Lite-Shock Pushing Boundaries of Design & Innovation.

KualaLumpur,October2017 – This October will see Samsonite Malaysia embarking on an extensive monthlong advertising campaign to highlight the innovative features of the Lite-Shock: the lightest Samsonite hard side collection to date. Consumers can expect to be engaged through exciting visuals across billboards and outdoor displays strategically placed at highly visible busy locations as well as on print, digital and social media. Shockingly, the Lite-Shock cabin size Spinner 55 weighs only at an extraordinary 1.7kg. This lightness is achieved by using a combination of Curv® material, which is exclusive to Samsonite in the luggage arena, and a selection of components which have been engineered for maximum strength and minimum weight.Throughout the brand’s history, Samsonite has paved the way for luggage design and the Lite-Shock collection is no exception.

Inspired by nature, the shock-absorbing shell design is based on the ripple effect that occurs when dropping a stone into water. This self-reinforced organic design is not only eye-catching, but gives extra strength to the case and its corners. The ripple design ensures your valuables will travel safely but the luggage is not compromised by extra weight, as the shell made out of Curv® material remains thin and very lightweight. Mr Ambert Khoo, Samsonite Malaysia’s Country Head says “Travelers will appreciate the lightweight but tough composition luggage that allow them the freedom to pack in an extra few kilos of holiday shopping without feeling the stress of strict baggage regulations.”Perfect for the sophisticated explorer who demands for convenience, quality and style, Lite-Shock is the latest example of Samsonite’s commitment to uniting cutting edge design and innovative ideas. 

The world’s leading travel brand continues to build its formidable reputation for strong and dependable luggage using clever ideas that unite innovation and new technology.With Lite-Shock, discerning travellers can appreciate how Samsonite has blended cutting edge science and unique trend-setting style inspired by nature, to create a strong, yet ultra-light new collection.The collection is available in three sizes ranging from 55cm to 75cm. Lite-Shock comes in three stunning natural colours: Petrol Blue, Sand and Black. As you would expect, the case is also fully featured with integrated ID tags, built-in TSA approved lock and four multi-directional spinner wheels.

“At Samsonite, we are dedicated to creating innovative travel solutions and the revolutionary Curv® material, demonstrates this commitment. Our pledge to ensure that our luggage exudes elegance is best see non the Lite-Shock. Its sleek appearance adds to a sophisticated travel look, projecting confidence and style. ”says Mr. Satish Peerubandi, General Manager of Samsonite Singapore and Malaysia.

Guest that attended the launch of the Samsonite Lite-Shock

Mr. Satish Peerubandi, General Manager of Samsonite Singapore and Malaysia.

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