AirAsia BIG announces 816 (August 16) as its BIG Day to celebrate 22 million BIG Members with free flights for a year!

816 BIG World campaign rewards BIG Members with even more AirAsia BIG PointsAirAsia BIG kicks off its inaugural annual BIG Day campaign - ‘816 BIG World’ - to reward its 22 million BIG Members with bonus BIG Points and a chance to win free flights for a year!*   For a whole month starting from BIG Day on 16 August until 16 September, live life large and get 50% more BIG Points* from any earn activity with AirAsia BIG’s 200 partners worldwide. Not only that, you can put yourself in the running for one year free AirAsia flights* by simply sharing your Live BIG moments on Instagram with the hashtag #EarnBIGLiveBIG. Earn BIG Points for every #EarnBIGLiveBIG post, for sharing the campaign with your friends, for voting for your favourite posts or for 'checking into' the buildings on the 816 BIG World campaign site.  At the end of the campaign, the BIG Member with the most BIG Points earned through their #EarnBIGLiveBIG posts will win the grand prize of free AirAsia flights for a year.* The top 10 most voted Live BIG moments will also win 100,000 BIG Points each. Please visit for more details. The 816 BIG World campaign gives BIG Members more opportunities to earn BIG Points faster to travel affordably throughout AirAsia’s network of over 150 destinations across Asia, Australia, the Middle East and the US. Apart from, which offers not just flights but hotels, activities and daily deals, AirAsia BIG also has extensive partnerships with over 200 travel, lifestyle and financial services partners in the region such as, Zalora, Fave, Petronas, Citibank and more that help BIG Members get more out of life. AirAsia BIG CEO Spencer Lee shared, “AirAsia BIG isn't just an airline loyalty programme but a comprehensive lifestyle platform that enables more people to travel and explore the world at a fair cost. The date August 16 is chosen as our BIG Day because 816 resembles the word BIG (8 being B, 1 being I and 6 being G). The deals in 816 BIG World will allow more people to delve into diverse BIG experiences and that’s exactly what we want - to put everyone's travel and lifestyle aspirations within reach.” BIG Members in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, India and other markets can enjoy 50% Bonus BIG Points* when they spend with AirAsia BIG’s partners or convert bank points and other loyalty points into BIG Points. BIG Points are as good as cash as BIG Members can use them to redeem flights or pay for booking for flights, activities and even daily deals on In addition to the 50% Bonus BIG Points reward, BIG Members also stand a chance to win complimentary hotel stays in Japan from Agoda with a minimum bank conversion of 1,000 BIG Points in a single transaction.  The AirAsia BIG loyalty programme now averages 700,000 sign-ups per month, with the top six markets with the largest member bases being Malaysia (3.5 million members), China (3.0 million), Thailand (2.4 million), India (1.3 million), Philippines (1.3 million) and Indonesia (1.2 million). For more information on ways to earn and redeem BIG Points, check out AirAsia BIG’s official website, 

AirAsia BIG宣布816(8月16日)为BIG Day,庆达至2,200万BIG会员并送出为期一年免费亚航航班!

2019年8月15日 - AirAsia BIG启动其首届年度“BIG Day“活动 - ”816 BIG World“,以奖励2,200万名BIG会员额外的BIG积分以及赢取为期一年免费亚航航班的机会!*从2019年8月16日至9月16日整整一个月,您可通过AirAsia BIG全球200家合作伙伴赚取 50%额外BIG积分*,尽情享受专属优惠。不仅如此,您还可以通过Instagram分享您的#EarnBIGLiveBIG精彩帖子获取BIG积分和赢得为期一年免费亚航航班的机会*。若想成为大赢家,您可将816 BIG World活动分享给好友、投票选择您最喜欢的#EarnBIGLiveBIG帖子或在816 BIG World活动网站点击建筑标志以获取更多BIG积分。在活动结束时,通过#EarnBIGLiveBIG帖子获得最多BIG积分的BIG会员将赢得一年免费亚航航班的终极大奖。* 投票中最受欢迎的前十名精彩帖子也将每人赢取10万BIG积分。详情请浏览。816 BIG World活动为BIG会员提供了更多机会以便更快赚取BIG积分,让他们能够更快地在AirAsia其覆盖亚洲、澳洲、中东和美国等150多个目的地的精彩航线中旅游。除了提供航班、酒店、旅游活动和日常优惠的airasia.com外,AirAsia BIG还与各地区超过200家旅游、生活和金融服务的合作伙伴(如、Zalora、Fave、Petronas、Citibank等)建立了广泛的合作关系,这些合作伙伴也让BIG会员从生活中获取更多精彩。AirAsia BIG首席执行官Spencer Lee表示:“AirAsia BIG不仅是一个航空公司的忠诚计划,更是一个全面的生活平台,让更多人以合理的价格出行,更好地探索世界。8月16日之所以被选为我们的BIG Day,是因为“816”类似于单词“BIG”(8为B,1为I,6为G)。在816 BIG World里,丰富多彩的优惠让每个人都能轻松拥有美好的旅游和生活体验 - 这正是AirAsia BIG的初衷。”马来西亚、泰国、印尼、菲律宾、中国、印度和其他地区的BIG会员在AirAsia BIG的合作伙伴处消费,或将银行积分和其它忠诚计划积分转换为BIG积分时,可享受50%额外的BIG积分*。每次至少转换1,000 BIG积分,还有机会赢取由Agoda提供的日本免费酒店住宿。BIG积分可用于兑换亚航航班或在airasia.com支付航班、旅游活动甚至日常优惠,就像现金一样好用!AirAsia BIG忠诚计划目前平均注册量为每月70万人次,会员人数前六大市场分别为马来西亚(350万)、中国(300万)、泰国(240万)、印度(130万)、菲律宾(130万)和印尼(120万)。关于赚取和兑换BIG积分的更多信息,请浏览AirAsia BIG官方网站

