G-Shock Seven Lucky Gods Fukurokuju (GBD-800SLG-3DR)

The final 7th timepiece in the the seven Lucky Gods series, the Fukurokuju model takes its base inspiration from the GBD-800 model of the G-Shock line, G-Squad. With a basic light green colour and patterns symbolic of pine tress,  bamboo and Japanese plum trees, the Fukurokuju also features the crane tortoise, an animal that herald  good fortune. 

The EL backlight of each model in the series depicts a stylized kanji-like letter or hyphen that spells out “G-SHOCK”. The Fukurokuju model will feature a “K”, the last letter of “G-SHOCK”, thus completing the Seven Lucky Gods G-SHOCK collection series. 

The GBD-800SLG-3DR Fukurokuju model is now available at all G-Factory store and is retailing at RM579.

Fukurokuju is the God that deified in Taoism of China, Soh. A long head, a long beard and big lobes are characteristics and always with a crane and a tortoise. As the name of “Wealth: 福 (fuku)”, “Allowance:禄 (roku)” and “Long Life: 寿 (ju)” shows, he will bring a happiness, a fortune and a long life. There is a case to identify him with Jurōjin.

About the design

The design shows a scene around the time of the lunar New Year in Japan, where a child engaged in freestyle BMX biking is spinning around when Fukurokuju appears from the sky. Evoking the showy atmosphere of the New Year, some children are flying a kite and stones and precious jewels appear to grow from a tortoise’s shell, which also supports pine, bamboo, and plum, altogether creating a celebratory scene. The three marks brought together in the pattern represent the fuku, roku, and ju characters from the god’s name, and these three marks also appear on the watch strap keeper. The clothing worn by the boy riding the BMX bike is fashioned after a tortoise shell, and is inlaid with the letter “G” from “G-SHOCK”.

About the Fukurokuju model

The Fukurokuju model, seventh in the series, takes its base inspiration from the GBD- 800 model from the G-SHOCK sports line, G-SQUAD. The basic color is light green. The pattern on the band brings pine trees, bamboo, and Japanese plum trees together with the crane and tortoise, animals that herald good fortune. The watch strap keeper features three marks that represent the three Chinese characters in the god’s name, “Wealth: 福 (fuku)”, “Allowance: 禄 (roku)” and “Long Life: 寿 (ju)”, to create a vivid design.