The young pop singer-songwriter JC Stewart shares the official video to his current single ‘I Need You To Hate Me’. Reiterating the darker themes that he explores in the song, its opening shot of a car blazing out of control sets the mysterious tone that follows. JC and Emilia Jones (best known as Kinsey from the Netflix smash ‘Locke & Key’) are then shown as a couple somehow together but separated, seemingly lost within a derelict building.

JC commented: Honestly, when I asked if we could set a car on fire outside an old country house I was half-joking. But here we are. I’m so proud of this video and it represents everything I want this song to be. Epic, emotional, ambitious. It was amazing to have Emilia Jones involved as well. She’s an UNBELIEVABLE actress so it was honour that she said yes! Hope you enjoy!” . Bored during lockdown, JC filmed his quarantine-themed take on the ‘Friends’ theme song ‘I’ll Be There For You’, singing, “It looks like we'll be inside for a year/ Or it might only be a day, a week or months it's really not clear.” It exploded after Jennifer Aniston shared it on Instagram. Suddenly it was featured on ‘Good Morning America’ and Nina Dobrev also shared it with her 20 million followers as it raced to five million views.

“He’s got big tunes and his heart on his sleeve… ready for arena crowds.”Evening Standard 

“Stewart excels at keening, heart-on-sleeve balladry that mixes raw emotion with classic pop chord progressions and a voice of angelic purity.” – Sunday Times Culture

“JC Stewart’s own ascent continues.” – Wonderland

“JC Stewart is in the midst of a breakthrough.”Notion

“Supremely emotional.” – Clash 

“Wants to make your hairs stand on end, and he’s using piano chords and an epic chorus swollen with emotion to do so.”Music Week

“There’s no doubt that JC Stewart can write a hit.” – Apple Music

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