BookXcess Opens Its Doors at Kong Heng Square, Ipoh’s Iconic and Historical Location

While immersed in rich history, book lovers in Ipoh will now be able to enjoy affordable books at 50% – 80% off recommended retail price.

Further strengthening its commitment to make affordable books accessible, BookXcess is bringing the joy of reading to more Malaysians by opening its latest store in the Silver State – Ipoh! BookXcess Kong Heng occupies a historic location in Kong Heng Square which once housed one of the busiest banks in Ipoh. The premise has since been rejuvenated and the first floor and the basement are now home to what will surely be Perak’s finest attraction for book lovers and photoholics.

The bookstore compliments its neighbouring Concubine lane with neon signs and tongue in
cheek quotes for a modern touch while also preserving the buildings original architecture. Readers can expect to find thousands of books from a wide variety of genres available
consisting of novels, science-fiction, thriller, literature, young adult titles, business books,
cookbooks, art and design books and many other hidden gems.

The look and feel of the old bank have been maintained to provide customers with a unique
experience; the basement floor will see the customers of BookXcess Kong Heng selecting books from bank safety deposit boxes and from bank vaults that have been converted into
bookshelves. Parents are also in for a treat as BookXcess will have an assortment of children’s books ranging from activity books, storybooks, sound books and more. Exclusively for BookXcess, parents of young ones will also find thirteen titles of Augmented Reality (AR) books available at the store.

AR books create an immersive, interactive reading experience. Children will be able to read,
play and learn with these AR books as it uses cutting-edge AR technology to revolutionise
reading for the next generation.
“It is such an honour to be part of Ipoh’s rich history and beautiful architecture. With the
opening of the BookXcess Kong Heng, we hope to meet the demand for affordable books here in the Silver State. Based on our past experiences when we organised the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in Ipoh, many of our customers requested for us to set-up a permanent store and now, here we are answering to their call,” shared Andrew Yap, Founder of BookXcess and the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. Other than books and unique pop-art, the basement of the bookstore will also accommodate the little Yasmin at Kong Heng newseum (affectionately named to inspire new generations) which will be opened to all at BookXcess Kong Heng. Visitors can laugh, cry, love and forgive as they watch Yasmin’s best Petronas festive television advertisements and films. They will also be able to dive into Yasmin’s mind by going through her original Mac desktop where she typed in all her ideas. You can also read copies of her original "Sepet" and "Wasurenegusa" scripts here.

“Having ‘Yasmin at Kong Heng’ nestled in BookXcess is an honour as we can continue the legacy of Yasmin and tell her story to the world so that her beloved storytelling is cherished and remembered,” added Yap. 

(L to R): Jovian Lee, Creative Group Head of Leo Burnett and Yasmin Ahmad’s friend;
Andrew Yap, Founder of BookXcess; Yau Wai Leong, Co-Owner of Sekeping Kong Heng Group launching the BookXcess Kong Heng, Ipoh.

In conjunction with the launch, customers of BookXcess Kong Heng will enjoy an additional 20%discount on all books and non-book items from 11 April till 14 April 2019. Customers are encouraged to stay updated to find out more on BookXcess’ latest books and promotions via BookXcess’ social media sites.

BookXcess Kong Heng, Ipoh is open daily from 8.00am to 10.00pm and is located at No. 91,Jalan Sultan Yussuf (Belfield Street), 30000 Ipoh, Perak.

Instagram: @bookxcess