New Music | Hunny Madu & Radio3000 Team Up For "Get Money" :

Local hip-hop singer-songwriter and entrepreneur, Hunny Madu teamed up with American rap star Radio3000 for "Get Money". 

This infectious vibe took two sessions for the rappers to work on and after previewing it with producers in the States (Jay Tablet & Bennett), it is delivered back to home ground. Both armed with their own power verses, the duo spits bars on how difficult it has been to get to where they are; just like how the track has gone through some hard labor. On this fresh track, Hunny and Radio speaks for the ordinary working heroes, and how they struggle to make a living.

“It’s not a flashy song saying ‘Look at what I have, look at how much money I make.’ but it’s more about ‘Look, I’m here, you’re here. Let’s all get money together.” Hunny expresses. She adds “I’m all about chasing happiness and loving what I do for work, but realistically, money matters and we gotta get it.”

”I feel like we’re both artists on the rise and we’re beyond just chasing fame - we also have to get the money to support our dreams.” - Radio3000