1 TRACK DEBUT ALBUM ~HOW I’M FEELING~  SET FOR RELEASE ON MARCH 6, 2020PLATINUM-certified independent singer, songwriter, producer, and pop visionary Lauv drops new single “Tattoos Together” today. In conjunction, he also released the music video that was all filmed in one shot, directed by Declan Whitebloom (Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, One Direction). “Tattoos Together” is the latest release off the artist’s 21-track debut album, ~how i'm feeling~, set for release on March 6, 2020.Lauv said on the reason behind the visuals, “This is one of my favorite videos I’ve ever done cause I’ve recently done a few heavier, more existential videos but Tattoos is just straight fun the whole time....and I got to prove to the world once again that I can’t dance.” Earlier this month, Lauv released his surprise track “Changes” in conjunction with the new year, timely for those who were reflecting on the past year and resolving new changes in the year ahead. Click HERE to listen!Over the past few months, Lauv released his much anticipated collaboration “Mean It” with LANY (HERE), released countless tracks and announced the March release date for his debut album ~how i’m feeling~. In addition, he dropped the video for album track “Sims,” directed by Phillip Lopez (Kygo, Selena Gomez, Liam Payne), which serves as the proper visual introduction of the “Little Lauv” characters that adorn his debut album artwork for ~how i’m feeling~ and make up Lauv’s “one man boyband.” Click HEREto view!In October, Lauv was also notably featured on the remix of powerhouse K-Pop group BTS’ “Make It Right (feat. Lauv)” which can be heard HERE! Lauv’s last single “fuck, i’m lonely” with Anne-Marie has surpassed over 250 million streams to date and peaked at #30 at Top 40 US radio. The track was included on the current 3rd season of the popular Netflix show 13 Reasons Why, as well as this seasons soundtrack.  

R&B songstress Nadhira bounces back with a brand new track “Kau Selalu Ada feat. B-Heart”

2018 was a rather silent year for Nadhira with the release of her single, ‘Hold Me Down’ via Warner Music Malaysia in February of that year being the only release from the R&B songstress. It was as though she had only managed to grace the surface of scene she knows so well. She did some club shows, did one or two collaboration tracks but it was complete silence right after with many new artists mushrooming and overtaking her.In this time of silence, she realigned, refined and redefined what it meant to be an artiste in the industry here in Malaysia. Observing and strategizing all this time while more and more artistes are churning out material. Almost a year later, the solitude gave birth to ‘Kau Selalu Ada’, a dual-language neo-soul track fused a taste of the Nusantara sound. The track features a 16-bar breakdown where popular rapper, B-Heart, a protégé to the legendary ‘Malique of Too Phat’ can be heard ‘spittin’ bars’ as how the hip-hop community would call it.‘Kau Selalu Ada’ was co-written by Nadhira with Asfan Shah & B-Heart. The track was produced by legendary R&B producer, rafikoncept, who has worked with artistes like Hunny Madu, One Nation Emcees & Lufya Omar. In the early stages of conceptualization of the song, it had a very traditional harmonic minor tune which slowly morphed into a more modern and current trend of alternative R&B as it went along. Drawing influences from international artistes like Sabrina Claudio & NIKI, brought forth the creation of the song.‘I wanted to write a song that depicts what I truly seek for in love; a two-way love affair, sung mainly in my mother tongue. I wanted to get in touch with my roots and connect it to my art, in both language because I’ve never done anything like this before. This is the me now. I really love hip-hop and R&B so the way this came together perfectly really represents who I am right now’, says Nadhira.Every new release should always be complemented with a music video. The music video was shot by ATG (who’s recently worked with Zamaera & Lil’ Asian Thiccie) and styled by socialite/photographer Bibo Aswan. The concept of the music video shows both Nadhira and B-Heart as strangers who keep crossing paths in the city that eventually end up being together. The ‘money shot’ as professionals call it would be the studio sequence where Nadhira is seen dancing among giant sheets of fabric clad in a gold dress. B-Heart, on the other hand is ‘trapped’ within the sheets and reveals himself but never in the same space until the closing scene of the video.On 30th November 2019, Nadhira & B-Heart performed to an intimate crowd of friends and family at the NOSCLO Concept Store in SS15, the flagship store of the local streetwear brand who was also the main sponsor of the music video. The artistes performed 8 songs in total with B-Heart kicking it off with 3 of his originals (Sembilu, Bilang Mama, Apa Lagi Yang Tak Kena?) followed by a duet with Nadhira (cover of Drake’s From Time), and then performing the single, ‘Kau Selalu Ada’ together. The performance was then closed with Nadhira performing 3 of her originals (Feel That, You Got Me & Hold Me Down). A special preview of the music video was also held giving the audience first dibs before the official release of the video on 6th December 2019.Listen to the single, ‘Kau Selalu Ada’ hereWatch the official music video for ‘Kau Selalu Ada’ here

