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After suffering a brain injury from a bank heist gone wrong , MacDonald ( Matthew Modine ) develops amnesia and is put into a prison psychiatric ward. Following his seventh year in evaluation, he is coerced by an inmate and a ward doctor ( Ryan Guzman and Meadow Williams) to break out of prison and injected with a serum that forces him to relive the life he's forgotten. MacDonald must now elude a local detective ( Sylvester Stallone) , a toughened FBI agent ( Christopher McDonald) and the drug's dangerous side effects in order to recover the stolen money all while confronting his past. 

In Cinema : 27th December 2018 

Genre : Action , Crime 

Director : Brian A.Miller 

Cast : Ryan Guzman, Sylvester Stallone, Meadow Williams, Christopher McDonald, Colin Egglesfield, Lydia Hull, Tyler Jon Olson, Sergio Rizzuto, Swen Tempel , and Matthew Modine

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