Unleash Your Merdeka Passion at Central i-City! The First ever giant elemental inflatable Boboiboy Universe playland

In conjunction with the National Day, Central i-City gears up for a Sparktacular month with an array of activities that are perfect in bringing together the young and old from all walks of life. What better way to celebrate our diversity than to gather everyone for a fun time and knit closer ties with one another!Now that school’s out, the superheroes are in! Calling all fans of BoBoiBoy – are you excited to join in a mission to help the young superhero unlock his Elemental Power? All you need to do is go around the mall and complete the tasks* found in an exclusive BoBoiBoy activity book to gain entry into the final pit stop, the FIRST ever giant elemental inflatable playland “BoBoiBoy Universe Playland”. Just spend a minimum of RM100 (accumulated same-day receipts are accepted) in the mall to redeem the activity book. The giant inflatable obstacle course is open daily till 2 September 2019, so be sure not to miss it! *Parental supervision is advised. Can’t get enough of BoBoiBoy? Bring the little shoppers to Central i-City on weekends too! Get up close and personal with BoBoiBoy, Ying, Gopal and Fang during the “Meet-and-Greet Sessions” at Central Annexe, Ground Floor on: DateTime17 - 18 August 201912:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm & 8:00 pm24 - 25 August 201931 August – 2 September 2019 That’s not all! For treasure hunt aficionados, make your way to Central i-City on 25 August 2019 (Sunday) for the “National Day Shopping Hunt” and stand a chance to win home appliances worth RM9,000! Put on your thinking cap and take part in this hunt with a patriotic twist, bringing you all over the mall searching for clues to the right answers.  To participate, just spend a minimum of RM50 (accumulated same-day receipts are accepted) and register your team of clue hunters aged 12 and above (minimum 2 pax, maximum 4 pax). All participants will receive goodie bags, while the Best Dressed Team – most creative National Day-themed outfits – will be rewarded too! The arts and music scene is getting into the Merdeka swing too. From 31 August to 2 September 2019, fans of the local indie festival, Tempatan Fest (TF), can expect an entertaining time at Level 4, Open Rooftop with local indie bands and shop for their favourite streetwear items.  Carrie Kon, General Manager of Central i-City said, “Malls are evolving to be a lifestyle space that engages the whole community, and vice versa. This Merdeka month, we would like to gather everyone under one roof and provide a fun avenue for our shoppers to have a good time. Along with the diverse activities lined up this month, they have plenty of interaction opportunities with other shoppers while spending quality time with their loved ones here at Central i-City.” “Central i-City’s month-long celebration is anchored by BoBoiBoy’s large scale event. We are proud to support this local production and bring cheers to its fans, young and old alike. As for the mall-wide hunt, it requires teamwork, unity and trust to win. And these are the same key ingredients for a successful nation. Let’s continue to work together to bring Malaysia to greater heights!” Carrie added. So much to do, yet so little time. Hurry over to Central i-City now and enjoy new everyday experience with your family and friends!

2020AIM中文音乐颁奖典礼“我的音乐,我的态度” 1月4日隆重引爆

《AIM 中文音乐颁奖典礼》即将捲土重来!由大马唱片业公会(RIM)举办的“2020 AIM 中文音乐颁奖典礼"铁定在明年1月4日(星期六),晚上8点于 Menara PGRM,Star Convention Centre 隆重举办。大马唱片业公会前身为[马来西亚录音製品和录像製品生产商和经销商协会(MAPV) ]于1978 年12月12 日成立以来,一直在马来西亚唱片业的前线解决行业的问题,其中最显着的是保护大马唱片业公会成员录音版权和消除网上和移动渠道的音乐盗版。大马唱片业公会 (RIM)从1993 开始举办马来西亚最大的音乐颁奖晚会一-Anugerah Industri Muzik(“AIM”) - 相当于美国格莱美颁奖典礼。AlIM 举办的目的主要是给于本地人才的赞普并给予歌手,幕后音乐人等唱片製作应有的肯定。由于近年市场低迷导致唱片业界面临波折重重的挑战,这也间接影响到原本两年一届的AIM 中文音乐颁奖典礼面临腰斩边缘。继 2016 年举办了颁奖典礼,筹委们为了不让这大马最具权威性的颁奖典礼再次沉淀,终于在努力争取后捎来这令人振奋的好消息。值得一提的是,本届AIM 中文音乐颁奖典礼特别增设了“最高串流量单曲"奖项。增设最高串流量单曲奖项是因为串流音乐已经开始蓮勃发展,听歌方式已经变得更方便,此奖项可鼓励音乐人在制作音乐时不被约束,同时也鼓励乐迷透过音乐串流平台聆听自己醫欢的歌曲。本届颁奖典礼的主题设定定为"我的音乐,我的态度”,希望传递一个信念给本地歌手/创作人能够活出自我风格,继续让音乐脱话,所以提供一个让本地歌手/创作人(尤其新人)告诉市场 Why Me? 除此之外也希望能够秉持推广本地中文乐坛的使命得应有的讚誉与肯定,将更多本地音乐推向国际舞台;同时也创造多一个平 台鼓励大马的,让优秀的音乐人获音乐人和歌手。

