Movie Summary

Nard, a high school girl falls in love with Mac, a senior in the same school. They are in a relationship and Nard gets pregnant. Mac’s mom forces him to cut contact with Nard and study abroad while Nard’s mom persuades her to have an abortion. Nard didn’t survive the abortion; however, she isn't done with this world and starts haunting the apartment complex where she used to live...

In Cinema : 22 Nov 2018

Language  : Thai

Genre : Horror

Classification : -

Running Time : -

Director : Mate Yimsomboon

Cast : Supawadee Kitisopaku, Chitipat Wattanasiripong, Nattana Kuwongwattanaseree, Kamolpatch Thanwong, Yotin Maphobpan, Sani Chaneing, Teerayut Sukprang

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