Movie Summary

A small village in South-Central Vietnam. Mid-1980s. Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass is a touching tale of innocent love, friendship and brotherhood. Thieu and his young brother Tuong’s coming of age story is also riddled with conflict. Tuong idolizes his older brother’s confidence and constantly strives for his approval. But in reality, Thieu’s “over-confidence” is to compensate for his overwhelming insecurities. Thieu is constantly jealous with his younger brother when it comes to grades, talent and affection
from Moon, a girl from the village.

Awards/ Nomination / Showcase:
1. Osaka Asian Film Festival
2. World Premieres Film Festival in Philippines
3. Fukuoka International Film Festival
4. Schlingel Film Festival (Germany)
5. London Film Festival
6. Premiere in Cannes Film Festival 2015
7. Official submission of Vietnam for the “Best Foreign
Language Film” category of the 89th Academy Awards in
2017 (but it was not nominated)
8. Best Feature Film, Young People’s Jury Award at the TIFF
Kids Film Festival in Toronto.
9. Feature Film of 2015” at the Silk Road International Film
Festival in Fujian Province

Name: She’s The Boss
Director: Ham Tran
Written by: Ham Tran
Producer: Dinh Thi Thanh Huong, Nguyen Ngoc Lam, Trinh Thanh Tam
Director Of Photography: Minh K.U
Cast: Miu Le, Do An

Cuong and Oanh are no different from any other couple in this world except for
one exception: for the past few years they have kept their relationship a
secret since the bank where they are employed has a strict “Non-
Fraternization” policy. This hush-hush relationship is no big deal until they
decide to get married. The only problem? Which one of these two Type-A
overachievers will put marriage before a career and resign? With neither willing
to take the leap of faith they both turn incident into opportunity when an ATM
glitch in Ho chi minh city cashes out a lot of money.
The terms are simple: whoever is able to recover the money first gets to keep
their job. The couple will turn into no holds barred competitors. Who will
literally “go big” in their career or “go home” in this romantic comedy about what
two people won’t do for each other in the name of love?

Name: Hello Vietnam
Director: Nguyen Quang Dung
Written by: Thanh Hoang, Thai Ha, Quang Dung
Producer: Dinh Thi Thanh Huong, Nguyen Nu Nhu Khue, Louis Nguyen, Thao
Nguyen, Minh Do, Thanh Huyen
Director Of Photography: Trinh Hoan, Diep The Vinh
Cast: Hoai Linh, Chi Tai

Set in New York, Da Co Hoai Lang is a sad story happened in the course of 1 day.
Ong Tu escaped from the nursing home to go home and celebrate his wife's death
anniversary. Along with his friend, Ong Nam, they planned the anniversary at
Ong Tu’s house and talk about the “good old days” back home in Vietnam.
However, generational and cutural gap threaten to tear Ong Tu and his
enstranged grand daughter, who’s the only one at the house, apart.

Name: 798TEN
Director: Dustin Nguyen
Written by: Pham Viet Anh Khoa, Duc Thinh, Linh Trung
Producer: Dinh Thi Thanh Huong, Bebe Pham
Director Of Photography: Gabriel John Lewís
Cast: Dustin Nguyen, Kieu Minh Tuan, Thu Trang

Tám(8) and Bích are poor but happy. Tám runs a small food cart while Bích sings
at a local bar. They are in love and plan to build their lives together. But their
dream was cut short when Trùm Rô, a local mob boss and owner of the bar Bích
works at took a liking to her. When he found out that Chín(9), Bích’s father, was
one of the gambler in his debt, Trùm Rô forces Chín to marry off Bích to him in
order to pay off his debt. Too poor to pay off the massive 600 million Đồng in
debt money, Tám was powerless. It was then that he remembers someone who
could get him out of this situation: Mười(10), Tám’s cousin, a blind Martial Arts
master who saved money all of his life in order to treat his blindness. Tám
recruits Chín along with Bảy(7), a gypsy cab driver, creates an elaborate scheme
to trick Mười into giving him the large sum of money to free Bích. The plan
backfires and the four find themselves in an action packed rescue mission full of
deception and trickery.

Name: 100 Days Of Sunshine
Director: Vu Ngoc Phuong
Written by: Trinh Dan Phuong
Based on the Movie “Never Ending Story”
Producer: Dinh Thi Thanh Huong, Hang Trinh, Jin Zhong Bo, Huynwoo Thomas
Director Of Photography: Ngo Minh Nghia
Cast: Kha Ngan, Jun Pham

Based on the Korean Motion Picture “Never Ending Story”
The story revolves around Anh Duong, a modern, energetic and successful V-
blogger. To bring happiness to her mother and fans, she has planned a perfect
wedding but suddenly finds herself diagnosed with cancer. Abandoned by her
fiancé after the news, she turns to Nhat Minh, her former classmate in college
and a has-been gamer, to create a fake wedding in order to save her face. Nhat
Minh, also diagnosed with cancer, accepts Anh Duong’s proposal in exchange for
a huge sum of money for his brother’s family, those who he has relied on for
years. Will the plan work out? How will they face their illness and future?

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