Say “Hello” To Your New Friendly Neighbourhood Cinema At Tasek Central!

TGV is delighted to announce the opening of the latest addition to its national network of multiplex cinemas in Johor! Opening in Tasek Central, the first shopping mall located in Skudai, this TGV is set to raise the bar of out-of-home entertainment within the area.

The newest TGV Cinemas comes with 7 halls offering a range of cinema-going concepts & experiences that are sure to please guests of all ages and tastes.

The First Plushy Hall For That Plushy Feel 

Among these 7 halls comes the fresh new Plushy hall, making its debut by introducing seats that allow you to quite literally, sink in. This new extension to TGV’s specialty halls comes equipped with 3 extremely cushy seat selections :
● Plushy+ seats situated at the last 3 rows that come with the glide feature which allows them to recline as well as slide out.
● Plushy seats in the middle rows come with the manual rocker function that allows you to lean back on.
● Siesta seats at the front row which provide a natural laid-back experience.

The Plushy hall concept is all about providing the best comfort possible for cinemagoers, coupled with expansive legroom, guests are assured to have pleasantly cosy cinematic moments in this hall with your personal near-limitless space.

TGV Plushy seats

TGV Plushy+ seats

TGV Siesta seats

Deluxe - The New Standard For Cinema Entertainment
Following its success at TGV Central i-City, Tasek Central will be the second TGV location to feature the Deluxe hall. This hall is equipped with Glide seats that allow guests to slide out in comfort and Deluxe seats which are a triumph of form and function offering affordable luxury to cinemagoers. The Deluxe hall has everything from comfort to a class-leading 7.1 surround sound system with crystal clear digital projections assuring a world-class cinema experience.

TGV Deluxe seats

It’s All About Family Time

The friendly neighbourhood cinema would be incomplete without our reputable Family Friendly hall and playroom. This child-friendly hall which made its first appearance in Central i-City has expanded to TGV Toppen JB and now to the brand new TGV Tasek Central. With an array of colourful and comfortable seats to choose from, this Family Friendly hall gives you the option to select whichever seat you would like depending on the size of your family and the experience you prefer. This hall comes with adjoining washrooms and diaper-changing stations together with a connected playroom which helps create a safe, controlled, and convenient environment especially for families with young children or toddlers. 

TGV Deluxe seats

TGV Duo (suitable for 1 adult and 1 kid)

TGV Lounger (suitable for 2 adults & 2 kids)

Opening Specials

Guests of this new location will be treated to a myriad of opening promotions which includes free movie screenings from 15 to 24 July 2020! To introduce everybody to the all-new Plushy hall, there will also be a special limited-time-only introductory price from RM10. If that’s not enough, customers can enjoy a Buy 1 Free 1 Regular Popcorn Combo offer from 25 July - 31st August 2020. 

At TGV Cinemas, we continue to not only provide new experiences and offers but also keep our guests’ safety as our priority. Guests can rest assured knowing that even with this latest location opening, providing a safe and healthy environment for both guests and our staff alike will always take precedence, just as much as our other locations as well. It is without a doubt that we always make sure to follow the Government guidelines, practise social distancing even in-hall, that our staff wear masks all the time while observing their personal hygiene, as well as clean and sanitise common touch areas including halls too.

"TGV strives to remain at the forefront of innovation and creativity when it comes to cinema-going whilst ensuring the safety and well-being of guests and staff are always prioritised. We welcome our guests to experience opulent comfort and peace-of-mind moments with our brand new Plushy hall. As with all our new cinema openings, we have an array of specials to mark our new venture in Tasek Central and as a welcome treat to all, ” remarked Yeoh Oon Lai, CEO of TGV Cinemas.

For more information, visit TGV website here or TGV Tasek Central Promos for more info.