Movie Summary

Bao Li Jin, the second generation owner of “Kopitiam Ada Bukit Ada Air” tries very hard to maintain the kopitiam business after his father (also the founder of the kopitiam) started suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. 

But things gotten worse as TAO (an arrogant developer) wants to acquire his Kopitiam lot. Bao Li Jin is forced to accept the boxing match challenge to fight against TAO in order to keep his kopitiam. Will he achieve success in the end?

In Cinema 30 Jan 2020

Language : Cantonese

Genre : Comedy

Classification : P13

Running Time :: 97 minutes 

Director : Matt Lai 

Cast : Jack Lim, Cedric Loo, Wan Wai Fun, Steve Yap, Jaspers Lai, Chang Yong, Hanxiiaoaii

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