In Your Dreams

Movie Summary

In the footsteps of Mad World and Weeds on Fire, young filmmaker Tam Wai-Ching is ready for her time in the spotlight with this entry in the Hong Kong government’s First Feature Film Initiative project. Heng is a high school student whose mother abandoned the family eight years ago. Cheung Chi-Heng is a moody youth who channels his yearning for a long-absent mother into affection for older women. 

You Mei is a teacher whose husband is having an affair. When You Mei becomes the temporary teacher at Heng's school, the two lonely souls develop an affectionate bond that may be love. After he saves a drunken Yuek-mei from drowning in the school swimming pool one night and develops a crush on her, Cheung learns she is to be his substitute class teacher. 

He gets into a schoolyard fight to defend her honour, and the bond between the two grows stronger when her home visit Cheung has an alcoholic father (Tung Wai) who dreams that his wife has never left leads to revelations about her unhappy marriage. This provocative story of young love is led by an alluring performance by Carina Lau, who also serves as a producer of the film.

In Cinema : 03 May 2018

Language : Cantonese

Subtitle : Chinese / English

Genre : Drama / Romance

Running Time : 94 minutes

Director : Tam Wai Ching

Cast : Carina Lau, Ng Siu Hin, Tse Kwan Ho

Distributor : GSC Movies

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