An Honest Mistake Releases Their Latest Christmas Track - Mistletoe Is For Quitters

All I want for Christmas is you! Yes, it’s that famous Mariah Carey tune everyone knows so well; so good that, An Honest Mistake had put their own spin of the song on their 2016 EP, ‘An Honest Christmas’. The EP featured 4-tracks, 2 of which are originals and 2 cover songs which featured Daiyan Trisha, So I’m Jenn, Nick Davis and ex-Singapore Idol contestant, Daphne Khoo aka Haneri.This year, the band has taken on the challenge of putting out yet another Christmas track, titled, ‘Mistletoe Is For Quitters’. It is a song made popular by pop rock group, ‘Forever The Sickest Kids’. While the instrumentation on the original track features the piano and the acoustic guitar, An Honest Mistake did the complete opposite by adding overdriven guitars, energetic pounding of the drums, ultimately making it a full-on rock song.Here’s what the band has to say about the motivation behind putting out the song; ‘We just wanted to continue this trend of putting out Christmas songs in Malaysia, mainly because nobody’s doing it. Plus, it’s a reason to celebrate. It’s the holidays, and we’re celebrating time together with the family and loved ones. The lyrics of this track just resonated so much with us. The line, ‘I’ll be home for Christmas, you can count on me’, just tugged a little on our heart strings. The vocal harmonies were really fun to tackle in the studio as well. We took it as a challenge to push ourselves to do a little more. We wanted to show that Christmas isn’t irrelevant in Malaysia. Of course, there’s no snow and popular songs like ‘Frosty The Snowman’ would have very little meaning to us but coming home to loved ones? Who wouldn’t resonate with that? No matter what your background is, Christmas is an all-around celebration for everyone’.Together with the release of the track is a music video shot by Navin Daniel of Aperture Bear Productions who happens to also be the band’s videographer. The music video also showcases the band’s latest addition, Sonny Wan on bass. This also marks the departure of long time guitarist, Leonard Chua and the shifting of Tomas Tam, from bass to guitar. The band will host a farewell party for Leonard on 21 st December 2019 at their annual, ‘An Honest Christmas Party’ at Six In The City in Petaling Jaya.

