Black Gs - Dile Covid (Official Music Video) Premieres April 24 , 12.00am

About Black GS

Born and raised in River state, Nigeria, Black Gs didn’t know his potential in music until his grandmother heard him sing one faithfulmorning and recognized the talent in her grandson. She immediatelybrought him to church and got him involved in the choir of the church. It was there that Black Gs’ talent was nurtured and his potential was brought out for his whole congregation to sing. As his confidence started to rise, he started to realize how musically inclined he was, where rhytms and beats were something he managed to follow with ease. 

It was his overall love for music that pushed him to continuously improve himself. He would listen to various artists from the US and from Africa to develop his musical culture. Even after establishing himself to his current status, Black Gs still feels that he could expand and improve himself by learning from the best. Michael Jackson was an inspiration to him which drove him to not only sing but also dance during his performances. It cannot be denied today that Black Gs amazes his audience with his heavenly voice and dancing skills.

Stay Tune to Dile Covid ( Official Music Video Premieres 24 April 2020 ; 12:00am. ) 

* Project by The Giving Bank

* In collaboration with aforadio

* Distributed by Universal Music

Nominated as “best Pop act” at BITE MY MUSIC GLOBAL  AWARD in 2012. 

Nominated as “best collaboration” at the African Entertainment Awards (AEA) in 2012.

Awarded  “best Pop/Rnb” artist of the year at the African Entertainment Awards (AEA) in 2012.

Awarded  “Rnb artist of the year” at the Global African Music Awards (GAMA) in 2012.

Won the CLUB RECOGNITION award by VOGUE CLUB in 2012. 

Featured as  “Best New Act” in AfroAsia Magazine, issued in 2013.

Nominated “artist of the year” at the African Social Awards Malaysia in 2016.

Songwriter and singer on the track  “Safe Train” by the Vessbroz; which won best original song category by Indiewise USA (Industry boost competition in 2016).

Opened for one of the most recognized Nigerian artist in the world “WizKid” live in Malaysia, in 2016.

Featured in the international album “LOST” released in 2017 by the Vessbroz which ranked #69 on DUTCH ALBUM TOP 100 in 2018.

First Nigerian artist to perform live on Malaysian National TV (TV1, RTM [Selamat Pagi Show]) 

Appeared in more than ten TV commercial

Made his debut Movie appearance in “Crazy Rich Asians” commonly known as the first movie produced by Hollywood featuring an Asian dominant cast. The movie was released in 2018.