Casio G-SHOCK Collaborates with Boxing Brand Everlast

New G-SQUAD Watch with App Connectivity for Step Tracking and Interval WorkoutsGBA-800ELCasio Malaysia released the G-SHOCK made in collaboration with the legendary boxing brand, Everlast. The new GBA-800EL from the G-SQUAD line of fitness watches arrives in a matte red reminiscent of boxing gloves, with the world-famous Everlast logo engraved on the case back. The distinguished logo also appears on the dial and band, and the LED backlight illuminates to show what Everlast has become known for being, the “Choice of Champions.”■ Step TrackerThe GBA-800EL is equipped with a three-axis acceleration sensor to keep track of step count as well as walking/running pace. The digital display shows the step count and hourly step graph, and the status indicator displays the target achievement rate.When paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth®, the watch automatically sends the measured data to the G-SHOCK Connected app four times a day, and the user can also do manual transmissions.■ Timer for Interval Training* App screens shown here may differ from actual screens.Configure up to 20 sets of five timers on the app. Create workouts with timers for interval training. Call up the created workout and send it to the watch to start the training right away.In addition, users can perform the following functions from the G-SHOCK Connected app:  Lists recorded stopwatch data and sets the target time. Automatically corrects the home and world time including adjusting for daylight savings,four times per day.Easily set the dual time display choosing among some 300 cities in the world from theG-SHOCK Connected app.Phone Finder function enables a smartphone alarm to be activated by pressing awatch button.  Easily set time, including alarms, adjusting hand positions, time switching, and more.■EverlastThe preeminent brand in boxing since 1910, Everlast is the world’s leading manufacturer,marketer and licensor of boxing, MMA and fitness equipment. From legendary champions Jack Dempsey and Sugar Ray Robinson to current superstars Dustin Poirier and Deontay Wilder, Everlast is the brand of choice for generations of world champion professional athletes. Built on a brand heritage of strength, dedication, individuality and authenticity, Everlast is a necessary part of the lives of countless champions. Based in Manhattan, Everlast’s products are sold across more than 75 countries and 6 continents. Visit for all the latest information.Retailing at RM709, the GBA-800EL model is now available at all G-Factory stores and authorized dealers stores. Everlast logo on the dial, band, and case back“Choice of Champions” logoappears when turning on the LED backlightEverlast special packagingSpecificationsConstructionShock-resistantWater Resistance200 metersCommunication SpecificationsCommunication StandardBluetooth® low energy*1Signal RangeUp to 2 meters (may differ depending on surrounding conditions)Step CounterStep Count display (0 to 999,999), Step Goal Progress display (in 5-percentage-point increments / step count goal setting range: 1,000 to 50,000, 1,000-step increments), Step Count Graph (hourly step count for the past 11 hours on a 6-level graph), Step Indicator, power saving (auto sensor sleep-mode entry after fixed period of non-activity)Stopwatch1/100 second (up to 60 minutes) / 1 second (60 minutes or more); measuring capacity: 59:59’99” (for the first 60 minutes), 1:00’00~23:59’59 (after 60 minutes);measuring modes: elapsed time, lap times; lap/split time switching; 200 measurement data set recording (measurement start month, date, and lap/split times); target time alarm function (up to 10 alarms, measuring unit: 1 second)Countdown TimerInterval measurement (up to 5 timers); measuring unit: 1 second; countdown range: 60 minutes; countdown start time setting range: 1 second to 60 minutes; auto repeat (up to 20 times); auto start; progress beeperAlarm5 daily alarms; hourly time signalOther FeaturesMobile Link functions (link with compatible smartphone through Bluetooth®), dual time (home time swapping), hand shift feature (analog hands temporarily move out of the way of the digital display for unobstructed viewing), full auto-calendar, 12/24-hour format, button operation tone on/off, double LED light (LED light for the face / LED backlight for the digital display, Super Illuminator, auto light; afterglow with selectable illumination duration: 1.5 seconds or 3 seconds)Accuracy at Normal Temperature±15 seconds per month (without linking to a smartphone)Battery LifeApprox. 2 years on CR2016Size of Case54.1 × 48.6 × 15.5 mmTotal WeightApprox. 61g


The first ever locally scripted series features an all-Malaysian cast and premieres on Friday 30 August 2019, 1:00pm on Disney Channel (Astro Ch 615)Magic is brewing in Malaysia as Disney Channel Southeast Asia presents its first ever locally scripted series “Wizards of Warna Walk”, a fantasy sitcom that follows the adventures of a unique Malaysian family living in busy Kuala Lumpur.The series is centred around the D’Cruz family- three wizard siblings with magical abilities:Amelia and her older siblings Alissa and Aiden; father and former wizard Norman, and mother Jasmin. The family runs a Peranakan “kopitiam” called Little Nyonyum, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. As the siblings balance their lives as regular kids in school and trainee wizards at home, the D’Cruz family inevitably find themselves in a variety of hilarious, fun, and heart-warming situations that are sure to entertain kids and families.From Left :Comedian, producer and actor Afdlin Shauki , Mia Sara ,  Emma Sofea, Idan Aeden and Actress and model Carmen Soo. Leading the talented, all-Malaysian cast is 13-year-old newcomer Emma Sofea, who plays Amelia D’Cruz. This is Emma’s first television role and she was selected after an extensive search across the country. The other talented cast include:19-year old Mia Sara who plays Alissa D’Cruz15-year old Idan Aeden who plays Aiden D’CruzComedian, producer and actor Afdlin Shauki who plays Norman D’CruzActress and model Carmen Soo who plays Jasmin D’Cruz“Being a part of Wizards of Warna Walk was a magical experience I will never forget. It was amazing to work with so many talented people,” said Emma Sofea.“As Disney Channel Southeast Asia’s first every locally scripted show, I am proud that Malaysia is the first country to be picked to produce this and very proud to have the opportunity to be a part of this project,” said Carmen Soo.“Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to be a part of the Disney family. Now as an adult, my dream has come true!” said Afdlin Shauki.The series features locally composed music, including theme song “There’s Magic Here”, performed by popular Malaysian singer Daiyan Trisha. The music video will premiere on Disney Channel on 16 August 2019, and can also be viewed across the channel’s social media platforms. Kids and families can also look out for celebrity cameo appearances throughout the season. These include popular local personalities like actors Zalif Sadek and Fikhree Bakar, actressVicha Barbie, and singer Zain Hamid.“Wizards of Warna Walk” will be a multi-platform experience, providing fans with more ways to enjoy and relive their favorite moments from the series. Apart from tuning in on Disney Channel, fans can also enjoy weekly digital content from each episode that will be available on Disney Channel’s social media platforms (Facebook:; YouTube:“Wizards of Warna Walk” is adapted from the award-winning Disney Channel show “Wizards of Waverly Place”, which premiered in the US in 2007 and ran for 4 seasons. The series is credited for propelling singer and actress Selena Gomez, who played the role of Alex Russo, to fame. The series finale boasted a total of 9.8 million viewers, making it the most-watched series finale in Disney Channel’s history at that time.“Wizards of Warna Walk” will premiere on Friday, 30th August, 1.00pm on Disney Channel (Astro CH 615) and will also be available on Astro GO and On Demand. Astro subscribers can also catch the premiere of “Wizards of Warna Walk” on Disney XD (Astro Ch 617) at the same time.About Disney Channels Southeast AsiaDisney Channels Southeast Asia is responsible for the management, creative development and commercial operations of Disney owned channels across all media platforms in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Palau, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines,). Its flagship service Disney Channel is a 24-hour kid- driven, family inclusive television network that taps into the world of kids and families through animated series, originals and movies. Disney Channel is available to millions of viewers around the world across various platforms.For more information, log on to

