Street style rapper Zamaera is back with a new single titled "Wanita". This is her first Malay single, which is poised to be an anthem for the modern woman. It reminds the world, that woman are strong, beautiful, independent and are role models for both sexes. The emphasis of the importance of self-value and self-love is amplified through this catchy track; and is made even more euphoric with her brilliant rhythmic alliteration.

She exploded into the music scene early this year, taking the public by surprise with her 1st single, "Helly Kelly". Breaking the seams of the music world, the star dominated the MET charts for six weeks with her unique flare. She shows no signs of slowing down with her second release - "Wanita", only a few months later. Zamaera astounds with ruthless bars both in Malay and English; and displays her versatility with her sultry vocals within the chorus. She describes it to be an evolution of her freestyle approach to the genres of R&B and Hip-Hop. Jam-packed with wit and quip that has became her trademark, "Wanita" refocuses the importance of women's value. 

Our boss lady shatters the glass ceiling proving that women too, can command an aura yang memerintah bila masuk bilik as she sings. Her lyrics tak perlu lelaki untuk berdikari, she miss independent berhari-hari displays women are self-efficient.

"I want women to celebrate their femininity and see it as strength not as weakness, I also wanted an anthem for anyone else who wants to shout out being valued and appreciated. Yes, men, this song can be for you too!" - Zamaera