楊丞琳邀金曲新人王ØZI跳脫舒適圈 音樂與影像的突破力作《Love is Love》

楊丞琳邀金曲新人王ØZI跳脫舒適圈 音樂與影像的突破力作! 混血妝、放電”貓眼” 時髦捲髮、高馬尾 oversize外套+中空運動Bra 出道邁入20年來 大家從未見過的”歐美風”丞琳 12/4首播MV 率性”丞哥”演繹性感小野貓 歌詞貫穿視覺 徹底”不做自己” 丞琳挑戰R&B、饒舌 ØZI激讚!成功轉型”嘻哈琳”! 睽違3年,楊丞琳最新的第11張專輯《刪·拾 以後》終於正式推出!實體與數位榜都有非常好的成績!其中被視為丞琳出道以來最大突破的《Love is Love》歌曲,邀請2019金曲獎最佳新人獎得主ØZI創作、製作與拍攝MV;早在ØZI大獲肯定之前,丞琳即在整合專輯曲風過程中,特別選定他為專輯內節奏強烈的快歌進行創作,無非就是看中ØZI在現今華語音樂圈當中扮演不可忽視的角色。他擁有美式背景卻能將創作融合跨越東西的文化共感,運用歌詞訴說跨越差異的男女觀念,朗朗上口的曲調都為當今樂壇注入新的能量。力邀ØZI為新專輯增添新色的丞琳表示,「整張專輯最大的挑戰就是《Love is Love》,錄音跟MV拍攝都完全跳脫我的舒適圈,雖然我是一個不停在變化的人,可是我真的沒有跳到他的領域過。」本以為丞琳沒有嘗試過這樣的曲風會在錄唱卡關,但沒想到她在配唱過程中毫無障礙,ØZI更對丞琳的唱法表示高度讚賞!丞琳唱出所有在愛情裡的女人都曾義無反顧地秀出所有的愛,但無私並不等於回報,男人的感情有愧終究是每段愛情裡面陳舊的劇情,原來Love is Love,即便知道會是經歷傷痕的愛都還是讓人奮不顧身,《Love is Love》MV今天(12/4)於官方YouTube頻道播出。  由於饒舌、R&B這些領域對丞琳來說真的太陌生了,除了音樂創作也需要ØZI幫她把關歌曲的視覺,丞琳直呼:「找他當導演真是再適合不過!」ØZI的創意思維跟過去傳統MV拍攝很不一樣,更打造丞琳從來沒有過的樣子,時髦慵懶捲髮以及梳乾淨的高馬尾;身穿oversize外套,裡頭中空僅著運動Bra;充滿混血感的妝容,戴上”貓眼”效果的角膜變色片,從頭到腳濃濃的歐美風,是大家從未見過的楊丞琳,她笑著表示,「從頭到尾很ØZI的風格,大家應該從我出道20年來,沒有看過我這個樣子吧!就連拍雜誌都沒有。」ØZI回應道:「所以這樣才好玩啊!其實整個program我的角度就是希望能夠呈現很不同的;因為新專輯整個氛圍,特別是音樂方向都是丞琳在主導,覺得可以給她一個完全不一樣的Look,從音樂到視覺,整體感會比較一致。」 丞琳回憶兩人第一次見面時,自己便掏心掏肺把所有的感覺告訴ØZI,她表示,「那是一個很好的開始,讓兩個人變很熟,錄音很順利、拍MV很放鬆,有些東西是我不習慣的,需要他給我一個指令一個動作。」而《Love is Love》是兩人聊完的歌曲,ØZI在寫這首歌的時候對視覺也有很多的想法,加上丞琳看過ØZI拍的MV,非常激賞他的導演功力,因此很放心地把自己全然交付;ØZI則除了稱讚丞琳的唱功了得,也盛讚她MV表現極佳、很自然!一幕在濃煙大霧的空間裡,身陷其中的丞琳詮釋找不到方向的迷惘,不斷地憋氣不打緊,下一個鏡頭要邊聽導演指令、邊唱對嘴,深陷茫茫煙霧中要非常心無旁鶩;但更挑戰她的是平時”丞哥”率性慣了,MV中要對著鏡頭放電,還要從側面撥弄秀髮,或是露肩做出嫵媚動作,ØZI用“名媛摸”、”肩膀痛”很白話的指示讓丞琳秒懂,她望著像張床的平台幽默回應:「我想”晚安躺”。」ØZI更不吝嗇的教她饒舌技巧,現場傳授不用唸得太清楚,利用手勢遮一下嘴的巧妙秘訣。 沒想到私底下很有話聊的兩個人,在眾目睽睽之下一起拍MV反而變得詞窮了!ØZI坦言,除了拍自己的MV外,其實很少同時當演員又當導演,所以這次也是跳脫了自己的舒適圈,他笑言自己有時候腦袋轉換不過來,就會發生一些很跳針的狀況;不過ØZI信心滿滿雖然不是第一次幫人執導MV,但這兩年來能力進步許多,丞琳忍不住虧他說:「雖然我是他”第二次”執導的MV,但我相信會是他目前為止最滿意的一支!」ØZI希望在畫面上突顯歌詞的氛圍,像是為了男生改變自己的妝容、改變自己喜歡的東西、逼自己去喝金牌…等等,因此設定讓丞琳有很大的突破,ØZI很開心地謝謝Rainie願意做這些嘗試;丞琳則笑言:「這首歌講述”不做自己”這件事,今天也真的都不是我啊!哈。」平常習慣大素顏的丞琳,透過歌曲分享自己30歲前的故事,曾經每天去咖啡廳看一本書,假裝自己跟對方一樣的去迎合,有所領悟的她表示,「對方要喜歡原本的你,而不是投其所好;可以培養一起的興趣,但不代表要成為他。」    


