RM 69 RM 599 RM  599 HONOR Watch Magic RM 69 RM 499 RM 399 HONOR Band 5 (Black, Midnight n/a RM 129 RM 111 Navy, Olive Green, Coral Pink) HONOR Watch Magic (Black) n/a RM 499 RM 399 HONOR Band 5 Sport (Glacier Grey, Sakura Pink) n/a RM 79 RM 69 HONOR Sport PRO (Phantom Red, Phantom Grey) n/a RM 299 RM 199 HONOR Accessories Deals and Bundles Model RRP Valentine’s Day Sale HONOR 10,000mAh PowerBank + HONOR Band 5 RM 278 RM 159 HONOR 10,000mAh PowerBank (2 units) RM 298 RM 99 HONOR 10,000mAh PowerBank  RM 149 RM 79 HONOR SoundStone Speaker RM 149 RM 99 For more information on HONOR Malaysia, visit HONOR’s official e-commerce website and information portal at http://hihonor.com/my, or check out the official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HonorMY/ for exciting updates.   

提高水源保护意识 Colgate与全民共创美好未来

马来西亚人每天平均使用210公升的水,超出世界卫生组织(WHO)所建议的165公升的用水量。数据显示,每10个人当中,便有4个人面临缺水问题。因此,我国急需教育民众应节约用水。为提倡有效用水,马来西亚Colgate-Palmolive继续推行 “节约用水”(Save Water)宣传运动,培养儿童精明用水的习惯。只要让孩子们在刷牙时将水龙头关上(#TurnOffTheTap),便可以在日常生活中节省大约15公升的水,这是加强人们节水意识必不可少的一步。去年,马来西亚Colgate-Palmolive与马来西亚Watsons及儿童尊严基金会(Dignity for Children Foundation)合作,教导小孩节约用水的重要性,培养良好的习惯。Colgate与马来西亚Watsons结为伙伴是必要的,因为从销售中筹集的资金将帮助许多贫困孩童获得全面教育。这项宣传运动也希望灌输小孩回馈社会的重要性,通过参与公益项目来改变子孙后代的生活。号召全民共创美好未来Colgate与马来西亚Watsons合作展开的 “节约用水” 运动已进入第3个年头,他们坚信,教育是减少浪费水源的主要方式,比如养成简单的节约用水的习惯。通过这项运动,Colgate和马来西亚Watsons为消费者提供了回馈社区的机会,也让他们从中学习一些节水知识。今年9月,凡是在 Watsons商店购买价值15令吉的Colgate产品,其中的20仙会捐给儿童尊严基金会。这项公益活动成功筹集了1万令吉。Colgate在活动期间的9天内走访巴生谷15所学校及儿童尊严基金会,并探望了914名小孩。Colgate通过各种互动活动灌输小孩节省用水的重要性。除了获赠口腔护理包,所有小孩也学习了有效的刷牙技巧,以减少用水量,并从小养成良好口腔卫生的习惯。


《2020马来西亚欢乐春节嘉年华》18日于吉隆坡独立广场盛大举办,除了特别设置“美食+传统文化街”,让民众体验两国的饮食文化,当晚的文娱晚会更是出席民众的焦点所在,马来西亚国宝级歌手阿牛以及中国高音天王春雷的演出获得大众好评,两国的文化在这场文娱晚会达到了充分交流。2020马中旅游年首炮活动-《2020马来西亚欢乐春节嘉年华》由中华人民共和国文化和旅游部、马来西亚旅游、艺术和文化部、中华人民共和国驻马来西亚大使馆以及联邦直辖区旅游艺术文化理事会主办;吉打州政府、马来西亚首相署对华特使办公室、吉隆坡市政局(DBKL)、大马遗迹机构以及陕西省戏曲研究院联办。《2020马来西亚欢乐春节嘉年华》文娱晚会于1月18日晚间8时45分在吉隆坡独立广场举办,当晚表演阵容相当精彩,马来西亚国宝级歌手阿牛陈庆祥释出极大的诚意,除了与知名音乐人周金亮暌违十多年再度合作《用马来西亚的天气说爱你》之外,这次在文娱晚会上特别演唱新歌《嘿,我在说你呢》,让现场民众享有抢先听的福利,他亦特别走下台与观众互动,并且与中国大使白天拥抱,象征着两国的友好。而来自辽宁的中国高音天王春雷的演出,也让当晚出席文娱晚会的民众见识到其表演的极大魅力,高亢而稳定的高音表演让现场民众掌声和尖叫不断,他一边演唱还一边走下舞台与民众们握手互动,歌声却没有因此有任何影响,稳定的演唱实力的确让人大开眼界呢。而马来西亚一众新声代包括Alvin锺瑾桦、Danny许佳麟、张起政、马来西亚网红歌手Bryson刘铠翔以及Layla莎妮娅的加入,亦为文娱晚会增添不少青春气息。而Astro群星们带来的新年歌曲也成功热络了现场气氛,为即将到来的春节带来一些温馨气息,另外,陕西戏曲研究院和湖南武术团的表演亦让人大开眼界,现场民众不断被出众的演出震撼,频频传出欢呼声,这次文娱晚会可说是相当成功。而两国相关政要人士亦有出席观赏演出,包括中国文旅部副部长张旭,中国大使白天与其夫人,马来西亚首相对华特使YB陈国伟,吉隆坡市长拿督诺希山,旅游、艺术及文化部副秘书长莎拉雅,吉打州行政议员YB陈国耀,武吉免登区国会议员YB方贵伦以及吉打州州长发展机构首席执行官马哈迪,均有出席文娱晚会,从表演阵容到出席嘉宾都可见两国都相当重视马中旅游年,真正达到马中文化交流的固中精髓。《2020马来西亚欢乐春节嘉年华》由马来西亚芒果传媒、湖南广播电视台、湖南广播电视台金鹰纪实卫视 - 纪实传媒、大德正智文旅产业有限公司以及无乎电影有限公司跨国策划实施,马来西亚一带一路委员会、吉打州务大臣机构支持,完美(中国)有限公司  赞助,芒果TV、Astro以及 Locco为媒体合作伙伴,实践马中文化交流。

