Aforadio On Ground with 100PLUS Reduced Sugar. #100plus4g

Lowest Sugar Carbonated Isotonic Drink

100PLUS Reduced Sugar has 33% less sugar compared to 100PLUS Original, and it only contains 4g Sugar per 100ml, with no added artificial sweetener.

Experience 100PLUS Reduced Sugar, the low-sugar beverage that replenishes fluids and electrolytes lost in an active day, allowing you to stay optimally hydrated and energised.

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The AFO announcers  will be on a Roving Tour starting from 30March 2019. Be Sure to mark your calendars as they will be at these location to entertain your day. 

30th March ( Saturday )-  Pasar Sri Gombak , Gohtong Jaya , Bentong Walk (6pm) 

7th April ( Sunday ) - Pacific Batu Pahat Mall , Batu Pahat Food Court Area 

11th April ( Thursday) - Pasar Pagi Taman Muda , Cheras Leisure Mall ,
Pasar MalamPandan Indah 

20th April (Saturday) -Pulau Tikus Market, Penang Food Court Area, Avatar Penang

25th April (Thursday)- Pasar Eng Ann , Bandar Bukit Tinggi 1,
Pasar Malam Taman Klang Utama  

29th April 2019 (Monday) - SS2 Pasar Pagi , PJ Uptown, Pasar Malam SS2

Hashtag : #100plus4g