《哈咯!马来西亚爱国音乐会》- Hallo Malaysia 916 本地星同唱庆马来西亚日

众志成城为原住民部落发展基金筹款「金牌制作人」邓智彰亲自操刀爱国主题曲《Sayangmu Negaraku)!「奉献你我他-爱国献爱心」,由育爱慈善(Nurture Charity )主办,Eternal Entertainment 及Dreamakers Management 协办,将在9月16日马来西亚日,连同本地 19 个单位的实力歌手包括:李幸倪、车子(车志立)、曾增婷、周力文、陈军凯、Xiiao C、韩晓嗳、钟瑾桦、林文林、马来歌手 back 2 basixx、 Darling Wan Azlyn、As'ad Motawh、Kym Kmo & Luca Sickta、印裔饶舌歌手 Rabbit Mac 及Sheezay,晚上8时在 Mega Star Arena 举办《哈咯!马来西亚爱国音乐会》,齐聚三大种族歌手的力量宣扬爱国意识,亦为原住民部落发展基金筹款。今年是马来西亚成立 56 周年,政府宣布今年的国庆日和马来西亚日主题为「爱我国家,廉洁大马」(Sayangi Malaysiaku: Malaysia Bersih),强调团结及爱国精神你的重要性,以促进和谐及共享繁荣。《哈喀!马来西亚爱国音乐会》希望透过我们引以为傲的三大种族和谐精神,成就了大家不分种族、信仰和文化背景,建立互助互爱、团结、爱国、勇敢和拼搏的品质,所以更盼此次活动能增进友谊、增强爱国意识,让今后的马来西亚更勇往直前,迎接每一个新挑战!一共有 19 个单位歌手会在当晚的演出中轮番上阵,用饱满的热情和嘹亮的歌声,与现场观众一起欢唱爱国歌曲及富有大马特色的本地创作,让浓浓的爱国热情和歌声,唱响916 马来西亚日的夜空!另外也会有100位本地也名人、网红及艺人亦会加入成为「爱国大使」,以偶像、艺人的身份宣扬爱国精神。另外,「金牌制作人」邓智彰也为大会量身订造全新创作的爱国歌曲(Sayangmu Negaraku》,并有back 2 basixx,Darling Wan Azlyn、车子、曾凯婷、周立文、陈军凯、xiao C、韩晓暖、林文荪、Rabbit Mac 和 Sheezay 齐集三大民族歌手,将会用涵盖三语一- 国语、华语及英语实力献唱,这首歌也会在《哈咯!马来西亚爱国音乐会》当晚现场首唱。这次被委以重任,邓智彰老师也感到无比骄傲:「感谢洪瑞业为这首歌填上了这么右意义的歌词,这是我们多年后再次合作的作品,也别有一番意义。」他透露歌曲的大意是身为马来西亚人,除了引以为傲各族之间和谐相处之外,不同的文化习俗亦是一件值得大家骄傲的事:「不管任何种族,只要国家需要我们,我们都会挺身而出,我们一直都会在!」《哈咯!马来西亚爱国音乐会》的主题是「奉献你我他爱国献爱心」,其中演出的50%收益将拨给原住民部落发展基金,有爱慈善希望透过是为原住民筹得 20万令吉发展基金,帮助他们改善生活环境。他们将透过3个阶段帮助原住民,首先是为他们打造集装箱改造的房子、太阳能系统供电及干净食水过滤器;第二阶段则会设立学习中心,为原居民提供教育、提升知识和学习生活技能;最后一个阶段是带领他们发展种植业,增加平均收入,逐步改善原住民的生活环境、卫生意识和达到收入稳定的状态。此外,大会也特设《Malaysia Wish 照一照活动》,只要登入官方网站上载照片、以及写下对马来西亚的祝福和感望即可,这些照片将在演出当晚在大荧幕上播放,极具纪念性和意义。

“Hello Malaysia Patriotic Concert 2019”

