Health Benefits for Watsons Members 45 and Above with Special Discounts for Pharmacy, Vitamins and Supplements Including Health Screening Deal 

Health and vitality is a fundamental aspect of our lives in our new normal here in Malaysia. During this crucial time of a global pandemic, everyone should be equipped to find the right protection to improve their health and wellbeing. The Watsons Health 45+ is a new program introduced for Watsons members aged 45 and above to help provide access to proper healthcare consultation and dispensaries.

“We understand the challenges that our customers may be facing during the time of the pandemic. We look at Watsons Health 45+ as a value-added program for our customers to benefit from. We care about their wellbeing and hope with this gesture will ease some burden to our members when shopping for their health products. Watsons will continuously look for ways to give it back to our customers and members who have been supporting us throughout this time. We take this opportunity in making this more convenient for our customers,” said Caryn Loh, Managing Director, Watsons Malaysia.  

Watsons Health 45+ is a program for members to enjoy special privileges such as complimentary consultation, an additional 5% discount on vitamins and supplements and a special 10% discount on dispensaries or pharmacy items. To enjoy these privileges, members can activate their privileges at the nearest Watsons health store and consulting with Watsons pharmacists and health advisors.

Upon activation, members will receive a welcome kit which includes a health vouchers savings worth more than RM130, a gold health screening package voucher with Pathlab worth RM120 (Normal Price at RM220) and Prudential insurance special with Watsons health vouchers worth RM100.

Additionally, an extra benefit for members is that Watsons has taken the initiative to introduce e-prescription service whereby members can obtain medicines easily from the doctor for their medications. With a just few simple steps, prescriptions can be then presented to Watsons’ pharmacists at the stores to replenish their medicine. 

Watsons customers can also enjoy complimentary consultations when visiting Watsons’ pharmacy to give the right advice on healthcare, drug usage and safety as well as the right way to use the medical equipment on the ground and virtually. On top of that, other free services which include blood pressure reading; health, body & weight assessment; blood glucose test and other health consultation services including quitting cigarette smoking habit, hair loss treatment and contraception management are also available for customers. 

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