The Hottest Instant PK Classic MMORPG PC Online Game is here.

Riding on the massive popularity of “Legend of Mir” in China, “Legend of Mir: Eternal” produced by studio of Shanda Games received various awards in the gaming industry since it’s production. Cherry Credits, publisher of popular online and mobile games such as Dragon Nest, SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online, Million Arthur and Bloodline, launched “Conquera” the South East Asia version of the game in December 2018.

Combining its Wuxia-style fantasy world with classic real-time isometric RPG gameplay reminiscent of “Diablo” and “Neverwinter Nights”, “Conquera” is an MMORPG in which the strong and ruthless triumph.

The game is set in the fictional continent of Maia, casting the player as one of the disciple of the Dragonguards, an elite fighting force that must repel the orc armies of the tyrannical evil lords.

The game is supporting English, Chinese and Vietnamese language packs.

Next generation classic RPG

Developer kept the classic 3D isometric gameplay and integrated it with high-end art and sound effects, as well as an all-new Inscription System (skill enhancement via weapon), Cross-Server Boss Fights, Special Events (weekly time-based events) and other content, allowing players who love classic RPGs to experience the new in a familiar way.

  • It expands on the story and lore established in TheLegend of MIR (热血传奇), creating a Korean- Eastern fantasy world
  • Classic 3D Isometric View, using the mouse and keyboard to attack and move, with strong PK “Red- name” equipment
  • UE3 Engine, Dolby Surround Sound Engineering, and an out-of-this-world picture quality
  • The All-New Expanded “Legend” World, large scale3D city battles, cross-server boss fights, special events, and auto-routing system
  • Ground-breaking system concepts –inscription system, equipment embed, skill books, and recasting equipment

PVP and Guild Focus

The path to legendary status lies in improving yourself crazily non-stop! In the brutal world of Maia, you have to grow stronger if you wish to stand a chance in the extensive PVP content. Guild wars, Cross-server battles, Team PK, 1V1 Real-time PK and even Thousand- Man Wars are bound to ignite every player’s drive. This game also focuses on community play, such as creating a band of guild brothers.

  • PVP and Guild centric features:
    - Guild King of the Hill (GVG)
    - Training Ground (1v1 PK Battle)
    - Saback Siege War (Massive guild strategic war) - Territorial War (Attack of guild base)
  • Instant PK – Toggle between PK modes in non-safe zones to immediately PK other players on the map. Killing “red name” characters has no consequences, so head to the “red name village” to purge evil for the villagers!
  • Strong PK Characteristics – settings for safe and non-safe zones, PK rules, “red name” rules, death drop rules, etc.
  • Guild Exclusive Features – Guild Exclusive Rune Inscription, Guild Beast Event (Kill the guild beast and get rewarded with gold and items), Guild chambers (Escorting goods and get rewarded with gold), Guild Hot Spring (Bathing in Guild Hot Springs gains EXP) etc.

Conquera Background Story

Based on the world of The Legend of MIR, Conquera takes place in Maia, a continent thrown into chaos by a resurrected Lord Warmor, whose insurgency is aided by an awakened Redmoon Demon. An elite unit known as the Dragonguard are activated to defend Maia and destroy Lord Warmor for the second and last time.

  • Refer-a-Friend Programme
    Refer your friends to join the game and get rewarded with up to 20,000 CP (worth around 60 MYR)!
    Share your referral code by logging in to Cherry Exchange (where you manage your game account and top up your e-wallet for the game), go to “Cherry Game Account”, and click on “Refer-a-Friend” to check your referral code.
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Conquera has won a series of awards in China, from development through to post-launch.

 2014 China Game Industry Annual Conference “Top 10 Most Anticipated Online Client Game in 2015”2014 Sina Chinese Game Ranking CGWR “Most Innovative Award of the Year”
2015 10th Annual Jin Ling Award “Top 10 Most Anticipated Online Game by Gamers”
2016 11th Annual Jin Ling Award “Top 5 Favourite Online Game by Gamers”

2016 7th Annual China Game Developers Award (CGDA) “Best Game 3D (Character/Scenery) Art Design Award”

2016 7th Annual China Game Developers Award (CGDA) “Best Game Animation Performance Award”