The largest cinema in the state with over 16 screens brings state-of- the-art 4DX cinematic experience and GSC Maxx

Malaysia’s leading cinema exhibitor, Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) today officially launched its latest theatre, GSC Paradigm JB. At 60,000 sq. ft. with over 16 screens and more than 2,000 seats, GSC Paradigm JB is the largest cinema in the state of
Johor. The cinema will also be the first in Malaysia to feature 4DX, the leading 4D cinematic technology developed by South Korea’s CJ 4DPLEX, which brings movies to life through motion and environmental effects.

Feel the magic of cinema in four dimensions
With GSC’s new premium cinema format, 4DX offers movie-goers a completely immersive cinematic experience by enhancing on-screen visuals of action-packed blockbusters with over 20 special signature effects. This includes vibration and motion-activated seats, as well as environmental effects like wind, fog, rain, lightning, and scents, which work together cohesively to deliver a multi-sensory experience.

“We are proud to launch GSC Paradigm JB, our latest multiplex and the first to offer 4DX – the world’s leading technology in premium cinematic entertainment. 4DX will transform the traditional film-viewing experience for audiences, leaving them even more immersed and engaged than before, as it intensifies high-energy movies and delivers an unforgettable sensory experience you just can’t get anywhere else,” said Ms. Koh Mei Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Golden Screen Cinemas.

Ms. Koh Mei Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Golden Screen Cinemas

A visual and aural feast for the senses
More than just 4DX, GSC Paradigm JB cinema will also bring GSC’s proprietary premium large screen format, GSC Maxx to Johor. At a sizeable 21.5 metres in width, the GSC Maxx in GSC Paradigm JB is the largest cinema screen in south Peninsular Malaysia, and will also be the first to feature an end-to- end audio experience powered by Dolby audio solutions.

This includes the combination of a Dolby Integrated Media Server IMS3000, Dolby
Multichannel Amplifier, and SLS Cinema Series Speaker System, which is designed to give audiences the most spectacular, fully immersive aural experience available to date. The setup enables complete, integrated audio from Dolby Audio 7.1 to Dolby Atmos, regardless of the size of the auditorium.

Bigger and better than before
As the newest and largest cinema in Johor, GSC Paradigm JB’s auditoriums boast cutting-edge cinema features including D-BOX motion seat technology, Dolby Atmos, and THX-certification, all of which provide top-notch cinematic entertainment. The multiplex will also be the first GSC in Malaysia to feature full laser projection in all its halls, offering sharper, higher contrast visuals that bring out the movies in eye-popping colour.

GSC Paradigm JB will also bring GSC International Screens to the south with dedicated halls that will showcase arthouse and foreign films, as well as alternative content such as concerts and sporting events among others. This ensures that audiences in Johor will have access to more than just movies.

For those who prefer a little luxury on their visit to the movies, there are also two Premiere Class halls available, which offer greater comfort and space. Premiere Class comes with its own standalone washroom and a shared lounge with a reading corner for guests. GSC Paradigm JB also features a café for casual dining, where customers can enjoy handmade gourmet burgers, freshly brewed coffee, and all-natural cold-pressed fruit juices.

“Together with WCT Holdings Berhad, we have made a combined investment of over RM44 million to ensure that GSC Paradigm JB is well-equipped to meet the needs of our customers, so that they will be able to enjoy more when they come to our cinemas. These features in our cinema, both familiar and new, reaffirm our commitment to innovation, as we continue to diversify our offerings to deliver new and enriching cinema experiences for our customers,” added Ms. Koh.

To celebrate the official launch of GSC Paradigm JB, GSC has also announced that a special reward will be made available to customers in Johor as part of its ongoing “Ticket to Drive” contest. Especially for GSC Paradigm JB, customers who purchase tickets specifically at the newly-opened cinema will be in the running to win an exclusive prize – a brand-new Nissan Almera.

Participation in the contest is easy, as customers simply needed to watch a movie at GSC Paradigm JB and submit their ticket stub details via a special portal at GSC members who log in via the GSC website or mobile app, and purchase their tickets to watch a movie at GSC Paradigm JB will automatically be in the running to win.

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