I Still See You

Movie Summary

Sixteen-year old Ronnie Calder (Bella Thorne) enjoys breakfast every morning with her dad — well, actually just a spectral remnant, or “rem” of her father, who was killed a decade earlier along with millions of other Midwesterners when a top-secret lab experiment went cataclysmically wrong. When an unfamiliar rem begins stalking her — and affecting the physical world in ways rems are supposedly incapable of — Ronnie seeks advice from a trusted teacher, Mr. Bittner (Dermot Mulroney). Not satisfied with his explanation, she teams up with classmate Kirk (Richard Harman), a loner with a mysterious past, to figure out what the rem wants from her. In search of answers, they journey to the site of the lab accident in Chicago, where they witness rems reenacting a horrific murder. Armed with fresh insights, Ronnie returns to her wintry suburban home to confront the tormented killer determined to destroy her.

In Cinema : 1 Nov 2018

Genre: Thriller

Running Time :

Cast : Bella Thorne, Dermot Mulroney, Amy Price-Francis

Director : Scott Speer

Distributor : TGV Pictures

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Date: 30 October 2018, Tuesday

Time: 8.45PM

Venue : TGV Cinemas Jaya Shopping Centre

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