Movie Summary

Chapter 1: Wicked 

Unexplainable events in the village deep within the forest during the reign of King Rama VI. These events believed to be brought on by a curse. 

Chapter 2: Tattoo

The Story of a cruel curse with intense revenge embroidered through ink into the victim’s skin carrying that curse until the day they die. 

Chapter 3: Wife’s Curse

A Story of damning curses accumulated into one person to the point of no return. No good deed can erase those damning words that will decide his fate. 

In Cinema : 25 Jul 2019

Language : Thai

Genre : Horror 

Classification : -

Running Time : -

Director : Jit Khamnoedrat

Cast : David Chatchavan Asavanond, Phurada Kongpech Mayor, Chinawut Indracusin, Tana Chatborirak, Pol. Lt. Col. Nutchaphat Wongsuwan

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