THE BEST OF TWO WORLDS Crème De La Crème x The Tokyo Restaurant

– Hello Kitty fever is sweeping over Malaysia, after Sanrio specially hand-picked Crème De La Crème (CDLC) to throw the greatest party bash for the ultra-lovable icon’s 45th birthday. Be that as it may, CDLC is not letting up and is pleased to announce yet another innovative collaboration, marrying its famed ice cream with The Tokyo Restaurant (TTR)’s equally famed burnt cheesecake to create the ultimate desserts infused with the best of two worlds.

Lio Lim, managing director of CDLC, enthused, “Our recent collaboration with Sanrio is such a tremendous success. True to our promise, we do not rest on our laurels and are absolutely thrilled to partner with TTR for our next exciting collaboration. TTR’s famed burnt cheesecake needs no introduction and CDLC has of course shaken up the ice cream world by reinventing the look and taste of ice cream. Combining the best of these two worlds is definitely something to shout about and we couldn’t have found a better partner to recapture the imaginations of ice cream and cheese cake lovers alike!”

Indeed, lovers of ice cream and cheesecake will approve and be thoroughly spoilt by these choices:

Artisanal ice creams

Burnt Caramel Cheesecake: Enjoy delicious burnt caramel ice cream swirled with TTR burnt cheesecake with such smoothness and richness that is sure to tantalise your tastebuds.

Tokyo La Crème: Creamy cream cheese ice cream featuring fresh Australian cream cheese texturised with the perfect proportion of TTR burnt cheesecake – an amazing balance that will throw your senses off-balance.

Plated dessert

Have the best of two worlds with a delicious scoop of Burnt Caramel ice cream plated with TTR cheesecake dazzled with hazelnuts and caramel. TTR could not agree more. Akito Sakamoto, General Manager of TTR says,“Our cheesecake has such a discerning following that when it came to deciding a trusted partner whom we can work with to design ice creams of the highest standards inspired by our beloved cheesecake, which our clients would also adore, CDLC is the obvious choice, standing head and shoulders above others in the ice cream world.”