The Monopoly Cheaters Edition has finally landed in Malaysia! There's a twist to this boardgame which allows players to challenge each other and get away with as many cheats as possible.

Unlike the usual Monopoly game, Cheaters Edition rewards players who managed to get away without being caught. The goal of the game still remains that the player with the most money at the end of the game wins, however it may be tougher and more challenging to achieve since cheating is now incorporated in the game. This means that players can skip spaces, collect extra Monopoly money when passing GO, and even skip out on rent when the tenant is unaware.

"It has always been our mission to create a game that's 'fun to play, fun to watch and fun to share' for everyone. I'm thrilled to introduce the Monopoly Cheater's Edition to all of you. This is definitely a game changer in the Monopoly space, and the key thing here is what you can get away with." - Wu Hsiao Mae, Brand Manager of Hasbro Toy (Malaysia)

The Monopoly Cheater's Edition comes with plastic handcuffs to punish those who gets caught cheating. In addition to the Community Chest and Chance Cards, the Cheater's Edition also comes with a stack of 15 cheat cards which shows the player when and how to cheat.

The Monopoly Cheater's Edition is now available in all major retail stores for RM103.70.

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