HE SINGLE WILL BE RELEASED PHYSICALLY AND DIGITALLY INCLUDING A NEW B-SIDE AND REMIX AND IS AVAILABLE TO PRE-ORDER NOW  PSB WILL BEGIN THEIR EUROPEAN AND UK TOUR – DREAMWORLD: THE GREATEST HITS LIVE – ON MAY 1, 2020, AT BERLIN’S MERCEDES BENZ ARENAWatch the lyric video / listen to ‘Burning the heather’ HERE Pet Shop Boys have today announced the single package for their current single, ‘Burning the heather (radio edit)’. The single, which features Bernard Butler on guitar, is available to pre-order here and will be out on December 13th on digital services and on 7-inch vinyl. The package will include a brand new PSB track, ‘Decide’, and also a remix of ‘Decide’ by progressive house duo CYA. Full track-listings for the ‘Burning the heather’ are as follows: Burning the heather (digital)1. Burning the heather (radio edit)2. Decide3. Decide (CYA remix) Burning the heather (7-inch vinyl)1. Burning the heather (radio edit)2. Decide ‘Burning the heather’ is taken from the forthcoming Pet Shop Boys studio album ‘Hotspot’, which will be released on 24th January 2020 on x2 Records/Kobalt. ‘Hotspot’ was mostly written and recorded in Berlin and Los Angeles and produced and mixed by Stuart Price. It features 10 brand new Tennant/Lowe tracks including previous single ‘Dreamland’ featuring Years & Years.

Gin Lee 最新主打《喘息空間》 與Jax Jones跨國合作 MV排舞心跳飆升跳到氣喘

剛於7月推出國語大碟《浮世繪》的Gin Lee,緊接於11月8日,推出《浮世繪》(第二版),當中包括了全新廣東作品《喘息空間》(Jax Jones with Gin Lee),跨國合作加上EDM音樂的嶄新體驗,大大擴展Gin音樂領域的層次。新歌《喘息空間》改編自Jax Jone的熱爆作品《Breathe》,《喘息空間》 由Jax Jones和Fred Gibson監製,Alex Fung擔任錄音監製,陳耀森填上改編詞,描繪情人之間拋開理性投入熱愛的瞬間,Gin為了這首輕快舞曲拍MV更特地排舞!  展現型格性感姿態 《喘息空間》歌詞中的主角決意拋開一切全程投入去愛,因此MV導演也致力表現出這一份狂野與高傲的性感,在多個型格特色的場景中,包括鏡面和玻璃面舞台上,配合各種拍攝角度,若隱若現地讓Gin大擺甫士。其中一幕導演更特意找來一張粗獷質感的鐵架床,讓Gin躺在床上,展現撩人的姿態。Gin很欣賞導演的精心設計,大讚他有很多創新想法,更希望二人的首次合作會讓觀眾看到另一面的Gin。 負傷練舞展示最佳MV畫面 為了令MV有最佳視覺效果,Gin在拍攝前負傷練舞,腳部出現髖關節炎,但配合歌曲效果,這次也特意去排舞。Gin說:「這首歌的節奏很快,一開始排舞的時候我覺得無可能跳到,而且排舞的時候心跳直達170,所有動作和舞步也很急很密,跳到我氣喘!」  

