New Music | Music Video Release : Pharrell Williams releases "Yellow Light" and "There's Something Special" for Despicable Me 3 :

After the release of the first track from Pharrell titled, "Yellow Light".. he's back with a second track for Despicable Me 3's Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and... it's called "There's Something Special".

Clips of the movie were also seen featured in the music video and Pharrell is surrounded by loads of the cute little yellow things once again!

Despicable Me 3 is out in cinemas near you! And.. if you wanna listen to the whole soundtrack... Check out the list of songs:-

1. Yellow Light – Pharrell Williams
2. Hug Me – Pharrell Williams feat. Trey Parker
3. Bad – Michael Jackson
4. Take On Me – a-ha
5. Papa Mama Loca Pipa – The Minions
6. There’s Something Special – Pharrell Williams
7. Tiki Tiki Babeloo – The Minions
8. Freedom – Pharrell Williams
9. Doowit – Pharrell Williams
10. 99 Luftballoons – Nena
11. Into The Groove – Madonna
12. Chuck Berry – Pharrell Williams
13. Fun, Fun, Fun – Pharrell Williams
14. Despicable Me – Pharrell Williams
15. Despicable Me 3 Score Suite – Heitor Pereira
16. Malatikalano Polatina – The Minions