Extreme Job

Movie Summary

A narcotics team, who is the ugly duckling of their police department, embarks on a risky mission involving an international drug deal. They take over a rundown chicken restaurant across the street from the drug gang's safe house to keep a close eye on the gang. Things take an unexpected turn when one of the detectives reveals his culinary talents. With the restaurant turning famous overnight and customers flocking in, the team becomes more engrossed in frying chicken rather than catching the criminals. When the detectives miss the big drug deal due to this, they have no choice but to launch a desperate mop-up operation.

In Cinema : 21 Mar 2019

Genre : Action / Comedy

Running Time :

Cast : Ryu Seung-Ryong, Lee Hanee, Jin Seon-Kyu, Lee Dong-Hwi, Gong Myung

Director : Lee Byeong-Heon

Distributor : TGV Pictures

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Venue                         : TGV Cinemas 1 Utama

Date                            : 25 March 2019, Monday

Time                            : 9.00PM   

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