Rainie Yang 楊丞琳全新單曲《節日快樂》

楊丞琳Rainie Yang個人第11張專輯『刪•拾 以後』首波單曲『節日快樂』 節日未完的快樂  翻覆成鬧騰的苦澀當孤獨終究必須 我選擇 讓明天閃耀 作為楊丞琳第11張全新專輯『刪•拾 以後』,自籌備階段楊丞琳心中就非常清楚專輯的概念與方向,身兼新專輯音樂統籌和專輯製作人的她,於收歌階段便主動一一聯絡與專輯主題契合的創作人,親自說明來意與對歌曲的想像,讓創作人各自發揮。而『節日快樂』這首歌曲的主題也是陳綺貞與楊丞琳兩人討論後所呈現的成果,由陳綺貞詞曲創作並擔任配唱製作。在歌曲的配置上,電吉他的彈奏搭配鼓擊等樂器,襯著楊丞琳娓娓唱出的歌聲逐漸堆疊,在曲調臨近結束時化繁為簡、完整收尾,恰恰符合了『節日快樂』這首歌曲的意境:歷經複雜而化整純粹,回歸真正的我,認知真正的自己。 而『節日快樂』想說的是一個在節日被忽視的故事,在越鬧騰越歡快的情境下,不管是單身抑或是身邊有伴侶,其實,人生來都是單數,某種層面上,單身與否跟孤獨程度並不是反比,反而可能是相差無幾的。不管人是否在一段關係中有人陪伴、生活是否激盪,面對孤獨時都是給自己的省思,反芻點滴經歷的一切,更重要的是進而接納。而『節日快樂』同時也被賦予『刪除與拾起』的專輯主體概念,我們並非得屏除什麼而留下什麼,而是可以更瀟灑地去接受。然而,有時自我限制反而是過不去的最深窒礙。『節日快樂』所訴說的是人人都有可能有意識地活著無意識的孤獨,但當我們不再抗拒,懂得從容面對,那就是孤獨最自在的狀態。

Listen to Panic! at the Disco perform Frozen 2 song 'Into the Unknown'

PANIC! AT THE DISCO'S BRENDON URIE GOES 'FULL ON ELSA' FOR 'INTO THE UNKNOWN' FROM 'FROZEN 2': LISTENStream “Into The Unknown” here: Available today is the debut of the end-credit version of “Into the Unknown” song and lyric video performed by Grammy®-nominated artist Panic! At the Disco.  The “Frozen 2” soundtrack, set for release from Walt Disney Records on Nov. 15, 2019. From the Academy Award®-winning team—directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, producer Peter Del Vecho and songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez—and featuring the voices of Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Frozen 2” opens in theaters on Nov. 21, 2019. 

MC MONG <Chanel> (Feat. Park Bom) | TAEYEON <Spark> | Super Junior <Super Clap> <I Think I>

Let TAEYEON and her beautiful voice accompany your sentimental soul in her new record Purpose! More than two years after My Voice, the Girls' Generation vocalist brings her long-awaited second full album with 12 melodious tracks, including her megahit single "Four Seasons" and Blue. Kenzie worked as the lyricist and main producer of title track "Spark," which is also co-penned by Anne Judith Wik, the composer of Girls' Generation's I Got A Boy and Twice's Dance The Night Away.Super Junior <Super Clap>  &  <I Think I>After ten years of waiting, the Super Junior members have finally all completed their military service and now return with their highly anticipated full-length album!Two years after Play, the Hallyu kings come back in the nine-member lineup of Lee Teuk, Hee Chul, Ye Sung, Shin Dong, Eun Hyuk, Si Won, Dong Hae, Ryeo Wook and Kyu Hyun with their ninth regular album Time_Slip and title track SUPER Clap.MC MONG <Chanel> (Feat. Park Bom)

Selena Gomez returns with self-love anthem, “Lose You to Love Me.”