Netflix's , The Ghost Bride , A Uniquely Malaysian Story.

Malaysia's creative and film community gathered at Glasshouse at Seputeh for the premiere of The Ghost Bride - the first netflix Chinese language original series produced in Malaysia. Exclusively shot in Malaysia locations including Johor Bahru, Penang, and Ipoh and produced by Revolution Media , this is Netflix's first large scale collaboration in Malaysia with local talent and production teams, led by award winning directors Ho Yuhang and Quek Shio Chuan, together with producer Zainir Aminullah. The exclusive event was graced by the lead actors Huang Peijia, Kang Jen , Ludi Lin, Kuang Tian and Malaysian supporting cast Angeline Tan , Susan Leong , Jordan Voon , and Jojo Goh. Directors Ho Yuhang, Quek Shio Chuan, producer Zainir Aminullah and senior government representatives from Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (KKMM), Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), and National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) were amongst the notable guests present at the premiere. "It is amazingly liberating to work with a brand like Netflix that respects, support and empowers artistic freedom. We are thrilled to have this opportunity to share this modern interpretation of traditional Chinese folklore and local stories with a global audience , " said director Quek. " It was so inspiring to work with an international team of talented creatives from Malaysia , Singapore , Taiwan and the US," said director Ho. "Even more so to be part of the team behind the first Netflix Chinese language original series to be produced in Malaysia". The Ghost Bride is an adaptation of a New York Times bestseller of the same name created by Malaysian novelist Yangsze Choo. The Series brings together top talent from Malaysia , Taiwan, and Hollywood including head writer Kai Yu Wu, who is known fo her work in smash hits such as Hannibal and The Flash.About The Ghost BrideTHE GHOST BRIDE SHOW BASICSIn 1890s Colonial Malacca, Li Lan has been offered a marriage proposal from the wealthy Lim Family to become the “ghost bride” to their recently deceased son. Her family will be saved from a lifetime of debt, but she’ll spend the rest of her life being haunted by the Lim family’s son. Desperate to get out of this ghastly arrangement, she soon finds herself wrapped up in a murder mystery and embroiled in other-worldly affairs much bigger than she could have ever imagined.Show OverviewLaunch Date: January 23, 2020Genre: Young Adult, Supernatural, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Drama, RomanceProduction: Malaysia (Penang & Johor)Directors: Quek Shio Chuan (Ep 1-3: Melaka) & H o Yuhang (Ep 4-6: Netherworld)Head Writer: Kai WuExecutiveProducer:ZainirAminullah

HONOR MagicWatch 2 Arrives in New Variant on 20 January

Get your latest style companion in Flax Brown for only RM 749Global smartphone brand HONOR today announced that the HONOR  MagicWatch    2 (46 mm) will be arriving in a brand-new colour, Flax Brown at RM 749 beginning 20 January 2020 on hihonor.com/my and HONOR Experience Stores (HES) nationwide. Completing the look, the HONOR MagicWatch 2 Flax Brown’s strap is made from genuine leather with a stainless-steel casing with black bezel around the display designed to complement users through its dynamic fitness and health monitoring technologies. This variant will also come with an interchangeable water-resistant black strap to offer its user more flexibility. Launched a month ago, the HONOR MagicWatch 2 is your ultimate “Health Guru”. It features 15 goal-based fitness modes to help you stay motivated and in times of uncertainty, it also has a voiceover guidance for real-time actionable advice. For those who are looking for a smartwatch that is well-balanced between fitness and lifestyle, the practical yet stylish HONOR MagicWatch 2 in Flax Brown is sure to enhance your appearance for any occasion. Aside from extensive modes, the MagicWatch 2 also comes equipped with music playback capabilities to offer you an enjoyable workout session. The device’s battery also lasts up to 14 days to ensure that you can enjoy all the features that the watch has to offer without worries.   This device is a step forward for HONOR towards creating a wholesome line of products for its consumers via 1+8+N, HONOR’s Intelligent Lifestyle ecosystem. The integration of all its products is poised to set the stage for a smarter and more connected world which will ultimately add value to the lives of its consumers.  Looking forward to the HONOR MagicWatch 2 in Flax Brown? Get ready to buy yours on 20 January 2020.  For more information on HONOR Malaysia and HONOR MagicWatch 2, visit HONOR’s official e-commerce website and information portal at http://hihonor.com/my, or check out the official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HonorMY/ for exciting updates.