Open Your World to Music with Heineken® :

Joining the roster for Heineken® Live Your Music's high rolling bill of music experiences to be unlocked this November & December is the Malaysian premiere of a group of the World's fastest rising music stars, 88Rising featuring Rich Chigga, Higher Brothers and Joji on 9 December 2017 at KL Live. Adding a touch of local flavour to the line up is an all-star cast of Live Your Music insiders including Jhin, Flipze and DJ Vin.

Rich Chigga

Higher Brothers


Live Your Music presents 88Rising is the latest of 100 Music Experience to be unlocked as Heineken® Live Your Music moves beyond the discovery and delivery of the next go-to music style, with a series of activities to elevate the way you experience music this year.

Live Your Music continues to push boundaries with over 100 music experiences accessible to fans across Malaysia. From local music experiences to international music journeys, these are all for the consumers to unlock Heineken® in November. Amongst the music experiences to be unlocked in Malaysia are VIP experiences to Live Your Music presents Tiesto (8 December) and Live Your Music presents 88Rising (9 December) at KL Live.

The music journey continues across seas as other Heineken® music experiences to be unlocked include a Heineken® Live Your Music Ultimate Journey to the USA and Heineken® hospitality at Sensation The Ocean of White in Jakarta inclusive of full travel.

When it comes to music, you don't just listen, you live it! #LiveYourMusic

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How to unlock over 100 music experiences

Throughout November, every bottle or glass of Heineken® consumed at participating outlets will earn you a point. The points are the key to unlocking the 100 music experiences and the higher the number of points collected, the bigger the experiences. Check your ranking in real time at The Heineken® Live Your Music Leaderboard will list the 200 leading Heineken® Live Your Music superfans. For every Heineken® beer that you buy, you will receive a scratch card with a unique code, sms that code along with your personal details and your points will be updated on the Leaderboard.

As a Grand Prize, an incredibly lucky music fan will receive the Heineken® Live Your Music Ultimate Music Journey to the USA, an exclusive Heineken® curated trip to one of the club capitals of the world. Runners up will receive the VVIP Heineken® hospitality treatment with the "Party like a Star" Package to experience Live Your Music presents Tiesto (at KL Live on 8 Dec) including their own private Cabana seating at the event for 15 of their friends. Other prizes include a pair of tickets to Sensation The Ocean of White in Jakarta (Feb 2018), VIP passes to Live Your Music presents Tiesto, VIP passes to Live Your Music presents 88rising, exclusive Heineken® curated DJ classes a Goldsounds Music Academy, and portable wireless speakers that enable you to live your music wherever you are as well as six-packs of Heineken® beer.