Gomez reunited with frequent collaborators Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels for the piano ballad, which was also co-written by Swedish production and songwriting duo Mattman & Robin. Finneas, known best for his work with sister Billie Eilish, co-produced the song which has Gomez reflecting on how her relationship with herself became better following the end of a toxic relationship.Stream “Lose You To Love Me” here: “This song was inspired by many things that have happened in my life since releasing my last album,” she said in a statement. “I thought it was important to share the music, as I know many can relate to the fact that the road to self-discovery generally comes through the scars in one’s life. I want people to feel hope and to know you will come out the other side stronger and a better version of yourself.”Sophie Muller, who previously worked with Gomez on the “Good for You” video, helmed the iPhone 11-shot visual. The black-and-white clip features the singer sitting alone, looking over her shoulder and eventually growing more comfortable in her seat as the song progresses. She veers between angry and content as she delivers the ballad.


CHARLIE’S ANGELS (ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK) WILL BE AVAILABLE ON NOVEMBER 1, 2019 When Charlie’s Angels hits theaters this November – for the first time in the entire history of the franchise, films and television, directed by a woman, Elizabeth Banks – the new Angels will move to the beat of Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey as Republic Records and Sony Pictures Entertainment release their song “Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels)” and the song’s official music video. The track, which features co-writing credits from all three of the artists, was recently featured in the film’s trailer and is the lead single from the upcoming Charlie’s Angels (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). The soundtrack is co-executive produced by Ariana Grande, Savan Kotecha, and Scooter Braun and will be available November 1, 2019 via Republic Records, two weeks prior to the films November 14, 2019 release.  Check out “Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels)” official music video :The video will have an official broadcast premiere today on MTV Live, mtvU and the iconic Times Square Viacom billboards at 6am EST.  Director Elizabeth Banks stated, “It was important to me to kick off Charlie’s Angels with a huge female-powered anthem driven by a big voice – but to get three of the biggest voices out there? It’s a dream come true! What Ariana, Miley and Lana have delivered surpasses even my high expectations. Their song is resonant and meaningful, and it kicks major ass.”   “Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels)” features three of the best voices in music who have joined forces to deliver this undeniably empowering, female-focused collaboration.“Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels)” is written by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey, Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Ilya Salmanzadeh, and Alma-Sofia Miettinen. Producers are Max Martin & ILYA for Max Martin Productions. The song was first teased in the movie’s official worldwide trailer earlier this year to a flood of speculation and excitement amongst media and fans.    ABOUT CHARLIE’S ANGELS Director Elizabeth Banks takes the helm as the next generation of fearless Charlie’s Angels take flight. In Banks’ bold vision, Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska are working for the mysterious Charles Townsend, whose security and investigative agency has expanded internationally. With the world’s smartest, bravest, and most highly trained women all over the globe, there are now teams of Angels guided by multiple Bosleys taking on the toughest jobs everywhere. The screenplay is by Elizabeth Banks from a story by Evan Spiliotopoulos and David Auburn. Directed by Elizabeth Banks. Screenplay by Elizabeth Banks. Story by Evan Spiliotopoulos and David Auburn. Produced by Doug Belgrad, Elizabeth Cantillon, Max Handelman and Elizabeth Banks. Executive Producers are Matthew Hirsch, Leonard Goldberg, Drew Barrymore and Nancy Juvonen. The film stars Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska, Elizabeth Banks, Djimon Hounsou, Sam Claflin, Noah Centineo and Patrick Stewart.   


Stream “Lover” album here: “There are so many ways in which this album feels like a new beginning,” Swift says. “This album is really a love letter to love, in all of its maddening, passionate, exciting, enchanting, horrific, tragic, wonderful glory.” Lover’s highlights come when Swift ignores the outside world, whether that’s politics, public image or the desire to reassert her pop dominance. An introverted small-hours love song on which a rambling sax solo weaves around Swift’s voice. It’s Nice to Have a Friend, meanwhile, sounds like nothing else Swift has made before, a brief sliver of a song set to samples of steel pan, tubular bells and a Canadian kids’ choir. They hint at another album, buried amid Lover’s landslide of styles and lyrical approaches, more subtle and low-key and experimental, but potentially more satisfying.Source: Vogue & The Guardian

