Amazing Super Bowl LII Commercials You Might Missed Out On

Lauren Woolstencroft in Good Odds by Toyota

The ad focused on Laura herself instead of their cars. She's an eight-time Paralympics Gold Medalist in alpine skiing.

Peter Dinklage & Morgan Freeman in DORITOS BLAZE vs. MTN DEW ICE by Mountain Dew

Peter Dinklage is up against Morgan Freeman for a rap battle about Doritos and Mountain Dew. There are two very special rappers who were featured in the ad too!

The Wonder of Us :60 by Coca-Cola

If you can see, this ad celebrates the differences in diversity, no matter in races, backgrounds or genders and of course, there's always a Coke for everyone!

Chris Hemsworth in Tourism Australia Dundee

Well, we know that anything with Chris Hemsworth in it will sell.. this time Tourism Australia had him for this ad to promote the beautiful outback country and we're not complaining.

#BleepDontStink by Febreze

We always know that Febreze will save the day when it comes to smelly bathrooms/toilets and this time it's about a guy named Dave and of course he bleep doesn't stink. It's hilarious! 

Tiffany Haddish in Who Wouldn't by Groupon

In this ad, Tiffany Haddish tells you to support local businesses by using Groupon for great deals!

David Harbour in It's A Tide by TIDE

We loved him in Stranger Things and we love this ad too!

Danny DeVito for M&M'S

This ad features Danny DeVito as one of the M&M'S chocolate candies, wishing he could turn into a human..!

Bill Hader in Wow by Pringles

This hilarious ad features Bill Hader, it sees them stacking different flavours of Pringles chips together creating a flavourful taste.

Chris Pratt in The Perfect Fit by Michelob ULTRA

Chris Pratt is feature in this ad, talking about his love for beer particularly Michelob ULTRA! He is also seen flexing and working out, so ladies... this is for you! 

Steven Tyler in Feel Something Again 2018 Kia Stinger by Kia

The legendary Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is feature in this ad, not as a singer but a drifter/racer for KIA's Stinger ad.

Haley Magnus in Diet Coke Twisted Mango's Groove by Diet Coke

Haley Magnus showing off her moves grooving with Diet Coke's Mango soda!

Alexa Loses Her Voice by Amazon

Well.. someone's gotta take over when Alexa loses her voice right? Everyone is definitely a good replacement.. some of them included Gordon Ramsay, Cardi B, Rebel Wilson and more!

Bud Knight by Bud Light

Bud Knight picks up his ice-cold crate of beer and saves the day!

Ricegum & Iggy Azalea for Monster 

The song featured in this Azalea's new stuff and it sure got all of us grooving! She also seen in the ad daunting a pink hair instead of her usual blonde high ponytail.