Wiro Sableng: 212 Warrior

Movie Summary

Release Date

In Cinema : 27 Sep 2018

Language : Indonesian

Subtitle : - 

Genre : Action / Adventure / Fantasy

Running Time : - 

Director : Angga Dwimas Sasongko

Cast : Yayan Ruhian, Cecep Arif Rahman, Vino G. Bastian 

Distributor : 20TH CENTURY FOX

A warrior accepts a mission from his master to defeather former disciple who betrayed her. He embarks on an exciting journey that eventually forces him to face his demons and memories of revenge that hold him back. Twentieth Century Fox and Lifelike Pictures present a Fox International Productions/Lifelike Pictures production 212 WARRIOR, directed by Angga Dwimas Sasongko, written by Sheila Timothy & Tumpal Tampubolon and Seno Gumira Ajidarma, produced by Sheila Timothy. Starring Vino G. Bastian, Yayan Ruhiyan, Sherina Munaf, Fariz Alfarazi, Marsha Timothy,andRuth Marini.

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