0809 吳青峰偕同旅美導演共同策劃 華語樂壇第一支融冰紀錄片MV

吳青峰偕同旅美導演共同策劃華語樂壇第一支融冰紀錄片MV青峰豁出去挑戰人體極限極冷與極熱交叉演出<太空>MV“冰封”拍攝15小時凍傷不喊卡台北和古巴二地拍攝 真人原型冰雕“冰峰”奇景登上古巴當地新聞 由吳青峰偕同旅美導演共同策劃之最新單曲<太空>MV,原訂於9日於電影院舉辦特映會,卻因為利奇馬颱風攪局而取消,該MV為青峰首度挑戰自我體能極限,於製片團隊量身特製的大型冰雕中,進行長時間非人道的拍攝,每一個鏡頭,青峰都必須鑽入人型冰雕中,前胸貼後背的冰凍狀況下進行拍攝工作,導演為了維持冰雕透明度以便讓鏡頭捕捉到“冰封青峰”的唯美鏡頭,設定片場維持零下溫度,所有工作人員以極地裝置雪衣裹身,唯有青峰,只能長時間從頭到腳全身貼著冰塊,在幽閉環境進行拍攝工作,每一次導演喊卡,青峰就立即被送入後台以五十度以上熱烤機器高溫處理,拍攝過程極為艱辛,期間無數次被工作人員發現凍傷,青峰也堅稱:「還行,挺的住。」 為了展現<太空>這首歌的意境以及雙關語,青峰與旅美導演洪詩婷不斷討論MV拍攝內容,最後青峰選定導演大膽提案,於台北、古巴二地拍攝類記錄片式MV,決議以人型冰塊包覆青峰,記錄青峰於冰塊中一起完好到融冰瓦解的過程;此外,也挑戰把同樣的拍攝複製於古巴“哈瓦那”,在一個人們沒有見過冰塊的環境中,記錄古巴當地人與青峰冰雕互動的過程。洪詩婷導演曾在國外勇奪奧斯卡金像獎搖籃之稱的學生奧斯卡獎(Student Academy Awards),吳青峰直白表示因自己一直欣賞導演拍攝過的許多幻奇角度的作品,如:Of Monsters and Men “Alligator”及Sigor Rós - Ég anda (film experiment series)…等,特地力邀導演跨刀合作幫忙,而這也是洪詩婷導演首次和亞洲歌手合作的第一支MV,導演這次為了用紀錄片的方式講述《太空》MV,更長途跋涉,親自帶著團隊和製冰師傅來到“極熱”的世界-古巴首都“哈瓦那”,團隊抵達哈瓦那後,在缺乏物資以及沒有通訊網路的環境下,於當地進行二個星期拍攝工作,有趣的是,古巴當地長年如夏,據記錄,居民上次見到這麼大的冰塊已是12年前,青峰冰雕因此造成市民圍觀,也登上了哈瓦那當地新聞 為了製造青峰人型冰雕,製作團隊從掃瞄青峰3D立體模型開始,過程也相當不簡單,因為青峰必須要維持一個擁抱的姿勢3個小時不能動,連呼吸都被要求越微弱越好,否則電腦無法讀取精細的身形資料。看到MV成品後的青峰也感性的謝謝導演用極冷與極熱的紀錄片形式來呈現<太空>,直說:「很多東西都像是我應該要去面對的冰,心裡的冰塊也會跟著融化。」 颱風雖然吹走了吳青峰<太空>首映會,卻吹不走青峰所帶領的音樂熱潮,全新個人專輯《太空人》於昨(9日)夜凌晨零時整點推出預購活動,半夜一上線立刻造成系統大當機,造成歌迷一片哀號擔心搶不到預購,許多歌迷也對於實惠的價格感到驚喜,擔心青峰投入太多心力於個人專輯中而回不了本,而紛紛號召其他樂迷朋友以行動支持青峰作品,也讓該預購活動秒登各平台冠軍。 照片:環球音樂

Dean Lewis Releases Remix EP For Hit Single, "waves"

