Oversize Cops

Movie Summary

After headlining the news for failing to arrest the robber because they were too fat and slow, Sergeant Kan and his three cop buddies have become the laughingstock of the country. Branded the     Thai police force’s greatest shame, the four chubby cops are then penalised to lose weight through a 3-month extreme training course, in order to rebuild the image of the force. Their training turns more intense when a beautiful Zumba dance instructor Meen joins them. 


During their training, another robbery occurs. A bank van transporting large sums of money was robbed and has since disappeared without a trace. The four sergeants are called in to investigate the crime, but it has been a long while since they have been out in the field. As the deadline for their mandatory weight loss closes in, coupled with the pressure of solving the new robbery, can these big guys salvage their careers and prove their worth to the country?

In Cinemas: 15 June 2017

Genre: Action, Comedy

Language: Thailand with subtitles

Director: Chanon Yingyong & Phuwanit Pholdee

Cast: Sarun Cinsuvapala, Pramote Pathan, Suphachai Subprasert, Somyos Matures, Supavitch Nepremwattana & Nutjaree Horvejkul

Movie Trailer