Midnight Diner 2

Movie Summary

The diner, 'Meshiya' stands in an alley close to the bright (and sometimes red) lights of Tokyo's busy Shinjuku district. Since it opens late at night, it is known as the 'Midnight Diner'. 

The menu is based on 'alcohol and the pork-soup special', but 'Master' (owner), is a great cook who will make anything he can, all the while lending an ear to the grief's and joys of his customers' complicated lives.

Kaoru Kobayashi returns as Master in the role he originated for the TV drama, a character of solid reliability who nonetheless maintains a respectful distance from his customers, among whom are to be found Jo Odagiri and many of the regulars from the series. Mikako Tabe and Kimiko Yo return from appearances in the first Midnight Diner film as well as a number of new guests who join the cast this time around. 

Directing since the inception of the series is Joji Matsuoka, winner of the 'Best Director Award' of the Japanese Academy in 2008 for Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad.

Expansion of the menu include fried udon noodles and the fried-meat special takes Midnight Diner 2 further into the lives of its characters. It's late, if you feel like a drink, something to eat, and a bit of company, drop in and take a place at the counter of Midnight Diner 2.

Release Date:     7 Sept 2017

Language:          Japanese

Subtitles:           English

Running Time:   108 min

Genre:                Drama

Cast:                   Tamae Ando, Mansaku Fuwa, Hisashi Igawa

Director:             Joji Matsuoka

Distributor:        GSC Movies

Format:              2D

Classification:    U

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