Keyboard Warriors

Movie Summary

Suitcases of cash fall out of an armored car onto the busy streets, and people go crazy picking

it up! Typical loner Jay Kwan (Sing Lam) and his buddy Ang Ray (Neo Yau) are both

witnesses, and they're curious about the incident. They then call up a 'search team' on Golden

Forum to look into it. Golden Forum Goddess (Larine Tang) is attracted, and joins them.

Policewoman Nancy O (Stephy Tang), the money-minded girl Mandy O (Grace Chan)'s

sister, is the only one there to guard the money that day even if she's off duty, and is regarded

as a heroine! She's therefore asked to join the investigation to the case. Police believe that it's

an accident, and it's difficult to get all the money back. That the investigation should stop.

But as the 'search team' keep digging, they realize that there's more than meets the eye...

In Cinema : 15 November 2018

Genre : Comedy/Action

Director : Ho-Ching Sit 薛可正

Cast : Stephy Tang 鄧麗欣, Grace Chan 陳凱琳, Yiu-Sing Lam 林耀聲

Movie Trailer

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