BATE’s ‘Casino Royale’, which is a collaboration together with Simon Webbe from the iconic boy band, BLUE, has garnered over 1.7 million streams since it was launched in March 2020. The highly-anticipated follow up single to BATE’s ‘One I Love’, combines Webbe’s signature soulful vocals with BATE’s catchy electronic production. 

Listen to Casino Royale here : 

Webbe was initially supposed to travel to Asia, including Kuala Lumpur, to promote ‘Casino Royale’ with BATE, but they had to put their plans on hold following the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the globe. However, due to the unexpected success of the song and numerous requests from fans in Malaysia for Webbe and BATE, Universal Music Malaysia decided to organise the promo tour anyway- only online, this time!

“I was really looking forward to coming to Malaysia to meet my fans, and was bummed when it had to be postponed,” said Webbe. “But I’m excited that Universal Music Malaysia pulled through for us with our own online tour. This way I still get to meet all of you in Malaysia!”. With the partnership of the two acts proving successful despite the continental gap, it opened the door for future collaborations between artists under the Universal Music/MCA umbrella. 

“Universal Music Malaysia aims to continue providing people with music and content that can unite them, especially during challenging times like this,” said Kenny Ong, the Managing Director for Universal Music Malaysia. “We may not be able to go on the ground for the tour, but we can still share the love and do the same, only online."

The success of ‘Casino Royale’ will also see two cover versions of the song being released soon, by local singers Shalma Eliana and Daiyan Trisha. 

“I’m embarrassed to say this but being a 2000's baby, I initially had no idea who BLUE or Simon Webbe was,” 20 year old Shalma said. “But I did my research and found myself vibing to their music, and I’m definitely a fan of ‘Casino Royale’. I’ve done several covers before, but this one will be special as I'll have both BATE and Simon watching it- and I hope they'll love it!"

Echoing the same sentiment, “It's great to get to collaborate with Simon Webbe! I used to be a fan when I was in high school,  listening to Blue's songs all the time” said Daiyan.