With over 2 billion global artist streams, chart-topping Australian artist Dean Lewis released a 5 track Remix EP of his single ‘Waves’. Lead track on the EP is a remix by the award-winning US producer Timbaland who reached out to Dean with a keen interest to rework his the international hit single.Stream “Waves Remix” here: “I have been a huge fan of Dean for a while now and was always playing his music. When the opportunity came to collaborate, it was a no brainer.  Have you heard this man’s lyrics?  He brings the writing game to a whole new level – he is the future!” says TimbalandDean’s single ‘Waves’ got its first breakthrough when it was used as a sync on the US cult show Riverdale then again on the season finale of Suits and Grey’s Anatomy. Since its release it has now been streamed over 400 million times globally and achieved Platinum sales in Switzerland, Gold in Sweden and Belgium and 5 x Platinum in his home country. The official video has had over 57 million views.The multi-platinum-selling artist was Billboard’s “Chart-Breaker” in October 2018 and topped the charts world-wide with his single ‘Be Alright’. It hit #1 on Billboard emerging artist, headed Top 20 at Top 40, #1 at Hot AC and #1 on Shazam. ‘Be Alright’ achieved Platinum Certification by RIAA in the USA peaked on the Top 50 Songs YTD Chart in the USA at #42.Watch Dean Lewis answer questions by Malaysian fans!

天后 aME I張惠妹《聲入人心》分享音樂劇《杜蘭朵》演出經驗    “緊張到提著鞋走來走去”

美聲選秀節目《聲入人心》第二季,天后aMEI張惠妹的加入讓觀眾看到她在流行樂壇之外的隱藏實力,特別是在《聲入人心》節目後台的即興清唱,一首高難度的經典歌劇《公主徹夜未眠》影片曝光,被不少網友調侃為「天后技癢難耐」,有網友留言稱:「節目不讓出品人唱歌,姐憋壞了。」還有人稱讚「隨便一開口就是演唱會水準!」作為華語樂壇的代表人物,張惠妹的加入不僅憑藉自身影響力向大眾傳達美聲音樂,也用專業的演出經驗幫助學員讓節目更加吸睛,而她在節目上也難得的分享參與《杜蘭朵》音樂劇的心情,她表示,「首演時我緊張到提著高跟鞋在後台走來走去,所以我非常能夠感同身受成員們的緊張。」主演音樂劇《杜蘭朵》59場   天后aMEI:「我與成員感同身受」     張惠妹是華語流行音樂界的傳奇人物,甚至也是許多歌手的偶像。節目開播兩集雖然暫無她的表演片段,但是她對音樂的熱愛難以按捺。在節目開播記者會現場,張惠妹在主持人高天鶴的邀請下清唱《If Only》驚艷全場。而後在梅溪湖大劇院後台更是即興開嗓清唱超高難度歌曲《公主徹夜未眠》,演唱片段在網絡上掀起轉發熱潮,超高音輕鬆Hold住的演唱實力證明其出品人身份當之無愧!     在第三集節目中,張惠妹難得地分享了她演出音樂劇《杜蘭朵》的經驗:「我唱過59場《杜蘭朵》,首演之前我緊張到穿著衣服、提著鞋子,在後台一直走來走去,真的太緊張了。」張惠妹透露,當時的她在腦中反覆思考等一下要說什麼、唱什麼。 「我手上提著高跟鞋來回走,然後大家喊 ”公主!公主!你要去哪兒?”」張惠妹表示,正是這樣的切身體驗,讓她如今對《聲入人心》舞台上的學員們非常能感同身受,因為「音樂劇真的非常難!」在華語樂壇地位不言而喻的張惠妹,台上霸氣,私底下卻是個暖萌的小姐姐,以分享切身演藝經歷的方式激勵學員,點評中的細膩巧思十分有愛。     《聲入人心》是一檔以美聲為主線的音樂節目,對出品人要求向來頗高。作為流行樂和音樂劇的橋樑,張惠妹以豐富的舞台演藝經驗助力成員,並憑藉自身強大的影響力讓美聲音樂能更輕易的走進大眾生活,而這也正是她擔任《聲入人心》出品人的初心與意義所在。據悉,張惠妹將在之後的節目中正式開唱,與成員搭檔演出,向觀眾呈現美聲與歌劇的。