Join Our Local Celebrities to Celebrate Malaysia Day with a Noble Cause“Golden Producer” Ciang Teng produced new patriotic song “Sayangmu Negaraku”Join us in the star-studded “Hello Malaysia Patriotic Concert” this Malaysia Day (16thSeptember 2019) to raise fund for the Kampung Orang Asli development foundation. This concert organized by Nurture Charity, and co-organized by Eternal Entertainment and Dreamakers Management, features 19 popular local artistes, namely Gin Lee, Daniel Cheah, Alvin Chong, As’ad Motawh, Darling Wan Azlyn,  Lim Wen Suen, Kmy Kmo & Luca Sickta, Rabbit Mac, Sheezay, Xiiao C, Han Xiiao Aii, Kif Valentine, Kate Chan, Sampson Chew and Back2Basixx. Let our pride and patriotism fly high at Mega Star Arena at 8pm this September 16, as we sing our praises to our beloved country.This year is the 56th year since Malaysia is formed. This year, the theme for the National Day and Malaysia Day celebrations is “Sayangi Malaysiaku: Malaysia Bersih” that emphasizes on the importance of unity and patriotism for the well-being of the people and shared prosperity. “Hello Malaysia Patriotic Concert” aims to promote unity among all Malaysians, despite our differences in race, religion and culture, encouraging our people to treasure the values of love, harmony, loyalty, courage and dedication. We hope that through this special celebration, we can foster a stronger bond and ignite the sense of nationalism, leading the country towards a better tomorrow.Audience can expect a night of endless music and songs, as the 19 singers take turn on the stage to lead everyone with the beautiful voices to sing the many patriotic songs. Let the triumphant voices filled the air on the night of Malaysia Day. There will also be another 100 local celebrities, influencers and artists joining us as the “patriotic ambassadors” to help us build and spread our patriotic spirits.Malaysia “golden producer” Ciang Teng will also customize a special patriotic song “Sayangmu Negaraku” that will be belted out byBack2Basixx, Darling Wan Azlyn, Daniel Cheah, Kate Chan, Sampson Chew, Kif Valentine, Xiiao C, Han Xiiao Aii, Lim Wen Suen, Rabbit Mac and Sheezay in three different languages – Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. This song will also be debuted at the “Hello Malaysia Patriotic Concert”.Ciang Teng said he is honoured to be given this opportunity to create such a meaningful song. “It has been a while since my last collaboration with Ruiye. I am thankful to have him composing such beautiful lyrics for this song,” he added. He said the diversity in tradition and cultures is what makes Malaysia unique. “We are one nation, irrespective of our races. When our country need us, we will always be here,” he said proudly.The theme for the “Hello Malaysia Patriotic Concert” is “to spread love and give back to the society”. 50% proceeding from the concert will be donated to the Kampung Orang Asli development foundation. Nurture Charity wished to raise a total of RM200,000 through this event for the aboriginals to help improve their living condition. The charity work will be conducted in three phases. First is to build them a container house with built-in solar system for electricity and water filter to ensure a clean source of water. The second phase is to set up a new learning space to provide them education to improve their knowledge and living skills. The last stage is to lead them to develop the planting industry to increase the average household income. With these plans in place, we hope to gradually improve the living environment, health conscious and income level of the aboriginals.The organizer is also organizing a “Malaysia Wish Photo Competition”. Participants only need to log on to the official website to upload their photos with wishes and blessings for Malaysia. These photos will be compiled and displayed on the large screens during the concert. For more information, please refer to


Sunway Lagoon launches World’s First Sharknado Movie Themed Attraction with Anthony C. Ferrante, Director of all six Sharknado movies.This school holiday, be prepared for a jaw-some experience as Sunway Lagoon unveils its latest attraction, Sharknado Alive!, the World’sFirst Sharknado walkthroughthemed attraction and experience featured at Scream Park.The themed attraction celebrates the terror and laughter of the famous fan-driven Sharknado movie franchise with the presence of Anthony C. Ferrante, who is the Director for all six Sharknado movies.Anthony C. Ferrante- Director for all six Sharknado movies.“Sunway Lagoon is excited to have such an internationally acclaimed attraction such asSharknado. At Sunway Lagoon, we are constantly working to provide our guests with the latest and the best. Sharknado Alive! provides guests with a great blend of horror andhumour, which will appeal to everyone. It’s a fantasy come true to have great white sharkscoming for you and yet still be alive! So, what are you waiting for, pack your bags and head to Sunway Lagoon this school holiday for a jawsome experience” said Sean Choo, GeneralManager of Sunway Lagoon.Sean Choo, GeneralManager of Sunway Lagoon.“The movie may have started as an inside joke, but it became a phenomenon! Sharknado tells a story of freak cyclones with man-eating sharks that hit Los Angeles, New York city to Kansas and more! ” said Anthony C. Ferrante, Director of all six Sharknado movies.Sharknado Alive! will be the feature attraction inside the Scream Park and guests will be asked to suspend their belief as they embark on a studio tour on an Asylum Studios Soundstage or Sharkstage!The attraction occupies the entire top level of Scream Park and takes visitors through a 15- minute harrowing journey through familiar scenarios and scenes from the movie. Guests will be asked to suspend their belief as they embark on a studio tour that highlights scenic elements from the six Sharknado films.Choo added, “The elements included in the attraction along with the re-creation of the locations from the six movies, which brings a sense of realism and authenticity to the experience. Sunway Lagoon’s guests will be in for a treat as nature’s deadliest killer rules sea, land and air as thousands of sharks terrorize the waterlogged populace.”The journey kicks-off at the Asylum Studios Soundstage which features an introduction to the Sharknado films inside Fin’s Bar from Sharknado #1. From there, guests will find outfrom the weather report that a category 7 tornado is heading towards them. The alarm turns on as a sign of warning and guests are ushered through sharks-filled walkthrough which includes a Sharknado Test Tunnel in 3D, a submerged subway in New York City from Sharknado #2, the White House from Sharknado #3 before entering a scene where Fin Shepard emerges out of the belly a Great White Shark!Talk about an exaggerated, fun-filled, shark-tacular walkthrough attraction that’s bound to bea one-of-a-kind experience not to be missed!Sunway Lagoon continues its successful partnership with Lynton V Harris & The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company, adding Sharknado Alive! to a long list of popular blockbuster themed attractions previously present inside Scream Park including Ghostbusters Adventure Live!, Terminator, Night at The Museum, Prison Break LIVE! and World War Z.“Sharknado is one of Hollywood’s most absurd movie franchise ever made! It’s silly, scaryand funny at the same time, making it a perfect shark-iest experience for the Lynton V HarrisScream Park at Sunway Lagoon,” said Lynton V. Harris, Chairman & CEO The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company.Lynton V. Harris, Chairman & CEO The Sudden ImpactTaking the little ones into consideration, the park also caters some shark-filled activities such as the Shark Swim School by Titan Scuba Asia, Kiddie Show, Sharknado Blast, Sharknado Dunk Tank and Bucking Shark.Sharknado Alive! at Scream Park opens 10th August 2019. The opening hours will be from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm daily. Visit Sunway Lagoon and enjoy its latest adventure along with over 90 rides and attractions at RM202 for those aged 13 years and above, and RM170 for those below the age of 12 years.For more information, please call Sunway Lagoon at +603-5639 000 or visit SunwayLagoon’s website at or connect to

第五届AK Balloon Run强势归来!

