Russell Curtis and the Rowdy Gentlemen release their first single "Anak Malaysia"

A showcase of Malaysia's most talented musicians in one room is what it was, a night with soulful music and great talents. Recently we were invited to the launch and showcase of Russell Curtis and the Rowdy Gentlemen first single which is called "Anak Malaysia". The funky tune is about how cool it is to be Malaysian, released in conjunction with Malaysia Day 2017. With support of FiftySix Degrees Whisky, they are scheduled to perform at the Kansai Music Conference in Osaka mid September. 

Russell Curtis (Lead Vocalist)

Russell Curtis and the Rowdy Gentlemen(RCRG) consist of 7 accomplished musicians with a mini horn section and renowned Music Director Tok Khon at the helm of bringing Curtis' Compositions to life. RCRG performs a mix of original and creatively reworked covers, culminating in a high energy performance of funk, soul and hip-hop. 

T.K on the Keyboards

Gideon Yogan on the Bass

Jude Bensing on the Guitar

Originally a back band of session musicians for the Russell Curtis Project tour in 2014 and subsequent shows throughout 2015/2016, they were officially rename Russell Curtis and The Rowdy Gentlemen in April this year. RCRG Consist of, Russell Curtis (Vocalist/ Compositions), Tok Khon (Keyboards/Music Director), Jude Bensing (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Gideon Yogan (Bass/Backing Vocals), Derrick Siow (Drums), Yow Weng Wai (Alto and Tenor Saxophone), and Khairul Anwar (Trumpet). 

Russell tell us that he got inspired to write the song while he and his band members was having a cup of teh tarik (Tea) and while looking around and having a conversation he notice how we Malaysians are a bunch of diverse people sitting in the cafe and how much we all look beyond our differences when we sit and have a cup of tea and just like that he was inspired to write the song. He added by saying that he realised how much we needed to have this right now with whats been going on lately in our country. "People are so caught up with their lives that they tend to forget how much we should be thankful for, to be in a country where we can have drinks and food at anytime of the day, play sports, go shopping, clubbing, and even school all races in one class room different languages." 

If you have not check out the Music Video yet, here it is.