NEWS | Bang & Olufsen Malaysia Relaunches in Distinct Luxury :

Mr. Heath Chevrez (Bang & Olufsen Singapore) and Mr. Danny Cheong (GM of Bang & Olufsen Malaysia)

Bang & Olufsen Malaysia was unveiled in minimalist luxe, befitting a group that embodies the Danish heritage of design excellence and craftsmanship, at the premium upscale Gardens Mall. For more than 90 years, Bang & Olufsen has been a key player in the global market, working with designers like Jacob Jensen and David Lewis to develop iconic, innovative audio and video products, renowned for its design, acoustics and craftsmanship. 

With the launch, Bang & Olufsen Malaysia's product portfolio includes BeoVision, BeoSound and BeoLab products, plus its entry level B&O Play range; at once, bolstering the exclusive relationship between discerning local consumers and the worldwide manufacturer of bespoke audio and video products. 

Bang & Olufsen Malaysia takes reign as a stand-alone in January 2018, acknowledging the viability of the Malaysian market, where it will oversee all aspects of operations from customer service and installations to elevating the unmistakable Bang & Olufsen experience for niche customers. The Bang & Olufsen Malaysia flagship showroom opened its doors in 2011. The sprawling 1,400sq ft. showroom at Gardens Mall provides the ultimate Bang & Olufsen experience for the customer, complete with a trendsetting BeoLiving room that's fitted with the BeoVision 4 - 85" 3D TV giant.

The BeoLab 50 and BeoSound Shape - were unveiled to the market at Bang & Olufsen's venue partner, the deluxe XTRA Furniture showroom at Gardens Mall. The BeoLab 50 is a high-end active loudspeaker blending radical audio technology, elegant aesthetics and meticulous craftsmanship; the BeoSound Shape, a wall-mounted wireless speaker system that delivers immersive sound staging, a customisable design and integrated noise dampers for improved room acoustics - a cross between hi-fi and wall art.

BeoLab 50

The slender, tall BeoLab 50 - a floor standing loudspeaker - is tailored to deliver exceptional performance with innovative sound controls and a uniquely folding design. With a light expression of aluminium surfaces and warm oak lamellas, the BeoLab 50 comes with a modest height of 103.6 cm and measuring just 45.5 cm at its widest.

BeoSound Shape

Specially crafted for the design-conscious music lover, the BeoSound Shape is a wall-mounted wireless speaker system that's based on a modular tile concept, comprising eight to 40 tiles. Each tile serves a function as either speaker, amplifier or acoustic damper and can be pieced together in endless combinations of varying sizes and colours. 

"Malaysia is a key market for Bang & Olufsen. We are very supportive of its growth and are keen to see it develop. Our products have a timeless appeal for our brand enthusiasts here in Malaysia, in terms of design aesthetic and function, crafted with a high regard for consumers' pleasures." - Soren Kokholm, Bang & Olufsen Head of Sales for SEA

"We are very excited to take out association with Bang & Olufsen to the next level. Our product ranges challenge the ordinary. The user is the centre of the experience. We are delighted there's a growing pool of domestic customers who have the discernment to enjoy and appreciate the ultimate Bang & Olufsen experience." - Danny Cheong, Bang & Olufsen Malaysia GM

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