AK Balloon Run 5.0 将于8月25日在Avenue K的Main Entrance 强势引爆!而且这一次的跑步活动绝对比以往的任何一届都更加劲爆!AK Balloon Run 5.0 这一次依旧会采取7公里快乐跑步的旅程,让每个参与者能够聚集在一起感受跑步所带来的喜悦与气氛。此跑步活动将会在商场的附近展开,参与者将沿着Jalan Ampang、Sultan Ismail 和Jalan Pinang将吉隆坡市中心最优美的路线尽收眼帘。AK Balloon Run的独特之处就是提供给所有跑步者的气球将作为时间推动器。主办单位会提供4个气球给每一位参与者, 每个气球代表着10秒,可以绑在身上。 在抵达终点后, 对于任何丢失或爆裂的气球, 将扣除参与者正式结束时间的五秒。而就是这种保留并持续的传统特色才使得活动更独具一格,同时也造就了今天的非同凡响的AK Balloon Run。AK总经理Phang Sze Sze表示: “我们非常高兴能够带着我们标志性的活动回归,而且加入了很多各行各业的参与者,因为我们是通过健身和娱乐来庆祝团结合一的。我们为此次活动多年来所取得的成就感到非常自豪, 并期待这一次我们的赞助商与网络电台AFOradio 主播兼活动主持人Agnes和Mag,同时还有主播 Kym、Beauty、Ryan、Jeremy Teo、Joel Kuan、Kenny Tan和马来西亚地球生态旅游小姐Adelina Chan一同参与这次的跑步活动。”此外,活动参与者也将会收到AK Balloon Run的绳包,微纤维运动T恤,气球以及来自活动赞助商的超值好康,如100 plus、Skechers、Hexos Candy等等。AK Balloon Run 5.0 的奖牌将颁发给所有抵达终点的参赛者,而每个组别的第一名也可将价值超过RM10,000的现金奖励带回家。日期 : 2019年8月25日 (星期日)地点 : Main Entrance,Avenue K时间 : 早上6时 (报到), 早上7时30分(正式开跑)第一波将于早上7时30分开始, 最后一波于上午7点40分开始参赛套件领取2019年8月23至24号, Level 3 Event Space, Avenue K Shopping Mall如何报名参与?欢迎到 报名参与 或 拨电至03-7785 5166/ 03-2168 7888 寻求帮助或询问。

AK Balloon Run returns for its 5th Round

AK Balloon Run, Avenue K’s highly anticipated run returns bigger than ever for its fifth consecutive round taking place on 25thAugust 2019 at Avenue K’s Main Entrance. AK Balloon Run is Avenue K’s seven-kilometer signature fun run amassing participants to take part in celebration of joy and happiness. The run will take place in the vicinity of the mall taking up KL City Center’s scenic route along Jalan Ampang, Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Pinang.    The uniqueness of AK’s Balloon Run lies with the balloons given to all runners that work as time boosters. Each participant is provided with 4 balloons that represents 10 seconds each which they can tie on their bodies. A 5 second deduction from each participant’s official finishing time is imposed for any lost or burst balloon upon the completion of the run. This continued tradition has given the event its very own signature which makes the AK Balloon Run what it is today.  “We are excited to usher the return of our iconic run and to join participants from all walks of life as we celebrate unity through fitness and fun. We are extremely proud of the accomplishment achieved from this run throughout the years and are looking forward to welcome participants with our sponsors and AFO Radio DJs Agnes and Mag hosting the event with DJs Kym, Beauty, Ryan, Jeremy Teo, Joel Kuan, Kenny Tan and Miss Malaysia Earth Eco Tourism Adelina Chan joining this year’s run” said AK’s General Manager, Phang Sze Sze.  Participants for the run will also receive an AK Balloon Run string bag, race bib, microfibre interlock t-shirt, balloons as well as goodies from sponsors of the event such as 100plus, Skechers, Hexos Candy and much more. An AK Balloon Run 5.0 medal will be given to finishers of the run and the top runners from each category will take home cash prizes worth over RM10,000.Details for the AK Balloon Run 5.0 are as follows:  Date: 25 August 2019 (Sunday)  Venue: Main Entrance, Avenue K  Time: 6.30am (Reporting), 7.30am (flag off). The first wave will commence at 7.30am and the last wave will take place at 7.40am.  Race Kit Collection: 23 & 24August 2019, Level 3 Event Space, Avenue K Shopping Mall  How to Participate Visit the registration page at or call 03-7785 5166/ 03-2168 7888 for assistance. You may also follow AK Balloon Run 5.0’s official Facebook page ( to keep yourself updated on the run’s news and assistance for any queries.   

