LANY released their brand new single, "Thru These Tears", first track off their second album, Malibu Nights (out later this year). 

"Thru These Tears" represents a bold step forward for Paul, Les and Jake, an arresting union of indelible hooks and raw emotion. The track was the pillar around which frontman Paul crafted the group's new record. 

"Thru These Tears" was born out of a traumatic time in Paul's life. Resolving to throw himself into a new creative project, he set aside 50 days to write material for the new LANY record, despite the fact the band had only just finished touring 2017's breakthrough self-titled debut, which saw them play 135 shows in a year and reach arena status in some parts of the world. Paul discusses how he used writing as a form of inner-therapy and came out the other end with an album written top to bottom. After the writing was complete, the band went into the studio in May to start producing.

Throughout the sessions for the album, "Thru These Tears" became the track that the band would continually return to first, to hone and tweak. It's the definitive statement of a band with a clear vision, who are starting to match their songs with the grand ambition in their minds. It's an exhilarating pop banger with a fragile heart.

"It was a real labour of love but we got it there and I'm really proud of it." - Paul