This year’s much-anticipated first lineup includes world-renowned stalwarts from musical, visual, and performance arts fields with many more to come.

Malaysia’s longest-running creative arts festival Urbanscapes partners with U Mobile to take over Kuala Lumpur once again with nine days of music, visual, and performance art from 16 to 24, Nov 2019. This year’s edition Urbanscapes is expected to draw over 50,000 attendees to its city-wide celebrations.

Building on previous year’s themes, this year, Urbanscapes beckons festival-goers to #reconnectKL as they encounter the much-loved festival’s activities that will occupy Medan Pasar, River Of Life, REXKL, The Godown KL, Sentul Depot, Kwai Chai Hong, the backlanes of Lorong Bandar 13 and Lorong Panggung, and other unique spaces in the heart of the city.

Staying true to its ethos, Urbanscapes will once again work with local and international artists and creative communities to bring Kuala Lumpur to life. “We want Urbanscapes to inspire people to get out of their homes and explore their city, to discover new experiences and create meaningful conversations around all the fest has to offer,” says festival founder Adrian Yap.

This year, the Unlimited Grooves Festival (UGF) by U Mobile returns with a three-day music extravaganza that will culminate with Urbanscapes’ closing party. On 21, 22, and 24 Nov at Sentul Depot, UGF will showcase local and international musicians for every palate such as Boy Pablo, Colde, Lost Spaces, Sunset Rollercoaster, and The Drums. UGF’s general tickets will go on sale on 12 Sept at U Mobile customers will get an exclusive early-bird chance to purchase tickets two days before the public on 10 Sept.

The BMW Shorties – Malaysia’s most prestigious and longest running short film competition will also be at Urbanscapes to host Tayangan BMW Shorties, a week-long screening of genre films from Southeast Asia. Held at the iconic REXKL theatre from 16 to 24 Nov, the mini-film festival will culminate with the BMW Shorties Awards Night on 23 Nov, where the Top 10 Finalists and Grand Prize Winner of BMW Shorties 2019 will be announced.

A much-beloved part of the Urbanscapes experience for many are the colourful art installations and public art works. And this year, NIPPON PAINT presents Colours Of Life that commissions emerging and established street artists to bring life and colour to the city. Along with that, IMMERSIO, with its indispensable site-specific new media art curated by audio visual collective Filamen, will produce an interactive arts exhibited paired with performances inside three heritage shophouses in Medan Pasar.

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Unlimited Grooves Festival by U Mobile
Nov 21, 22, 24 Sentul Depot
Tickets range fromRM199-RM 309
Lineup includes:
  • ●  777 Music Presents
  •  Boy Pablo ( Everytime) will return to Malaysia with his eclectic mix of indie and bedroom-pop music;
  •  Malaysian dream-pop band lost spaces (boxset.girlfriend);
  •   Sobs (Girl) A bedroom-pop trio from Singapore;
  •   Taiwanese city-pop band Sunset Rollercoaster (My Jinji);
  • ●  Urbanscapes x City Roars Festival
○ North Asian and Taiwanese artists to be announced.
● Unlimited Grooves Festival Closing Party
  •  The synthy funk of British band Boy Azooga (Face Behind Her Cigarette);
  • South Korean rapper and heartthrob Colde (Your Dog Loves You);
  •   Mexican-American singer/producer Cuco (Lo Que Siento) with his
    dreamy, gentle psychedelic synths and charming writing;
  •  The Drums (Lets Go Surfing) bringing their indie-pop tunes from New
    York City.
  •  With more acts to be announced.
Tayangan BMW Shorties
Nov 16 to Nov 24,
A free event.

Screenings of:
  •   A film by past BMW Shorties alumni, Zahir Omar’s Fly By Night (2018) a film about
    extortion, greed, and protecting the ones you hold dear;
  •   Shanjhey Kumar Perumal’s Jagat (2015) a critical looks at standardized school
    programs and the wildly creative minds that are forced into it; and
  •   The endearing story of an unlikely friendship in Pan De Salawal: Sweet Taste of
    Salted Bread & Undies (2019) with a special appearance by the director, Che Esperitu from the Philippines, as the Closing Film of the festival.
    Expect panel discussions and workshops from film industry experts including:

●  Voice Acting for Animation by War of the Worlds: Goliath Voice Director, Gavin Yap.
●  More talks and workshops to be announced soon.

Colours of Life Nov 16 to Nov 24,
A free event.

  •  Suzy Sulaiman, whose artworks tend to engage with the public sphere and physical context. Trained in architecture and new media art, Suzy has often been commissioned for festivals and events.
  • Condiment Strings consists of Hanisah Johari and Ahmad Syahmi whose strings art are an exploration of texture, dimension, and scale, in which traditional hand techniques such as macrame knotting, and weaving are used to create expressive and fluid forms.
  • Mohd Anuar bin Mustapa, also known as Fritilldea, a summation of the phrase, "FRIends TILL DEAth", developed his love for murals because of how large scale works show more detail.

Nov 16 to Nov 24, Medan Pasar.
A free event.
  • ●  Curated by Filamen, an Audio Visual collective that serves as a platform for people who are into audio visuals to interact with each other and the public;
  • ●  Ady Setyawan (IND), an emerging new media artist from Bandung, Indonesia, whose video mapping artworks for festivals and galleries alike famously uses local materials;
  • ●  Farhan Fathee, an engineer turned electronic art integration artist who blurs the lines between art and electronics,
  • ●  Max Jala, formerly a computer programmer and now a full-time interactive / visual artist keen on utilizing his knowledge of software coding to create new algorithms and programs for real-time interactive digital art
  •   KIMY.A, a.k.a Ahnaf Hakimi Ahmad is a Penang-based artist specializing in using digital graphic manipulation to tell stories about life in Southeast Asia;
  • Iwaz, who uses visual programming software as tools to express his thoughts;
  • Weng Nam, whose strength lies in his ability to produce solutions that push
    creative limits and whose work has earned him accolades from various countries
    including the Netherlands, Japan, and Switzerland.
  • ●  Saishogen, a multifaceted group consisting of five individual artists: NULL,
    NAD.IO, Furryhead, Syed Muhammad & Ashraf Omar who hail from various creative backgrounds of motion graphic, graphic design and creative tech.

Some of the amazing Highlights from Urbanscapes 2018 :