SHIFT – A Contemporary Visual Art Exhibition to Cultivate A New Generation of Artists and Art Lovers in Malaysia

CENDANA’s SH/FT features more than 170 art works from 42 independent local artists CENDANA, the Cultural Economy Development Agency, today marked the official launch of SHIFT, a contemporary Visual Art Exhibition under its Art In The City programme. Featuring more than 170 art works from 42 independent Malaysian artists, SHIFT hopes to nurture a demand and appreciation for local art among the younger generation. Taking place from today until 11 August at White Box and Black Box, MAPKL @ Publika, SH/FT aims to raise the profiles of homegrown artists and collectives by giving them a platform to create awareness, showcase and sell their unique works of art to potential collectors and the wider public. As part of CENDANA’s continued efforts to energise the arts by promoting and educating the wider public about art, this exhibition will revolve around a topic that is significant to Malaysia today, and tomorrow. SH/IFT as the name suggest will focus on the theme of ‘change’ – SH/FT <Identity>, SH/FT <Technology> and SH/FT <Pop Culture>.The exhibition, with free admission for members of the public, displays artworks across various mediums including paintings, printed works, art installations, audio visual, and performance. SH/FT invites visitors to adjust their understanding of what they know through the interpretation of the artists. Officiating the launch of SHIFT was Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Khairul Anwar Salleh, Vice President, Chief of Malay and Nusantara Content Management Group, Astro, and EXCO Member of CENDANA, who highlighted the importance of creating strategic platforms like SHIFT that not only recognise the artistic abilities of our local talents but also, fuel the creative sector while contributing to the economy.  “The arts and culture sector is a highly transformative economic driver - one that focuses on human-centered development, job creation, income generation and export earnings. As such, we need initiatives like SH/FT to support the growing ecosystem while connecting local artists with the wider public and stimulating a demand for Malaysian art works," said Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Khairul Anwar Salleh.“SH/FT closes one of our campaigns that started in 2018. It is a contemporary-focused effort that contributes to the sustainability of the independent artists, collectives and art associations that are working on their own and require more platforms to showcase their work to the wider public. We wish to continue working closely with our local artists so that Malaysia can be known for its great art and artists, and for Kuala Lumpur to be positioned as a cultural and creative city,” said Izan Satrina Mohd Sallehudin, Founding CEO of CENDANA.From April until May 2019, CENDANA received over 90 submissions from 80 local independent artists. The shortlisted artworks were chosen based on their unique representation of the themes. Commissioned by CENDANA, SH/FT is led by a curatorial team of three members from Malaysia - independent curator Sharmin Parameswaran, associate curator of the Singapore Biennale 2016, curator Nur Hanim Mohamed Khairuddin, and co-founder of alternative space Minut Init, curator James Ly.“For SH/FT, we engaged with a wide network of artists and creatives, asking how we can continue to encourage robust and dynamic participation in the visual arts ecosystem and in turn, further showcasing our artistic talent to a wider audience. With the open call for applications, we were pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the artists who applied; they range from painters, graffiti artists, architects and designers to fashion practitioners and even programmers, each presenting their point of view on living in contemporary Malaysia,” said Sharmin Parameswaran, Lead Curator of SH/FT. The participating artists includeAjim Juxta, Alias Mat, Alya Hatta, Amar Shahid, Ammar Idris, Anas Afandi, Azarikh, Blank Malaysia, Cristjen Lai, Emir Nazren, Fauzan Fuad, Fizrie Azhan, Haris Rashid, I-Ling, Jack Yong, Kara Inez, Khairul Zariq, Kua Chia Chi, Lai Chang Shiang, Lee Mok Yee, LimJing, Lith Ng, Mark Tan, Max Jala, Mohsin Aminuddin, Myra Myn, Nabihah Haiyee, Ng Kim Peow, Nicholas Choong, Rico Leong, Sanker Ganesh, September Khu, Seven Sans Set & Foie, Sheila Samsuri, Tsa Meera, Sophia Kamal, Syazana Afrina, Tajrin Fariqi, Tomi Heri, Victor Khoo, Wong Xiang Yi, Yati and Zariq Zin. The art works presented are predominantly new and specifically created for SH/FT 2019. About CENDANACENDANA (Cultural Economy Development Agency) is a government agency that was officially launched on 6 September 2017 to shape a vibrant, sustainable and ambitious cultural economy for Malaysia, further raising the profile of Malaysian arts and culture to help form the identity of Malaysia as an arts destination and strategically place Malaysia on the global stage. It is supported by the Malaysian Government through MyCreative Ventures Sdn. Bhd. (a wholly owned company of Minister of Finance Incorporated) and reports to Ministry of Communications and Multimedia.


Carousell, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing mobile classified marketplaces, kicked off a nationwide pro-social effort today, #MYLocalWira, as part of a month-long effort that runs until August 31 in conjunction with Malaysia’s upcoming 62nd Independence Day. To celebrate the occasion, #MYLocalWira calls on Malaysians’ well-known spirit of generosity, with the support of notable Malaysians – squash legend Datuk Nicol David, Malaysia’s first female ONE Championship mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter and Global Citizen Ambassador Ann Osman, international model and renowned fashion and beauty entrepreneur Amber Chia, professional motorsport athlete and Malaysia's "Drift Queen” Leona Chin, world-class diver Leong Mun Yee and national gymnast Farah Ann. Each of these individuals has contributed several personal items to be sold on Carousell, with the proceeds going to a charitable cause. “Many Malaysians are blessed with more than we need, while others need a helping hand. With the #MYLocalWira campaign, we are working with prominent individuals to sell their preloved items on Carousell in a generous act of ‘giving back’ to the Malaysian public who have supported them for years. We also expect that fans will find it very meaningful to acquire a personal item that has played a role in their hero’s career. With #MYLocalWira, we honour the Malaysians who make us proud, and hope their shining example will inspire others to do great things,” said Mr Tang Siew Wai, Country Head, Malaysia, Carousell Malaysia. The full proceeds from the sale of these items will benefit Parents without Partners, a charitable organisation established to help single parents in need. Funds are raised primarily through the sale of preloved items at their thrift store, Jumble Station, which relies on public donations, and the proceeds from #MYLocalWira will help support expenses such as rent, groceries and school supplies.By Malaysians, For Malaysians Get the full listing of Malaysian personalities and their items for sale on or via the Carousell app; every purchase will support Malaysians in need. For more information and updates, follow Carousell on, on Instagram or download the Carousell app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

