LifeProof Announces SLɅM, NËXT and FRĒ for iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR 

All-new SLɅM graphiccases liven up any look -

Sightseeing with the family, exploring the city nightlife orsurfing atafavoritebeach shouldn’t mean a new iPhone gets left behind. LifeProofhasa case for almost any situation, look and mood with an all-new lineup for iPhone Xs, iPhone XsMax and iPhone XR. Keep the hottest devices from Apple protected from day one with NËXTandSLɅM, available now,andlock in 360-degree, water, drop, dirt and snowprotection with the award-winningFRĒ,coming soon. 

For the first time, LifeProof SLɅM will be available with an array of stylish clear graphicsthat complement any style while accenting the sleek lines of iPhone Xs, iPhone XsMax and iPhone XR. 

“With advanced features like the Super Retina display, dual-camera system and up to 512GBofstorage, Applecontinues to enhance the way we use smartphone technologyin our everyday lives,” LifeProof CEO Jim Parke said. “LifeProof is delivering a bigger and better case collection than ever before to protect these iconic devices. Our full lineupof cases will keep iPhone Xs, iPhone XsMax and iPhone XR safe no matter whatadventureyou prefer, from the beach to the mountains, the schoolyard to theconcrete jungle.” 

SLɅMis both stylish and drop proof. Screenlesstechnology allows for direct contact with the touchscreen while the raised,beveled edge keeps the display protected fromdropsup to 6.6 feet(2 

meters). The two-piece design features a clear backpanel and rubberized color around the edges and front of the case. Plus, four attractive graphicsoptions add alayer of style to the slimmest case in the LifeProof lineup. Pricing for SLɅM for iPhone Xsis MYR 159.00, for iPhone XsMax and iPhone XR is MYR199.00.

 NËXT is ready for adventure with protection against drops, dirtand snow. An open-screen designallows direct accessto the display,while drop protectionand port covers keep iPhone Xs, iPhone XsMax and iPhone XR safe in the backyard or the backcountry. The two-piece clear shell wraps around the phone and protects the screen with a raised,beveled edgeand super slim form. NËXT cases are drop tested to 6.6 feet (2 meters) and carry an IP-5X rating for blocking dirt and dust. Pricing for NËXT for iPhone Xsis MYR 245.00, for iPhone XsMax and iPhone XR is MYR 279.00.

FRĒupholdsthe LifeProoflegacy offour-proof protection that protects fromwater, drops, dirtand snow. The two-piece design has a built-in screenprotectorto guard against scratches to the brilliant display and seals the device from water, down to 6.6 feet(2 meters) deep, for up to an hour. Port covers keep dust and dirt out of the charging port and speakers. Pricing for FRĒ for iPhone Xsis MYR 309.00, for iPhone XsMax and iPhone XR is MYR 339.00

SLɅMand NËXT are available today for iPhone Xsand iPhone Xs Max ,it is coming soon for iPhone XR. FRĒ is coming soon for iPhone Xs, iPhone XsMax and iPhone XR. To learn more or sign up for product notifications, visit


About LifeProof:
After disrupting the consumer electronics industry with award-winning waterproof smartphone cases, LifeProof® continues to innovate and inspire. In its unapologetic quest to reimagine, reinvent and use technologies in extraordinary ways, LifeProof empowers athletes, explorers and adventurers to live life without limits. From its lineup of action-ready phone cases and accessories to the selection of waterproof, drop-proof, Bluetooth speakers and everyday-active backpacks, LifeProof is the gear you grab to go get living.


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