The Ultimate Cashless Entertainment Experience with TNG Digital and TGV Cinemas

Calling all movie buffs! TNG Digital and TGV Cinemas have inked a Memorandum of Understanding that officially begins a long term partnership to provide a seamless cashless payment solution via the Touch ‘n Go eWallet at all 35 TGV Cinemas nationwide. The collaboration aims to shape and promote a cashless society by providing a convenient and fuss-free transaction experience forall cinema-goers. All 35 TGV locations will now accept the Touch ‘n Go eWallet as a means of offline transactions, with online transactions via TGV’s website in the works. Syahrunizam Samsudin, CEO of TNG Digital said, “A favourite pastime of Malaysians - and even myself - is catching the latest movies at the cinema. Technology is an enabler that allows these moments to be enhanced and improved. At TNG Digital, we are proud to be partnering with TGV Cinemas, one of Malaysia’s leading cinemas and together, we want to make a difference in the lives of Malaysians, enhancing the way people live, pay and transact - and now we can, even for something as enjoyable as going to the cinema”.Mr. Yeoh Oon Lai, CEO of TGV Cinemas. Mr. Syahrunizam Samsudin, CEO of TNG Digital. From its inception in 2018, the Touch ‘n Go eWallet is well on its way to shift Malaysians’ mindset towards embracing a cashless future. Apart from lifestyle offerings such as purchasing movie and flight tickets, shopping, mobile reloads, and food & beverage; the Touch ‘n Go eWallet is also championing urban mobility through the introduction of RFID system, its’ partnership with EzCab and Public Cab, as well as PayDirect for toll payments. At the moment, the Touch ‘n Go eWallet has close to 5 million registered users and more than 70,000 merchant acceptance points to-date. A Digital-Friendly EnvironmentTGV Cinemas has been heavily investing in digital infrastructure over the years to improve the online customer journey. As evidenced by the newly-launched website and mobile app, customers now have a more seamless and effortless ticket-purchasing experience. TGV’s all-new MovieClub membership program, launched in May 2019, now also offers free sign-up and lifetime membership. With MovieClub now going cardless and customers able to earn and redeem all their rewards or benefits online, TGV is at the forefront of creating a digital environment that makes life easier for patrons.“Our partnership with TNG Digital adds further momentum to one of our key business goals -  to provide a digital-friendly environment to our customers. We are incredibly excited to have TNG Digital as our exclusive partner on this exciting journey, as we move the business forward in this digital savvy era,” said Mr. Yeoh Oon Lai, CEO of TGV Cinemas. The Best Deal in Town All Year Long – Kaki Wayang CashlessStarting from 1 September 2019, all Touch ‘n Go eWallet users will be entitled to two exclusive promotions all year long when they purchase tickets with their Touch ‘n Go eWallet*.i) Unlimited RM10 Movie TicketsRM10 flat rate for any movie, any time and all year long in all TGV Cinemas.ii) RM25 Special Bundle Special Bundle promotion every Tuesday where they can get 2x movie tickets & 1x popcorn combo for just RM25.Looking ahead, there are also plans to incorporate extra add-on benefits to TGV customers who make payment with the Touch ‘n Go eWallet. These details will be announced soon. For more information, visit TGV Cinemas .*Terms & Conditions Apply

Casio Had Released BABY-G × Hello Kitty Pink Quilt Series Collaboration Model Styled after the Pink Quilt Series That Trended among Japanese Youth in the 1990s

Casio Malaysyia had released the BGA-150KT, a special collaboration model with Hello Kitty, a character created by Sanrio Co., Ltd., in its BABY-G line of women’s shock-resistant watches. The new model is inspired by the Hello Kitty Pink Quilt Series, which trended among young women in Japan in the 1990s, when the BABY-G brand made its debut.The BGA-150KT is a collaboration model between Hello Kitty, who turns 45 this year, and BABY-G, which is marking 25 years since its introduction.The new model is based on the BGA-150, whose elegant design features a large round face and metal pieces. The dial of the new BGA-150KT features a quilt-stitch pattern taking after the Hello Kitty Pink Quilt Series that was popular in the 1990s. The watch features flower-shaped metal pieces that evoke the Hello Kitty of the 1990s while giving it a grown-up look. To celebrate the anniversaries of both brands, the letter “B” for BABY-G is part of the flower on the dial at the 5 o’clock position (25th minute), while Hello Kitty’s face adorns the dial at the 9 o’clock position (45th minute). The case back is engraved with a special drawing of Hello Kitty wearing a watch and adorned with a flower featuring the letter “B” for BABY-G.The packaging for this special model includes an exclusive mini-bag designed in the style of the original Pink Quilt Series from the 1990s, and a stand for displaying the watch.ModelsColorBGA-150KT-4BPinkBGA-150KT-7BWhite × PinkSpecificationConstructionShock-resistantWater Resistance100 metersWorld Time27 cities (29 time zones) and Greenwich Mean Time; daylight saving on/offStopwatch1 second; measuring capacity: 59’59; measuring modes: elapsed time, split time, 1st and 2nd place timesCountdown TimerMeasuring unit: 1 second; countdown range: 60 minutes; countdown start time setting range: 1 to 60 minutes (1-minute increments), others: auto-repeat, time up alarm, progress beeperAlarm5 daily alarms (with 1 snooze alarm); hourly time signalOther FunctionsFull auto-calendar (to year 2039), 12/24-hour format; button operation tone on/off; LED light with afterglow: selectable illumination duration (1.5 seconds or 3.0 seconds)Accuracy at Normal Temperature±30 seconds per monthBattery LifeApprox. 3 years on CR1220Size of Case47.5×42.8×12.8mmTotal WeightApprox. 43g